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Fishman SA220 Solo Performance System Reviews

5.0 stars based on 40 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Andy Miller

    The Fishman SA220 is the best PA for acoustic players that I've seen yet. It sounds absolutely balanced and gets rid of the (near) subsonic rumble that's inherant with most under-saddle pickups. It's perfectly contoured and natural sounding for guitar and voice, and has a feedback filter that not only controls howling guitars but removes the mudiness from closely worked microphones . Well thought out ins and outs allow it to be used with other gear as part of a larger system or as a standalone PA, and the included stand and carry case are top-rate. Don't hesitate, this is a knock out from the people who do acoustic best. Way to go Fishman!

  • Scott DeMarko

    Having had a recent opportunity to use the SoloAmp at a wedding I can say without a doubt it is incredible. I was quite suprised by how light weight the whole system was, how quick it was to set up, and how full and rich the sound was. For something so streamlined it offered incredible high, mid, and even low end. For weddings, small events, coffee shops, and clubs the SoloAmp packs the punch needed, it easily fits in your car, it's highly portable, and very efficient! I'm very impressed with this PA system and it compares to much more expensive systems at a very affordable price considering the value and performance.

  • from Madison, CT. September 22, 2016Music Background:
    Single, Duo, Trio, Band, Band, Band, Band, Trio, Single

    Great Amp

    Handles a single with ease up to a medium sized room. My electric guitar (Strat) sounds fine, and a three part vocal harmonizer is clear and strong. The knuckle that tightens the legs in spread position is not made all that well. I broke two of them, each after about twenty tightenings, and I didn't put all that much pressure on the knob. I was sent a new one each time, but it bothered me that they break so easily. I was told by the Fishman tech to put a couple of washers in the tightening space to keep it from being turned too hard, so I used two regular galvanized 5/16 washers. It seems to be working fine so far. If the piece is not going to be redesigned, a spacer should be put in there from the factory- maybe hard rubber would be effective. The unit is way cool, compact, and easy to set up, and I'm so glad that I chose this over the competition.

  • from Northglenn, CO February 23, 2016Music Background:
    I have been playing music for almost 40 years mostly stringed fretted instruments. I have been in numerous bands and play a variety of genres but largely classic and alternative rock and blues in electric bands. Acoustically all over the map but mostly pl

    Hard to Beat

    Although I have only had it for two months I have used it for an on-stage "back of the band" monitor for my 5 piece acoustic band at least 4 times as well as 5 or 6 other bands at a band camp . We just did a smaller gig at a farmer's market and I ran 4 direct-input instruments, 4 vocals and 1 instrument microphones through a mixing board into a Behringer sub-woofer then the Fishman without any other external speakers and it was clean, crisp and clear. The most amazing part is being able to put it behind the band and the 3 or 4 vocal mics not going crazy with feedback. The sound dispersion is fantastic. I plan to buy another one soon so I can do a left/right split for a smaller footprint sound system and quit lugging around big speakers and separate amplifier except for our bigger gigs.

  • from WI December 17, 2015

    SA220 - Works for me

    The SA220 does satisfy my needs. I was a bit disappointed to find that plugging a mike and guitar in the same channel does not work. I was under the impression, after speaking with a rep, that each channel would accommodate a guitar and mike....not true, on cancels the other out if plugged in the same channel. But I saw an aux input on the back, it worked for me, whew...I was relieved that I could squeak at least a third channel. Nice amp/PA on a stick, I dig it, but let it be known that it is a two channel, two input system.

  • from Midwest December 15, 2015Music Background:

    None better

    Had this about two years now and have played many gigs with it. It is the complete package. Durable, ease of use, great sound and well thought out design. Considered the Bose, but there was no comparison to the obvious durability. As for sound vs the Bose I actually liked the Fishman far better. I use this with three acoustic guitars, keyboard, drum machine and vocals.

  • from June 25, 2015

    Perfect for acoustic gigs

    Bought 2 Solo's for acoustic gigs for a small group. Lots of flexability with inputs and ability to add a mixer for additional Mics. Sound: Rave reviewers on the clear sound quality and projection. Easy set up and transportation. Great investment for my needs.

