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Samson SM10 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Samson SM10?

Questions about the Samson SM10?

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  • Jon Remy
    from Dallas, TX February 5, 2016Music Background:

    Great mixer!

    Just what I was looking for to mix all my studio keyboards! Great product by Samson!

  • psiklon
    from September 9, 2015

    More than I bargained for

    Yes, I was pretty impressed when I first handled the well packaged rack mixer at my front door. No light weight, this. I opened the box, seeing the fabled candy, stashed it quickly for a later celebration. It looks really, really nice, solid knobs, plenty of stereo in and plenty of out options.

    Since my mixer accepts balanced inputs, I opted to get 2 xlr break outs. Ah, I had forgotten that since my synth and effect rack is the 'new neighbor' of Sampson sm10, I neglected to buy short cables...word up, get a few more than you need in assorted colors and lengths to avoid confusion at the gate , so to say. Proco cables carry a lifetime warranty-good enough for stingy old me.

    Instead of a plastic and tin mixer taking up non existent table space in my synth studio I now have a 1 U mixer that is built very nicely, looks sharp and has a professional appearance sitting alongside my treasured rack pieces. And for 200$ US. Speaking of how it looks there, I would have to advise anyone with banana fingers ahead of time that the only way all the knobs, selectors and buttons can actually fit into a 1U space is by spacing them very closely together. Finger tip control is the best way to describe them. As a keyboard and sequencer maven I tend to set and forget most mixer controls and work on internal volume control, same for eq, so not an issue for me.

    The two rear sends are stereo, the first two channels (1 and 2) are both stereo ins, the xlrs act as either phantom powered xlr mic inputs OR 1/4 inch. Nice trick. I am glad there is a full two year warranty from Sweetwater on this gear, they beat a few of my other online choices easily when it was time to decide.

    So as my old cheap mixer that crapped out after 5 years sat at the curb along with other recyclables I had decided to go with a rack mixer but hesitated knowing I will eventually own more synths I noticed the manual saying that another SM10 or other mixer can be inputted in to one of the stereo audio ins, allowing the other to be used with an Eventide effects box, or other "almost all in one" FX. Nice touch!

    Remember to get at least 1 stereo Y cable for the effects send, shorter cabling for short run connections to the inputs from samplers, drum machines and FX returns- if you don't already have them. While I was self conscious of the cheap tabletop mixer I used to own sitting their all important looking and noisy, this bit of gear has class. Just another useful box sitting in a stack allowing the other boxes a chance to be heard. I am doing major multi-tracking on my Zoom R16 and sitting in fat city, not bad for a poor country boy.

    Solid and well designed
    Looks sharp
    2 year warranty

    I first used Sweetwater back in about 1993? when I shelled out over 3 k for a Kurtzweil K 2000RS with the biggest hard drive they had, they are trusted sellers and stand behind their sales. Buying sight unseen is always a risk with most stores, and I never hesitate to do so with these people. Running a home studio and getting an accurate assessment of my projects before going into a pro studio environment for final mixdown and mastering takes some careful thought and gear selections.
    Time for some candy.

  • Kevin Brown
    from Asheboro NC. February 7, 2012Music Background:
    Keyboard player/ studio owner guitarist.

    Samson sm 10 / Swiss army knife for mixxing keys.

    I bought this unit because I got tired of plugging in to a regular board with power cords etc. I rack mounted it and I can run any channel to any source. it has an FX out and a Monitor out and you can listen to any mix in the headphones. I played a gig SAT night the other night . I play Guitar and keys and the FOH said since we were opening for another band. " I only have one channel for you " . so Line 6 stlive guitar I had a monitor signal in the mixxer. All I had to do was turn up the Monitor out on the guitar channel and I had both signals going down the direct path . this mixxer saved my butt. If I didn't have this I would not have had a guitar signal going to the mains. Swiss army mixxer versital. Great signal responce no eq flat response for the FOH man and everyones happy. 2 thumbs up.

  • mindless06795
    from United States April 17, 2014Music Background:
    Keyboard Player.

    Sam the Son of greatness!

    Great unit, especially for a keyboard player. I have this in my small Roto Rack and basically hand off an XLR to the sound guy, plug my monitor in the front of the Samson and I am ready to go. Great price and great unit. Sounds excellent!

  • Mike
    from St. Louis, MO July 5, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician (Keyboards) working 6-8 shows/month.

