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PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI Digital Mixer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 26 customer reviews
  • from January 4, 2017

    32.4.2 ai

    it's much easier to run than I thought and the sound you get is great

  • from toms river nj September 28, 2016


    I love it too cool too nice too gorgeous and powerful . Love it

  • from AR/MO June 27, 2016Music Background:
    Minister of Music for 17 years

    Everything You Want!!!

    Just recently purchased for church to replace a 32 channel Mackie Onyx and used it the next day after receiving it. This is user friendly, the preamps are amazing and the flexibility of not needing a sound engineer is what I needed. Simply set all of your gains and turn on your iPad and/or MacBook Pro to control EVERYTHING remotely. I won't even go into the amazing 32 band graphic EQ for each aux and each main or the limiters, compression and list of other options on every single channel. Buy this today!!!!

  • from June 21, 2016Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Awesome console!

    The Presonus 32.4.2 AI, actively blew me away!

    I upgraded the church from a McKie 32.4 to the Presonus, my audio guys are two girls that volunteer and with about 3 hours of training they were able to use the board fairly comfortably for church the next day.
    The board has tons of features and capabilities, operation is a breeze with a clean sound. My only regret is taking so long to upgrade.

    Take your gig or church to the next level with Presonus and Swetwater!

  • from March 7, 2016

    This mixer is mind blowing!

    For the kind of results I was trying to achieve at the right price, I didn't go wrong with this purchase! I printed out the manual. My sound guy and I are going through it bit by bit and we're coming to Sweetwater to train with the Academy on it once we're comfortable enough with the basics (just extra training to get around the rough edges and perfect our mixing capabilities). I have seen the 16-channel version of this board live (the other night) and I was very impressed with what it can do; however, it is not something you can just jump on and know all there is to know about it in one sitting. Once you get your patience level up to the challenge, this board and all of its capabilities will certainly get the same results I intend to get. I paired this with the ProCo 32x8 100' snake (Q version) and added adapters to get out of the 14 aux sends. Talk about monitor mix capabilities! WOW!

  • from February 4, 2016

    Thrilled with the purchase!!!!

    Was a bit cautious about buying this board for our church. I knew it was a great product but with mostly volunteers running sound I was concerned with the learning curve and complexity of this board, especially switching from a basic analog. It has turned out to be a great purchase. I had it installed and running in no time. I can basically set everything up so that there is minimal learning curve for the volunteers, and I'm definitely no professional. I can be away from the board and make adjustments if needed from my iPad or iPhone. This is a great feature for our setup. It is very user friendly. I love the features! Compressors, EQ, effects, etc. for each channel allowed me to eliminate several pieces of rack gear. The preamps sound great! We now have a very nice warm tone to the Mics that I couldn't seem to get from our old set up. Several compliments on the new sound. The singers and musicians absolutely love it!
    The Derek and his team at Sweetwater are awesome!!! Very knowledgable and very willing to help and answer any questions.
    Would recommend this to anyone mixing live sound and will definitely shop Sweetwater again!

  • from Sac to. CA. May 6, 2015Music Background:
    Drummer/sound tech

    Love this mixer!

    All I can say is well done Presonus! I thought the classic model was awesome but this version is real nice. So many improvements and cool features, to many to name here but take my word for it, if you like the classic you'll love the new AI line!

  • from Goshen, OH USA January 30, 2015Music Background:
    Media Director in House of Worship

    Mixer Majesty

    The best priced mixer at this level and would buy ten more. For an old analog guy seeing something with this much control made the switch to the digital age painless. The only issue is getting other cavemen to see my side of the digital age. It an amazing piece of machinery. No complaints, no issues only sweet control from anywhere in the remote access range...which is amazing. Being able to mix while walking the venue plus talking to my band with their IEM's that they control the mix with their own i-Device. Priceless.

  • from Lafayette LA January 16, 2015Music Background:

    Great digital board, great price

    This is my second Presonus board. We had the Legacy 24 and although a solid unit we outgrew it quickly (11-piece horn bands tend to outgrow mixers). The AI series boards were like revisiting an old friend...except this friend has better preamps, more features and is able to network much easier than before.

    This unit right out of the box had us show ready in about an hour. With intuitive presets, a very easy to learn interface and all FX/EQ at your fingertips, we were in business! We were able to plug in our wireless router and our engineer was mixing via iPad and our light tech was helping dial in monitors. Meanwhile we had 5 iPhones and 2 additonal iPads on stage using QMix and SL Remote within a couple of hours.

