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PRS SE Mark Tremonti Custom - Gray Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
  • from CT July 18, 2016Music Background:
    30+ years

    Great guitar

    This guitar is a beast ! Great rock, hard rock and neck pickup tones. Fit and finish is amazing for a guitar at this price.
    I do not feel like I'm playing a lessser PRS. Feels as good as my USA Models.

  • from Benton,IL December 31, 2015

    Great guitar

    I picked this guitar up on sale. I had not played this particular model before ordering, but I was familiar with the SE line. The guitar arrived well set up and ready to play a day earlier than promised. (Typical of Sweetwater). The pickups sound great, (giving a gritty, driven sound that I really enjoy when pushed, but they also clean up nicely). All the electronic controls rival much more expensive guitars in feel and performance. I did change the nut to a graph tech, because I am a fan of their product. I restrung the guitar with 10's, (my preference), and have never looked back. The tuners work well, and the neck shape feels great. The finish is flawless. I do have to say that the included gig bag is just "ok". It definitely deserves a better case if you plan to leave the house with it. Jeff Bohan with Sweetwater once again knocked it out of the park with his professional service. Thank you Jeff. I will be sure to seek you out for any future purchases.

  • from PA August 9, 2015Music Background:
    Living room legend! Public menace!

    This Guitar Rocks!

    After eyeballing this for at least 2 years I finally decided to take the plunge. I could not be happier! Beautifully done and set up great out of the box. Great tone and action, this is definitely my favorite guitar and I've only had it a few days. Thanks to Sweetwater for its unparalleled customer service and especially, Wayne Davis, my sales assistant for many years. You always steer me in the right direction brother!

  • from New Lenox, IL April 19, 2015


    I have had this guitar for more than a year now. It's the first one that I grab when I play. Tone, playability, looks, and feel, it has it all. I really enjoy playing with it and it is a very solid guitar!!

  • from Monticello, KY April 8, 2015

    Tone Machine!!!!

    I just got this PRS SE Tremonti Custom today, this guitar was smoking hot right out of the box!! The set up and action was spot on! This thing is a tone machine!!! Sounds amazing!! I will never order another guitar from the other online company, Sweetwater is the only choice for me! They really go the extra mile to make your guitar purchase the best ever.

  • from March 24, 2015

    It's as good as everyone says!

    It really is as good as the reviews says it is. Flawless in every way.

  • from Columbus, OH July 8, 2014

    Buy it!

    This thing feels top of the line all around without the top of the line price. Weight, body, play, and sound! My buddy owns a PRS Custom and when I let him jam on this thing he was jelly. Great value, badass guitar.

  • from University Place, WA USA June 16, 2014Music Background:
    Worship leader, vocals, drums, guitar. Like country, rock, metal, blues, jaz, fusion.

    Well beyond expectations.

    I am an amateur guitarist, drummer, and intermediate vocalist who leads worship at our church and play a Taylor 814ce. I was looking to begin playing electric guitar so we can do our upbeat music when our second electric guitarist isn't available. After researching guitars for over a year and playing dozens, there were none even close the PRS SE's at twice the price. From sound to fit and finish I have been consistently blown away. I just about pulled the trigger on the double cutaway SE 24 our other guitarist played his buddies Tremonti SE and couldn't stop raving about it. So much so that he borrowed it for his demo over his custom built Tele. (He's a really good guitarist). After reading dozens of other rave reviews and about all the extras you get with the Tremonti, I decided to order it from Sweetwater. Exceptional service as always, on-time delivery, perfect condition and as pretty as any pictures. Tony did send me the picture gallery and followed up to let me know the order was processed as well as to make sure we received everything ok. Its a heavy guitar but noticeably lighter than my son's Epiphone Les Paul Custom. It sounds WAY better, the neck is stellar, super low-noise, easy clean sounds and I remembered that I like heavy metal. (My wife's not thrilled about that part). Using the tremolo agressively knocks the tune out pretty quickly so locking tuners are a must, but again at this price-point I have no complaints and find it holds a tune well without the dive bomb after a couple turns on the tuner screws. Can't say enough great things about this guitar. I love it more each time I play it and my Taylor has been getting jealous.

  • from AL USA November 29, 2013Music Background:

    Big Alter Bridge Fan here

    I really want to get a Prs or Paul read smith for a very long time,
    Not my chance to pick this up at a Pretty good deal.
    Looks great and hope to use it on my next album at iTunes
    Search Troy W. Smith there see you soon!
    It rocks and can't wait.

