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Toontrack Custom & Vintage SDX (boxed) Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Toontrack Custom & Vintage SDX (boxed)?

Questions about the Toontrack Custom & Vintage SDX (boxed)?

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  • from September 29, 2015

    Toontrack Superior is, well, Superior!

    I started with "Drumkit from Hell " a long time ago, in GigaStudio I think. It was very expressive, but somewhat limited in terms of range of application. Which was ok, since they never claimed it was a one-size-fits-all library.

    I bought Superior Drummer V1 expecting the same expressiveness, which it has, and the same limits, which it did not have! I still use the kits from V1, they cover a remarkably wide range of sounds. I confess I found the user interface to be a little frustrating, and it did hog resources, but it was worth it.

    Then I upgraded to Superior V2 - the Avatar kit is expressive, as I've come to expect. But it doesn't cover as much sonic turf as V1, which turned out to be OK since I could still use the V1 sounds. I really didn't think I needed expansion kits.

    Oops - I was wrong! The Custom & Vintage SDX gives me a significantly larger palette to work with. Same expressive range, just more drums! Now my biggest problem is sometimes I spend too much time auditioning drums - there are worse problems to have.

    Installation was smooth, and not too terribly time consuming. If you want that many sample you do have to suffer through copying them to your computer. I'm glad that doesn't happen every week though!

    Oh, and the V2 interface is much easier to use, and it is either gentler on resources, or DAWs have become so powerful that it isn't a problem any longer?

    I don't use their MIDI loops often, but I did play around a little bit with the content in Custom & Vintage, and it is a lot of fun... if you are able to work with loops you'll likely find lots of useful stuff.

    Superior remains my go-to drum library, and now it's even better!

  • from CHAUNCEY, OH March 25, 2014Music Background:
    Instrumental Guitarist/Composer

    Toontrack's Finest Offering

    This library offers more gear, flexibility, tool options, and usable midi grooves than any other Toontrack product. Packed with classic, ultra-rare drums, and captured with some of the best sounding recording gear ever made, this is as good as drum virtual instruments get. The sounds in this SDX are perfectly suited to classic rock, country, jazz, funk, fusion, blues, pop, or vintage influenced genres. The midi grooves, played by Chris Whitten, are very musical, and cover a variety of tempi, leading instruments, and time signatures. The included producer presets, created by Peter Henderson, offer a nice selection of pre-mixed kits which are still fully tweakable by the user. One caveat: the default sounds in this SDX are designed to offer the greatest control and flexibility to users, not to be pre-mixed for a particular purpose. As such, be prepared to spend some time shaping presets and finding your own favorite sounds. If you're in need of a simpler or cheaper fix with similar vibe, check out the "Vintage Rock" EZX, which is derived from the Ludwig kit recorded for "Custom and Vintage", or "The Classic", which features a different Noble and Cooley kit, and was also recorded by Henderson and Whitten.

  • from Dallas Tx January 28, 2015Music Background:
    Recording, Musician


    This will have a place in what I do for sure. Good all around sounds and in Superior you can really do alot of shaping and get them just like you want them.

  • from United States December 30, 2014Music Background:
    Producer, Pro Musician, Music Education

    Essential expansion for SD2

    I find this is a great and useful expansion pack for a variety of jazz, hip hop, and general modern genres. You can really get a wide range of non-metal styles out of this, which is easier said than done using the stock SD2 samples. In Custom and Vintage there are TONS of great snares, and a good amount of kicks, and great cymbal selection, making it very versitile in production. Pretty good toms too. Recorded very well of course and truly incredible mixing flexibility within the Superior Drummer 2 envorionment.... I'd say this is an essential expansion from the stock drum library with SD2, which is great but is really geared towards a hard rock/metal style, both in the drum selection and in the way it was recorded. The vintage sounds in this pack give it a real flavor and history to your tracks, and there's a few great presets to get unique drum mixes right away. Would be good to have a few more included though, theres about 10 of them i think. Definitely recommended, I look forward to exploring more of the SD2 expansion packs!

Questions about the Toontrack Custom & Vintage SDX (boxed)?

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