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SKB Roto Rolling Rack - 6 Rack Spaces w/Wheels Reviews

4.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the SKB Roto Rolling Rack - 6 Rack Spaces w/Wheels?

Questions about the SKB Roto Rolling Rack - 6 Rack Spaces w/Wheels?

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  • Francisco Lopez
    from Chicago Illinois May 19, 2017Music Background:
    Latin, Urban


    besides the fact that its just a little heavy, its really easy to travel with this piece and our gear stays safe and intact. Grupo Love Secreto owns this piece and we travel all USA with no worries! Thanks SWEETWATER!

  • Chad
    from Indianapolis March 10, 2017Music Background:
    Amature Bassist

    SKB Roto Rolling Rack - 6 Rack Spaces w/Wheels

    This is the best rack I have ever used. I went fro a SKB Roto Rack - 4U, to the this one, I should have done this years ago. The 6u has TSA latches which are much easier to open and close than the twist latches on the 4u. The 4u and 6u are equally as deep, but the 6u feels much more balanced when you are carrying it. I have not used the wheels or handles but I foresee no problems with them. If you can fit a 6u in your automobile, studio, ect I highly recommend this one.

    I have to give my thanks to Chris Jett at Sweetwater. He was more than helpful. He let me take it out to my car (2012 Ford Focus) to make sure it would fit in the trunk. He also loaded all my equipment from my old rack into my new rack. To top it all off he spent every bit of an hour helping to figure out why a BBE Sonic Maximizer was hissing. (The sonic Maximizer can not handle the power coming from my amps preamp while in the effects loop. He set it up Bass>BBE>Amp.) Thanks again Chris.

  • Tom Weil
    from Fresno, California May 4, 2016Music Background:
    Wheelhouse Band

    Careful About the Weight

    Basically, this is a great case; portable, accessible, durable, but not indestructible. We put three QSC GX-5s in the rack thinking would be a good alternative to a wood road case. The case itself was fine, but the rollers couldn't handle the weight (broke the axles), and the handle broke after several uses. We endorse the case, but would not advise more than 40 pounds of equipment in the rack.

  • Vinicius Castro
    from Astoria, NY September 20, 2015Music Background:
    music producer/composer/audio engineer


    It's huge and very heavy (way bigger than it could be).
    The second time I took it to the street, one of the feet fell off. Didn't drop it, didn't hit anything, just fell off and I lost it.
    The quality is very poor and now I'm just afraid to break one of the wheels and have a useless rack after using it only two times.
    I'm returning mine and searching for another solution from other brands.

  • Joseph Hufford
    from Elgin, IL December 17, 2014Music Background:
    House of Worship sound engineer, guitarist, vocalist, hobbyist.

    AxeFX Transport Made Easy

    I picked up a 6U wheeled SKB Roto Rack to house my AzeFX unit and its various accessories. Everything fits very well with no rattles or loose bits. The locks are snug and secure and it comes with 2 keys. The molded handles add some height/width to the body of the case, so it seems a bit large. Regardless of the larger case size, the handles are very strong and show no sign of flexing or breaking. The extending handle is strong and could be broken with enough force, but not through regular use. This is a great improvement over other cheaper extending handles on similar items.
    The case is not waterproof, but it should be able to handle the occasional splash of rain or a puddle easily.
    The wheels are the real reason I chose this rack. I regularly need to transport my gear from my vehicle into the gig space or practice space, up and down stairs, across parking lots and driveways. Carrying another 50+ lb of gear is rather unappealing. A wheeled case makes all the difference in the world. All I need is my guitar in its gig bag, and my AxeFX in it's wheeled rack. One trip is all I need to transport everything I need.

  • Customer
    from January 30, 2014

    Rolling rack

    Rack works great, the built in handle and wheels majority do convenient to carry my stuff around

  • Robert Greiza
    from NJ USA July 18, 2013Music Background:
    Musician recording

    Did everything I needed

    This is a very good case, a satisfying purchase. It was not as bulky and heavy as I originally anticipated only drawback keeping it from a five star rating would be the handle could be more solid. I used it to transport some audio equipment from Florida by plane everything worked out except one of the feet of the case kind of broke off in transit, the company was glad to replace the foot which is easy to reattach. All in all I would purchase products from this company again I feel as though it was well made although it had some issues it simply did what I needed to do and kept my equipment safe.

  • Julian Shelbourne
    from Portland, OR. USA March 29, 2013Music Background:
    Semi pro guitarist

    Works great

    7lbs Lighter than the 8u but deep enough to put stuff in both front and back. Wheels turn nicely and extendible handle works great. It's still 20 Lbs but its tough and solid, so that's the price u pay

  • Soundblasters DJ/KJ Service
    from N.E. Michigan February 14, 2013Music Background:
    DJ and Karaoke

    Nice Case!

    I ordered this case from Sweetwater to put my karaoke equipment into. The case is well made although it was larger than expected! It is robust. The latches were of a different design than I was used to but they seem to work better than the "butterfly" type. All in all I was pleased with my purchase and it has worked well for me during gigs. I would reccommend this case.

  • PJ
    from San Diego August 10, 2012Music Background:
    Performing Artist

    Very roomy, great locks, pull-out handle squeaks

    The squeaky pull-out handle freaks me out a little. Will not be surprised if it eventually breaks but so far so good when moving this around. I've got mine pretty loaded - tube power amp, tube pre, power strip, G-Major. Leaves plenty of room for more stuff, because of the depth I could easily fit a couple more rack units on the back rails too. The wheels seem okay. They could be bigger but that would add bulk to the unit.

  • Drew
    from Chicago, IL March 20, 2012Music Background:
    Home Recording Engineer, Live performer

    Compact and portable

    I recently purchased a SKB 6u Roto for my live rig and it turns out to be the perfect rack for my needs. The rack comes with rails mounted in the front at back and is deep enough that I was able to mount gear on both sides, eliminating the 10 space rack I was using. The suit case like wheels and retractable handle rock as well making it easy to transport.
    Great addition to my rig.

Questions about the SKB Roto Rolling Rack - 6 Rack Spaces w/Wheels?

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