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Hammond Sk2 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 16 customer reviews
Questions about the Hammond Sk2?

Questions about the Hammond Sk2?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Taylors, SC January 24, 2017Music Background:
    Playing music since age 7

    Hammond SK2 - Amazing instrument

    I purchased the Hammond SK2 along with the Rolland 550 amp. I have read practically every publication I could find and watched as many videos as possible before this purchase. I am not a youngster and started playing the organ at age 15 after playing the accordion since age 7. I started out with a Philips organ and Fender bass keys with an acoustic amp. I then purchased a Farfisa duo compact with a couple Leslie speaker cabinets. I always dreamed of owning a Hammond B-3 but could never afford one. I played in a couple of bands one of which won number 1 in New York City contest back in 1971. We played cover music. I loved my Farfisa but always dreamed of the B-3. Well the Sk2 is basically a portable B-3. Incredible sound and the digital Leslie sounds like the real deal even with my Rolland 550 which has all the power I need. I am still experimenting with it only to be more in love with it. I even own a Yamaha Clavinova which is a fantastic instrument. This Hammond is by far the best instrument I ever owned. The EX50 expression pedal is a must also that I purchased. It took me two years to make this decision but well worth the wait. Jeff Jent my sales engineer was fantastic thru the whole experience. Sweetwater made it easy and a pleasure.

  • from MA January 9, 2017

    Hammond Sk2 - Awesome!

    After not playing keyboards for nearly 30yrs, the SK2 and pedals are perfect for my needs. Unlike my old console it is easy to move and store, even in a closet! (And it even sounds like my old B3!)

    The only thing I would like to see an update for (I think this could be done through software?) is the Music Player.
    - Add an option in the Chain Options for LOOP (so the track could just keep looping non-stop).
    or at least add an option for Time Remaining in the Information Center Display.

  • from ar January 14, 2016

    Sounds great

    This is my first keyboard and I do love it. The sound is just like a B3 and really what more could you ask for. You can not go wrong with this SK2 Hammond keyboard.
    There is one thing, sound when pressing keys down..that is the only thing I don't care for but concerning the sound it is A #1.

  • from Tarzana, CALI November 9, 2015Music Background:
    Everything but Jazz. I leave that to the experts listen to it on vinyl.


    So here it goes...yes there are many many portable organ choices out there and it can get very confusing. For the well schooled egg head types this won't appeal to you but for you soul surfers like me this is the TRUTH. Here are my candid remarks from a Hammond player since the early 70's. I came from the Hammond school, A-100 with 122 then graduated to a B-3 with two 122's. In the day it was unbeatable, the sound perfect and undeniable. Fast forward to 2015. I'm 68 now, still healthy and rockin" it out from every avenue and yes, I have been playing an SK-2 sitting on a K&M Table since mid summer really to complement a country music band from Texas that needed a organ player. I'm running twin Roland 550's 180 watts horns in stereo and 15's. The leslie sim is superb and absolutely real. It has taken me a few months to tweak it out parameter and best eq wise on amps and organ but what comes out of my amps is truly mind blowing. I believe it sounds better than a console organ and the ease of playing outstanding. I close my eyes and it is my B-3 raging from the old days. Forget made in China and I truly like to buy products made in America but after months of indecision I went this way and i am truly happy..I could have gone in any direction out there but I admit I am happy with my organ.....now the downside. Some of the patches/strings and such don't really have the tonal quality that I wish (SOME ARE OUTSTANDING) but this is a truly one size fits all ( I just bought a Kurzweil SP 4 from Matt and it is the perfect compliment for the organ) if all you want is to drag one keyboard to a gig and get the results you dreamed you wished you could years ago with one light weight instrument as your back ached from hauling that B-3 and Leslies and amps and wurly and moog around then go with this 40 pound EQUALIZER. . The overdrive need improvement (needs a tube OD really) but a neo-ventilator any size makes a good compromise for you guys who are hard to satisfy. I have tweaked my OD via organ and amps and believe me it sounds just a little less than ideal...just a little. So players take it from this old road veteran: don't be afraid of this Hammond. With the right amps (I like my big new Roland's) it is great... some people don't want to drag around two 60 pound amps but I realize that there is some compromise always as a keyboard player and I am willing to make the compromise amp wise rather than spend an infinite amount of time trying amp combo after amp combo.anyway it all fits perfect in my Rover. In closing not one musician I play with has ever said anything other than that rig sounds AWESOME. And these guys know the difference. PS just so you know I also play guitar..57Gold Top (15 years young from the custom shop in Nashville) with Bigsby and early 80's Strat. I run a fully modded Fender Blues Jr. I bought from Rob Espinosa from "ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY" fame so I know about tone..this thing is sick so yes I do understand tone from several angles. Oh and by the way I am going to get a Leslie 3300 just for fun..I'm curious about it too many controls for this old dude but I'm willing to try it. OK I'm out and remember this is all just my opinion, right! Later!!!!

