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PRS SE Bernie Marsden - Vintage Sunburst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 33 customer reviews
  • from Ft Worth Tx. June 13, 2017

    Bernie prs

    This guitar really inspires me to play. Have owned several hundred guitars in my lifetime and once in a while you come along a guitar that blows you away.I can't get over the sustain this thing has. Plug it straight in really incredible I can't keep my hands off it. Darrell

  • from Georgia October 1, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-pro hobbiest, rock/blues

    A REAL THREAT for high-end guitars!

    This guitar is amazing! The fit, finish and feel rivals most any of my axes that cost 3-4 times as much! I did a lot of homework on this model and where it is made (World Musical Instruments - Korea) because I typically buy American-made, so I knew what I was getting. The truth is, Bernie worked so closely with PRS on this model, he essentially re-created his prized '59 Les Paul that is coveted by the likes of Clapton and others. Only thing is that the quality of finish (not just paint/coating) is probably cleaner than my old LP Standard. I haven't really tested the pickups thoroughly, but so far they have surprised me (I play through hand-wired Marshall 2061x and Fender Deville). If I sanded off the "SE" on the headstock and handed this guitar to you, you would swear it was a $3000 guitar. I personally like having only one tone knob because I can do more with volume pots than I ever could with two tone knobs. While I haven't found a reason to 'upgrade' the pickups yet, the only suggestion I would have for this guitar would be a coil-splitting option in the tone knob for players who like more variety. But for me, I'll just stick with rolling the volume. Do yourself a favor and get one of these Bernie Marsden models before PRS makes a U.S. version and charges four times as much for the exact same thing (not that that's necessarily a bad thing for PRS).

  • from Cleveland Ohio September 14, 2015Music Background:
    20+years of guitar obsession

    PRS Bernie Marsden SE is my new favorite axe !

    A real beauty and truly a joy to play! I've had the guitar for a month and it feels like I've played it for years! There's a ton of tones in the pickups and the wide-fat neck is smooth as silk! The finish,binding, and fretwork are all flawless! Easily worth twice the price! Thanks to Bernie,Paul,Anthony L. and everyone at Sweetwater for a job well done !

  • from Georgia September 8, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-pro hobbiest

    Remarkable Guitar

    I own several high end guitars from Fender, Gibson, PRS, Taylor and Martin and then I branched out and bought my first SE model from PRS. After spending hours reading reviews and watching every YouTube video possible, I settled on the Bernie Marsden model. I even researched World Musical Instruments in Korea that manufactures more entry level instruments for PRS, Chapman etc. including the SE models. Got it home and hooked it up to my Marshall 2061x with no effects...holy smokes!!!! It has tone and punch for days! Minor adjustments of volume & tone knobs gives endless options. I hate to say it, but it rivals a Custom 24 that I used to have that cost $3000! I highly recommend this guitar.

  • from Philadelphia April 30, 2015Music Background:
    Music is my life!

    Sweet Tone Machine

    Believe all the hype about this guitar! This outperforms many US Gibsons at a fraction of the cost...the finish, feel and sound are as always top quality. Expect no less from PRS.

  • from April 3, 2015

    Exactly what I expected

    No surprises here. This being my second SE model I kind of new what I was getting into. I expected flawless and got flawless. Plays, sounds and looks fantastic. Best bang for the buck in the industry. I just laugh because import PSR models are blowing the doors off of US LP's. It's obvious in the craftsmanship that Paul Smith and team really took the time to teach the Koreans the correct way to build guitars. I'm tired of being disappointed by the other guy. It's PRS from here on out. Perhaps a SE Floyd next.

  • from Edinboro Pa March 21, 2015Music Background:
    Rock Blues and Classical

    PRS SE Bernie Marsen

    I've been playing for along time and have owned alot of guitars. Mainly Gibson and some fenders. The craftsmanship in this guitar is as good as it gets! Incredible action, flawless finish and I really mean flawless!! The attention to how perfect the tuners and pickups and bridge are installed, nothing crooked like other manufacturers!! Its not about the price it's about perfection!

  • from California March 20, 2015


    Great guitar. Sounds great! I can tell this is going to take my playing to the next level and beyond. I can't believe how nice chords sound and how comfortable this guitar feels. Great job PRS!

