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Seymour Duncan SH-55n Seth Lover 1-Conductor Pickup - Nickel Neck Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Seymour Duncan SH-55n Seth Lover 1-Conductor Pickup - Nickel Neck?

Questions about the Seymour Duncan SH-55n Seth Lover 1-Conductor Pickup - Nickel Neck?

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  • from Los Angeles January 18, 2017Music Background:

    Great Sounding Pickup

    I'm usually not a Seymour Duncan pickups fan, but after doing my research on Humbucker pickups this is the one that came out on top. Wow, what a nice sounding pickup, just like the old days. I play this over an old Fender tube amp. If you like the guitar sound of ZZ Top's Blue Jean Blues, this pickup is it.
    Sounds like an old 60's Les Paul pickup. Love it!

  • from Woodstock May 28, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-retired Pro

    Great PAF-style Pickup

    II have two very nice limited edition Epiphone Dot guitars. I have the Gibson 57 Classics in one and these in the other. Both are great but I prefer the Seth Lovers to the Gibsons. It's certainly a matter of taste, but if you want open and airy sounding, low output PAF-style humbuckers, these are the ones IMO. The Gibsons sound a little less defined and more grainy in my opinion. I believe the fact that the Seth Lovers are not wax potted is what contributes to the open sound. But be aware that it makes them a bit more microphonic than the wax potted models. In other words, you will hear it more through the amp if you knock the pick against the pickup cover. In practice this doesn't bother me in the least, but if you are kind of person who would be bugged by this, try to test one out before you buy. In summary, I am thrilled with these pickups and would buy them again and again

  • from Alexandria, VA June 26, 2015Music Background:


    I replaced a Gibson stock 490R in my Les Paul Studio Deluxe with a Seth Lover neck and can't be more pleased with the upgrade that also included replacing all stock wiring with a 50's style, Emerson Pre-wired assembly. The Seth Lover neck doesn't sound muddy at all and handles distortion quite well while also having a very nice clean tone which I think is it's strength. I've played a Burstbucker 1 which I remember being quite nice too, but the Seth is smoother, full, clear and responsive without sounding dull and scooped. Sweetwater customer service is the best!

  • from Anchorage AK November 5, 2014Music Background:

    I like these better than my PRS 57/08's

    A set of these came in my Knaggs kenai Teir 2 and I am just shocked at how good these really are. The versatility is amazing. I sit in with a cat who has literally 1500 songs in his repertoire. Everything from country, Jazz, rock blues....everything.

    Sure it's a Knaggs Kenai with killer wood and excellent build but I'm seriously thinking of replacing my 57/08's in my PRS Stripped 58. I'd been playing the Knaggs all last week at the gig and tonight I brought the 58 along and just could not pull out the same tones. Don't get me wrong, I love the stripped 58 it is actually my favorite neck carve and I like the 24.5 inch neck scale but she now sounds flat after playing the Knaggs with these in it.

    So here I am purchasing my Seth Lover Pickups for the PRS and I will not regret it at all. Especially seeing how the pups I'm pulling out sell used for $500 on Feebay. It's a no brainier. Of course if I'm smart I'll just tuck them away for a few years or a decade until they aren't making them and the hype goes crazy. It happens try to buy a Klon now :)

    These are tonal heaven to my ears.

  • from Bothell, WA February 18, 2014Music Background:
    play every day I just cant help it........

    outstanding humbucker

    Replaced neck pickup in Epiphone es-339 pro along with new wiring harness , best idea ever. A nice guitar is now a treasure. Seymour Duncan SH-55n (Seth lover) no disappointment and affordable.I have paid hundreds more and been less satisfied .

  • from Virginia July 15, 2013Music Background:

    Best PAFs for me.

    I bought a set of these (neck and bridge), along with an Epi LP Standard, and had Sweetwater install the pickups prior to shipping the guitar to me. Chris Lewis, my sales engineer, assisted me through the process of getting this installation done. Installation from Sweetwater was clean and perfect. No visible marks showing that work was done on the guitar. Perfect!

    These PAF-style pickups are AMAZING. They sound better than my 57 classic in my Gibson LP and Burstbuckers in my other Gibson LP. These Seth Lover pickups are unpotted and they really make the sound resonate. There's something loud and clean about these pickups that you don't hear in the Gibson pickups. Yes the Seth Lovers do sound better than any PAFs out there. I installed it on my Epi LP Standard as a test bed. Well...the Epi LP Standard is now my go-to guitar for studio recording. Try these pickups and you'll be amazed at the clarity and sensitivity of these hardwares. Get it from Sweetwater. Been a customer since 2007.

  • from Tennessee February 17, 2017Music Background:
    Lifetime player

    Great oickup

    Would have ginpven it a higher rating if I had a better guitar to put it in. It is truly one of the best pickups out there.

Questions about the Seymour Duncan SH-55n Seth Lover 1-Conductor Pickup - Nickel Neck?

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