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Gibson SG Standard 2016 T - Ebony Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from Canton, GA March 21, 2017

    This one is a KEEPER!

    We're guitar players, right? How many times have you gotten a new guitar, you love it right away, and you say "I will never sell this guitar"? Then, a while passes, you fall for another one, and you end up selling the guitar...

    I switched back from playing bass (for 34 years!) to guitar. I've had at least 50 guitars and basses over the years, but never had a Gibson. Until now. I've had 5 Epiphone Les Pauls, and was going to get a Gibson LP, but wanted something different this time, and something lighter that still has tone with guts. This is it folks, I got it last Monday (it's been a week now) and I must say that this guitar speaks to my soul. Pretty certain this is my forever guitar. She already moved ahead of my new Nashville Tele for my #1 choice.

    The factory setup was so-so, which I expected. I did a full setup on it, string change, string height adjustment, and intonation. Didn't have to turn the truss rod at all. Now the action and intonation are on point, and it plays like buttah. Just beautiful. These pickups are hot and bluesy and sound meaty when needed.

    If you are lucky enough to grab one of the last 2016's, don't hesitate as I'm sure stock is limited or maybe even gone already.

    Oh, how do I love this guitar, let me count the ways...

    One last thing, I will NEVER sell this guitar.....haha (Seriously though, NEVER EVER EVER)

  • from June 26, 2016

    Awesome neck

    I always wanted an SG, but they are always related to the slim taper neck. I have even watched reviews on youtube that say this guitar has a slim taper. I saw one of these 2016 models at a guitar store in Nashville and I had to pick it up. To my surprise the neck felt really beefy. I checked the Gibson website and the spec sheet says it has a rounded profile. I have always played Les Paul Historics to get the fatter neck. After playing the 2016 in Nashville I went on line to Sweetwater and picked an ebony one out with a nice dark fingerboard. Great experience with Cody, probably the best guitar buying and shipping experience I have ever had. I love this guitar, finally an SG for those of us with bigger hands.

  • from Connecticut December 7, 2015

    True metal

    Thanks to Ike Taylor for all the work to get this guitar I am lefty so it's hard to get a good guitar on the lefty direction the 490 pick ups give you the power to rock your brains out with the sustainability to dream . This is a great piece of equipment to be confident that it will not fail

  • from Pittsburgh December 3, 2015Music Background:

    Gibson SG Standard 2016 T - Ebony

    Hats off to Gibson for producing a workhorse with standard appointments at an affordable price. While I have been an SG fan and owner for awhile, I've never owned a new one. Been watching the crop of 16's hit the market and I couldn't hold back anymore. Wow. Fit and finish are excellent. Super fast neck with comfortable proportions. Has the SG sound bite that made them famous...love the 498 / 490 pups.

    My second guitar purchased from Phil Schwan and greatly appreciate him locating this axe down to the weight I was hoping to find. Super customer service has helped me overcome my fears of online guitar buying. Thanks again Phil!

  • from October 14, 2015

    Top Tone

    I find myself able to get the tones I'm looking for without the need for pedals. This SG and my tube amp are so flexible and the sound is beyond words. I switched to this as my daily player.

  • from Plymouth Meeting, PA March 29, 2017

    I purchased a "brand new" 2016 Gibson SG Standard T Ebony from Sweetwater Music on March 02, 2017. I am referring to this as my "Dream SG" because it has all the elements that are exactly what I want in a good SG. This particular build is very significant to me as it starts with a beautiful "gloss black" finish, "dark rosewood fretboard", "Gibson/Kluson Tuning Machines", "large pickguard", Gibson "490R (Alnico II) & 498T (Alnico V)" humbucking pickup's, "Top Hat" volume and tone knobs with silver inserts, and the larger "aluminum guitar strap buttons". The things that I wish came on this guitar would be a Tone Pros ABR-1 bridge, a Tone Pros tailpiece, and silver/nickel knob pointers. I know where to get the conversion bridge posts which allow changing the Nashville Tune-O-Matic bridge for an ABR-1 (Tone Pros), Tone Pros stop bar tailpiece (zinc or aluminum), and the nickel/silver knob pointers. Additionally I would have been happier if the guitar came with an actual guitar case not a gig bag. The Gibson "GEAR" aftermarket SG guitar case sells for $. Come on Gibson, that's way too much for a guitar case and why does the factory guitar case logo say "GIBSON USA" and the aftermarket guitar case logo say "GIBSON GEAR"? I may buy an Epiphone SG guitar case due to the significant difference in price. Other than that I am very happy with my new SG. The 6lbs. 10ozs. weight of my SG is a very welcome quality as most of the Gibson SG's I have owned over the years have been much much heavier. Sweetwater Music is a great retailer to shop for Gibson guitars as Gibson's tend to be expensive so finding a fair price without sacrificing for a "used" or "blemished" model is not necessary. Thank you to everyone at Sweetwater Music for a wonderful buying experience.

  • from August 8, 2016

    Great guitar/limited pickup upgrades

    This is an excellent quality guitar. It sounds and plays great. The action can be set outrageously low with no buzzing. The neck feels great and the guitar is well balanced. (No neck dive) The pickups sound incredible, very Les Paul like but slightly darker. Great for classic rock. Turn the volume down a little and get some great clean sounds as well. The only thing I was disappointed in is that it has a "quick connect" system for upgrading the pickups. At first I thought it was a great idea because I like to work on my own guitars but I don't like soldering, but then I find out that my upgrade options are limited to only 4 expensive Gibson pickups: Burstbuckers, 57 Classics, Dirty Fingers or the Angus Young pickup. And the ones that I planned on upgrading to, the Gibson Tony Iommi Signature pickups do not have the quick connectors, nor does Gibson sell an adaptor for them. Go figure. So if you want to upgrade the pickups to a set of Seymour Duncans , Dimarzios, or any others, plan on having to remove the PCB board and installing new electronics. The 490R and 498T pickups sound great, but be aware of your limited upgrade options. Strangely, on the Gibson website the "quick connect" feature is not listed on the specs for this guitar. Oh, and the folks at Sweetwater are great. They are the only company I will buy my guitars from.

  • from Brooklyn, NY July 20, 2016Music Background:
    Full-Time Touring Guitarist/Producer

    Fairly Disappointed

    I'll start by saying I love Sweetwater and these guys really helped me out by overnighting me an SG to California for a few festival shows a couple months ago. I wasn't happy with the tele that I have with me for fly-dates at the time and I needed a backup SG anyway. I falsely assumed that the SG I was receiving would be every bit as solid as my 2003 SG standard. The areas where it doesn't stand up are as follows...

    - Low output bridge-position humbucker, regardless of pickup height. The result is a sound that totally lacks the 'teeth' of a typical SG timbre when using both pickups simultaneously.
    - Softer metal used for hardware; such that when adjusting stop-bar height the screw driver I was using totally mangled the posts.
    - Inferior tuning machines: I had one start to slip on me in a matter of half-a-dozen shows. I've since gotten fed up and replaced them with Kluson Revolution locking tuners.
    - An overall much tighter playing feel when compared to my '03 even with lighter strings and the stop-bar height raised considerably.

    Clearly Gibson's QC is not what it used to be. In hindsight I should have just found another early 2000s SG Standard on Craigslist.

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