    A definite recommendation to anyone looking to upgrade their arsenal. And we are still fine tuning that board k

  • from United States September 9, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Tech

    exceeds expectations

    I love this design of a hybrid board. You have faders and gains for every channel and a big phat fat-channel to do all your eq work. We have had ours for a year and it's worked great. We just did our first outdoor concert with it and it didn't disappoint. This board was well worth the wait and is at a perfect price point.

  • from Pittsburgh, PA, USA August 14, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer


    I have been a StudioLive user/owner since 2009 when I got my first 16.4.2. My primary use of this mixer is in a live environment, and I was also using the Yamaha LS9 and 01V96 for digital consoles, along with A&H GL series for analog consoles. I was at the time (and still am) very impressed with the overall sound quality, ease of use, and the shortened amount of time that I could get from load in to sound check using the StudioLive mixer. Since these boards are also digital interfaces, you can track your entire show live at the click of a mouse. This alone will please most any band that you are mixing. Throw in a DVD with raw tracks for them and/or a stereo mix with no extra effort on your part. The software for both Mac and Windows are included with these mixers. Another great feature of the SL mixers are the iOS device apps that are included. If you run live sound, you have surely been stuck into a corner somewhere that isnít a good spot at all to hear (or see) the band. I have had to mix a few shows using headphones due to some really bad mix positions. Guess what, this is no longer an issue with the iPad app. I can sit in the best spot in the house with my iPad and mix an entire show. I have done this on many occasions. It is also very handy for dialing in the monitor EQs. I can now stand on stage and do a mic check while EQing from my iPad! If you want to, you can also let each band member manage their own monitor mix too.

    I have since retired my Yamaha digital consoles, and have added the new 32.4.2 AI along with a 16.4.2 AI and I must say that I am very impressed with the improvement in sound quality that Presonus has made in the AI series. I was already pleased with the original series, but the AI series has taken this to a whole new level. I ran my first festival show with the 32.4.2 AI two days after getting it, and was very pleased overall. The workflow is exactly like the original SL series, but with many improvements, like the A/B fat channel settings and the GEQ having a dedicated button on the work surface. I absolutely love that the 32 channel version has mute groups and quick scenes directly on the work surface as well! Another welcome addition is the 2 extra FX processors. There are now 4 in all, making the use of outboard gear no longer needed. Even with a bigger show 4 FX processors are usually enough. I still have my favorite rack mount unit though, and using this is no problem with the SL mixers, because they have loads of aux sends (6 on the 16ch, 14 on the 32ch) and 2 stereo returns.

    My original 16.4.2 is still going strong and has been a solid and reliable mixer. I absolutely love these digital consoles for their analog feel, easy workflow, and reliability. I am installing one of these at my church as well, and think it will be a great move for them. They use a lot of volunteer sound staff, so I think the StudioLive will be a great fit because of its ease of use, and short learning curve. The fat channel is a great visual for what is dialed in on any channel. In addition the SL mixers have great metering and you can easily see what is going on in the big picture with a glance.

    I strongly recommend this mixer and have used lots of other digital and analog consoles. If you are coming from analog, this is an easy choice. It will feel familiar to you in a relatively short amount of time and is easier in many respects. No more remembering which compressor in your rack is patched to which channel. Just hit select on the channel that you are working with and everything is there at your fingertips. Also, you can leave those racks of compressors at home, because everything is onboard! Get yourself one of these today, you wonít be disappointed.

  • from Palmer, AK July 13, 2014Music Background:
    lead live sound/recording engineer at church

    more than we imagined!

    My church just got a 32.4.2 and it's been an immediate success and improved our sound quality immensely already! we have no complaints and complete praise for it and look forward to getting more PreSonus equipment!

  • from Aroostook County, Maine June 30, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Technician

    Every Expectation Met

    Got this board and was able to get into the mix right out of the box. Navgation was a little rough at first, but that is the norm with any new purchase. Learning this board is getting easier every time I work it. The only thing missing with this board is motorized faders. PreSonus really did a great job designing and building this mixer. I recommended it before getting my hands on it, now I highly recommend this system to anyone looking to get into a digital unit. Using more and more function capabilities every time I use this board and loving it. ROCK ON! ROCK ON! ROCK ON!

  • from wichita ks May 23, 2014Music Background:
    musician ,recording live sound

    The best mixer

    i love presonus 32 the sound is great and its very easy to use love it

  • from West Hartford, CT May 7, 2014Music Background:
    Technical Director, Live Sound/Recording Engineer.