  • from Ohio April 20, 2015

    awesome amp

    I bought this Fishman SA220 for our Church group. It works flawlessly. Sounds great along with my Martin OMCPA1+ acoustic electric which I also purchased from Sweetwater. Great customer service. Very personable Representatives. Thanks Sweetwater.

  • from Reno, Nevada April 14, 2015Music Background:
    singer/ songwriter


    I compared the Bose L1 to the Fishman Sa220. Hands down, the Fishman SA220 is the King!

  • from Chalfont, PA March 28, 2015Music Background:
    Solo Acoustic performer

    Beyond my expectations!

    I recently ordered the SA220 from Sweetwater, and I have to say, this thing is already amazing me! The clarity of sound, the ease of use, not to mention the great people at Sweetwater (swift delivery, a real person that actually talks to you on the phone, and excellent warranty), have me completely sold. My Taylor sounded so sweet, I felt like it was dripping honey, and my vocals were crisp, clean and overall made me feel like I can't wait to do another gig. I will absolutely recommend this to any of my fellow solo acoustic artists.

  • from Cheboyan, MI December 27, 2014Music Background:
    40 years in the buisness

    Billy P

    It's the perfect set up for small acts, it has a real nice on board reverb and the feedback control works well. In bigger clubs I put it directly behind us and add and extension speaker out front. We've had complaments on how well we sound

  • from Nj November 12, 2014Music Background:

    Excellent sound and portability

    I played thru both the fishman SA220 and the Bose L1 systems. During My demo I played with a Taylor 814ce. Although both sounded great, I noted a difference in sound particularly in the base response, but it seemed in my opinion much too insignificant when comparing the entire systems as a whole taking price, portability, sound, and functionality. I believe another important factor is how I was to use this system. I play small to medium venues with anywhere from 25-100 people. The fishman seem to offer this at a great price point but also added more functionality with a four switch reverb built in that really sounds great. The setup is very similar although the Bose seem to be a bit heavier. I could not find the Bose at a better price rang as I fond the fishman. In the end sweetwater gave me a great price with a 36 month play as you
    Pay offer and a 2 year warranty. I am very happy!

  • from oakdale (long island), NY July 28, 2014Music Background:

    love it's simplicity = still tweaking thing = utilized @ 2 shows so far and nothing but how great we sound

    the gain is not doing what it's suppose to do. not controlling volume at all. need help in working this out. overall great piece of equipment.

  • from Scottsdale Arizona July 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Best in its class.

    bought two SA220's for my acoustic show which includes two guitars bass and percussion.
    One stopped working after the warranty was up.
    I contacted fishman for the repairs they sent me an RA to send it back. I was prepared to pay for the repair knowing it was out of warranty. To my surprise I sent it to them and within a week They sent me back a new in the box unit. The only thing I paid for is the shipping to the factory.
    This is a great sounding small PA and the icing on the cake for me is the great customer service at FIshman. I am hooked no punn intended.
    A helpfull hint if you are looking to add more bottom end as we do we hookup our QSC K-12 powered speakers to the monitor out and hook up a mixer to the monitor in the results are we can set up the full band with the PA behind us with a lot of punch and controll over the volume and tone.
    We have been using Boss GT-100's for electric guitar sounds the bass direct, and mics on the kick drum and overheads. The sound is fantastic.
    Try experimenting with these versatile Fishstics.
    It is everthing that Bose wants to be only with a warmer sound and more power.

  • from Tifton May 15, 2014Music Background:
    Staff songwriter for several Publishing Companiea

    Very happy

    I've been very happy with my solo amp. I'd beome a big fan of Fishman products after having bought the mini loudbox a while back (the mini LB is another great product that deserves its own revue). The solo amp is as easy to set up as is advertised...the sound is dispersed evenly to cover a wide range,,as is advertised...it's sleek design makes it a good looking piece of equipment, if that matters to you and it matters to some. The friendly staff at Sweetwater were helpful as ususal (I ask for the same guy everytime and he has an idea of what I might like). All that to say....I think you can't go wrong with the SA 220 solo amp and if I buy online, I only buy from Sweerwater.

  • from Naples Fl December 20, 2013Music Background:

    Great compact system

    After debating between the Fishman and the Bose systems I am happy with my choice. Easy set up, great sound from both guitar and mic.