    Sweetwater had this wrapped perfect and was ready to play right out of the case. Great job delivering this FedEx.

  • from Carlisle, Pa. February 13, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-pro retired, now hobbyist

    Perfect Tribute To Bernie

    5.o(WOW! Blown Away) is not a high enough rating for this guitar. It is PERFECT in every way. Looks, tone, playability, attention to detail. OMG! This guitar is PERFECT. This is my 73rd guitar in the 40 years I've been playing. Yes, I've kept track of the guitars I've owned. I've only owned about 4 or 5 that has been better then this Bernie Marsden model and those were Gibson custom shop models. I had a PRS McCarty model but the Bernie Marsden is just as good. The Bernie Marsden is worth double what I paid for it. I did get a SKB hard shell case with it because a guitar this nice deserves to be kept in something better than a gig bag.

  • from Valencia Ca September 5, 2014Music Background:
    30 year player

    Prs Bernie Marsden

    Just received my guitar today, having already owned 2 prs 1 se model and 4 gibson Les Paul'S. What a great player seriously blows the doors off all the gibson standards I have own and relinquished. I know there are some gibson loyalists out there I myself was a Gibby snob,but it was so hit and miss. The build quality is fantastic, and I don't have to spend 5 grand. It's all subjective, after reading all the reviews and never even played it before I purchased,which I swore I would never do again. Out of the box(super), and I was thinking of a collectors choice to get a great playing gibson. Bottom line I am super happy, one would think Gibson would learn from Prs quality control.

  • from Pinckney, MI August 25, 2014Music Background:
    Folk Rock, Blues, Country Rock, Country and so on.

    PRS Berie Mardens SE

    Needing a guitar with Humbuckers on it I starting shopping around the Epiphone( Yes I like those guitars) and a few others. then I went into a local PRS Dealer and saw the Bernie Marsden SE model and tried it out. Damn! I was blown away by how nice it played how balanced it was and how versatile the tone was. I played Jazz and it was great. Blues , it rocked! Hard Rock, It smoked. and the Country was fine too. I compared it to some Epis that I liked but the pups were alot more articulate and the pots were smoother and the overall build quality was stellar. The tuners are great and smooth. no issues there.The binding is neat and clean
    It was not much of a decision to make. The guitars poke for themselves. And I think Epiphone better start offering more consistent guitars and using better quality components. Literally my only complaint is the nut.
    Plastic? But that is easy enough to correct. Forget about "bang for the buck"... For any price this guitar is rock solid and beautiful. Fretwork is spot on and the fretboard is sweet and the finish is flawless. Kudos to PRS for taking time to really care about what they sell at any price point.
    I was going to buy my guitar through Sweetwater but due to a minor snafu I couldn't. But if you have never dealt with the crew @ Sweetwater you should. They are awesome and not like the other giant superstores. These folk know their stuff and they are always willing to help and their service is first rate.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN August 1, 2014Music Background:
    Classical guitarist / Hobbyist


    I am a lifelong classical player who has "noodled" with electric but it always felt terribly uncomfortable and sounded terrible. That is until Sweetwater staff introduced me to the Bernie Marsden. The wide neck is very comfortable for us finger style players to learn on adn teh sound is AMAZING. Powerful, spot on intonation. I couldn't be happier with this guitar or my trusted friends at Sweetwater. Thank you!

  • from belfast NY USA June 11, 2014Music Background:
    semi pro

    Great guitar

    I got this guitar yesterday and right out of the box it was set up perfect. After travling on 5 diff fed x trucks it was still in tune. The finish on this is just amazing. The fat neck is great it plays better than most 3000 dollar guitars. I was all ways a Gibson man and have owned a few Gibson lp's but this guitar plays and sounds better than any of them that I have owned. Its deff worth every penny cant believe that it only sells for 659 bucks after seeing it and playing it you would swear it was a 3000 dollar guitar. For me the pickups are perfect but prob not so great for metal players would prob change the bridge pu for a hotter one. I just cant say enough great things about this axe. the tulip tuners are awesome and really brings the look out on this axe. It was a little darker in color than the pics show but awesome never the less. Paul Reed Smith and Bernie Marsden you guys really knocked one out of the park with this guitar. And a huge thanks to you guys at Sweetwater for your awesome service and the fast shipping awesome as all ways.