    Big Surprise....in a Small Package

    I recently had to re-configure my 3-keyboard stereo rig for 20 min setup and tear-down, and also convert to in-ear monitoring. I needed a rack mixer I could pre-wire and simply coil up the cords into the rack when tearing down. I also wanted XLR outs, to avoid brigding through a DI to the FOH. I looked at several other mixers at this price point thru Sweetwater and elsewhere, ...and overall, found the SM-10 met and exceeded my baseline requirements. It's a great option to have a MON Out on the front and rear of unit, since my Shure PMS-200 has front-face inputs (my next in-ear may have rear-facing ones.) It's even better that the 2nd MON Out can be a MON Bix B. Individual EFX control for each channel is not something found universally at this price either.

    Rack space is valuable, and always an important criteria...but I do think Samson could have added some features to this mixer, even it if meant using 2 rack spaces. For one, it would be nice to have XLR inputs on all channels, not just Ch 1 an 2. It would also be nice to have 3 or 4-level EQ for each channel, even if it was a stacked-dial design. The EQ issue aside, adding a rack space to
    give more space between knobs....or even bigger knobs....would make this mixer even more ideal. Backlighting active channel knobs, or providing an output for gooseneck lighting would be nice as well.

    All in all.....for $200.....you won't be disappointed, in fact, you'll be relieved you didn't have to spend $600 for some features that only mid-price and upper-price mixers have. While not absolutely perfect, you won't find a better rack mixer at this price point.

  • Customer
    from May 8, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician, Hobbyist recording engineer


    I needed a line mixer and this one is a clear winner to me in terms of features and price. I play trombone in a cover band with 4 horns, and I was tired of inconsistent monitoring setups due to the horns going to different places every gig (depending on if we were running sound, if we hired a sound guy, if the venue provided it, if they want individual horns or a mix, etc.). I moved the preamping of the horns to a rack for more consistent levels, and the horns don't even really need to sound check now.. I use the SM10 in my live rack for a convoluted yet awesome monitoring setup with an HMX-56. The SM10 was the only line mixer that made the level of control I wanted possible. Basically I can give FOH individual horns if they want it or a mix that I can control from the stage (handy on a lot of gigs). I can control the FOH levels of the individual horns without affecting the monitoring setup, I can control the amount of reverb sent to FOH, I can split the FOH dry mix and FOH reverb into two separate channels, and I can even combine an additional aux input with my HMX-56 output (using the Mix B section). The best thing is that with the turn of one stepped knob on the SM10, I can switch what is in my headphones or wedge back and forth between my personal mix and the FOH mix to check levels, reverb, FX, etc. Working great so far. My only complaints are that the FX send is only available in an unbalanced form and the balanced output for the Mon send is on the front. The monitoring of the main outputs is visible enough at a distance. It's not the most exciting $200 I've ever spent, but it makes me more happy when I'm using headphones, so now I can actually use my hearing protection without compromising my playing.

  • Doug Sisemore
    from USA May 31, 2013Music Background:

    Samson mixer

    Works perfect for my specific needs. Very versatile!

  • Rex Thompson
    from Brunswick, Ohio July 25, 2012Music Background:
    Musician and recording engineer

    Samson SM 10 rack mount stereo line mixer

    I purchased this unit to replace a small Mackie mixer that I used to route numerous stereo devices for playback. Cable connections on the Mackie are on top of the unit and even if I rack mounted the unit the cables would still be visible. The Samson reduced the amount of space needed and allowed me to hide the cables providing a much cleaner installation.
    The Samson sounds great. It has plenty of gain and more than enough inputs. I would like to see the headphone jack repeated on the rear panel. I would also suggest that Samson should change the color of the setting indicator from white to some other color. This would help locate the control which is somewhat difficult to identify in a darkened room. I like that each channel has a lighted mute button and that the headphone output source is selectable.
    If you are looking for a rack-mountable stereo line mixer the Samson SM 10 is an excellent choice.

  • Len Dobrzyn
    from Peckville, PA February 7, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician


    This is a great single rack unit for keyboard players to expand their sound module use. It does have a few drawbacks. First, there are only 2 xlr channels. I use them to mic the leslie. But if you needed more xlr inputs for drums, you're scewed. One other feature they can work with. Make sure your MUTE buttons are NOT engaged when you turn it on, because once you dis-engage them when the unit is on, they give off a NASTY POP in your system! I am talking speaker popping kind!! And third -- One very stupid feature is that the ON/OFF switch is in the REAR ! Way to go! How the hell are you going to access it when it's bolted into your rack! So once it's installed in the rack the only option is to leave it on all the time! The dude that came up with that one obviously doesn't use rack equipment. There are NO treble/bass adjustments. This unit is purely for an expansion unit only , but it sounds ok, and works good if you need to save spaces in your main board inputs and are not objective to self mixing. I like it overall, just disappointed in their lack of thinking it through in the design department. So if you want functionability for this reason go for it, otherwise look for one with all xlr/ts combo inputs. I think their next one up does have these attributes.

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