  • from Sciota, NY USA December 2, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Solo Performers Pal

    Plenty of inputs and outputs; using a stool - all controls at shoulder level, and easily accessible; mute button is handy for headset mikes; sets up and tears down easily; plenty of sound; Speaker and stand fits in a easily portable zippered case; what else is there to say

  • from Texas city, TX November 30, 2013Music Background:

    can't beat this

    I use this with a duet, Martin Acoustic and a Stratocaster, two vocals and a drum machine, I run it through a Behringer 12 channel mixer.
    It is very easy to haul around, very portable and has great sound, very well rounded, not a thumping bass (like my 15" behringer speakers) but it has enough bass, very clear sound. It really shines when I use it solo with an acoustic guitar/vocal. Has just enough reverb to fill out the instrument and vocals. Very good, full tone. Using this alone it has 2 independent channels, XLR or 1/4", with separate tone and volume controls. I've had this for 4 years and it is my amp of choice playing for the nursing homes.

  • from Maine October 12, 2013Music Background:
    Touring Pro

    Does What It Says

    I play about 30 shows a month and make a good living with my Fishman Solo. I ordered 2 and the only problem I've had is that one of the zippers on the carrying bag was messed up. I let my rep at Sweetwater know and Zak had another sent within days. I am a bit nervous that there are two plastic clamps, one that the legs attach to and the other for the telescopic adjustment (for the height of the speaker). Neither have failed me but I am careful not to clamp down on them too tightly... nor do I have to. I've played over 200 shows and they work fine. There is a mic spot for my guitar and another for my vocals. The sound is excellent for vocals and my Taylor Acoustic (with it's Fishman electronics). I have since added an 8 channel Mackie 802-VLZ3 so that other artists can mic up with me and play through the Fishman. I have two Fishman Solos but I rarely use two at a time. One has been enough for any of my indoor shows. I bring two when I play an outdoor show and have never found them wanting. I do use a Voicelive Two on my pedaltrain pedal board. It is a great vocal processor but I wouldn't hesitate to use the solo as a stand alone. The sound quality is excellent.

  • from Iowa July 1, 2013Music Background:
    Rock and Blues electric and acoustic guitar

    Fishman SA220

    I use this for my voice and acoustic guitar. It sounds great! Easy setup and tear down. Simple controls allow for tweaking the sound to your needs. This can get loud so it's probably useful outdoors at a small gig. Indoors, it excels. I hope to get a second one someday for acoustic duos or running in stereo.

  • from Delaware June 4, 2013Music Background:
    20 years of gigging experience.

    Great sound made simple.

    For over a decade my Electro-Voice SX-300's have been the core of my gigging rig. They are bullet proof, cut through the din of a crowded bar and sound awesome doing so. But I wanted a less cumbersome alternative for smaller engagements and the "Fish-stick" seemed like the answer, at least in theory. Well I'm here to say that it isn't just theory any more. This thing is phenomenal! The sound quality is excellent. (I haven't needed to touch the EQ knobs.) The horizontal dispersion is unreal and the throw is amazing. After mucking about with it inside I took it out on my deck for an experiment. I ran some Donald Fagen through it and dialed up about 75dB of volume at 6 feet on my trusty meter. Then I took a walk around the deck and my yard. At 60+ feet I still felt like I was in a sweet spot. Yes the volume have fallen but the tone had not thinned at bit.

    No this thing won't do what a whole PA system will do but for low to medium volume situations it will save you a ton of load-in/out weight and the time that goes with it.

  • from Lexington, KY February 23, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-Professional Music Shaman for (OMG) over 40 Years

    Awesome on a Stick!

    This has made my life so much better. Easier load in, better sound, easier load out. I use it with a small Behringer mixer, 2 Shure vocal mics along with my D-35 (with Fishman Matrix) with my trio, and straight in with a mic and my axe for duo or solo gigs. My picking partner plays electric through a 5-watt amp and for small venues this thing rocks it. Outdoor patio gigs, indoor medium to large rooms, it handles everything REAL WELL. Thinking about selling my traditional system and going with another Fishstick. If you play acoustic, are not in arenas and want GREAT SOUND and an easier picking life, this is it!

  • from Ocala Fl February 20, 2013Music Background:
    Retired,Musician(Disabled, Home enjoyment,recording)

    Sweetness Personified!!!!