  • from Micgigan May 4, 2014Music Background:

    Why Didn't I Try One Sooner? Best Guitar I've Played In Years!

    I've been on the hunt for the elusive "the one" guitar that suits me perfectly. In the past three years, I've been through at least ten guitars (mostly in the mid-range price of $700 ~ $1200). That has included US built Gibson & Fenders. By total accident, I picked one of these up and was instantly blown away.

    A few things the separate this from guitars in the $700 ~ $1200 price range: Setup out of the box was 100% flawless. I've NEVER owned a guitar that was shipped with a luthier quality setup. Fit & finish was absolutely SUPERB (far exceeding any USA Fender or Gibson). There's not a single slightest flaw on the guitar, plus the craftsmanship and wood sections are among the best I've seen on ANY guitar, let alone at this price point. Playability is the most important factor in ANY guitar purchase, and this Marsden has it in spades. I found myself fighting every USA Les Paul I've ever owned, and this beauty nearly plays itself. Neck is pure butter, with just the right amount of "fatness" in the profile. Fretwork is superb as well, with super smooth frets that are perfectly leveled. The nut could use a quick lube, but this is as close to perfection as ANY guitar I've ever played or owned. How they sell these for under $700 boggles my mind. It's worth every penny of $999 or more.

    I consider it a small miracle that I've finally found the perfect guitar, and I'm shocked that it's a Korean made PRS. I overlooked these guitars for a long time. Question is, why didn't I try one sooner?

  • from somersworth NH April 21, 2014Music Background:
    old rocker

    Bernie marsden review

    I love this guitar. I have had a Les Paul and a top of the line Fender tele and this is as good as these guitars for way less than i paid for the others. The finish is great, the frets nicely finished. It was almost in tune when it arrived. The attention to detail by PRS is just great, from the vintage tuners to the carved horn and body. It has a thick round neck which is confortable after playing it for awhile. A big change from the Tele neck. It pays nice and the pick ups are powerful and sustain nicely thru my F 30 mesa. This is a good blues or rock guitar, not for the shreders out there. It might not be good for the player who hooks his thumb over the edge because for the neck shape.
    I am very pleased with this guitar, it's quality and looks are all top notch. The set up was great as I have come to expect from seetwater, they do a great job making sure your guitar is ready to play. My friend ordered a Les Paul from Guitar center and when he picked it up the logo was half missing, the second guitar was a mess also and the third one he took back as it was way off in the intonation, Sweetwater can be trusted to make sure you are getting a guitar ready to go no matter what the price. The only place tp purchase!

  • from IA January 1, 2014Music Background:

    Why didn't I buy one sooner

    I've owned just about every brand of electric guitar on the market over the years but for some reason steered away from ever purchasing a PRS. I finally decided I would take the plunge making the SE Bernie Marsden my first. I've owned this guitar for about a month now and I cannot put it down. It's hands down the best guitar that I bought for the money. The fit and finish is superb on this guitar for being an import. I don't have large hands, but find the wide fat neck fits like a glove.

    As far as sound, I've never been a big fan of the neck pickup sound on the bulk of my LP style guitars I've owned as I have found them to be overly muddy. Since getting this guitar, I find that I've been gravitating more and more to the neck p/u with great note clarity even on higher distortion full chords. I wasn't sure what to expect with a single tone knob, but I've found a sweetspot that works great on both pickups individually and combined. The stock pots are pretty good and allow for a great tone mixture.

    For a sub $1000 import, I would rate this guitar a 10. I can't think of any reason why this guitar wouldn't give the true USA LP's a run for the money.

  • from Raleigh, North Carolina December 27, 2013

    Better than the rest

    This guitar has great sustain. Although it could be heavier, it has a good weight. The way the treble and rhythm effect the way the guitar sounds is amazing. The difference between the two is very easy to hear. It is great for playing music by Joe Walsh and artists similar to him.

  • from Pendleton, OR September 13, 2013Music Background:

    Love my PRS !

    the PRS Bernie Marsden is simply amazing.....it beats all others in it's price range by miles and miles. It looks and sounds like a guitar of much higher cost. I love it.

  • from prairieville LA June 12, 2013Music Background:
    pro musician

    Best Les Paul made!

