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PRS SE Custom 24 - Tobacco Sunburst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 28 customer reviews
  • from Fort Lauderdale March 8, 2016Music Background:
    Professional musician / engineer / producer with 50+ years experience.

    The Koreans get it right...

    I drive a 10 year old Hyundai with 200,000 miles on it. It is the best, most maintenance free vehicle I have ever owned. I will never buy or drive anything else again. Hyundai's are made in Korea, as is the PRS SE Custom 24 which I now own one of. This guitar puts Epiphone Les Paul copies to shame. the worksmanship, playability, and finish are worth 3 times the price. Now...I have swapped out pickups several times and I am still looking for the 'perfect sound' (do we EVER actually find that?) But the guitar is a joy to play, and mine gets played weekly in my touring band. It doesn't have the "mojo" of my '76 Les Paul Custom, but it also doesn't weigh twice as much! Love this guitar!!

  • from Las Vegas, Nv. October 9, 2014Music Background:
    Home enthusiast

    Absolutely Amazing!!!

    Fast shipping! Out of the box, I tuned it and it played beautifully. It resonated so clearly and sustained naturally for a long time. I couldn't put it down for about an hour, and I hadn't even plugged it in yet. I love the way that Sweetwater set up and prepped the guitar before shipping it out. Can't wait until I can buy my next guitar from them.

  • from Sayreville, NJ USA August 18, 2014Music Background:
    Semi Pro Guitarist

    Wonderful guitar for its price

    This is really a great guitar for its price...I just love it the way it feels, plays and sounds....the tremolo is satisfactorily stable.... Just upgraded with Graphtec String Saver Saddles and upgraded the pups with a pair of DiMarzio Liquifire+Crunchlab... and it is punching the hell out with my Blackstar HT amp... those who are in a fix about buying a guitar within a budget of $1000... go for this without a hint of doubt and just replace the saddles and pickups..life will be cream....ˇ

  • from Portland , Maine March 9, 2014Music Background:
    Older and advanced jazz guitarist.

    PRS ES Custom 24

    A couple weeks before my birthday I received a call from Desi Serna, author of Guitar Theory For Dummies. He wanted my address. It seemed I had won a PRS guitar in a drawing to promote the release of his book, which I had purchased. Seriously? I never win anything.

    When the guitar arrived, I opened it to find a really solid, red, heavy canvas gig bag. Inside, sure enough, was a PRS Custom 24 SE Tobacco Burst. WOW! This guitar really looked special.

    Looking closely I saw that the SE was very well detailed, without a mark, and every detail well done. The frets were polished and smooth as glass. The finish was amazing.

    The letter with it from PRS suggested all adjustments be checked and gave the set up specs to go with. It all checked out.

    Ok, letís see what this guitar can do! I had just gotten a new Mogami Platinum cable. I use a Fender Custom Shop Vibrolux Reverb. A couple minor tweaks and it sounded pretty darn good.

    The guitar came with a set of 9s. They sounded good to me. The pickups give a nice crisp, clean sound. I noticed the pickups seemed a bit closer together than many other guitars. I like this because the bridge is a bit deeper sounding. The tone control knob offers a nice single coil sound when lifted. Nice! Not quite like the sound of my strat or tele, but clean and clear.

    I found nothing on this guitar that was overdone. Strings, settings, features, finish, even the tremolo bar is nicely finished and works smoothly without getting off tune. Amazing indeed!

    After a week I decided to go through several sets of strings and look for my sound. I like Jazz and blues. I attend USM at Gorham University and study jazz. So a somewhat deeper and darker sound seems in order for my taste.

    While changing strings I gave the finish a few coats of wax. Desi had signed the back covers and that was a really nice touch. I finally settled on a set of half round 10s. I did replace the 10 with an 11 later. I also lowered the pickups just a touch and the smooth sound of a nice jazz recording was coming out nicely. I play it through a Fender Princeton at school and, WOW, itís sweet.

    Taking it to class was a trip. The bag alone turns heads. Take it out and it is all ooos and ahhhs.

    I did look up this guitar and at the price it is hard to believe it sounds as good as it does. It is not the top of the PRS models. Nonetheless, it is one very nice guitar. Excellent detail, it plays very easily and looks wonderful. And it holds tune amazingly well. I find the neck quite nice. For 7-8 hundred dollars it amazes me that this plays so well. I would buy one tomorrow if I did not own this one! It plays well, crisp and clean from top to bottom.