  • from United States September 14, 2014Music Background:
    Former pro, now hobbyist and parttime teacher.

    You can't beat a real Hammond

    I have wanted a Hammond organ for a long time, but just could not afford one. After saving and scraping for a few years I was finally able to purchase one. It's the Hammond SK2. This unit has all the bells and whistles you would ever need at an affordable price. I had originally planned to save up next and purchase a Leslie. To my surprise the built in digital Leslie is amazing. The quality of the tone on the digital Leslie is good enough to work in nearly all locations you may be playing. To top it off was the outstanding work of their sales staff, "Marshall Oliver" who worked with me to make sure I had everything I needed without spending a fortune on items I didn't need.

  • from Louisville,Ky July 31, 2014Music Background:
    Church Organist

    Just what I was really looking for great love it

    Love this Hammond SK2 it like carring a little B3

  • from Bourbonnais, Ill. May 4, 2014Music Background:
    45 yrs playing weekend gigs

    Hammond SK-2

    I purchased the sk-1, back in September, through Derek S. It was the floor demo. It was in great shape, and the keyboard is a monster. Due to a family members health problems, we traded , -1 for his -2. Nothing beats having two manuals, pedals will come, maybe. There is so much depth to the editing on this. Love it...hopefully last one i have to buy. My only idea they could improve on is, update the overdrive. Too brittle/ sharp. I got spoiled by the xk3c. Way to go Hammond...download Jim Alfredsons tone-wheel sets from their site and it sou ds like my 50 yr. old A model

  • from Las Cruces, New Mexico August 5, 2013Music Background:
    Proffessional Mucian, and Retired Electrical Engineer.

    sk2 Hammond Organ

    I had asked Josh E. to keep an eye out for a store demo Hammond Sk2 organ, and one day he gives me a call that he had one in stock and could get it financed to get very affordable payments. I told him to process the sale, and get it shipped. When it arrived the packaging was damaged, and the Sk2 had 3 small scratches on the left front panel. I sanded the scratches with a 400 grid sandpaper, touched it up with a red mahogany stain, put a couple of coats of lacquer, and the end result is a great looking organ with an awesome sound. Thanks to Josh, Sweetwater, and GE finance I am now a proud and happy owner of an Sk2 Hammond organ. I own a Korg C3 that has a great sound, but it doesn't compare to this Hammond, and it beats carrying my Hammond porta B, which is why I had bought the Korg C3. Now I am going to buy or make this Hammond a case, because I want to protect it from damage when I go play with some of the local bands around Las Cruces, NM.

  • from Atlanta, Georgia February 15, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician, recording engineer, producer

    The New Standard In Stage Organs

    "Compact and handsome" were the first two words that came to mind when I unboxed the SK2. Then I found the hidden handle on the back panel and realized instantly how easy this keyboard would be to setup at a gig. It's smaller than you think at only 35lbs. but just as big on the inside as ever. The classic B3 sound is there although the simulated tube distortion misses some of the warmth and punch of the Hammond XK3c's real tube preamp. It growls well enough but tubes do make a difference. Don't worry about only having one set of drawbars - most people set and forget the lower manual drawbars anyway. There are a wealth of in-depth controls that allow you to tweak the organ and Leslie sim to the nth degree or just call up presets instantly. This is a pocket B3, or at least the closest emulation to date.

    There are a lot of worship settings in the organ department, from reeds to pipes to all-stops-out gospel. Add to that the fact that you can have organ on one manual and horns on another and you can see where the SK2 shines. In fact, being able to mix instruments like piano on lower manual and organ on upper is what sets the SK2 apart from it's higher priced Nord offerings like the C2/C2D which can't do that. A small church or traveling gospel group that needs an organ shouldn't look any further.

    Then there's the "extra" sounds and the best of the bunch is the acoustic piano. It clean, bright and has plenty of cut-through tone.... you'll use this a lot. Dedicated digital pianos do sound better but the SK's pianos are gig-worthy enough that you could easily use the SK2 on stage alone without missing a digital piano. The electric pianos are also very nice though not as well done as the acoustic pianos. Clavinet is well done. From there you have good horns and a mix of flutes, synths, saxes and other sounds that are less well developed but useful. You can also load sounds from Hammond's online library, such as the realistic Chamber Strings.

    High point: this is a bang-on next generation B3. Low point: some of the non-multisampled extra voices are weak and pointless (do we really need a Jet sound?). But overall you can't get a more authentic or more portable Hammond organ sound anywhere, and the extra voices are the icing on the cake. Take it home.

  • from CO December 13, 2011Music Background:
    Weekend warrior

    Incredible Playing Experience

    I purchased a Hammond SK2 after playing the single manual SK1. The experience of having a real Hammond organ plus an additional manual to play electric piano or another sound is incredible. The Hammond organs in this box are better than the real thing in my opinion and I have a real tone wheel organ.