    The PRS SE Bernie Marsden is a excellent guitar, and is the best nod to a Les Paul made today in my opinion. I love Les Pauls, I think they're fab, that said, PRS has made in my view the best improved Les Paul guitar available today. The pickups are excellent, build quality, neck, and body are super. But here is where the Bernie Marsden and a Les Paul differ: the Bernie Marsden has more to offer tonally and is more versatile in my view. The Les Paul borders on being a one trick pony at times, but the Marsden is so more elusive, and mercurial in its range of voices, its amazing live and in the studio. You can hear the tone, and its no wonder when Marsden speaks favorably of his namesake and its design being based on "THE BEAST" its captured in this instrument. Definitely check this axe out folks, its a keeper. I love this axe so much, I bought two of them!

  • from Boston, MA USA May 24, 2013Music Background:
    Semi Professional Musician/ Basement Legend!

    Simply Awsome

    I am privileged to own several PRS guitars one of which is a Pre Lawsuit Singlecut. The Bernie Marden plays as well as my singlecut at a fraction of the cost!

    I had the good folks at Sweetwater set this guitar up in C# tuning, My sales person, Josh Dillion, made sure it was taken care of!

    The Marsden is built like a tank, has a nice thick neck, and stay in tune quite well!

    Worth every penny!

    Thank You Sweetwater!

  • from United States May 18, 2013Music Background:

    This is one amazing guitar!

    This guitar is amazing. The quality is just PERFECT! The tones from this guitar are right on as well. You will not be disappointed in this purchase. I hardly ever write a review on a product, but I just had to for this guitar. I have played other models and PRS went above and beyond with this one!!!

  • from Low Country Blues, SC April 8, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Hobbyist & Guitar Collector

    Thanks Joe! BM PRS SE 53/10 pickups!

    Thank you Joe for the Bernie Marsden PRS recommendation. This is by far one of the finest playing and sounding guitars I have played.
    Unfortunately Sweetwater did not offer the Bernie Marsden PRS SE with the 53/10 coil tap pickups. I am very pleased with this guitar. The 245 pickups are very good too. I would recommend this guitar to anyone. I have & had LP's Strats, Telle's, ESP's and Jackson's. Out of the box this is one of the finest guitars. "About the price$". This guitar rivals any MIA that may cost $$$$. Thanks again Joe and Sweetwater for the advise on the BM PRS SE. PS! Don't just read this review. Preview the guitar for yourself.
    It will be a pleasant suprise. Call Joe @ Sweetwater. You guys are the best.

  • from Denver, CO February 28, 2013Music Background:
    Music lover, aspiring guitarist

    Great guitar for the money!

    I purchased this PRS SE after months of trying out many PRN guitars, strats, teles, Les Pauls (Epi and Gibson), and a few Ibanez and Schecters. The Bernie Marsden is just plain fun to play. Versatile sound, great action - I am very happy.
    My experience with Sweetwater was nothing short of brilliant. The guitar was ready to go out of the case. I received email and phone communication from Sweetwater while my order was being processed which was a nice personal touch. Very satisfied with the service and product - I would recommend Sweetwater in the future without hesitation.

  • from Raymond, NH November 16, 2012Music Background:

    Outstanding Guitar!!

    Unable to try one in a local store I took a chance and ordered this guitar sight unseen. I am VERY glad I did. True to my research the SE line is not only well built but a wonderful value. The fit and finish are outstanding, the playability is wonderful, and it is a beatiful combination of sleek modern PRS with a nod to the vintage guitars of years gone by...Just a great guitar. You won't be dissapointed.

  • from Alexandria, VA USA May 19, 2012Music Background:

    PRS SE Bernie Marsden

    This axe is dynamite! It is beautifuly finished, has a great neck and the pickups have that tone you expect from a PRS. The fretwork is really good and it plays easily. The intonation is spot on all the way up the fingerboard and the tuners are first class. Way to go PRS! And another good deal from Sweetwater!

  • from New York, USA March 20, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist & Musician for 50 years

    This is a great value and with no sacrifice at all.

