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PRS Mikael Akerfeldt SE Signature Tortoise Shell Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Brookfield, WI October 12, 2011Music Background:

    Amazing Guitar for the Price!!

    I honestly never heard of Mikael Akerfeldt and his band. I am a calligrapger in my spare time and was attracted by the gold calligraphic pattern on the top plus I prefer ebony fingerboards.

    The neck, fingerboard and frets on this guitar far exceeded my expectations. I've own/owned MANY high end guitars including PRS USA models. I am not going to say that this guitar is equal to a PRS Custom 24 but the fingerboard is very close on this SE PLUS it is Ebony!

    The bridge pickup sounds great but the neck pickup is bassy. I just lowered the bass side and raised the treble side of the pickup. The string saddles seem crudely sinished but servicable. The tuners seem adequate but some folks prefer locking tuners especially for whammy bars. I am dropping in a set of my favorite tuners, Schaller Gold Locking 3X3 Tuners.

    The guitar inspired me to look up Opeth and I was very please with their music.

  • from Spring Valley, CA. October 12, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist, classic rock, blues

    Great guitar in this price range

    I have owned the Akerfeldt SE model for over a month and have no regrets. This guitar sounds and plays awesome. Very versatile. The action and intonation are as good as it gets. The jumbo frets do have a slightly higher profile than my other SE. The attention to detail is spot on: Near perfect construction throughout. I only noticed a very small run in the finish at the neck joint. I couldn't knock off 1/2 star just for this small imperfection.
    As other reviews have noted, the finish does look more of a reddish brown, but the combination with the gold hardware goes very well together. I actually like the feel of the flat finish on the back of the neck. My only concern is the gold hardware may wear a little faster than chrome. I also like the slight curve on the top of the body, as far as I know, only found on the singlecut SE models.
    Sweetwater has a great setup with the guitar gallery, you can really see what's available before buying.
    Compared with all the guitars in the SE line, this one is definitely one of the best deals available. Hope this helps.

  • from Boise, ID March 24, 2011

    PRS Akerfeldt SE

    Enjoy the wide neck, nice weight. Quick.
    Beautiful setup, nice attention to detail. The brass/gold look actually looks great with the tortoise color. If you look on You Tube, not a single video does justice to the great color and finish.

  • from Maryland February 9, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist, guitar lover.

    Absolutely Amazine

    I own several American made PRS guitars(Standard 24, Ce24 and Starla) and an SE One. I love them all but I was absolutely knocked out when I took the Akerfeldt out of the case. The ebony fretboard and jumbo frets are amazing. The photo does not give this guitar justice. One of the features that I did not like about the other SE's is the flat body. This one has a nice curve to it. I may be wrong but I think the pickups are real American HFS and not a cheap knockoff. They sound amazing. This is just my opinion but I think this guitar has the fit, finish and quality of an American PRS with a great price tag. Order one asap.

  • from New Mexico October 19, 2011Music Background:
    Student and music lover!

    OOps made in South Korea!

    My initial review said made in North Korea, Yaa! Actually these are made in South Korea, i goofed and said North! Sorry for any confusion! Don't want to make anyone mad at me!!! Esp and many others are made there too. Driving down the price a lot...It's a fun and i am noticing very light guitar also...

  • from New Mexico October 18, 2011Music Background:
    Student and music lover!

    A Great guitar!!!

    Bought this killer guitar because of the neck shape and those kickin bird inlays i always loved from PRS line and after it arrived i liked it even more. I was going to get Gibson V but i am really getting attached to this one. It has a great sound, up there with most of my guitars and better. It is great for Metal and ambient sounds, it has a Good bass response when you want to play deep tones, great for echo and delays! On a MT2 Metal Zone it slays! Gives that witching metal sound opeth is known for! Opeth has always impressed me on every album. No album can beat Damnation to me! Even the new one is above where Death Metal bands will go. The Opeth Logo is very faint, and although many would opt for it not to be there it has a nice look against the wine color it has. Or brownish color. It looks like red wine to me!I have bought two Korean made guitars, and let me say they are some real nice guitars, Made in North Korea they seem to really take pride in it . My dad and me were in Korea last year and they love guitars! If America is sending all our industry overseas this is the positive side!! A cheaper guitar made just as good. Some of them can really play too! I must say i will keep this guitar and enjoy it for years. It is a great guitar, a tribute to a band that is far beyond just one style. It is eye candy too, pretty and holds it's tune well. And a plus is you do not have to drop over a grand to get a killer tone! The Satin back is not bad and is there for sweating hands! It provides a better smoother feel. The oils from your palm will make it glossy after a while. or you can polish it back. great Metal guitar!

  • from Marathon, Florida December 21, 2013Music Background:
    Long time player from the garage band days


    This guitar is a joy to play, especially like the satin finish on the back of the neck. Hard to put down as soon as it came out of the box. In my opinion it ranks very high in conparrison to the USA manufacturred PRS guitars. I am very happy with this purchase.

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