PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB Mixer

Mixer with 4 Mono Channels, 4 Stereo Channels, 8 Mic Preamps, Semi-parametric 3-band EQ, +48V Phantom Power, 16 Digital FX, Bluetooth 4.1 Streaming, Onboard SD Card Recorder, and Studio One Artist 3 Software
PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB Mixer image 1
PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB Mixer image 1
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PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB Mixer
In Stock!

Captures 96kHz Multitrack Audio as You Mix

A great performance is one you'll want to preserve. Fortunately, the compact StudioLive AR12 USB from PreSonus makes it easy to capture multitrack audio in stunning 24-bit/96kHz as you mix. You can send all channels to dedicated tracks in Studio One (included) for later mixdown. Or for something that's ready to stream instantly to your fans, you can grab a stereo mix of the show via the onboard HCSD card recorder. Class A preamps and all-analog channel EQs capture clean vocals, guitars, and drums. And the AR12 USB's 16 flawless digital stereo reverbs, delays, and chorus let you add space and texture to instruments. You can even stream music wirelessly over easy-pairing Bluetooth 4.1 to keep guests entertained before the show begins.

A compact mixer-recorder for live sets and podcasting

We all know performers who freeze when the record light goes on. So it just makes sense to capture a band or group in their natural element, whether that's onstage feeding off the crowd or sitting around a table casually strumming a guitar. The PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB makes it easy to record full sets and podcasts while you're mixing. You can capture the whole show live in stereo to an SD card, or send all tracks to the included Studio One DAW software for later tweaking.

Clean Class A mic pres and analog 3-band EQs preserve tone

Sweetwater knows the heart of any good mixer is its signal fidelity. That's why we're pleased to see the StudioLive AR12 USB packed with quality audio circuitry: low-noise Class A preamps, all-analog 3-band channel EQs, and musical low-cut filters. Smooth 60mm faders let you ride vocal levels between choruses or tame guitar signals after the lead player turns up. Dedicated Monitor, Main, Headphone, and Control Room controls ensure your room and talent can hear everything comfortably.

Dedicated Bluetooth 4.1/aux channel gets guests dancing

Running out of tracks for your music player is a bummer. So is calling everyone in your contacts list at 10PM to see if anyone has a spare 1/8"-to-1/4" adapter plug. But these are problems of the past with the StudioLive AR12 USB. Powerful, easy-pairing Bluetooth 4.1 connects to any compatible mobile device in seconds to ensure your dance floor never goes quiet. Older iPods and music devices with standard headphones can be used, too, thanks to a dedicated 3.5mm stereo aux jack.

FREE plug-in suite for your favorite DAW

PreSonus delivers more value than ever with their mixers and interfaces, thanks to the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite. This extensive collection of seven popular plug-ins covers models of top studio gear from manufacturers such as Maag Audio, Lexicon, and Arturia, adding up to hundreds of dollars of extra value. Punch up your mix bus with Brainworx's bx-opto, add ambience with Eventide's SP2016-inspired Stereo Room reverb, fire up transients with SPL's Attacker, and much more. And since these plug-ins are available in AAX, VST, and AU formats, they're compatible with any DAW you choose.

PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB Analog Mixer Features:

  • Records multitrack audio as you mix — great for live sets, rehearsals, and podcasting
  • Makes a capable front end for your home studio
  • Sends all main tracks to Studio One Artist 3 DAW software (included)
  • Onboard 32GB HCSD card reader records full shows in stereo for instant access
  • 4 mono and 4 stereo channels with +48-volt phantom, pan, mute, and PFL solo
  • 8 Class A mic preamps capture clean vocals, guitars, and drums
  • 8 analog 3-band EQs, semi-parametric and fixed, to sculpt your mixes
  • Musical low-cut filters prevent mix mud buildup
  • 16 digital reverbs, delays, and chorus add space and texture to sources
  • Dedicated Bluetooth 4.1 channel streams audio from your phone — also has stereo and phono inputs for other music players
  • Smooth 60mm level faders for quick adjustments to fine vocal riding
  • 2 monitor buses with dedicated channel sends
  • Stereo XLR outs for loudspeakers, plus outputs for studio monitors, stage monitors, and headphones
  • Supports USB 2.0

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Tech Specs

Type Analog Mixer with USB out
Channels 14
Inputs - Mic Preamps 8 x XLR
Inputs - Line 2 x 1/4" (line/instrument), 2 x 1/4" (line), 8 x 1/4" (stereo paired)
Inputs - Other 2 x RCA (stereo pair), 1 x 1/8" (stereo)
Outputs - Main 2 x XLR (main)
Outputs - Other 2 x 1/4" (control room)
Headphones 1 x 1/4"
Phantom Power Yes
EQ Bands 3-band EQ, Sweepable Mids (channels 1-4)
Aux Sends 1 x 1/4" (FX send), 2 x 1/4" (monitor send)
Faders 13 x 60mm Throw
Channel Inserts Channels 1-2
Effects Reverb, Echo, Delay
Computer Connectivity USB
USB 1 x Type B
Bluetooth Yes
Height 3.7"
Width 16"
Depth 15.4"
Manufacturer Part Number SLMAR12

Customer Reviews

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Starting all over again.