    Hammond is to be commended for all of the different Leslie models they put in the SK1 and SK2. Most clone wheels have a single digital rotary speaker model. This has 8 all of which are extremely good. I would also like to comment on the action which is excellent for all of the different categories of keys. The on board controls are very accessible to change sounds on the fly and the ability to modify the very tone wheels themselves is varied and very easy to access.

    This thing is a pleasure to play and, in my opinion, better than the real thing which I have owned since the 70's. Incredible job Hammond Suzuki.

  • from Tulsa, OK November 5, 2015Music Background:
    Keyboards/Hammond Organs


    I've been playing mine for right around a year. It's exceeded my expectations, as well as the people that try it out. Clearly, you see from other reviews how amazing it is, so I won't bore you with any more details. I wanted to say that my only criticism, is that it only has one set of drawbars. That's my ONLY criticism. So, I had to change my practice a little, and set my lower tier to a standard setting for bass, and nice background chording and keep the top tier as the one I manipulate while I play. Small price to pay considering the flexibility this package gives you over the 400lb option.

  • from December 24, 2014Music Background:

    Got my Hammond Sk2 the other day!!!

    Just got this board the other day and must say I am pleased with the purchase. It's essentially an organ and a very good one at that. There are other tones such as Piano, EL piano, Clavs, Vox, farfisa, strings and wind. They all sound decent and useable in any gigs, but if you're fussy with how it should sound you might want to use other boards. Basically it's all about the B-3 sound. It does a fantastic job with so many parameters you can tweak to your own liking, therefore, the imagination is really up to you.

    It was a toss up between Nord C2 and this, I went for this because to me the B-3 sounds warmer and authentic (though other will argue for Nord's case) and also the price tag. Just a little disappointment in that the boards can only be assigned one tone at a time. meaning you can have strings on lower or upper, but with an organ to either. Can you imagine if both upper and lower boards can be split to allow four tones running? Well, I'm sure Hammond thought about that and figured this Sk2 is an organ and probably didn't want people playing other tones excessively-defeats the purpose of this board I guess. Aside from that, it's built well and looks very stylish. A few people have thought about building a cabinet and I might do as well, however, there are stands that go with this product and I'm just using a single cross brace without any problems. Overall, good product, great gigging board, light, nice keys action, reasonably priced, great drawbars, effects, Eq's, favourite banks for instant recall, leslie speaker pins, midi connection to other boards if desired, downloadable tones from their website and updates Get one, you'll love it and may never want to part with it for a long long time!

  • from Harrisonburg, VA October 23, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Best purchase in a long time!

    This thing sounds like a real B3. That alone is enough reason to buy it. Not to mention the extra voices. Pianos, Clavs, Electric Pianos perform much better in a live band situation than I thought they would. Better strings and horns would be nice, but, the stock ones are usable. The weight and ease of setup are a real plus.
    Thanks! This is a great instrument!

  • from February 10, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Ultimate Mini B3

    If you are an organist, this is the next best thing to a real B3. Better than the two manual Nord since that has no other sounds and this has some great clav and piano patches. I use this with a leslie 3300 and a powered sub, with a small keyboard amp on top for the piano/ clav sounds. Nothing, and I mean nothing tops this sound. I play in a blues/ Rock band and a horn based funk band and this set up is the mainstay for the sound. I have two real B3's and a 122 and 147 leslie and I would rather gig with this set up than any other set up. If you are a piano player, this ax is not for you, but if you play a few piano based tunes and do mostly organ, this can't be beat. SKB makes a nice molded, 8 latch, foam lined case with rollers that weighs 36 lbs that can be used. Hammond does NOT make a hardshell case (they WERE using Gator cases). IMO, the soft bag is not worth the money and does NOT protect the instrument well enough.
    My complaints are that with the solo drawbars, it is a little bit of a learning curve tweeking the upper and lower manuals on the fly and you can not have piano/ clav on both manuals. But once you learn the board, it is extremely easy to use. Go with it!

  • from Houston July 10, 2015Music Background:
    The Original Triumphs

    Hammond SK2

    I owned a SK1 & I liked it so much I purchased a SK2.
    It is even better.
    If you want the Best Sounding B-3 without the weight you have got to check out the SK2.
    It is the simply the best.

  • from Lafayette La. USA February 11, 2015Music Background:
    Drummer, Organist/Pianist , Vocalist, Recording Engineer

    Great Instruments, I'm getting thr "feel" if this thing. and I love it

    It blows me away to hear that Leslie Sound without LESLIE! And that Hammond sound is terrific. I was surpirsed to hear all the other Voices on this instrument. I didn't know it had all these sounds. And this is the kicker It's only 39 lbs. Man, that is awesome.

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