    Good So Far

    Purchased this board as a replacement for an ancient Behringer Eurodesk that cooked itself during the middle of a 2 week show run. Decided to invest a little more into a console than I usually would and I can tell you without any hesitation that it was worth it.

    This mixer gives clean, digital performance with the sound of analog. The wireless monitoring makes my life so much easier (seeing as everyone owns an iphone now adays) wish they would release an android version as well. The wireless FOH control also is a must have, especially in my little black box 3/4 thrust theater. The fact that I can record all inputs is a big big BIG positive that I love.

    Cons: No android equivalent monitoring software and no motorized faders, although the only way the X32 got away with motorized faders is cause it has half the physical faders of this.

    Overall i'm extremely satisfied with my purchase and would absolutely recommend to any small theater TD.

  • from Prineville, OR USA April 15, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound/Recording Engineer

    My PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI is phenomenal

    I HAD to upgrade to the SL32AI from the SL24.4.2 because PreSonus made it so sweet! I loved mixing with my 24 channel SL and with all the new bells & whistles I couldn't resist upgrading. The PreSonus StudioLive mixers make it so easy to mix a live show, and record it (tracked) at the same time. I've sold many live mixes to artists I've mixed, it really does make me look like a genius! I love these boards largely for the gear I get to leave at home, it just does so much inside the box.

  • from Metro Detroit area, Michigan January 9, 2014Music Background:
    Live and Recording Engineer, Musician (guitar, singer)

    Serious Tools for the Sound Engineer

    We replaced a Yamaha LS9 with the SL 32.4.2, I thought the biggest difference
    would be more of a functional difference as there are features in the SL 32 that we would need to spend at last another $1000 to get and it still feature wise wouldn't quite match the SL 32.4.2. Again I though it would be ore of a lateral move, however WOW, not only was I surprised at the quality of the sound overall improvement to me (trained audio engineer) and to the musicians who also could hear a qualitative difference through the MyMix in ear monitors system (another great, audio tool and a fantastic partnering) but there also were a number of the people in the congregation that came to me after service, and made unsolicited comments of praise as to the quality of the sound.
    I will be doing some training for our church (I am the staff Audio Tech)
    as well as opening it up to other churches that either have the SL console or considering the SL 32.4.2 console for the audio system.
    I also do installs and consulting for the churches in the Great Lakes Region and whether it is a new plant/launch or an established church that wants to make the move to digital from analog I highly recommend The Presonus Studiolive 32.4.2 or one of the new AI Studiolive consoles, I have worked on consoles costing ten times the price of the SL both live and in the studio and I am sure there will be many that would want to debate the issue but if the would let there ears and ease of use guide you instead of name prestige and hype you would find it hard to beat the Presonus SL consoles in any price bracket. Thank you Rick and tank you Presonus.

  • from Aroostook County, Maine December 16, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Technician and Dj


    WOW! My new 32.4.2 AI sound board is more than I expected. Many functions and I'm sure this is the better investment compared to Behringer 32. This mixing system has so many functions and EFX I think I need to go back to school regardless everything easy to learn and use once they become better known how to use them. Also, thank you Sweetwater for making this board affordable through your finance plan. I can't wait to try it at the next band practice for the group I do sound re-enforcement for and at a New Years Eve dance they are performing. I can't wait to see what I can do with this unit. A definite recommendation to anyone considering buing one. Ten stars for this unit.

  • from Indianapolis, IN December 13, 2013Music Background:
    Sound Manager


    The board has been an assume improvement over our previous board.
    We are still learning how to use all of the features and have no regrets on the decision to go with the 32.4.2AI. Looking forward to adding our PreSonus AI speakers.

  • from Yachats, OR October 31, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer

    Up and running with my new Presonus Studio Live 32-4-2-AI

    If I had ten thumbs, they'd all be up! Way to Go Presonus. This mixer has made my music productivity go thru the roof. The Pre's on all the channels sound awesome and clean. All the rotary knobs are solid and have the right ammount of reistance. The fat channel is so easy to work with versus rack strips with tiny knobs in dark places, it so much easier on my aging eyes. Having 14 aux channels is great. They can be paired with the link button for stereo aux outs or just mono , providing the ability to give each musician in the sudio his own separate head phone mix. With it is Studio One and Capture which appear to be very stable. This along with a Mackie Universal Pro MCU & a Big Knob, I finally have a reliable DAW which won't bomb out on me. Now I can patch in large arrangements and or have all the instruments in my studio pre-patched & tweeked, sounding sweet and ready to go. No more having to repatch and do soundchecks, this machine relieves all those time consuming tasks. It works awesome with Sonar X2 and Protools as well as the Studio One / Capture package. I could go on and on.