  • from NEW YORK CITY November 9, 2013Music Background:



  • from Woodstock, GA USA June 4, 2013Music Background:
    recording hobbyist, musician

    One of the best deals on the market

    This guitar honestly needs no introduction. If you are looking at this guitar, then you probably already have an idea of what it is. I have two PRS SE Tremonti guitars, one silver and one black, both with USA Tremonti pickups and USA wiring, giving a near identical sound to Mark Tremonti's signature growl and clarity. But, i always found myself yearning for that tremolo action on a singlecut, but couldn't quite justify the $3000 price tag for the USA Tremonti. Enter the PRS Tremonti Custom SE. WHY HAS IT TAKEN SO LONG FOR THIS GUITAR TO FINALLY SURFACE??!! Out of the box you immediately notice the weight, but not overly heavy, but very solid and thick in the body. (Think PRS SE245) the body of this guitar is very thick and full sounding and the addition of the Pattern Thin neck make shredding solos absolutely effortless and just as comfortable in chording and single note fingerpicked passages. The tremolo is effortless to use, making divebombs and harmonic squeals, courtesy of the up-rout, very easy and return in-tune, no questions asked. The pickups, eh, very versatile and great sounding but to me the only con in this guitar, though i am biased to the USA Tremonti pickups, which are the perfect combonation of clarity and hotness for me. The stock SE245 pickups are great for the price, dont get me wrong, but if they were to put the USA Tremonti pickups in this guitar, i would think, 1)They would start to price the guitar out of the SE price market and 2)They would probably not be selling as many PRS USA Tremonti Signature models. They are that close, to me. For the cost of a USA, you could buy three of these guitars and have an absolutely, beautifully crafted instrument for every tuning you need. PRS SE guitars are on par if not above most other brands top models and quality if well above its price range, and i believe this model may be setting the standard by which the other SEs will be judged for the forseeable future.

  • from Marathon Key, FL April 7, 2013

    Excellent Choice!

    Great guitar!! This is my first electric guitar. I could not have made a better choice. The sales staff really went above and beyond. Thank you!

  • from Clare, MI February 10, 2013Music Background:

    I'M IN LOVE!

    There was no question that I wanted this guitar as soon as I knew it was coming to the US. Now that I have guitar in hand, it has not disappointed! The play is smooth, the look is sexy as hell, and the tremolo upgrade makes this guitar a true steal! The Tremonti SE Custom is the first tremolo bridged guitar that I have ever dealt with and Sweetwater has been there for every question I've had, no matter how small. After I discovered that Sweetwater was selling it, I decided to look into it further. Then once I found out about the FREE 55 point inspection, 2 Year Warranty, and shipping, I realized that Sweetwater was a NO BRAINER! From the very beginning, the people at Sweetwater, especially Brad, more than met my expectations. They truly do go all out to satisfy their customers and I have a feeling I will be buying from them a lot more in the future.

  • from Omaha,Ne November 19, 2012Music Background:

    Great guitar!!

    I already had an anniversary custom 24 SE which I love. But wanted a newer model with the wide - thin neck, this came available and ordered it, never having played this model. got it and loved it. Out of the box, this guitar did not disappoint! The finish is to be what I've come to expect from PRS, even the SE models are a cut above most in this price range. Just looking at the guitar is a WOW factor. Picking up the guitar, this thing is heavy, nice thickness and great for sustain. The feel of this guitar is where it shines! plugging it it and playing you first notice how fast and easy the neck feels and plays, then the sound hits you! the SE245 pick-ups have great tone and sound, I was really surprised! I will ultimately replace the pick-ups with some Tremonti USA pick-ups or 59/09's...but these were really good! For me personally this was the best money I've spent on a guitar, period! Thanks to my Kurt my salesman for hookin' me up. Now if the 7-string Custom 24SE is any good...

  • from Virginia September 20, 2012Music Background:

    Great Guitar! Great Deal! Love Sweetwater!

    I already own a black DOT Tremonti SE that is probably 4+ years old. It's a great guitar. I've had this new Tremonti for about a total of 4 hours and it's a whole step above the old version. It just plays itself (cliche I know, but it's true)The pickups are pretty good for what they are. Like I did with my black Tremonti SE, I will replace with EMGs, install locking tuners, strap locks and a new nut. Other than that, this is now my main Axe.

    Sweetwater was great to deal with. I LOVE the guitar gallery. Will be buying a Santana SE from Sweetwater ASAP.

