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Roland SD-50 Sound Canvas Reviews

3.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • Greg
    from Denver, Co March 29, 2013Music Background:
    Studio Hermit

    For on the go or in the studio, Perfect.

    Have found too many useful features to the unit to list here. Compact, easy to carry, quick setup. Have found no flaws in operation after 2 months and I push my gear to the limit all the time. The sound is very clean and crisp and easy to configure with various midi input devices. For the entry price into midi sound banks you cant go wrong here. The preset sounds are not very configurable but that is not what I needed so this does what I needed.

  • George R Wilson
    from Campbellsville, KY November 22, 2011Music Background:
    Mel-Bay Registered Guitar Instructor 20 years

    SD-50 & Sonar LE

    This Amazing device about the size of a King James Bible made a believer out of me!
    Can't wait to explore the Recording aspects with the Sonar LE
    I'm familiar with CakeWalk Pro 8.0 but this is new and I'm still in that discovery mode. But everything has been enjoyable!
    I need a little help with my Playlist Editor as it requires Apple Software
    and my computer has problems when installing Quicktime and Apple Support Software. All other things fine,

  • Customer
    from March 9, 2016


    I bought the SC880 roland sound module about 25 years ago I dont even use a drum machine with it.. I cant get the SD-50 to come close to live playback sound like the old module im using... like im playing in a bathroom.. drums are weak especially the high hats

  • John M
    from United States September 4, 2014Music Background:
    Part time musician, play live , use laptop and sequencer

    Roland SD-50

    I was excited to use this unit for playing out. I thought I would be able to save my music sets to a flash drive and use it with the SD-50 instead of lugging around my laptop. I was hoping to connect my Boss DR-880 and TC Helicon Play GTX harmonizer to it.

    However, I soon discovered after several hours of trying that the SD-50 can only be used by itself. So, what good is using a USB flashdrive with my MIDI songs if I can't use it to trigger my Boss DR-880 and harmonizer? Answer, NO GOOD! If Roland would have included a MIDI Thru, then this unit would have been awesome. If you just want to use the SD-50 by itself, it works fine and has some good Roland sounds. Other than that, it does not do what I was expecting it to do.

  • Mango Band
    from August 31, 2014Music Background:
    ...Mango One man band

    ..Does not output the midi signal...Too bad..!!!!

    ...does not output the midi signal for an external module or drum machine

  • Eric Chalko
    from South Bend, IN USA September 7, 2010Music Background:

    Good but Has Major Problems

    I used to use the Edirol SD-20 back in the day as my sound bank. I wanted to upgrade to something better, and was hoping that the Roland SD-50 would be that answer. I was very excited to receive the package, FINALLY figured out how to get it to work and how to work the thing myself, and that's when the problems started. Overall, I really liked the sounds and was very happy with it for a while. (It should be noted here that the sounds themselves are decent, but that's about the extend of it.)
    Later, when I tried to use it with my computer, the thing kept freezing up. I read about a patch that's supposed to help with an i5 compatibility problem, and I can't download it to the SD-50 because it won't accept any of my flash drives. This begs the question...why do I have to update it using a flash drive when it's CONNECTED TO THE COMPUTER with via usb?
    Another problem I had with it is the fact that it can only save 3 preset instrument playlists at a time. What happened with the SD-20 method, having a software program that allowed you to save to the computer and choose your instruments easily with the mouse instead of fishing around with a turn wheel? This does get easier to use after a while, but it doesn't come close to the user interface that it should have. Roland needs to do their user research and observe people using it in order to see how this slows the creative process down.
    Admittedly, I only really use it for its midi sound bank, hooking it up to my computer and keyboard so that I can use it with Cakewalk, so I'm not sure how the other features work. All I know is that it keeps freezing on me, has an unfriendly interface, and doesn't allow you to update it without buying a Roland thumb drive. At least it looks pretty, though.

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