    Spectacular beyond belief!!! A great system that i am grateful to Fishman for as i am a handicapped musician, yes, there are a few of us out there so logging,transporting,lifting etc for me is very hard until this came along.Fishman without realizing made a product that's Handicapped-Friendly. I'm a solo player and this sound is A whole different level, clean,clear and everything a player desires.

  • from Michigan - USA July 21, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Songwriter

    Great Sounding Amp

    I purchased mostly to do house concerts and the sound is just great. It just seems to fill the room with a rich and full sound. Just rating the amp itself it is 5 stars all the way!

    What I didn't like is the carry bag. The pouch on the side is too small to fit much other than maybe a mic and a cable. You can't put a microphone stand in the top bag with the amp stand. as there is not enough room without risking breaking the zipper.

  • from Rio Vista, Ca July 17, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Best amp EVER !!!!!

    It makes my voice sound like Sinatra singing country and my guitar sounds like 3 guitars all at once!!! I've been playing and singing for 40 years and this is the best amp I've ever bought by far!! Everybodys coments are great as to how I sound with it!! Cisco lausten

  • from ca July 10, 2012Music Background:
    studio musician


    plugged in my gibson sj 2oo couldnt be happier real acoustic sound

  • from colorado June 18, 2012Music Background:

    fish stick

    just needs a little bass...but otherwise...wow!

  • from Healdsburg Calif. May 15, 2012Music Background:
    Intermediate musician

    Way to go Fishman

    I heard another soloist playing at an open mic and he brought it on stage and within a couple of minutes was playing.I couldnt believe the sound from this amp. I bought one the next day and could not be happier.The sound is crisp and clean.I play a DC1E Martin acoustic
    and us a Shure sm58 microphone. I like the separate bag for the stand that clips on to the PA bag.The Pa bag has a side compartment for cables and mic..Bag has wheels.

  • from yuma az usa December 10, 2011Music Background:
    retired semie pro, starting over after 20 years.


    love it , good range sounds good . probably sound better when i get to know it better

  • from Danville KY, United States November 16, 2011Music Background:

    Yes, get this one.

    I play solo acoustic gigs in small venues, and the SA220 is perfect for that. Sounds great - buddy of mine has the whole Bose L1 rig and I hear no advantage to the pricey Bose at all. One nice unexpected thing I notice is that the SA220 responds nicely to pedals. I mainly play a J45 through a Diamond comp pedal and a Radial PZ-Pre, with the SA220 EQ flat. Sounds great. I run my vocal through a UA Solo 610 into the SA220's monitor input (to bypass the onboard preamp, per my sales engineer's advice) and that sounds great too. But I would be very happy without the fancy mic pre if I had to take it out of the loop. My half-star-off rating is because, as lots of people have noted, the zippers are flimsy and after one gig the stand broke!! But I still recommend the SA220 because I got a replacement in a few days with absolutely no hassle. My Sweetwater sales guy Nick took care of it all -- the new stand came straight from Fishman quickly and all I did was send one email. Fishman does need to consider offering a more rugged case and stand. But overall, the SA220 does what it's supposed to do, and does it very well.

  • from Richmond, IN USA July 28, 2011Music Background:
    I played in a band for 21 years, and have played solo for 11 years,

    Fishman SA220 ROCKS!

    I recently picked up a Fishman SA220 Solo Performance System and I am playing a Babicz ID-DRW-06 acoustic guitar, and running the guitar and a Shure SM57 Microphone through a TC Helicon Voicetone Harmony GXT into the Fishman SA220.
    I was in a band for 21 years, but for the last 11 years I have been performing as a solo guitarist/vocalist.
    The sound I get out of the SA220 is phenomenal! It has 2 channels, a very nice reverb (4 choices), 3band EQ, phase switches, anti-feedback controls, tweeter level control, and many more features. Both channels will accept either a high impedance or low impedance cord. The SA220 is very user-friendly.
    I have been using a Bose L1 model 1 for the last 5 years and it is a fine sounding PA, but I personally prefer the sound of the Fishman and have started using it for all my gigs. Not only does it have a great sound, but I can set up the Fishman, hook up my guitar and the TC Helicon, set up my tip jar and mike and mike stand, and tune my guitar in less than ten minutes. Also, when I am done I can have it all torn down and be ready to leave in less than ten minutes.
    I carry the Fishman SA220 in one hand, my guitar, stool, and tip jar in the other hand, and a bag with everything else I need is on my back.
    The bag for the SA220 has a couple of straps to strap a mike stand on the side - ONE TRIP IN AND ONE TRIP OUT!
    I also highly recommend Sweetwater Music as the place to purchase the Fishman SA220.
    Sweetwater gives you a two year warranty, fast free delivery, and tech support.
    I would highly recommend the Fishman SA220 to any solo guitarist/vocalist.