    This is a wonderful guitar in every way. I wanted to have a second Les Paul guitar that I can travel with and not worry about. Well this one has been an adventure. I had read a review in a well known British Guitar Magazine and it ran a comparison of two les pauls and a new PRS Bernie Marsden.
    I read it because I am fascinated by the older Les Paul's and one LP was the 1959 Les Paul Standard known as the "Beast" owned these many years by Bernie Marsden an incredible guitarist with Whitesnake for many years. As a result of the article that raved about the PRS Bernie I decided to look further in to it. Doing so I was more and more impressed. What really sold me was the YouTube video where Bernie introduces the new signature guitar and explains different reasons different things were done.
    As he explains you can feel and see the Pride he has in his new guitar and of course you can instantly recognize the sincerity and involvement that he has obviously put into the development of the PRS Bernie.
    So the long and short of it is I bought the PRS and it has proven to be everything I hoped it would be.It plays wonderfully and sounds as good if not better than most Les Paul's. Sorry it's a fact and an incredible bargain for the money.
    So this is my first experience in the world of PRS guitars but it won't be my last. I would like to thank the Guitar Magazine for the article that led to my purchase and of course Bernie Marsden for his dedication in turning out an instrument that I am thrilled to play and own. I am really surprised by the quality of the build and the looks. And I am totally blown away by the sound.
    Thank you Bernie!

  • from United States March 12, 2012Music Background:
    40 year musician

    A Great Guitar!

    I received this guitar 2 weeks ago with high expectations. There are a lot of reviews online with most of them very positive. When I opened the case my jaw dropped. The finish was perfect. The frets were smooth. The intonation was spot on. All I had to do was to change the strings to Dadario 10's( it comes with Dadario 9's) and lowered the action to my liking. (No string buzz) The sound is great, especially the neck pickup. The middle position is out of phase and gives you a Telecaster like sound. The bridge pickup has more output but in my opinion not as musical as the neck PU. Overall you cannot go wrong with this guitar. For me anyway it is on par with guitars costing 2x as much. If the top was not a veneer, I would say 3x as much. God bless.

  • from Vancouver February 17, 2017

    PRS Bernie Marsden

    I really like this guitar, it does need a few upgraded components to compete with my Les Paul traditional. I have found that the 'Alpha' brand pots become scratchy when adjusting the volume. The tuners function well but do feel a bit cheap. The nut I replaced immediately even before I took it home as the factory one isn't great and I wanted to run a bigger string set. The tone is amazing, playability is fantastic. The neck, frets and overall fit and finish is superb. I will be using this guitar as a test bed for pickups, pots, and possibly adding a split coil control in the mix as this guitar is cheap enough but also its such a great guitar that I feel I am getting a quality instrument that will be an excellent base to judge components before using them on my US made guitars. Thanks for the read.

  • from Coldwater, MI March 5, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician, hobbyist.

    Best Les Paul under $1,000

    Let me preface this by saying Iím primarily a bass player, and only play a little rhythm guitar in church (modern worship stuff like Tomlin, Hillsong, Jesus Culture). I have only owned a handful of guitars over the past 20 years, most of them mid-level, and one good Guild electric. When I was in the market for a Les Paul but didnít want to drop $1,800 that I didnít have, this guitar came highly recommended. And let me tell you, I am NOT disappointed. Itís a great guitar! And for the price, especially with a Presidentís Day discount, youíd be crazy not to try one out. I tried out about 20 guitars of several brands at a local retailer, but nothing comes close to the quality, attention to detail, and sound of this guitar in its price range. Especially if youíre looking for a Les Paul sound. Way better than some of the studio Les Pauls Iíve played, and Les Paul Jrís, Specials, etc, cannot even come close to this guitar.

    First, itís drop dead gorgeous. I smile every time I pull it out of the gig bag because itís so darn good looking. It just makes me want to play it all the more. The fit, finish, and binding are impeccable. I canít find a flaw anywhere on the thing. At first I was a bit put off by the ďwide-fat neckĒ description. I have larger hands and have had difficulty playing some guitars where the strings arenít spaced out far enough or the neck is too thin. But this neck feels fantastic.

