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Switchcraft SC700CT 1-channel Passive Instrument Direct Box Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Switchcraft SC700CT 1-channel Passive Instrument Direct Box?

Questions about the Switchcraft SC700CT 1-channel Passive Instrument Direct Box?

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  • from Las Cruces, NM October 21, 2015Music Background:
    Outdoor Live Sound Systems and Announcing

    Switchcraft does it again!

    I always wait until 30 days of use until I write a review...This is exactly what was needed! I work with several different people at several different rodeos from Timers to Video Screen companies. They all hook into my mixing board and you will get numerous amounts of buzz, hum and static from numerous different cords of their own creation, damaged equipment or general lack of quality. When I get any of that, I plug them into the Switchcarft SC700CT and all those weird noises just disappear. It has several different plug ins and outputs so no need for adapters and such. Special thanks to my salesman Ben Porter for the recommendation. He always has the answer or finds it for me.

  • from September 4, 2015

    The Switchcraft AV DI

    I'm so glad that I was able to find this product. It is exactly what I want and it works great.

  • from Duncan, ok May 10, 2013Music Background:

    Glad I bought it..

    Great little box! No problems at all

  • from Portland, OR November 17, 2014Music Background:
    Volunteer Live Sound Man

    Almost Perfect

    This thing looks like a million bucks and feels rock solid. Love the recessed ends that protect the switches and connectors from bumps and falls. USA! Hand built in Chicago and is put together with a very clean, tight, professional look.

    Pretty spendy for a little metal box but your options for safely summing your signals to mono are limited. I chose this over the SC 318 mini Audiostix after speaking to the manufacturer and Brent, my Sweetwater sales engineer. While either device will do the what I need I was told that this box offers superior shielding and is the one recommended for a stage environment. The 318 they say is better suited for conference room presentations and things like that. The versatility of the SC700, given all the input options, made me decide to go with this one.

    The only complaint I have... it really bugs me actually... is that that the xlr output does not lock (click in) the cable securely. The cable connector just slides freely and easily in and out of the unit; no need to depress the little tab in order to remove the cable. So this a $100 piece of hand-built pro audio gear that is made for use on a busy stage but the design will allow for the xlr cable to easily slip out if someone accidentally trips on a cable or something? SC says this is by design, for safety. Really? Then why aren't the rest of their boxes, including the Audiostix, built this way? This makes no sense to me as every other brand of even cheap, basic mono DI boxes I've used securely holds the mic cable in the output. Knowing that one little, accidental kick or trip on a cable could stop the show does not provide the peace of mind a $100 device should imo. The only possibly upside I see to all this is that it is one less thing for some newbie to break when they come along and just start yanking cables.

    And while I know the inputs don't lock I think I can safely assume that they will/should be a short run from source to DI while the xlr cable is the one likely will need to find it's way to a snake or mixer somewhere.

    I also considered some of the other boxes out there but didn't want the added complexity of mono/stereo switches to confuse new volunteers. I strongly considered the Radial AV1 but did not like the fact that the 1/4" inputs are parallel (not stereo) and felt that all the thru-puts and labeling on the input side of the box would again cause more confusion than it's worth.

    Anyhow we have used the SC700CT a few times now and it does the job. The best part is I can now relax knowing that no one is going to come back on me saying I connected their computer or other device to the system improperly. If I knew for certain that everyone who would ever use this really knew what they were doing I very well may have gone with the Whirlwind pcDI. But in the end I think this unit was the right choice for our purposes.

  • from Stt. Augustine FL August 19, 2013Music Background:
    Recording and live engineer

    Nice direct box for the $

    For the price, this is a very versitule direct box and has a rad-worthy build quality. I have already used it with electric drums, accoustic electrric guitars and ipad into mono PA rug and the stereo to mono merging is good.

  • from Princeton, NJ August 10, 2012Music Background:
    TV Studio Broadcast Chief Engineer

    Switchcraft SC700CT

    The SC700CT is a great problem solver. The inputs are very flexible so it can interface with a variety of input devices. The mono is ideal for our application feeding a church mix board. This is a very rugged pro piece of gear that can take a beating. Very well thought out and built. No power needed so it can be used anywhere. Worth every penny.

Questions about the Switchcraft SC700CT 1-channel Passive Instrument Direct Box?

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