  • from Deming, NM. June 13, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician and Producer

    Awesome PA!

    I've owned the SoloAmp now for 6 months. I run a TC Helicon Create X in channel 1, another vocalist uses channel 2, and I run my Korg PS60 synthesizer in the rear aux channel - the sound is FANTASTIC! This PA can handle a medium venue (150~500) easily.

  • from Yucaipa, CA February 14, 2011Music Background:
    Professional performing musician, music degree from Northern Illinois University

    Best investment of my professional life.

    I bought a SoloAmp about a year ago from Sweetwater. I first saw it at the NAMM show, and decided I had to have one. I really thought I would only use it on gigs occasionally, and for home practice. But as I came to know it's capabilities and trust it more, I've come to use it on 90% of my gigs. I play solo guitar, sing, and also play saxophone and use backing tracks on some songs. I have a house gig at a very hi-end hotel in Southern California, so I use this amp 5 nights a week there, and often do other gigs on the other days. It is the only amplification I use on the hotel gig for a fairly large room, and it covers it beautifully. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't comment on the amazing clarity and richness of the sound I get thru the SoloAmp. I especially hear this from other musicians and guitarists who are blown away by the acoustic sound I get with my Lowden and a Fishman pickup. I've also used the SA220 as a monitor speaker on full band gigs, as a front fill for a large PA system, an outdoor wedding sound system, and as a sound man's wedge. It's versatility and coverage still knocks me out even after owning it for a year. Many of my friends have gone out and bought one after hearing mine. I should start my own dealership! I can't imagine being a working musician without it now. It's become an indispensable part of my gear arsenal - every bit as important as the instruments I plug into it.

  • from Espanola, Ontario, Canada October 31, 2010Music Background:
    Musician and home recording studio

    fishman solo sa220

    I've been playing in a country band now for 3 years and had numerous amps trying to get a real acoustic sound, when i heard this amp i floored
    right there and then and bought this amp brought it back to the band and they felt the same way, so much so the other acoustic player in the band bought one, now we chain them together when we play for small gigs, the vocals out of this amp sounds good. Now we dont carry all the sound system to do small gigs.This is one great amp . we also play mandolin and violin through this amp and sounds great.

  • from Quakertown Pa June 18, 2009Music Background:
    semi-professional musician actively gigging

    SoloAmp Rocks !!

    I just received my soloamp about a week ago (6/9/09), when I received it, it appears that I was sent a slighty used demo unit by mistake. I had a gig coming up that weekend, so I needed to get this resolved. I called Sweetwater and Steve Dimaggio was very quick to help get my situation resolved (Thanks Steve!). He quickly sent a new one out and advised for me to use the old one on my gig Saturday night. I received the replacement yesterday and packed up the old one for return to Sweetwater. They even sent the Fed Ex paperwork for the return (no cost to me). Now for the product: I was blown away with this SoloAmp from FIshman.. I am running a Taylor 310CE through it with the Fishman Prefix plus. The sound was room filling, crystal clear, and Loud. Every nuance cut through the crowd noise, and people to the rear of the room had no problem hearing my mix. I could also hear myself very clearly with no monitor needed (it works exactly as intended). I did a lot of research before buying this (wanted something with quality sound for solo gigs). My vocal sounded excellent and was extrememly clear through this unit. I received many compliments from my sound at the gig. It was really easy to quickly dial in the EQ for the room setting that I was in. The restaurant was not huge, but I have no doubts this can easily handle small to medium size venues. SOLOAMP ROCKS and so does Sweetwater's customer service and support - top notch!! Thanks Sweetwater, Rob

  • from central indiana December 3, 2008Music Background:
    working hobbyist, very busy playing gigs



  • from San Diego November 28, 2008


    My son Ben Owens is a gigging fingerstylist who plays Maton and Baden guitars. The SoloAmp makes them both sound awesome. Nicest amp he has ever played through! I have seen some comments from people worried that the bass may be lacking due to the small speakers. Nothing to worry about here; there is plenty of bottom end. Plus the mids and highs are sweet and natural. Ben will be demoing it in the Baden booth at the winter NAMM show.