  • from Ocean Grove NJ August 13, 2015Music Background:
    Lifer casual

    Very Nice Guitar

    Great sounding & looking guitar and set up properly as usual by Sweetwater. They are the best Online vendor period. I have the grey/black and its a great looking guitar. High quality with a super finish. I have to admit I expected a little more punch out of the pups But for my purposes more then enough. Frets are great and can get some serious bends on the them & stay in tune. Very comfortable and balanced. The PRS Gig Bag has a really cool feature, it has a HD hanger on it Which in my cluttered apt comes in handy for storage along with well designed large pocket & compartments . If Im not playing my Strat its is my first choice I would Def Recomend

  • from Bettendorf IA May 10, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging musician, live/studio engineer

    Incredible guitar at any price

    As the title says, this is an incredible guitar.....and not just for the money! You really get a lot more for your money than with other similar guitars in this price range (and I'd even say up another $300 or $400 as well). A bit of background, I currently have 4 PRS SE's in my stable - SE Singlecut (older dot version), SE Tremonti (older dot version), this SE Tremonti Custom, and an SE 245.

    The wide thin neck is only a bit thinner than the wide fat.....so don't expect an Ibanez Wizard neck. It does fill the hand nicely though and gives you plenty to dig into. I was expecting to change out the pickups in this as I did my other SE's (Dragon II's in the Singlecut, Tremonti set in the older Tremonti, Burstbucker Pro's in the 245) but the stock 245 pickups sound really, really good in this guitar. My 245 also had these pickups stock, but I didn't care for them. Maybe its the maple neck and trem in the Tremonti Custom versus the mahogany and stoptail in the 245, but the pickups sound much more aggressive. Speaking of the trem, I like it better than the standard trems found on other guitars. It holds tune extremely well even with the over the top crazyness I put it through as a test. After a bit of extreme up and downs it did go out of tune....but I'm not surprised. The tuners are not locking and this might be a contributing factor....but then again....the strings are still relatively new. To the point of the tuners, although they are not locking, they are solid and I have not seen any evidence of slipping. These appear to be the same tuners on my other 3 SE's and I have had zero issues with them.

    Fit and finish wise, this guitar is immaculate. From the natural wood "binding" to the inlays all the way through to the electronic work and mounting hardware, I can not find a single flaw. The attention to detail rivals that of other manufacturers with higher price tags. My other 3 are the same way so I can only assume that this is not a one off.

    The included gigbag is very nice as well. This is not a cheapo they throw in to get you to buy and it is a much more useable bag than Gibson provides. Pockets galore, dual straps, even a hook on a chain for hanging the bag over a door (just like the hook found in garment bags).

    As for dealing with Sweetwater, these guys are amazing! The guitar arrived well packed and almost in tune (G string was off by 10 cents or so). The setup was dead on perfect for me and everything worked flawlessly. For a dark guitar, I expected some finger prints out of the box.....but what they say they do they must because I couldn't find a single one. Hats off to the guy that did the inspection, my salesman Brandon Eden, and the entire team!

    One small thing I want to mention because it through me for a curve at first. The trem arm simply slips into the hole in the trem as opposed to screwing or popping in. To adjust the tension on the arm, use the supplied allen wrench to tighten the collar screw on the back edge of the trem. I know...sounds simple.....but this and a Standard Strat are the only two trem equipped guitars I own.

    And thanks to my incredible girlfriend for the awesome birthday gift!

  • from Allen, TX July 13, 2014Music Background:

    Versatile Axe With Tons of Tone

    I've bought three PRS SE guitars and this is easily the best of the three, though the others are great guitars, too. The attention to detail is top notch and it makes the quality control on some other guitars look a bit sloppy by comparison.

    I've got to say that finally having the wide thin neck makes a pretty big difference. My other SEs have the wide fat profile and though they are comfortable in their own right, this thing almost seems to play itself...it's so easy.

    After owning several Floyd Rose-equipped guitars, I was honestly hesitant to buy another with a tremolo unit that essentially floats (compliments of the the up-rout), but this trem is impressive. Unlike a Floyd Rose, which dives noticeably when you bend a note up a whole step or more, this one resists the urge and holds pretty firm. I do wish that PRS would upgraded nuts on these guitars to help with tuning issues after trem use. Even if it raised the price a little, it'd be worth it.

    I think the SE 245 pickups are some of the best stock humbuckers I've heard. They have plenty of oomph for pinch harmonics and such, but they also clean up well by rolling the volume back and give a wonderfully warm, organic tone at lower volumes.

    I appreciate Sweetwater's excellent customer service and the free shipping had this guitar in my hands is just a couple of days. You can't beat that. And with the quality offered by PRS SE guitars like the Tremonti Custom, you really can't do any better at this price point.

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