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PRS SE Zach Myers Semi-Hollow - Trampas Green Reviews

5.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the PRS SE Zach Myers Semi-Hollow - Trampas Green?

Questions about the PRS SE Zach Myers Semi-Hollow - Trampas Green?

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  • from Illinois June 15, 2017Music Background:
    over 10 years

    Great guitar

    I have really enjoyed this guitar. I've had it about 3 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed playing it. The necks action is extremely smooth and the action was perfect upon arrival. It looks great in person as well. I would recommend this guitar to anyone.

  • from Baltimore MD May 12, 2017

    Twice as Nice

    I am embarrassed to say this is the only guutar I've ever purchased twice. I

    am a bit picky with my guitars, after owning 2 dozen or so. I am a huge PRS fan after numerous disappointing experiences with Epiphone and Gibson.
    I love a good strat and own a couple but I wanted an LP style guitar that gave me different but equally rich and resonant tonal variations from my CE23 and Mira.
    So i initially purchased a Gibson used with Nail Bombs in it from another online site, and it was delivered on time. It was beautiful but heavy and I got nothing tone wise from that guitar I couldn't get from my Mira

    As I said I've owned this guitar before and meddled with it - putting a PRS M in the bridge and a Starla pickup in the neck. It was pretty good but I knew I screwed up and the tech I had put them in really did not do a great job.

    But I saw this guitar discounted and rememered that I really loved th ZM the first time around so I took the plunge. She is everything I love in a guitar...aesthetically, tonally, weight-wise, and playability. Shw resonates for days, screams when overdriven, chimes with clarity and oozes musicallity.

    I chose this over the S2 Singlecut because this guitar plays and feels as easy and comfortable as my CE24, it has the pattern wide neck which fits me perfectly and the shorter scale makes some of the Blues riffs I love to play.

    If this guitar is on your radar, it is worth twice its price and all PRS guitars despite where they're made are inspected and set up here in MD USA.

    As far as my relationship with Sweetwater, the only complaint I have ever heard is from my wife who dreads seeing the deliveries from them. Delvin is always outstanding and follows through on what he promises and delivers more than I could ask. If you want a singlecut....you cannot go wrong. I know because I have owned 2 and the one I sold didnt last a week at the shop I sold it to. Play on all. I hope this helps.

  • from New York April 27, 2017Music Background:
    40 yrs playing guitar

    More than you money's worth

    Purchased this guitar several Months ago. I must say a have several guitars costing more money. This guitar is made just as well. The neck , wood finish, playability is all top shelf. You want a great guitar this is it. The workmanship is 5 star . A shoutout to Andrew Teeple my sales person. Who is always there.

  • from Milwaukee, WI April 19, 2017

    Playability, Tone, Looks, Price!!

    For the price...this guitar is just...just simply fantastic!

    First thing I noticed were the great looks. I would recommend going for the darker flame maple veneer if you can. Thank god sweetwater let's you compare their stock!

    The resonance on this thing is beautiful. Sold my Epiphone 335 to make room for this. This sings much louder when unplugged. That tells you something.

    Every tuning peg and control knob was like butter. Which just reminds me how great this guitar is for the price. Between PRS quality check and SWater quality check, you are guaranteed a quality instrument.

    Just buy it and there will be zero disappointment...unless you're a metal head that needs EMG's. Great for blues and rock.

  • from Maui, Hawaii April 19, 2017Music Background:
    Rock, Funk, Jazz, Folk

    Nice Feel and Versatile Guitar

    I purchased this Korean made PRS Semi-Hollow body guitar wanting a relatively inexpensive alternative to my USA made 2005 PRS Custom. I was very impressed with the feel, sound, and playability of the guitar. I own 10+ guitars ranging from Squiers to Les Paul to an Artist series PRS custom 22. This guitar keeps up with all of them. I would definitely recommend this guitar, it looks and sounds beautiful and is very easy to play. For a great value, and excellent guitar pick this one up. Sweetwater was great in helping me to find a beautiful guitar to add to my collection.

  • from Newton, IL April 17, 2017

    Great guitar

    This guitar feels great and plays wonderfully. The price is great and it looks amazing. The pictures do not do it justice. If you are looking for a very nice guitar and a very reasonable price look no further. Very pleased and as usual Sweetwater took great care of me. I got it literally the next day after I ordered it.

  • from April 12, 2017

    Love it

    Amazing guitar. Great service!

  • from Rogers, AR April 11, 2017Music Background:
    Minister of the Blues

    Holy Grail

    Okay. This is the Holy Grail of import guitars. I almost didn't buy it because it's a signature model, but I tried it out at my local store and couldn't make myself put it back. If you want something chunky and articulate, something substantial in your hands, just go ahead and buy this guitar.

  • from Michigan March 29, 2017

    Fantastic Guitar!

    I've had this guitar for a few months now and I can honestly say this thing is as much fun to play now as it was the first day I received it. The look of this guitar and fit and finish is excellent, especially at this price. I was looking at several guitars at the time of purchase (some three times the price) and ran through each of them with my Sales Rep: shaka_dhladhla@sweetwater.com. I found his knowledge tremendously helpful in making a decision and he was right on. Contact Shaka @Sweetwater and he will take excellent care of you!

  • from January 11, 2017

    Really Impressed

    I've owned Wolfgangs, Les Pauls, Explorers, SG's, USA made PRS', Strats and this guitar plays and sounds as good as any of them. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this guitar over and over and I've found absolutely no flaws with it at all. Maybe that is due to the 55 point check that Sweetwater does, but whatever the reason, the guitar plays like butter and sounds amazing. I am playing through a Peavey Valveking II and the guitar goes from clean to metal and everywhere in between which makes it very versatile. If you haven't noticed from the review, I definitely recommend picking one up if you are thinking about it. The only bad thing was the 1.5 month wait to receive it, due to it being on backorder. But after receiving it, I know why its on backorder. I also recommend buying from Sweetwater. This is my first guitar purchase through them and I wouldn't hesitate to order from them in the future. Thanks Bryan!

  • from NJ October 21, 2016Music Background:
    Former full time pro, now hobbyist/collector

    Great Guitar!!!!

    This is my seventh PRS but my first SE. Not going to confuse it with the top of the line stuff, but that's not the point. This guitar has it all- looks, feel, sound and price. The guitar is clearly a winner. I'm not sure if there is anything in it's price range that compares. I would be proud to take this out on a gig. Only thing I would change is to buy a hard case for it (I did). I can wholeheartedly recommend that you buy it!!!

  • from April 18, 2017

    Better than most at same price point

    Let me start by saying that compared to other guitars I've owned in the same price range, this Zach Meyers SE is better than average. The top is really very nice, one of the best in this range. I ended up retuning mine, as while it was very nice, it just didn't measure up to my expectations for it. You will definitely need to set it up properly, or have it done for you, since out of the box for me it was fret buzzy, too bright, twangy, etc. Most of the buzz was gone after setup except the low E string. I toyed with the idea of upgrading to locking tuners, but just gave up instead. Excellent student's guitar (lightweight, gorgeous) for the money. I wouldn't have the confidence to gig with this, but it's great for home practice and looks great on the wall ;)

Questions about the PRS SE Zach Myers Semi-Hollow - Trampas Green?

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