    And Sweetwater is the only way to go. Best price, fast shipping, great follow-up - as always!

  • from Cincinnati November 26, 2008Music Background:

    Solo Amp

    I should start by saying I am using 2 Solo Amps in an acoustic duo. I have not tried gigging with only one.

    Setup is unbelievably easy. Not only in terms of assembling the unit, but also for quickly dialing in a good sound.

    My duo has been playing for 5 years and the first night we used the Solo Amps our regular fans all commented on the difference in sound. You can hear every nuance of your playing and singing in every corner of the room. I even stepped directly behind the speakers and noticed only a slight loss in high end. The dispersion really is that good.

    The sound is VERY natural. My Taylor finally sounded like an acoustic guitar, only louder. It used to sound like an amplified acoustic guitar, if you know what I mean.

    Most incredible to me is how the Solo Amp responds to the dynamics of my guitar playing. In the past, I would have the volume of my guitar set lower for rhythm then quickly turn it up for leads. Awkward. With the Solo Amp, I keep the volume the same and just "dig in" more when I play leads and they jump out in the mix. Unreal. I've actually started doing a lot more fingerpicking, which never came through on my old PA.

    A friend told me he could hear EVERYTHING — including mistakes. The Solo Amp is unforgiving in its detail, but I think that's a good thing.

    I've tried the Bose L1, but by time you get the bass module and the Tone Match unit, you're in for $3000. You can get TWO Solo Amps for $2000, and set both of them up quicker than a single Bose. It's no contest in my opinion.

  • from Minneapolis, MN November 1, 2008Music Background:
    Acoustic and band guitarist

    Does what it says!

    Just purchased this thing a few days ago...sounded pretty good in the store but you know how that goes..Anyway, took it to the first gig, average size bar where they had a small house PA (4 channel amp, couple of 12" speakers) Set up was easy...took only a few minutes to dial in a good sound...couldn't go much higher than about 1/4 volume without being a bit too loud...This thing blew away that house PA easily. First thing that takes a bit of getting used to is hearing your vocals and guitar so clearly on stage..no more honky monitor mix and wondering what it sounds like out front..it's all perfect...and the same sound indeed does project to the audience..I had friends travel around the room and they all agreed the sound was quite evenly dispersed and clear with an almost cd quality..There are definately a few "sweet spots" though..about 20 to 30 feet out towards the corners..unbelievable. The following night I took it to a coffee house gig..very long and narrow with extremely high ceilings...once again..a few minutes to set up and dial in...this time competeing with a far more elaborate house sound system (separate power amp, board, eq's, high tech speakers, etc) No problem...people were amazed that my little "stick PA" was again owning the house system..compliments all night. For the money, you can't beat this thing..it totally rocks...one of my only minor concerns is as to how long the tweeter will last...it does have a level adjustment which I keep at about halfway as to not run full power (20 watts) to it constantly...I think it will last longer (maybe forever) that way...Anyway, that's it...got it, love it and wouldn't want to play without it..:)

  • from Columbus Ohio October 20, 2008Music Background:
    full time professional musician 15 years