    The sound is also phenomenal. After watching videos on youtube, I expected it to sound very much like a Les Paul, and it sure does (from what little experience I have, only owning a Les Paul Special years ago). It took me a bit of fiddling with the pickup height to get it dialed in perfectly for my tastes, but Iíve got it now, and it sounds so darn good it makes me want to play better than I can (which isnít that good to begin with). Intonation is spot on up and down the neck. Throw a capo on the third fret and it still sounds great (which was a problem for me with some other guitars. When you tried to use a capo, it made the guitar sound too ďchimeyĒ for lack of a better word). Granted, I found the output to be a little low, which was surprising. Theyíre not particularly ĎhotĒ humbuckers. If you raise the pickups too much to compensate, though, it starts to sound thin. I wound up using a boost pedal to give it a little more oomph and low end (something I always had on anyway with my last guitar), and it made all the difference. Iíve got the sound dialed in perfectly now. Absolutely amazing crunch for rhythm chords, and solo notes/octaves just sing with awesome clarity and sustain.

    My only complaint was that the setup was not quite right out of the box, which I find surprising with Sweetwaterís ď55-point inspection.Ē I had to tweak some of the pole pieces on the bridge pickup to dial out an obnoxiously loud B string. But now that Iíve got it set up and playing perfectly, I donít think Iíll ever need to look for another guitar again. It sounds just like a vintage Les Paul to me, looks great, and is incredibly comfortable to play. All in all, a great guitar that just screams ďplay me!Ē And the customer service from Sweetwater is the best I have EVER seen in my many years of buying instruments and equipment online. Hands down. There just is no comparison. Thanks, Ed!

  • from Savannah, Georgia November 30, 2012Music Background:
    40 yrs of experience, weekend warrior gigging musician

    PRS Bernie Marsden

    I bought this guitar after initially planning on getting a Les Paul Studio. After reading some of the glowing reviews and having always wanted a PRS I decided to pull the trigger on the Bernie Marsden. The guitar came completely checked out by Sweetwater and in excellent condition. Right out of the box the guitar played very well. The action was comfortable but not too high. It comes with 009 strings which I changed to 010's. Sound wise, the neck pickup is great, nice and full. I thought the bridge pickup sounded a little thin but after raising it up a bit it sounds better. The one major weak point pointed out by many already is the nut. It was cut really deep and only wide enough for the 009s it came with. Adding 010s requires some filing. The day after I received the guitar I tried it out for 1 set at a gig and while playing some open chords near the top of the neck I actually thought I might have cut my hand on a sharp edge of the nut! Turns out it was just a poke but the nut is really bad. I replaced it with a bone nut and its whole new guitar. Tuning stability seems pretty good so far. Thatís another item I may replace down the road but so far they are holding pretty good. I've now had it for about two months now and have played at 3 or 4 shows with it. Over all it's a great guitar needing a few minor tweaks. For the money it's hard to beat. If it had a decent nut, at least Tusq or similar quality, I would have given it a 5.

  • from Chester Illinois June 15, 2015Music Background:
    25 yr. guitar player

    Bernie Marsden

    Excellent guitar for the money. Solid craftsmanship, great pickups. Tuners hold pitch and overall a well rounded guitar for everything from Blues, to Hard Rock to Country. Buy with confidence.
    As always My guy Justin D. at Sweetwater is a absolute pleasure to deal with and has me as a customer for life!

  • from Edmonton Ky August 5, 2012Music Background:
    working musician


    Great guitar for the money compares very well against my 04 lp standard the pickups were a bit week for my taste so i dumped in some duncans and viola im in blues rock heaven thanx to sweetwater and prs keep em coming

  • from Massachusetts February 12, 2015Music Background:

    Worthwhile Investment

    I got this guitar a little more than two years ago after selling my Gibson LP for financial reasons. It's not a $2,700.00 Gibson, but with some tlc, it can be a pretty good substitute. The build quality itself is excellent. However, I had to upgrade the pickups, nut and tuners in order to get it to sound the way I wanted it to sound and stay in tune for any length of time. That said, it can absolutely rock your world when paired with the right amp. I've used it through a friend's Marshall AFD100 and it held its own next to his Gibson R9 and G0. At the very least though, PRS should look into making these guitars with a Tusq nut installed from the factory. They don't cost much more than a plastic nut but they make a huge difference. Thanks to my sales representative Luke Herian, purchasing this guitar - the exact serial # I wanted - without the luxury of a credit card, was a breeze.

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