Value. That starts this Mixer the best. Also unusual features I haven't seen in other mixers. Namely, 2. A recordable SD card Reader at 44.1khz 24 bit. Nice addition. I may want to track for a voice over, and podcast rehearsal with out the bother of my computer. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity is welcome too when I want to play some content from my mobile devices, or a friends computer that has Bluetooth, and I don't want to bother with drivers etc. The FX variety is typical, and works as expected which is to say very well. I don't really like to use allot of wiz bang FX. Just me I guess. The core of this mixer is right where it belongs. The Mic Pres are nice being able to drive my Large Diaphragm Microphone with ease. The Phantom power is an expected, and a welcome feature. Plenty of channels for me, and the USB interface is welcome and easily integrated on my Windows 10 Laptop. The free software is nice, and I am still learning the ropes with them. The Connect Software interests me the most, but the Studio One is intriguing me too. I cannot comment much because I am still learning, but I like what I have seen so far. It is amazing how good this mixer sounds. I have had Yamahas, Mackies, and Allen & Heaths, and I don't know if this one is there with them, but I like this mixer. I like the ease of use, the small-ish footprint, the unexpected 2 features that grabbed my interest. So there will be more comments, and observations later, but so far I like this mixer. I think if a beginner, or pro was needing a small inexpensive mixer, this one has some chops here. So though I haven't said much, because I am still learning, I wanted to chime in a bit about this fine product. Also the Sweetwater Sound. They have taken care of me again too. So in the end you have allot to chose from no doubt. This should be one of your considerations too. Thanks for your time.

Yes Indeed Great Analog Mixer

This bad boy have some great Class A built in pre-amp on it. It gives you a clean sound. In SD Card Recorder i was not to impress with its design i couldn't really careless. STill gets 5 starts for following reason. I'm an old school sax player been playing all my life and full time music and good sound is very important to me, i cant compromised my sound. This mixer made my life easier love the faders and effect, its compact and easy to carry. I match this mixer with JBL EON G12. Highly recommended. LOVE the sound of it.
Music background: Professional Musician

Great Gear

I love this new mixer. More than the mixer, was the amazing service as always from Sweetwater. There is no company that I have ever worked with, or purchased items from, that is as professional and caring as this company. I look forward to buying from them. This mixer is awesome. Just put together a nice little new home studio. I am having a great time learning how to produce my own stuff. Life is good. Thank you Sweetwater. Your the greatest. Dean
Music background: Keys, production, vocals

This is remarkable!

Spent the weekend with my new AR12 and it is fantastic. The ONLY reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because it would be nice if it could record multi-track and control channels one to one in Studio One. Having said that, working with Capture and then mixing in Studio One is fine and given the advantages of this mixer at this price, that's a minimal sacrifice. Day one we tried out the SD card recording deck at band practice. We're a three piece instrumental surf combo. Our drummer plays an electronic kit, so we were able to take all three instruments directly into the board. After a little tweaking to get our mix, we punched out a new track for each song we were working on. Got home, dropped the card into the computer and shared the files with the band for listening, critique and ideas. Day two, started to mess with the mixer in my home studio. Recorded guitar from a Peavey VYPYR. Only drawback was that the USB connection didn't want to talk with Studio One. After visiting a few forums, I decided to just go off the headphone jack into the board––worked great. Make sure your input signal from the amp is good and hot though. Recorded bass the same way. This week I'll mess with my Fender Mustangs to see if they fair better with the USB and Studio One. If they don't, this will be a major flaw with Studio One––but the jury is out.I have to admit openly that although I did some pro-sound work in broadcasting in the past and worked as a musician in several studios, I've never graduated from GarageBand for my home recording. I do podcasting as well as recording.Studio One is a big step up. It's pretty easy to learn, relatively intuitive if you've been around recording at all, and I have to say there's really no comparing the quality. I'll be upgrading to the Artist version today to access bus linking and to open up the effects options. I did a lot of shopping around before settling on the AR12. For the combination and versatility of live recording, capturing multiple tracks from live performance and the quick SC 2-track recording option, I don't know that this can be beat. Certainly not for under $!One really cool feature I kind of dismissed at first is the Bluetooth pairing on their "Super Channel." We have fun opening and exit pieces for our live show. I've been running these off my iPhone. Now I can do it from across the room. I also used it over the weekend to play my practice backing tracks from my phone from the other side of the studio where my amps live. Great idea to include this onboard, as well as having options for RCA and 3.5 mm inputs too. I may add another Presonus input device just to have the option to record multi-track direct to Studio One in the future, but this will keep me satisfied for some time to come.

Great mixer/recording console for songwriter/recording artistes

I bought the AR12, which comes with the Studio One v3 DAW for the computer side of recording things, mostly to do multitrack recordings as a solo artist, with some guest musicians brought in to to various parts. Not so much for live, although it appears to have everything I need for that as well when the time comes to do that. So points for versatility. I did a lot of shopping and review-reading, talking to people, etc., and I think for the solo recording artist who may want to perform with a small band this is probably the best thing out there. The on-board stereo recording capability is easy to use and adequate for capturing rough versions of things. The integration with the DAW took awhile. Studio One is my first attempt at working with a DAW, just as the AR12 is my introduction to the big world of mixers. I've been a musician for a long time but this is my first attempt to understand how to make good multitrack recordings in a home studio. So to help people like myself, the #1 thing that PreSonus could do would be to include some clear user scenarios in the getting started documentation--the main manual for Studio One is good for reference, but pretty useless until you sort of start to get some of the concepts. This is why I give it a 4.5 instead of a 5, because this is a fixable issue. The user community, sales engineers, and tech support are all very good, but a well-done set of realistic scenarios with detailed troubleshooting sections would go a long way toward getting beginners like myself started quicker. Disclaimer: I've been a pro documentation writer for about 20 years so I'm picky and I think the doc is part of the product. The doc as it is is pretty good, and could be a lot better.
See also: soundboard, PreSonus, PreSonus Analog Mixers