    Kudos to PRS. A wonderful guitar for a price students and occasional players can afford that can really hold its own on any stage. I think I will keep this one! Thanks Desi!

  • from Chicago suburbs February 26, 2014Music Background:
    playing over 50 years

    I own this guitar

    It is a really sweet guitar for an import, love the pickups sound, the curves of the body of the guitar just a little nicer than my Strat, my only wish is it would have been nice if the sides of the top would have matched, but like I said it is an import.

  • from eht, nj December 23, 2013Music Background:

    prs se custom 24

    This is such a great value for the money, sounds great and looks great too!

  • from canada October 7, 2013Music Background:


    a high quality guitar that i loved from the first pick of a string!!! a variety of tones to use on any style of music! it stay in tune ,even i used the whammy-bar a lot!!! so to say,it has everything a good e-guitar needs and i promise ............you'll love it !!!!!!!!!!! and for the money ,you get more then you expect!!!

  • from San Jacinto, CA USA September 25, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician

    Amazing guitar PRS SE CUSTOM 24

    I spent a lot of time checking out guitars in this price range and nothing beats the PRS for the price. But more than that, PRS make such awesome guitars and they are all about the quality of the sound from the tone woods chosen to the custom pickups and bridge. There isn't really any better value for the money.
    And Sweetwater is my store of choice for ALL musical needs. They are always there with unbiased advice and the knowledge base is huge! I wouidn't get any gear from anywhere else!

  • from Jackson Michigan usa September 19, 2013Music Background:

    beautiful guitar

    Let me just say i was just a little worried ordering a guitar from the internet sight unseen. but boy am i glad i did. this is an awsome guitar.
    it feels so good in your hands and the sound is really really good. it came right out of the box ready to go just some minor tuning and it was ready to go. I also just want to say how great ian my sales rep has been.you just don't get that kind of treatment from most companys these days. But not these guys i think they really do care and it shows.I also bought some locking tuners for this guitar which i think will help with staying in tune better but other than that this guitar rocks.thanks ian for such great service. like i told you before you have a life long customer in me. So hey people if your thinking about buying this guitar all i can say is do it you won't regret it a bit. for the price it is awsome.and thanks paul reed smith for producing such a quality guitar
    someday i'll have one of your private stock guitars.

  • from MILLERSBURG, MI August 7, 2013Music Background:
    50+ years playing and collecting string instruments

    This is a fantastic Guitar.

    Let me start by saying after 50+ years of plaing I have managed to collect some great guitars, 63 Telecaster, 65 Jaguar, 71 Strat, another 73 Tele, a newer Les Paul, a Rick 12 string among others. This is the one that most pleased me right out of the box. The guitar is awesome . It is a piece of art, beautiful. The playability of the guitar is great. The variety of sounds along with simplicity of controls makes for an easy to play guitar. The tremolo works well and presents no tune maintenance problems. I agree with another reviewer that the bridge pick up is a little lacking when compared to the qualities of the rest of the guitar. Over all it is a great guitar and the price is a great value. Sweetwater's was quick and responsive with my order. I will continue to buy from them.

  • from December 19, 2012Music Background:
    Lead Singer/Guitar Player (50 years) Home Studio

    Awsome Guitar !

    I received this guitar a couple of months ago and I was immediately impressed. It was set up perfectly, and the finish was imaculate.
    I have very small hands and this guitar has one of the best necks I have played on ( I also own a 1989 Strat Plus and a Taylor T5).
    The pickups sound great and with the coil tap cover everything from Fender single coil to Gibson Les Paul Sounds.
    I found the strings were getting slightly higher so I adjusted the Truss Rod and everything is back to factory condition. PRS sends instructions with the guitar on how to adjust the truss rod. So far this is the only adjustment I have had to do to it.
    I haven't seen anything in this price range that can compete with this guitar. PRS is to be commended for making this quality of guitar available to the average guitar player.

