Sonodyne SM 200AK No Longer Available

Active Bi-amped Nearfield Monitor with 150W 8" Kevlar Woofer and 100W 1" Metal Dome Tweeter (each)
Item ID: SM200AK

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Sonodyne SM 200AK image 1
Sonodyne SM 200AK image 1

Sorry, the Sonodyne SM 200AK is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Sonodyne SM 200AK
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$795.00 (each)

Serious Studio Monitors

With Sonodyne SM 200AK studio monitors guiding your every move, you'll make better-sounding recordings. A no-nonsense professional monitor, the SM 200AK sports an ultra-rigid, curved-edge aluminum die-cast baffle that minimizes vibration and diffraction, while serving up rock-solid stereo imaging. Bi-amped with a burly 250 watts, the 8" Kevlar woofer and waveguided 1" metal dome tweeter give you impressive frequency response, with solid, punchy lows and silky, extended highs. If you're in the market for a serious reference monitor, you owe it to yourself to give the Sonodyne SM 200AK a serious listen.

Sonodyne SM 200AK at a Glance:
  • True reference monitor
  • Professional adjustability
  • Serious enclosure
True reference monitor

The Sonodyne SM 200AK studio monitors are serious professional tools. You rely on your monitors to tell you the truth about what you're recording, and the SM 200AK's do just that. Nothing more, nothing less. The SM 200AK's substantial power, superb drivers, and effective cabinet design ensure that you get an accurate picture of what you're about to record (and what you've already recorded). And that results in better-sounding recordings that translate to the world beyond your studio.

Professional adjustability

The Sonodyne SM 200AK studio monitors incorporate room-compensating bass and treble tilts as well as a bass roll-off. If your control room is on the shy side of perfect (and who's isn't), engaging one (or more) of these four dip switches will let you compensate for a "difficult" acoustical environment as well as spacial loading (corner placement, against a wall, in free space, etc.).

Serious enclosure

The SM 200AK enclosure combines the best qualities of wood and aluminum. The rigid aluminum die-cast baffle ensures that the 8" Kevlar LF woofer and the 1" metal dome tweeter are securely mounted and vibration is minimized. Gently curving baffle edges keep diffraction to a minimum. This - along with an integral tweeter waveguide - gives you precise, dimensional imaging, with exceptional on and off axis response. Step inside your mix. Walk around and touch things, if you want. Serious monitors open up a whole new world.

Sonodyne SM 200AK Features:
  • A serious professional reference monitor for broadcast or recording
  • Controls - front: power switch and volume control
  • Controls - rear: gain control, 4 dip switches for bass/treble tilt, bass roll-off
  • Wall-mount and stand-mount options
  • Lockable XLR input
Upgrade your studio monitoring, with the Sonodyne SM 200AK!

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