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PRS SE30 1x12" 30-Watt Tube Combo Reviews

3.5 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • D
    from September 29, 2013

    PRS SE30 Combo

    Outstanding 30W amp. I replaced a Peavey 110 that is related at 40W and this baby blew it away. The tones that I can get are fantastic. Just wish I would have found this earlier.

  • Paul C.
    from Florence, SC February 4, 2013Music Background:
    Worship leader, home recording, hobbyist

    Blows the competition away!

    Bought this after playing Fender, Marshall, Vox, Mesa Boogie, and several others. This amp has a fantastic vintage sounding clean channel with a bright switch and a lead channel with a bright switch. There are separate volume and EQs for each channel. This is a very musical amp and I just can't quit playing it. Even using the lead channel the amp the sound is extremely articulate. Even using a lot of distortion with the lead channel I can hear each note in a cord. Reverb is a little dark but again, very musical. I never considered a PRS amp until I played this one. The amp seems very well make and the closed back really focuses the sound. It is built well with excellent it and finish. Don't buy an amp without checking this one out. This is not a practice amp but a serious musical instrument. This is the best amp in this price range I have found.

  • Brian J Claffey
    from Chesapeake, Va November 25, 2013Music Background:
    Retired Pro turned Weekend Warrior


    What I planned to use this amp for: a two guitar cover band that plays everything from Motown to Ozzy.
    The good news: Sweet organic overdrive that immediately sounds great. Works with my Fenders and Gibsons.
    Bad News: Extremely noisy if you use a lot of gain. With the gain all the way up the hiss is audible a quarter of the way up. This was noticed by my band mates at a rehearsal.
    Clean channel breaks up real quick. One third up and the sound breaks up. Now, if you don't need a clean channel, this could be a somewhat (save for the noise) usable amp. The clean channel could serve as your quieter channel and the lead as a boost.
    Speaking of boost; I could not find a boost that works with this amp. I tried 4. They all worked with my other amps, Blackstar, Marshall, Fender, Musicman. You can hear that the tone is effected, but there is no boost. Also, the noise is unbearable.
    It might suit some purposes, but if you need a clean channel and a boost, look somewhere else. I really wanted to love this amp.

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