  • from New York December 18, 2012Music Background:

    PRS SE Custom 24

    I already own several other PRS SE guitars and I was not disappointed with this one right out of the box. Eminently playable, perfectly intonated, with beautifully dressed frets. The paint job was immaculate. Hard to tell that the finish is a veneer. Tremolo set to slight float, which is nice. The PRS SE whammy holds up well with understated tremolo work, although it will slip out of tune with repeated dive bombing. The whammy socket grip is adjustable with a little allen wrench that comes with the guitar. Loosen when you first put the bar in and then tighten to suit your taste and whammy rest position.
    Pickups sound a little dark for my taste. The neck pickup especially seemed to be boosted in the low frequencies. I use a Marshall JCM 2000 head and usually set my tones at 12 o clock across the board. I had to boost the mid-range of these SE pickups substantially to get comparable clarity from them. (My other guitars use Seymour Duncan Jazz/JB pickups which are higher output. The bridge pickup on the SE has nice articulation and cuts through nicely. The coil taps work well, sounding like a regular single coil. If you are looking for that out-of-phase in-between position on a Strat, you are out of luck here. However the coil-tapped pickups on the SE Custom take distortion nicely.
    The guitar is a pleasure to play like all PRS guitars I have played. The workmanship is outstanding and the finish would put many higher priced guitars to shame. My guitar was quite heavy compared to my SingleCuts. I believe 8+ lbs. Individual guitars in this series vary. I believe Sweetwater lists the weight of individual guitars they carry. Nice touch.
    This is a beautiful instrument, well balanced and absolutely playable and tonally adaptable. It is an outstanding value compared to other instruments in its price range.

  • from Franklin, TN December 6, 2012

    Amazing guitar

    Best guitar out there in this price range. You can literally get any sound you want out of this guitar. This guitar can sound mean and dirty with gain to it but then it's so warm and crisp on clean. Almost feels like I'm playing a top of the line prs guitar.

  • from United States November 7, 2012Music Background:
    Budding guitarist, serious musician

    Best guitar for the money - period.

    I really cannot say anything bad about this guitar. The finish is gorgeous. The new carve is a great addition. It feels wonderful, and plays even better.
    One surprise for me was that it has a slight acoustic tone to it. Perhaps the strings they used. You actually get a little steel-string guitar sound.
    The purchasing through Sweetwater was also second-to-none. Being able to pick out the particular serial number from the pictures is amazing!

  • from Raleigh, NC USA September 18, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist Songwriter / Guitarist

    Worth The Wait!

    I have played the Maryland made PRS Custom 24 and always thought it was a fantastic guitar. As a hobbyist who loves to play and write but doesn't make a living playing guitar, I couldn't bring myself to spend thousands on one of the USA instruments. The 2012 PRS SE Custom 24 is less than 1/4 the cost of the USA made instrument, but once set-up has 100% of the playability.

    The finish on my guitar is flawless, and the flame veneer and the beveled top look outstanding. There are some little details, like the nut being just slightly narrower than the fingerboard and the pickup bezel near the fingerboard being just so slightly miss-aligned (details that you would likely never see on the Maryland made guitars), but overall the SE is well built, especially where it counts. The fret work on this guitar is perfect! The string height at the nut is perfect. The truss rod adjustment was perfect for the string gauge, and I only had to adjust the string height at the saddles (to accurately reflect the fingerboard radius) and set the intonation to get a set-up that feels excellent!

    The pickups sound great, with enough power to get those classic rock tones, but they have a very articulate sound - not muddy at all and the coil splitting with the push-pull tone pot gives this guitar reasonable Strat/Tele sounds as well. This is a versatile guitar! Also, the PRS trem bridge is the best in the business IMHO, and is buttery smooth. I will probably switch out the tuning machines for Schaller M6 2900 locking tuners as I have done on a couple of my other guitars, but the stock tuners are pretty smooth and exhibit good tuning stability for a standard tuning machine.

    Of course the Maryland made PRS Custom 24 has the beautiful carved top and is a finer instrument, but this 2012 SE Custom 24 has seriously closed the gap! If you buy one (Jared made my buying experience very pleasant) you won't want to put it down!

  • from New York August 30, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging musician and eternal student

    Outstanding. Just simply outstanding.

    Right out of the box, this guitar plays like a dream. The carved top makes my arm feel almost cushioned as I play. Once I changed the stock tuners for Grover locking tuners (HIGHLY recommended, even by PRS techs!), the tuning stability became completely rock solid.
    Appearance-wise, this guitar does not look like what I paid for it. It's simply GORGEOUS. Friends and bandmates have given nothing but compliments in that arena. The classic PRS bird inlays give an extra bit of class and style.
    In terms of sound...just fantastic. WAY beyond what you'd expect for a sub-$1k guitar.
    And, a big tip of the hat to Nick Schenkel, who went above and beyond to get this beast to me quick and easy!!

