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PreSonus StudioLive AR16 USB Mixer Reviews

4.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the PreSonus StudioLive AR16 USB Mixer?

Questions about the PreSonus StudioLive AR16 USB Mixer?

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  • Vince
    from SC March 9, 2017

    LOVE IT!

    Great price especially for what it can do! Perfect for live sound and for studio production.

  • David Hughes
    from Northern California January 5, 2017Music Background:
    Working Musician

    Bonus for PreSonus

    So cool...Easy to set up and get started...Out of the box ...ready to rock...Controls are simple,recording is easy, EQ is efficient.Should have came with a SD card...I'm getting tired of this nickle and dime stuff..Come on Man...So far...Much Fun...No Hassle...

  • John
    from Iowa La. December 15, 2016

    PreSonus StudioLive AR16 USB

    Sweet Board.Purchased it along with Peavy 2000 Amp and had excellent service thus far.Very price affordable for a small operation.

  • Len
    from NC November 15, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar/Vocals in professional band

    This Mixer Improved The Band

    It adds the clean and crispness we've been missing. For the first time I'm able to hear all the vocals of the members, and we use in-ear monitors. I'm looking forward to learning the Studio Live software to get good quality demos better than the video camera I've been using.
    You will not be disappointed.

  • MIke Meyer
    from Titusville, FL October 30, 2016Music Background:
    Hobbyist songwriter, gigging musician

    Outstanding product

    I've been waiting for this to be in stock since they announced it and I have not been disappointed at all. I have used quite a bit of PreSonus gear over the years (disclosure one of the VPs is a friend of one of my best friends) and always loved it but never could get settled with some of the interfaces. I had one of the original FirePods, several AudioBox USBs, preamps and compressors and nothing compares with this little gem. Arrived last night, set it up today and it seamlessly matched up with SONOR. The only hiccup I had was the digital outputs because I didn't take the time to read the secondary manual (on the website). Once I had, it was crystal clear and ridiculously easy to use. As a SONOR user, I haven't dived into Studio One or Capture quite yet, but read through the manual and they appear to be able to handle all my needs, specifically for a road capable mixer that can record without much hassle. I bought one of the first 16 ch Mackie Onyx mixers with the firewire attachment and it was a nightmare to get everything up, so much so that I gave up on it. The AR16 is the real deal...certainly some might be disappointed with the lack of more subs/aux outputs but for a home recording setup or a gig recording/practice...you cannot beat this at any price point...

  • Joseph
    from Pocomoke City, Maryland April 13, 2017

    Great Product

    PreSonus StudioLive AR16 USB Mixer is a great easy to use sound and recording mixer. With the SD Recorder and software that comes with it, It is a great product for the price. I only would like for it to be larger with more channels. 24 channels would be nice.

  • DR
    from Midwest May 6, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar and Electronic, Eclectic

    Analog studio Mixer

    The AR16 lived up to its hype. The "record to SD card" is a novel idea, and it is just a mix down of all channels into 2 channels. That was little disappointing. Otherwise, it has worked well. Bluetooth streaming is handy. I found no issues connecting via BT via an iPhone. The mixer comes with Capture a simple recording program and a complimentary license for Studio One Artist. Great gift for someone learning to mix. And, there is digital candy. Capture was little confusing. It records the signal before it enters the mix, and the mix.
    The Digital FX wasn't really appreciated and I think there is something for everyone. This is a great learning to mix machine. Hooked to great speakers, it is great mixer too. I think the two words that describes it are "value" and "analogue". You don't want to be using wifi on stage of course. And, the SD recorder is a mix down to 2 channels. I'm using it to learn to mix. It is very nice. I only dropped my score a little because of the SD recorder which is also its strength. Great for band rehearsals, studio mixing (beginning to moderate), and small gigs (12 channel)

  • Billy
    from Rhode Island November 22, 2016Music Background:
    Various genres

    Presonus Studio Live

    Nice start to my new recording studio thanks to Mike Kenway.

  • Brian
    from November 2, 2016

    Perfect for a Home Studio & Podcasting

    I've been waiting for this mixer for a long time. I do training & V.O. work, and use a Focusrite 18I20, so I already get great audio into the DAW.

    However, this mixer is perfect for the Podcast network I'm planning. It's also cool to use the interface in the mixer for a quick session into Capture--it works flawlessly.

    The Bluetooth is also a nice feature, and offers another way to get phone calls (and other content) into the mixer. The AR16 is really super-easy to use, sounds pretty good and looks great.

    The sliders and knobs DO have a bit of cheap feel to them, and I might worry if I was taking this on the road. But I'm easy on my gear and this sits in the corner of my desk, so it's not much of an issue.

    If you need a ton of I/O with a USB 2.0 interface to boot, you can't go wrong with this baby.

  • Stephen Amatucci
    from Arizona April 2, 2017Music Background:
    Drummer/Sound Engineer

    Very good mixer with a major flaw

    This is a really good mixer, very quiet preamps, nice efx, recording a show is crazy simple..I used this last night for the first time...The flaw in this mixer is it's cheap faders, they wobble and my concern is over time they will either bend or just break off...Presonus did themselves a diservice in not putting together a better built unit..That's why I could only give it 3.5 stars...Sound quality is 4 stars....

    Also there is a way to hook up a compressor etc, that we're not told about either by the Presonus techs or the manual.....You can go out from one of the monitor sends into the compressor and out from the compressor into the RCA returns...I used the set up last night and my BBE max compressor worked great...I would recommend this mixer simply for the recording and very clean sound, and good efx...It is a very good mixer, but not great.. cheaply built knobs and faders, too bad cause this mixer could have been awesome...

  • Sayid
    from January 25, 2017Music Background:

    Presonus AR16

    Still can not hear output from tracks 3 thru 16

  • Customer
    from March 7, 2017

    Not so good

    Had unit 4 months already one channel not working. Unit still under warranty sweet water sending back to presonus for repair. Unit was not abused. Sweet water says 5 + weeks before I can expect unit back. wow !! really 5 weeks not good when you have gigs.

Questions about the PreSonus StudioLive AR16 USB Mixer?

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