    Fishman SoloAmp

    I've been using The SoloAmp for 2 weeks(7 shows) in an acoustic trio. 3 vocals and two guitars into a Mackie CFX 12. All acoustics(Martin00015,D28,Taylor 414) use Fishman AGX passive pick ups. In general a very good sound. Extremely acoustic sounding. We set it up behind us and use it primarily as a monitor/sidewash. Very clean but we found out that we could not use it as mains. (we use powered QSCs) It is amazing though how much it fills out the sound and how far it does travel.It has all the bass you need. It's not a thumping bass, but a very acoustic sounding bass.
    The main purpose of the SoloAmp is just that. It's for a solo artist and it does not fall short. I did a solo show outside and my duo partner was there and stated he couldn't believe how great it sounded. Again, though, I used the Mackie board. Also needed to have it farther away than what is suggested. At higher volumes it is kind of blarring in the ear.
    This is not a Bose tower and is not intended to compete with it. It sounds far more acoustic than the Bose. We're considering buying a second SoloAmp to use 2 as mains.(we need 2 mains in order to pan the guitars) At under $2000(a grand a piece) it's several hundreds less than the Bose and sub(s).(Bose wants you to buy a tower for each person). And easy to set up!
    Conclusion: if you are a solo artist buy this thing. You'll like the sound, portability and savings. I didn't give it a five because within 2 weeks the zipper broke.

  • from Suburbs of Chicago IL USA September 30, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Big things from a small package!

    I received my SoloAmp a couple weeks ago and have now used it live five times. I perform somewhere between 180 and 200 shows a year with my band and solo and the one thing I am always trying to do is carry less gear. It's just a pain making trips to the van. To start with the Fishman SoloAmp is a hands down winner for weight and size. The photos just don't do the case justice at all! It's really compact. The photo with the guy pulling it makes it look like a wide bag but its only about 10 inches wide and almost as tall as a guitar case if you stand it on end. It's so small you could lay it on the floor in the back seat of most cars! It weighs in around 25-30 pounds with everything.That's less than one of my regular monitors. The wheels work well too. It has an attached bag for the speaker stand and velcro straps on the side. I've been using the straps to hold a straight mic stand and this thing makes my load in a true single trip! The set up literally takes me five minutes from the van until I can play music! The amp/PA works great for small to mid sized venues. I've used it now with as large a crowd as 60-70 people and so far I've only heard compliments about the sound. I have used it inside three times and outside twice with solid results. The sound is similar to the obvious competition BOSE but no better or worse in my opinion. I have performed on them as well. The Fishman is not set up with the same 180 degrees of sound idea as the Bose. It tends to be a little more forward facing but it has a decent spread. I have found that I like the placement a little more to my side because it has a sort of rolled off dead zone for me to monitor myself without hurting my ears and I can turn it up more for the audience without feedback from the mic. The two channels are simple three band EQ (Bass,Mid,High) and a feedback busting single knob notch filter. It works pretty good. It has a 10db pad on each channel and phantom power. Both have worked well for me. The SoloAmp also has four preset reverb settings that you can dial up or down for the two channels. The bass end is good but just like the Bose don't expect it the thump the floor. It has the same relative bass issue when you try to really crank up the low end you get a hollow sort of honk out of it. It's very similar to acoustic amps in general they just sound boxy because they're generally built like PA's and not guitar amps or heavy mains. Who really cranks bass on acoustic instruments anyway? It sounds great for guitar and voice. I get plenty of natural sounding low end out of this thing and crisp highs. Fishman has actually done away with the idea that you need a sub for this thing and I think it works fine. It has something like 225 watts and it's enough. If I would say anything it might be cooler if it had a pinch more power just for some headroom in bigger rooms although I haven't had to go past 4 or 5 on the main yet. I can tell though that it would be pushing it to turn it up for a fairly large room. It's very easy to get a good mix and volume for your voice and instrument on the SoloAmp. I generally play without effects on my guitar or voice so all of this info is about my clean mixes. If you used a pod or amp simulator I'm sure you could get great results. I would say if you want to outfit a band then everyone should have their own Soloamp but get rid of your drummer or make him/her play a Cajon instead of a kit. I would say that the Fishman SoloAmp is a real value in the portable arena for solo/duo acts. Compared to the obvious competition it's half the price and much more compact. If you are booked to play a room bigger than this thing could take they probably have a PA anyway. The Fishman saves you more than money. It saves your time, your back and your legs. Seriously. It sounds great and you can pay for it in a few gigs. It's a winner with me. It's got great sound and it's definitely powerful enough for any coffeehouse or mid-sized bar.

  • from Central indiana, USA September 18, 2008Music Background:
    working hobbyist. keepin busy

    little dynamite

    got mine the other day and only used it once so far but, it was more amazing than i imagined. set-up is so simple and quick and the sound is amazing. lightweight, portable, simple and versital

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