  • from Fallston, Maryland August 14, 2012Music Background:
    Experienced Musician

    Getting closer

    I have an older SE CU24 with flat top and although that is in itself, a great guitar, this one is superior in every way. The finish is richer and thicker looking, the veneer book-matching lines up perfectly, and the coil tapping makes it capable of some single coil, almost strat-like tones. the slight bevel to the top really adds to the look and feel of this guitar, making it look much more expensive, and making it much more comfortable to play when resting your forearm on it it while picking. I have a USA McCarty, and while there are obvious differences in the construction and hardware of that verses the SE models, the SE models are getting closer and closer to giving us all the great things we love about the US guitars, but at 1/3 to 1/4 the cost. There is no shame at all in gigging this guitar.

  • from Thompsonville, Il July 21, 2012Music Background:

    Unbelievable Value, Awesome Guitar!

    With the new beveled top, this guitar looks and feels like it's in the same class as the Maryland made guitars. And the addition of the coil tap make it a truly versatile instrument. With the pull of a knob you can go from LP style chunk, to Strat style tone and back again. Hard to believe these were supposed to be "student edition" guitars. Definitely worth waiting for. Plus you can't beat being able to select your guitar from the gallery and get the one you want and not one someone else picked out for you. Sweetwater makes buying so easy and secure that you know that you can trust them every step of the way. Ordered my guitar on Thursday and was delivered on Saturday, safe and secure and free shipping. Great company and incredible people to buy from!!

  • from New York October 13, 2014Music Background:

    Good for the price

    Overall the guitar is great, low action, good sound, stays in tune well during normal use. Good range of tones. I specifically like the weight and ease of access to the higher frets when comparing to a les paul which I usually play. For the price, this guitar is unbeatable, I only have one complaint. My volume pot was not functioning properly, it was difficult to turn, it almost seemed like the shaft was slightly bent because the knob would wobble a bit as it was turned. Knowing sweetwater I'm sure they would have covered the repair or replaced the guitar, but rather then go through all the mailing I decided to swap in a spare pot I had around. Since then its been perfect. I'm just not sure how this got past PRS and sweetwaters inspection.

  • from St Robert, MO March 19, 2014Music Background:
    Experienced Musician (20 years), gigging musician, and obsesive practicer/student of all things guitar,

    Best guitar I have ever owned!

    I am an experience musician of 20 years and I practice at least 3 hours every single day, and I have a steady gig two nights per week minimum. I prefer rock n roll, but like to dabble in hard rock and prog/rock as well, and like all rock guitar players I work diligently to master the blues. I had never played a PRS of any kind before I bought this guitar. I hadn't even played this guitar (bought it online). All I did was research, watch every video of all qualities, and read just about every forum, magazine, and guitar dealer online that I possibly could over a 3 month period. I was overwhelmingly blown away by the high ratings and customer review of this instrument that I thought I'd take a shot in the dark. My previous guitar grand/model was the Gibson Les Paul. I love the neck shape and the iconic tones and looks. But I needed something that had 24 frets (check), a good reliable tremolo (check), and that had coil tap/split capabilities (check) but was under $1100.00 tax, shipping, and all other possible expenses i.e.warranty and case/gig bag. Well I received my "Amber" a little over 4 days after order and she was superbly wrapped and packaged. Not only was she more beautiful in person than on camera but she was set-up PERFECTLY! Intonation, action, and neck bow were and still are exactly as she came. This guitar has what PRS calls and "wide-thin" neck (which is something I've never had before since all LPs are like a high of a Louisville slugger). But within a few hours my hand was playing faster, more accurately , and with less fatigue than I had been playing in years! Their string spacing is exactly what I've been looking for my whole guitar playing life. I cannot say enough positive things about this guitar and brand that I'm going to stop writing now. I'm a PRS SE man for life. P.S. I have another guitar on order right now. I believe in this guitar, company, and brand. You Won't find ANYTHING better out there Period!

