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PRS SE 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar Baritone - Gray Black Reviews

4.0 stars based on 1 customer review
Questions about the PRS SE 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar Baritone - Gray Black?

Questions about the PRS SE 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar Baritone - Gray Black?

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  • Little Jim
    from Maine November 4, 2016Music Background:
    45 years of learning guitar

    PRS 277 Semi-Hollow Soapbar Baritone

    I've received this guitar 2 weeks ago (oct 20, 2016). Playing is a hobby and I do some home recording but just for fun. The guitar arrived quickly, per usual for Sweetwater, and in fine condition. The neck is a good size for a baritone, and has the PRS profile called 'wide fat'. It's comfy for me, if not high speed, even though my fingers are a bit on the short/sausage side. The hardware is generally good to excellent and the PRS brand tuners are actually very nice and solid too. The frets are well done, level without overhangs, and the workmanship is generally very good. I wasn't too happy with some sanding streaks under the finish but when I asked them about it PRS said that was normal(????). For the price I won't argue. I should add that Sweetwater was very supportive when I mentioned the problem and offered to take the guitar back for a refund or exchange if I wished. Kudos to Sweetwater and Mr. Ryan Murray, the sales engineer who helped me. I did have to do a truss rod adjustment as well as the intonation. I have no problem with that as usually guitars need some minor adjusting after delivery. The nut seems to be cut properly so once the intonation was set the guitar was in tune at all fret positions. Oh.... I dropped my Les Paul on stage 30 years ago and broke a finger trying to catch it before it hit the concrete floor (picture that!). Since then I have put strap locks on every guitar I've owned and this one is no exception.

    I bought this guitar to expand my sound palette. Not really for R&R, though I'll try it playing rock, but more for a mellow jazz tone kind of sound. It is GREAT for that purpose! I am not kidding! Settings count and here is the set up I use for that "jazz sound":
    I have both pickups on, tone at 8, volume at 5
    I use Studio One Pro in my music room so I go direct from the guitar to the DI and then to a track.
    I have set up a couple of FX Chains for using this guitar (using the Studio One FX library) which are based on the "Ampire" effect series of amplifier simulators. All settings are as viewed like a clock (so 2 o'clock is actually higher than 9 o'clock, with 12 o'clock being straight up noon).

    Vintage American amp, 2x12 American speakers. Input gain @10, output gain @2
    Use the "A" channel. Drive @ 2:30, Bass @12, Mid @1, Treble @1:30, Presence @1:30, Gain 12
    Stomp boxes:
    Modulation box, Feed @9:30, Delay @2, Speed @11, Width at9, Depth @9
    Delay box, LC @12, HC@ 1, Speed @10, FB @7, Mix @7
    Reverb, Size @8, Mix @11, LC @7:30, HC @5, Damp @3

    I tend to run the reverb and delay a little heavy for this sound profile but for me, well it works!

    This should get you started, assuming you want a sort of mellow jazz sound. I did another Ampire FX Chain using a bass guitar set up and that worked nicely also. If you have Studio One play around and you're bound to find a bunch of nice amp sounds which work well with this guitar. I'm not familiar with other DAW software but I suppose they have the same options in amp simulators. One more thing, the settings on the guitar seem sensitive to me and a little change can make a big difference. I don't know if that is an artifact of the soapbar pups or the control electronics.

    I have not played the solid version of this guitar w/humbuckers so I won't speculate on the sound. That said, you'll find the quality to be good/excellent and of course Sweetwater stands behind everything they sell. I know that sounds like sales BS but I'm serious.

    One more thing. I'm not a fan of gig bags. I hate them! This guitar comes with a gig bag and it's OK but if I were gigging or traveling with the guitar I'd invest in a decent guitar case. The guitar is worth it.

Questions about the PRS SE 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar Baritone - Gray Black?

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