  • from Bend, Or May 29, 2016Music Background:
    Live Sound

    Happy finally

    After owning a studio live 16.4.2 for the last 5 years, and running out of channels/aux sends, I decided to get the big boy. The 32.4.2ai was everything I expected, and should future proof me from running out of channels. The Studiolive Series of mixers are amazing, sound excellent, and pack everything you need without bringing a huge side rack. I did not give 5 stars, because as I expected the update's required for my Mac Pro, and iPad were troublesome. After over 10 updates and quite a few hours, the MacBook Pro 13in is working flawless. The iPad updates, however, caused me to loose my playlists, and had to reload all of my music. I remember having these software issues with my first Studiolive board. Just buy a Persons StudioLive board, but make sure to buy at lease the 16.4.2+, the 16.0.2 is missing some very useful tools, and not worth the money saved.

  • from Flushing, NY April 1, 2016

    Really enjoying mixer

    Coming from a second 48 channel analog mixer, I didn't think it would be a problem for me learning a digital mixer after looking at the videos and having analog inputs in the back of the mixer. The mixer fan noise was not a problem for me, but I did have to change 2 out of the 6 fans that have got noisy in one of my computers last week. I like the fact that I can now watch more than 24 input channels at one time, because my audio interface sent 24 channels (now 32) to my old mixer, and I had to switch the metering to see the other inputs. I'm thinking of getting the 16.4.2AI in few months to add to it. Well worth the money and really good sound. I couldn't beat it, so I bought it. I'm taking away a half star, because I would have preferred 2 more bus outputs than all those aux outputs. Sweetwater has to best deals, through the coupons, and methods of payments. They are my go to equipment guys now.

  • from Huntington, IN February 22, 2016

    Great Board

    This board is really good! We upgraded from a 20 year old analog board and this is just a night and day difference. The only downside was that it didn't come with the latest firmware installed and so it wasn't working at first. Be sure to register your device so you can find the updates right away.

  • from Philadelphia July 13, 2015

    Great board at a great price

    The church the PreSonus 32.4.2AI board went to was not ready for an RM32; they wanted knobs and sliders so that moving to a digital board would not be so daunting. The board is superior to the RM32 in having more I/O options, particularly the Direct Outs and has a more traditional layout. Nonetheless, in the first weeks, the sound guys are already disserting the board which is located in the balcony to run sound from the sanctuary using an iPad. They also appreciate greatly the digital aspect of being able to record all channels via Firewire to a laptop and then to playback while learning the board and tweaking channel EQ and compression at their leisure without the praise team present. The disadvantages of the board over the RM32 are fewer Aux Sends (14 versus 16), no remote control of input trim (must work from the board for this), and no RCL panning control (Right and Left summed to mono for center speaker in sanctuary). All-in-all, a fantastic deal with the recent price drop.

  • from Larimore, ND USA December 2, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Nice but needs work

    Coming from a 16.4.2 non-AI mixer I was excited to see what this new AI offered. It had the same ease of setup as the non-AI, and we had the mixers swapped out in less than an hour.

    First problem I noticed was that the compressor and the gate didn't work like the old mixer. Updated to the newest firmware, and when that didn't fix the issue, I went on the Presonus forum. Apparently this is a known issue. So I emailed tech support at Presonus and they assured me they know of the problem and they are working on it. Having a working gate and compressor is what I really like about my old mixer and to have them not work on my new mixer was a huge disappointment. This mixer has been on the market for a year and half and to still not have this fixed should be an embarrassment to the company.

    Everything else has worked as expected. The increased EQ adjustability has been very helpful and has allowed me to dial in some of our mics better than I could with the smaller 16.4.2. We also control the mixer through an Ipad which provides a graphic display of the EQ. The real time communication between the 2 has been very beneficial and allows us to have 2 people controlling the mixer simultaneously while actively being able to see what the other person is doing.

  • from September 3, 2014

    Beware: CONTAINS LOUD FANS ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Yes, the features are as rock solid as promised, and work as well as all other previous models and incarnations of the Studiolive series....BUT THERE ARE FANS IN IT!!! What good is a great board when it sounds like I have a PC running in my control room? Was not made aware of this when I purchased it. Sadly, will need to find another alternative.

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