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Gibson SG Standard - Natural Burst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from Northern VA November 12, 2012


    I’ve had several SG’s over the years (among all sorts of other guitars, lol) but this is the best SG that I’ve ever seen or played. I just received my SG in Natural Burst this past weekend – I ordered it on Thursday (late afternoon) & showed up at my door on Saturday morning (thanks again Ben, excellent Customer Service!). I have to say that it looks amazing; the woodgrain & the finish just have to be seen in person to believe how awesome it is. I have to admit that like everyone else, I was a little skeptical of the Baked Maple fingerboard but it really does look like Rosewood and it plays like Ebony. I don't foresee any issues w/this fretboard at all.

    I primarily play rhythm and for electric sets I usually switch between my Les Paul Standard and my American Standard Tele as my main instruments however, this guitar somehow fits in-between them; it’s not as ‘in your face’ as my Les Paul but it definitely cuts thru better than my Tele. I plugged it up to my Twin and it sounded great; very balanced – not harsh and definitely not muddy. Then I got to use it thru my Matchless Independence on Sunday morning; beautiful…I’m still so surprised at how great it sounds. I’ve had several Gibson’s over the years with the 490R/498T pickup pair in them and as most of you know, some of them can be very unbalanced and muddy (especially compared to Burstbuckers)…the pickups in this SG just sound great, very articulate, very smooth at lower volume but can be aggressive when you turn it up & push it. And of course, it handles my pedalboard w/no problems either (large board w/the usual suspects – CMatMods Buffer, PitchBlack Tuner, Keeley Katana Boost, Fender Volume pedal, MXR 10Band Eq, Boss BluesDriver, Dunlop TS1 Trem, RedWitch Moon Phaser, Eventide Timefactor Delay, Hardwire Chorus, Jack Deville Supermoon Reverb, & MXR Noise Gate). I can see this becoming my ‘go to’ instrument for worship; plus it doesn’t hurt that it is several pounds lighter than my Les Paul (which after loading in & setting up; by the time that you hit the 2nd a.m. service your back starts to feel it, ha).

    Seriously if you’re remotely interested, with the price and the quality of this instrument, you owe it to yourself to at least check it out…I doubt that you’ll be disappointed...and you have to admit, Natural Burst totally blows away the usual Heritage Cherry or Black

  • from Connecticut January 5, 2012Music Background:
    Playing Guitar since the 60's


    If you like the Gibson Les Paul's then you're going to love the Gibson SG.
    The tone is phenomenal and it weighs 1/2 as much as my vintage (1984) Les Paul Custom
    The combination of the (natural burst) mahogany wood grain under the superb Gibson finish is simply gorgeous
    Someday... I might put the SG down and play the Les Paul again

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