Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG-110N No Longer Available

6-string Acoustic Guitar - Silent Nylon String Guitar with B-Band Pickup System and Built-In DSP
Item ID: SLG100N

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Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG-110N image 1
Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG-110N image 1

Sorry, the Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG-110N is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG-110N
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Yamaha's Silent Guitar Is Golden

The sound it produces acoustically is minimal, but when you slip on a pair of headphones, you enter a virtual world where full, rich classic guitar tone is enveloped in luxurious reverb - a world full of space and beauty. Yamaha 's Silent Guitar SLG-110N is a unique instrument that benefits from Yamaha 's vast knowledge and experience in the making of quality classic guitars and quality electronics. This nylon string guitar's silent design lets you practice wherever, and whenever you like - in your home or apartment, in a hotel, or even on the tour bus. The Silent Guitar SLG-110N's built-in electronics deliver full the guitar's bodied tone through either headphones or a sound system, while the sound of the SLG-110N is further enhanced with the richness of reverb. For beginners or experienced players alike, the Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG-110N will provide you with years of pleasure through great playability and tone.

Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG-110N at a Glance:
  • B-Band™ pickup delivers full-bodied classic guitar tone.
  • 1/100 th the amount of sound energy of a normal classic guitar.
  • Built-in DSP effects processor.
  • AUX IN allows connection to a CD or cassette player, etc.
  • Detachable frame for easy transport.
  • AC or battery powered.

Excellent Sound and Controls
The Silent Guitar utilizes a B-Band™ pickup system fitted beneath the instrument's bridge. This high performance system delivers rich, full-bodied classic guitar tone and excellent response. Bass and treble tone controls mounted on the body for easy access give you total control over the guitar's tone. Also, being a solid body instrument that uses no microphone, the Silent Guitar eliminates the
worry of feedback when performing live with a sound system.

Silent Design Perfect For Home Use Or Practice
Compared to a normal classic guitar the Silent Guitar "acoustically" produces only 1/100 th the amount of sound energy and 1/10th the amount of sound volume (tested in-house). Such excellent silent characteristics make it great for playing anytime or anywhere.

Built-in DSP Effect Adds The Richness Of Reverb
The Silent Guitar is equipped with a built-in DSP effects processor that's designed by Yamaha. This circuit offers two types of reverb that, when activated, envelopes the warm tone of the Silent Guitar with rich reverb that will give you and your listeners the realistic impression that you are performing on the stage of a concert hall. You'll be amazed at the emotion and inspiration that this feature brings to your playing.

AUX IN Lets You Play Along With Your Favorite Recordings
Connect a CD or cassette player, etc. to the AUX IN jack and play along with your favorite recordings. This feature is a great way to improve your playing quickly. An AUX volume control offers greater control over sound balance

Detachable Frame Offers Comfort And Easy Transport
The Silent Guitar's unique design offers excellent comfort and support even when played while seated. A cutaway design provides full access to the upper frets. The upper frame detaches from the main body and fits, along with the rest of the guitar, neatly into a compact case that makes carrying easy.

Play it Anywhere With Battery Power
You can take the Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG-110N with wherever you go. Along with an AC adapter for extended periods of play or live performance, the SLG-110N can also run on batteries. Using a manganese battery, the SLG-110 will play for 13.5 hours and for 2 hours with reverb activated. With an Alkaline battery, you get 24 hours of play, 7.5 hours with reverb activated - so you can play at the beach, in a park, or any other inspirational setting whenever the mood stikes.

Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG-110N Features:
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Body: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Rosewood
  • Frame Unit: Maple
  • Strings: Nylon Guitar Strings
  • Sensors: B-BAND
  • Connectors/Controls
  • AUX IN
  • AUX IN Level Control
  • LINE OUT jack (monaural)
  • PHONES jack (stereo)
  • Volume
  • BASS control
  • TREBLE control
  • REVERB switch (OFF/1/2)
  • PHONES switch (ON/OFF)
  • LINE OUT Jack with POWER Switch (Inserting a plug into the jack switches the power on).
  • Power Supply AC Adaptor/6F22 (S-006P)battery x1 dual power source. (Recommended AC Adaptors:PA-D09,PA-1E,PA-3B)
  • String Length 650 mm (25-9/16").
  • Dimensions 965 x 365 x 80 mm (38" x 14-3/8" x 3-1/8").
  • (L o W o H)(with the left frame attached and to the end of the strap pin).
  • Weight approximately 1.8 kg (3 lbs.15 oz.).
  • Standard Accessories Stereo Earphones/AC adapter PA-D09/Soft Case.

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Manufacturer Part Number SLG100n

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