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Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones - Clear Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones - Clear?

Questions about the Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones - Clear?

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  • from Orlando FL October 21, 2015Music Background:

    Nice sound

    I am a guitarist in a band. I use this product as a part of my in-ears system. Very good sound. Great range. A little pricey but sometimes you get what you pay for... and that is the case with this product. Thumbs up!

  • from Stoneville, NC September 8, 2015Music Background:
    Keyboards, Praise Band

    Sound Great

    This IEM is my first experience with in ear monitors, that being said I was a little skeptical of some of the cheaper models so I went with the Shure SE535-CL and I am well pleased with them. Haven't put them to a live mix test yet using a Behringer P16, but listening to a CD thru my computer they sound great. The response from the triple driver is great, you have an equal amount of lows, mids and highs before any equalization at all. For me, who has been using a wedge for many, many years and in the process of making the transition over to IEM's, I think it was worth the extra money to get a quality sounding IEM. Highly Recommend...

  • from florida June 4, 2015Music Background:
    Pro level in the 80's, today just for pleasure

    better than expected

    I inadvertently damaged my shure SE215 earbuds. So while they were off being repaired by shure under warranty, I opted to go up a level and see just how much better these would be over the SE215's. Suffice it to say, they have a lot more bottom end, depth and tonal quality. I am very very happy that I opted to upgrade.

  • from sun city, AZ May 25, 2013Music Background:
    DJ and Producer

    Worth the money

    They sound great and they come with the attenuator. I also like the sound Isolation with the black foam earbuds. It takes time to get used to mixing with them if you are using regular heaphones but it only took about 2 hours of mixing to get used to it.. The bass response is also great.

  • from April 29, 2013

    Great, fast Tech Service

    The other reviews cover the amazing sound of these in-ears.

    I just wanted to add my experience with their service department after one of the buds housing broke. When I say "broke," I mean the headphones slid off a table and I accidentally stepped on one. As soon as I felt the crunch and realized what had happened, I knew that I just made a very expensive mistake that most certainly would not be covered under the warranty.

    But not so. I called Shure, and they simply instructed me to send the headphones in for a full repair. I was lucky enough to have this happen while the headphones were still under warranty, and despite my honest description of how the headphones broke, they still repaired them absolutely free of charge. Moreover, the turnaround time was unbelievably fast, and the headphones were back in less than two weeks.

    So, not only was I unbelievably thankful that they fixed my headphones for free after such blatant user error, I was very impressed at the speed and efficiency of their service department. Good on you, Shure.

  • from Providence, RI USA March 11, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    best in ear monitors that I have ever used

    I use in ear monitors at rehearsal, so that the 16 speakers that I play through don't make me deaf (it's a complicated srereo wet/dry set up with 2 2x12 cabs, 2 4x12 cabs and 2 PA cabs). I also use them in the studio when I'm recording to find the sweet spot with all the mics that I use on my cabs. I REALLY care about my tone and I HATE using in ear monitors because it never sounds like my guitar (and finding the sweet spot is very hard, if it doesn't sound right). I have used three different custom fitted, expensive in ear monitors and was never satisfied. After a rehearsal where I couldn't take it anymore, took out my monitors and was messed up for days...dizzy, ears ringing, I decided to research new monitors. I read really good reviews on the 535 monitors. I figured that it would be more compatible with my shure system, so I gave it a shot. AMAZING! I had a ball at rehearsal. I could hear the tone in my guitar, but at a usable level. I cannot recommend these enough.

  • from Atlanta, Ga. U.S.A. February 14, 2012Music Background:
    freelance drummer

    shure in ears se-535

    I have use Shure's in ear monitors for several years now, the e-2s and e-3s. All I can say is wow! I knew the SE-535s were top notch, but when I got them I didn't know how great they would be. I will suggest getting your hearing test and having molds made for custom sleeves. I used the sleeves that came with the puds for a month or so before my customs came in and I still stand by my comment. The only issue I had with their sleeves was if I smiled or something like that, one or both puds would move just enough to break the seal with my ear. With custom sleeves that doesn't happen. They sound incredible, i'm able to have my whole drum set, guitar, bass as needed, and vocals in my ears with no clipping in any way. I highly suggest them.

  • from West springfield, Ma October 20, 2011Music Background:
    I play keyboard and record music

    Shure SE535-cl

    These earphones are so clear in listening to high's, mid's and low's sounds that you feel like you got front row seats in front of the band. you can hear the smallest and lightest sounds coming from the music you are listening to. The earphones pick up every detail in the songs being played. I listened to songs I recorded and the songs sound fantastic. I was really proud of the songs I have written when listening to the Shure earphones. I sound better llistening with these earphones then the cheapo's I was listening to my recorded songs with. The Shure earphones are AWESOME. Everyone should own a pair. they are a great investment that you won't ever regret buying

  • from January 30, 2015

    Very good detail

    I had been using the Shure SE215 for the last year which was great compared to the floor wedges I've used forever. The SE535's were a huge step up as I had hoped. Especially the bottom end that these could handle in comparison to the single driver in the SE215.

Questions about the Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones - Clear?

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