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Yamaha SLG200N - Trans Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha SLG200N - Trans Black?

Questions about the Yamaha SLG200N - Trans Black?

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  • from Hawaii February 13, 2017

    Silent is golden

    I love my new Yamaha SLN200N Silent Nylon String Guitar. My neighborhood is very quite at night and anyone playing an instrument can be heard a mile away. Now with my headphones plugged in. Only I can hear myself. Now I can practice late into the night.

  • from Charlotte, NC August 9, 2016

    Very Personal

    One of the benefits of the solid body nylon guitars is the lack of reedy muddiness that comes from less than the finest traditional acoustic instruments. Godin and Carvin have been making solid nylons for years, but not like this one.
    Take your favorite Godin ACS, lighten it up by two thirds, add some shimmer with SLT imaging, allow yourself to aux in your favorite cd or mp3, AND have the ability to plug in your favorite headphones for a deeply personal experience in playing, and you have the Yamaha SLG2000N.
    As another reviewer mentioned, the enclosed earbuds are throwaways; you need a quality pair of headphones to appreciate the sound field. Also mentioned was the fact that your family doesn't have to listen to you work tirelessly over and over on a particular bar or phrase.
    That being said, the notes are attenuated, decay at a uniform rate (this is nylon, not steel), and have sheer presence in a balanced way that I'm not able to attain with my Godin ACS.
    You can dial in a couple of reverb settings and a mild chorus effect. You can also dial between the natural guitar sound, which is very good, to a miked image effect which is also very nice or stay in between.
    Don't let me forget to mention how beautiful and commanding the sound is from an acoustic amp (I plug directly into a Bose L1.)
    The articulation is superb, thanks to nylon strings, there is very little "squawk"or cross talk between strings. I use the Martin ball end as I find they make a nice uniform tuning experience.
    The upper bout can be removed at the strap buttons (very clever) to make this a nice traveler with the included gig bag.
    Due to a progressive disease which is eroding the use of my hands, setup was critical for me.
    My rep, Mike Godlove, and the final inspection team saw to it that this guitar was as easy for me to play as possible right out of the box. They always do superb work for me with all of my purchases.
    In summary, a top of the line instrument that begs to be played and held due to the nature of its weight and fit. It is unlike any other instrument out there and well worth the modest price.

  • from Conroe, TX May 5, 2016

    Great guitar & very versitile.

    This is one nice guitar for practice or plugged in. The built in effects are great & make it much more fun than a straight acoustic. I have it matched up to the Yamaha THR10C for practice when I don't want to use headphones. Speaking of which, get yourself a decent pair of efficient headphones & forget about the supplied earbuds. Mine have an efficiency of 114dB & that works well. Anything below 100dB efficiency may be a bit quiet. Note: the SLG200N that I received has a firmware bug that Yamaha has identified. When you play an "A" 4th string 7th fret it sometimes, 70%, glitches. It sounded to me like it echoed the note, but Yamaha cales it a pop in their service bulletin. My serial number is 3200320, but I don't know the re\ange that are effected. It's a minor annoyance, but if you are recording it may be a bigger issue. Don't let this bug stop you from purchasing this guitar if you are looking for a silent guitar or want to gig with an acoustic that is durable & easy to transport.

  • from Santa Fe, NM January 21, 2016Music Background:
    44 years guitar player

    Love this guitar, but needed some saddle work

    Sweetwater was great with the ordering and very prompt delivery. Guitar is really amazing, plays nice and feels like a real classical guitar. Only gripe is that the saddle was easily 1/4" too high!! I mean it was REALLY high; the guitar was unplayable past the third fret. Being a luthier I lowered the saddle and now it plays like a dream. Looks like a work of art; I'm very impressed with the quality and appearance. Electronics are about as good as you could expect for a nylon string guitar; it's hard to find a setting where the guitar sounds like a real guitar. That being said the reverb is nice, the chorus is a little fake sounding but all in all I'm very happy with the guitar and my wife is happy that she doesn't have to listen to me run through scales for three hours.

Questions about the Yamaha SLG200N - Trans Black?

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