  • from Denver, CO March 10, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    fantastic guitar at a great price

    The PRS SE guitars are really great instruments at an amazing price point. This my third SE, and it measures up to all my expectations. I am a working musician and also own American made PRS's, but I'm reluctant to play $3K guitars in bars and clubs, so the SE models are the perfect choice. The SE Custom 24 is a really great instrument. The pickups compare well to the American Custom 24, and in my opinion, are actually a bit warmer sounding. The Korean workmanship is very good, especially at that price. You really get a lot for your money. The guitar plays very well, and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is just two minor issues (one that is very easy to correct). First, the tremolo system doesn't consistently bring the guitar back in tune if you get aggressive with it, and the little set screw that holds the whammy bar in place tends to work its way out (in fact it fell out of the hole during shipping). The American tremolo bridges are better in this regard. Second, as with all of my SE guitars, the tuners are a problem and don't keep the guitar in tune. I replaced them with Grover Mini-Rotomatics (406C is the correct replacement for PRS) locking machine heads. Problem solved inexpensively, and Sweetwater sells the Grovers. Overall, I really like the SE Custom 24 and would highly recommend it, and you can't beat the quality at that price.

  • from Kansas September 13, 2013Music Background:

    As promised

    I owned an PRS SE Soapbar several years ago and it was OK. So I did a little soul searching when I pulled the trigger on this one. I was blown away, the pickups are awesome, the guitar finish is awesome and the setup by Sweetwater was great. Although I did lower the string action somewhat when I got my mitts on it. The extra details that they have added to the SE line in the past few years really puts them above the rest. I am super pleased. My favorite guitar in my colection is my American Standard Strat. Because of that, I really like the coil tap feature. I can easily switch from that clear strat tone to monster chunk in a flash. The gig bag is also really great and a step above any factory supplied bags that I have used in the past. Kudos to my Sweetwater rep Nick for sending me another awesome axe!

  • from Santa Cruz, CA USA October 16, 2012Music Background:
    Was a Pro Musician, and I build Custom Guitars

    My First Impressions

    I'm very happy with the Custom 24 SE. I've seen a lot of comments about the Santana SE and the Custom 24 SE. I can answer this because I have both. This guitar is equal in the sound quality, plus you get an additional split pick-up sound that the Santana does not have. I believe this articulates the PRS Custom 24 SE to another level. The thinner neck is a personal choice. I certainly don't see it as a negative. It does not effect the tonality of this guitar. I really like the pick-up switch on this guitar. It makes sense for the way I play. The pick-ups are surprisingly good! You won't be unhappy. The trem is really great. Far better than any I have had on other guitars. It actually stays in tune no matter what!!! If you are looking for the ultimate first guitar or a great back-up, this is it!

  • from Coeur d' Alene, ID October 9, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Loving this guitar!

    My experience buying this guitar from Sweetwater was fantastic, their customer service is top notch. If you're thinking about buying this guitar just go ahead and do it because its some of the best money you will ever spend on an instrument. I literally cannot put this guitar down, it just plays and sounds so damn nice.
    The only reason this guitar is not getting a 5 star rating from me is one little issue that is commonly known with this model, and that is the nut. I had read on numerous online forums that the nut would probably have to be replaced, but i was a little shocked at just how bad it was. I have never seen string binding like i got with the factory PRS nut, not even on the cheapest of guitars. Before I replaced the nut I couldnt get this thing to stay in tune for more than 5 minutes, and forget about even touching the trem bar. Maybe I just got a really bad one, but read around and youll see this is a common issue. I really dont understand how such a great guitar leaves the factory with such a poorly cut nut, or why PRS hasnt yet resolved this issue on the SE models. However, I bought a pre cut TUSQ XL nut thats a perfect drop in replacement, and this thing now stays in tune for days. So since it was such a cheap and easy fix im not to upset about it. So like I said before, If youre thinking of buying this guitar go ahead and pull the trigger, just make sure you order a new nut right along with it.

  • from Montana December 28, 2012Music Background:

    Se 24 custom

    My experience with Sweetwater was excellent. The guitar was double boxed. They called to check on the order. The guitar was set up perfectly. The guitar itself was flawless, not a scratch. I love the neck and the tone is very good. I highly recommend this guitar

  • from Syracuse, New York April 16, 2014Music Background:
    Longtime guitar enthusiast

    Happy, but...

