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Gibson Acoustic SJ-200 Standard - Vintage Sunburst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Gibson Acoustic SJ-200 Standard - Vintage Sunburst?

Questions about the Gibson Acoustic SJ-200 Standard - Vintage Sunburst?

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  • from California March 7, 2017

    Totally Awesome

    The J 200 is an addition to my only other Gibson, the Songwriter Studio Deluxe EC. The Songwriter is like the majority of guitars, using Sitka top and Rosewood back and sides. I wanted something different. Something that isn't like the majority of guitars. Something with a little more "wow" factor. And boy, Gibson did not disappoint. If only I could select the right verbs to describe this awesome guitar. Beautiful. Elegant. Stunning. A few words that are totally inadequate to describe this guitar. The fit and finish is totally perfect. I am " wowed" every time I look at the J200.

    The playability and tone just blows me away. While the Songwriter is brighter the J200 has a more consistent, mellow tone. Finger picking, using your fleshy fingers, will produce a more mellow tone as compared to the Songwriter, which is brighter. However, the J200 has a more consistent tone over all the strings any place on the neck. I didn't seem to get that with the Songwriter. The J200 is such a dream to play and listen to that I would suspect I will not be playing the Songwriter much. Am I going to throw the Songwriter in the dumpster? Hmmm. Probably not. Anyone interested in a used Songwriter? hahaha.

    I am an intermediate guitarist. So, moving up and down the neck, whether strumming, flat or finger picking, has not always be easy on my previous guitar. On the J200, it now seems much easier. And, notes that didn't always ring true on the Songwriter, now ring true and full and more resonate on the J200.

    I wouldn't want anyone to shy away from the Songwriter. Its a marvelous guitar. But, its not a J200. Paying another 2 grand for the J200 makes a big difference in playability, sound, and beauty. I can only imagine the improvement as the guitar ages. Not sure it can get any better than this. I am blown away.

    If you have been on the fence about whether to jump up to the J200, then I'd say, get off the fence and purchase this truly magnificent guitar. You will not be disappointed.

  • from December 21, 2016

    Very Happy.

    This guitar is awesome. Full balanced sound and tone. This is a cadillac. Like some people say, this guitar is like playing a piano on your lap.

  • from Central Mass March 29, 2016

    SJ200 VS

    After waiting many years to make this purchase, I ordered an SJ200 (VS) from Sweetwater in mid March.
    The guitar arrived overnight, and while the guitar was beautifully crafted the anthem pickup was defective. (very sensitive to static electricity. any moment or even touching the top or shoulders would result in static discharges.)

    The guys from Sweetwater were exceptional in dealing with the problem immediate and taking care of matters. Another J200 was sent out overnight to me, and that one is perfect. Top notch support, couldn't have asked for a better resolution from these folks.

    All the stories you hear about these guitars are not hype, they are incredible. Powerful, clear, and extremely resonant. Factory setup up is perfect, very easy to play, anywhere on the neck. I do a lot of alternate tuning, solo work, the action is very consistent, anywhere on the fret board, Whether you are Finger picking, or strumming flat pick style, this guitar does it all. It's really is like a piano that fits on your lap with 6 strings. The moment you being play it, and it literally comes to life on your lap.

    I have two very nice Taylors, but this SJ200 eclipses them in a heartbeat.

    The anthem pickup (dual system, condenser mike and saddle element) offers a very natural amplified tone. While these do not seem to have the output a Fishman (for example) pickup does, the tone is 10x improved, there's no piezo "quack" that you need to try and blend out of the sound. Once you find the sweet spot, the pickup reproduces, very accurately the primary tone of the instrument. Very nice!

    The standard issue case is tight fitting, and the top, hinges and hasps were all aligned properly allowing the case to close and the hasps to lock smoothly.

    The Gibson SJ200 is a class act from the get go. Despite the significant cost of these guitars, after living on it for about a week now, (I can't put it down for long).. for me, it was worth every dime.

    Working with Sweetwater was, as usual a fantastic experience. The best online merchant hands down. It's natural to feel you may be taking a chance buying without trying it first, but these guys make sure it's right.

  • from California March 7, 2017

    True to the Guitar

    I posted a previous review of the J200 but omitted any comments on the Anthem pickup system. I am adding some thoughts now.

    In my opinion the Anthem produces the same awesome sound of the J200 just as it sounds unplugged--perfectly awesome. The same tone I get when playing unplugged is the same tone I can get being plugged in using the Anthem. You can alter the sound if you want. Still, if you like the way it sounds unplugged you can get that same sound plugged. You just need to work with it. Experiment. I have found that if you are strumming or flat picking, you'll want to turn down the Anthem (not referring to the volume). If you are finger picking using just your fleshy fingers, then you'll need to turn up the Anthem.

    You won't be disappointed in this pickup system. But, you will need to spend some time getting to know it.

Questions about the Gibson Acoustic SJ-200 Standard - Vintage Sunburst?

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