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PRS SE Santana - Orange Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from indy September 27, 2016Music Background:

    funk and rock

    I just bought my frist prs guitar and it is the Santana orange.... sounds and plays awesome my blackstar amp nerver sound it better... thanks prs for making such a great guitar that I could affordg

  • from United States December 21, 2012Music Background:
    Playing and Recording for 40 years.

    PRS Santana

    I have a Gibson SG. I like this guitar better.

  • from Austin TX November 18, 2011Music Background:
    recording engineer, hobbyist

    Go For It

    I woke up in the middle of the night when I ordered this guitar, afraid I did the wrong thing. The neck was "wide fat"--is there anything worse, short of "baseball bat", to describe a guitar neck? The color was orange, and from the photos it looked like maybe a traffic cone would smirk and call this thing too orange. But something--maybe a wise guitar god descended from the heavens--held me back from recalling my order. A few days later the guitar arrived. I was blown away.

    About the neck: Don't be afraid that "wide fat" sounds like that girl you woke up with after a wild weekend. This guitar neck is like liquid. It's truly the most incredibly playable neck I have ever played--and I've got the Jimmie Vaughan Stratocaster and a Martin OM-28V. I love comfortable necks, and this is the creme de la creme. It is not "fat"--not even "pleasingly plump" and no, not even "great at parties." This neck is perfection.

    The orange looks almost nothing like the photo. Let me just say this: I showed it to my wife expecting her to say--say it with me now--"another guitar?" Instead, she said "wow, it's beautiful." Enough said. This is not Oklahoma State orange. It's Your Wife Will Think You Did Awesome orange. The back of the guitar and neck are also finished in the same orange, which looks fairly close to natural mahogany. It's really nothing like the traffic cone look you see in the photograph.

    How does it play? It's like there's a little guitar god built into the neck guiding my hand to play faster and faster. it plays as well as the top of the line PRS models. Incredible.

    How does it sound? Extremely musical from the bridge pickup with tone on 1 to the bridge with tone on full tilt 10. Lots of tonal variation with the pickup and tone settings, but nothing that ever strays from the boundaries of musicality. Just right.

    How does it look? Absolutely gorgeous. I don't look at this and think "gee, it's not as rounded on top as a made-in-the-USA PRS" I think "wow, this looks as gorgeous as it sounds." The maple binding is a classy touch you can't really see from the photographs. The top curves near the edges to give 95% of the effect of the American PRS look. The color is vibrant and polished. And the precision of this guitar is absolutely 10 of 10--not the slightest evidence of any flaw. It's like playing a work of art.

    Another thing: When I first got this guitar I thought there was something wrong with the tuning--it would alternate between too sharp and too flat, seemingly at random. My Sweetwater salesman checked with the tech guys and they said to be sure to stretch the strings completely. I did that and all tuning problems disappeared. Maybe it's hip to blame it on the tuners, but after I stretched the strings I had no tuning problems whatsoever, including after dive-bombing with the tremolo.

    In summary, don't be afraid of the traffic cone orange in the picture, or the "wide fat" death knell neck description. Go for it. it's a wonderful guitar.

  • from Columbia, SC October 12, 2012Music Background:
    In weekend bands since a teen (62 now).

    For the price it doesn't get any better!

    I was wanting a shorter scale solid body with humbuckers. After considering many other guitars I decided on this (all three colors offered were nice but orange did it for me). The overall quality & feel are excellent. It has wonderful resonance unplugged and all to be expected from PRS plugged in. It's light and well balanced. The pots operate smoothly and efficiently. The range of sounds is large. I had some concern about the wide fat neck (my hands are not large) but I acclimated to it in very little time. The supplied 9's are a little too rubbery for me but that was easily remedied. For the price I can't imagine getting a guitar I would be happier with. Thanks!

  • from BOONE IOWA January 9, 2013Music Background:
    more or less a hobbyest for the last 20 years and still going strong 77 years old

    very beautiful great feel while playing just over all nice

    I think the satana is a very great guitar and the weight is good and not to heavy on the stage for 3 or 3 hours could be so much worse

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