    Overall, I think this is an excellent guitar, but it has a few shortcomings. First and foremost is the tuning issues I have incurred. The nut should have been dressed better before it left the factory. The wound strings would bind and come out of tune with the slightest use of tremolo bar. After some delicate filing and lube application, it held tune better but was still not great. I also installed Grover 406 locking tuners as an upgrade and as a solution to this problem. These were drop in replacements and were super easy to install.
    The neck needed truss rod adjustment and the intonation needed a little massage.
    It plays great and has awesome tone, even with the stock pups. My biggest beef is why a company like PRS couldn't go a little further with quality parts. I know it's made in japan to hold down labor costs but jeepers do your company image a favor and upgrade a few little things and make this a great instrument! Don't be afraid to buy this guitar. Just be ready to throw some more money at it to improve its playabilty.

  • from Ypsilanti, Michigan February 16, 2014Music Background:
    professional [semi-retired]

    PRS SE Custom 24 - Tobacco Sunburst

    I must start off by saying I am not what I consider to be a guitarist. By trade, I am known as a singer/songwriter/performer. All the years I played in bands with great guitarists I was simply not that interested by all the technical issues that they would have from time to time. I would tune out whenever they would complain that their "action", or "intonation" wasn't right or whatever. But the older I get I guess the wiser I become and interests and appreciation have a way of changing over time. I learned how to play the guitar by watching my guitarists play and have used guitars to write songs on - and I'm still not a lead player by any stretch of the imagination!. But I do have excellent pitch and refuse to own any instrument that cannot stay in tune. Recently I have become schooled on the more technical issues that can make an instrument be out of tune, the action be set to high, and the intonation not correct. But it only came about that I acquired that educational knowledge as a result of purchasing this guitar on line. By my standards the guitar was not set up correctly at all. The tremolo bridge is extremely finicky! The intonation was not set correctly. The action was way too high. I had no idea what I was doing when I started turning screws and fidgeting with the knobs and whatchamacallits. Boy did I make a mess of this thing. I was sooo ready to box it up and send it back. I was disheartened because I so wanted to LOVE this guitar. I even told my friend that it was the last guitar I was going to buy. I had done all my research and read all the reviews and when it came in the condition it was in, I was really bummed. I started going on You Tube and watching everything I could find about how to set up a PRS guitar. I must say that it was only because I am a very persistent person who when faced with a challenge that I seriously want to overcome, I will become extremely focused on winning the game. I am pretty good with my hands and using tools and things so that was also in my corner when tackling this project. If you're not good with tools or are not anal retentive like me then I would definitely recommend taking this guitar to a professional guitar tech who will set it up to your specifications and liking. Today after messing around with this thing for three days, I finally got it right. The action is so nice you only have to lay your fingers across the strings to fret it and with no fret buzz. The intonation is perfect. I finally got the tremolo bridge set so when you lightly hit the whammy bar it goes right back into perfect tune. I now LOVE this guitar as I hoped I was going to. Because the guitar now plays up to it's potential I would not be lying to say that in it's price range you would have a very hard time finding many other instruments that play this nice and have this tonality. The guitar in spite of being manufactured in Korea is made of very good quality parts and woods. I am only rating it a 3.5 because of the hard time i had getting it up to speed. I own two other electric six strings. A Reverend Rocco Jr. Custom [single humbucker] one of a kind, and an Epiphone Les Paul 1960's tribute plus. The Epiphone is an outstanding guitar made in China. I would match this up to any American Standard or Custom Les Paul I've played over the years. But now, my first choice and go to axe is my PRS SE Custom 24... she said proudly! :-) xoxox Matt McKible U da Man!

  • from Memphis May 23, 2013Music Background:
    Former Pro, Semi now.

    Likin' the Looks.

    This was the first new guitar I have purchased in a number of years and I was excited anticipating it's arrival. The purchase process could not have been better with speedy handling, personal contact (Geoff called in a matter of hours), prompt delivery, even candy in the box. I have had the guitar for a couple of months now as I wanted to give a review based on more than a cursory examination and brief playing. Aesthetically, I love the looks and playability. It did need some setup (Truss rod for proper relief & intonation after that) and now plays wonderfully. Control setup is simple but versatile with 3-way and coil-split tone.
    The pickups IMO are basically one-trick ponies with the bridge SE HFS being just what it says--loud, brash, and lacking in character. The neck pickup is sort of mushy & doesn't nail either a Les Paul jazzy rhythm or singing "woman" tone. Lackluster on both counts unless you just like loud. I expected more, even from a PRS import.
    I'll definitely buy from these guys again, but maybe more research or a hands-on demo at a local store before. Oh well, time to go pickup shopping--I'll see what Mr. Dimarzio has goin' on.

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