Seymour Duncan SA-1 Acoustic Tube Passive Magnetic Soundhole Pickup

Hum-canceling Magnetic Soundhole Pickup for Acoustic Guitars
Seymour Duncan SA-1 Acoustic Tube Passive Magnetic Soundhole Pickup image 1
Seymour Duncan SA-1 Acoustic Tube Passive Magnetic Soundhole Pickup image 1
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Seymour Duncan SA-1 Acoustic Tube Passive Magnetic Soundhole Pickup
In Stock!

Seymour Duncan Pickups - It's all about tone!

Seymour Duncan's Acoustic Tube SA-1 is the perfect no-fuss solution for instant on-stage amplification of an acoustic guitar. Just pop the SA-1 into the soundhole and you've got a lower-impedance, passive magnetic pickup. Plug into any acoustic guitar amp, PA, or mixer using the short cable with a 1/4" output and start strumming. The Acoustic Tube SA-1 provides warm, natural tone with a flat response. The onboard volume control puts you in charge of your on-stage levels. Get the most from your acoustic with Seymour Duncan's Acoustic Tube SA-1!

Seymour Duncan Acoustic Tube SA-1 Features:
  • Humbucker
  • Passive magnetic soundhole pickup
  • Color: Black
  • Moderate output
  • On-board volume control
  • Warm, natural tone
  • Fits soundhole from 3.85" to 4.10"
  • Includes short cable with 1/4" female jack
Your tone begins with Seymour Duncan pickups!

Why Choose Seymour Duncan?
Quite simply, it boils down to tone. Seymour Duncan has spent the majority of his life refining the art of creating pickups. Seymour Duncan is dedicated to getting the best tone possible from his pickups, from modern metal monsters to faithful reproductions of gems from the '50s and '60s. We know tone is important to you which is why we choose to carry Seymour Duncan pickups. With the massive amount of pickups available from Seymour Duncan, you're certain to find the sound you've been looking for.

Tech Specs

Position Soundhole
Manufacturer Part Number 11500-01

Customer Reviews

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Last with Age

I have been using this same pick- up for over twenty years now. still works great. and I paid over $100 twenty years ago! It is adjustable in hole size and also can adjust height to strings. Most conveinient feature that no other had 20 years ago was the volume control right there at pickup. can be moved from one guitar to another but I did make more permanent install using a strap button 1/4 Jack. I have purchased a total of five for mine and my friends other guitars. I have used a couple less expensive but always return to the SA-1. that volume control is worth every penny.
Music background: 25 years Bass & Guitar in Country bands and Sunday mornings

Really great!

This product is fantastic. I put it on my Fender 12-string and it sounds absolutely wonderful. The volume control on the pickup is great for performances. I highely recommend.
Music background: Have been in two bands and occasionaly do solo performances.

Great authentic sound

This pick up delivers great sound. When I first plugged it in I wasn't certain it was working - I was sitting next to the amp (fishman loudbox mini) and the volume wasn't cranked - the sound from the pickup/amp was pretty much identical to the sound I was getting from the body of the guitar. That is what I want from an acoustic pick up! Depending on where in the sound hole you place it you can get a different sound. I'm not crazy about having cable running outside the guitar and having something across the soundhole took a bit to get used to. it fits snug so it can be a bit tricky to install but I can't take away stars for any of that because that is all part of being a removeable pickup. I use it in my Travel-air (awesome guitar!) and that makes it a breeze to install and remove - I will also use it in my 1967 Martin when I need to plug that in. I just had the pickup replaced in my Taylor ( for $$$) and honestly think that the sound of this little gem might be better.
Music background: Pro musician

The Best Soundhole Pickup Under $100

This is hands down the best soundhole pickup under $100. Sure, there are better ones for maybe $160 (the LR Baggs M1 for example), but to my knowledge there isn't another pickup better than this that isn't a permanent install or involves modifying the guitar. This is the best temporary soundhole pickup on the market right now. Period. When I was looking for a replacement for my Dean Markley Pro Mag (which hummed way too much despite being humbucking) what sold me on the SA1 was the volume control and the female jack. When I got it, I wasn't too sure how good it was since I didn't have an acoustic amp or an amp that did anything spectacular with acoustic guitar. Now I have the Vypyr VIP 2 which I got specifically because it can be used with acoustic and I know just how amazing both of these pieces of gear are. I use this pickup to amplify my acoustic in church and the SA1 absolutely gives you acoustic tone. Not only that, it gives you good tone. It doesn't give you that typical piezo tone where you hear all string noises but it doesn't sound like an actual acoustic guitar, instead it gives you a tone that actually sounds like a guitar, not a bunch of strings. Last night at practice I finally had some time to myself to really mess with tones and flipped it onto the Trace channel on the VIP. I was floored. It sounded like my guitar. Not a lot of acoustic amplification methods, especially temporary ones, can do that. The SA1 gives great tone, and paired with a good acoustic amp like a Fishman Loudbox, I can only imagine how great it sounds. As mentioned, the two main features that make this pickup different, the volume control and female jack, are huge. The female jack means it should have a much longer life than something with a male jack, and it's a lot easier to pack up and put in a case since there isn't 20 feet of cable to wrap up. The volume control is also fantastic. You can simply and easily turn down your guitar or mute it without having to touch your amp at all. If you have an acoustic guitar with no electronics and you need to plug in without modifying your guitar, definitely buy this pickup. It's not even $100 but it's by far the best temporary soundhole pickup there is right now. It's a little tricky to install the first time, but after the first three times it's effortless. You can't go wrong with this pickup. While I use an amp, it should sound alright through a PA, although a tad thin in my experience. It's nothing a little EQ can't solve. It still sounds better than most piezo systems I've heard direct to PA. (Excluding Taylor's systems.) TIP: There's a small loop in the cable near the jack. If you push the tape holding it there up a little, it will be big enough to put around your endpin and then it won't hang down while you're playing. You may also want to tape the cable behind the guitar so it stays back there.
Music background: Self-taught guitarist. Sound engineering student this fall.


I received today and installed and tested out the Seymour Duncan SA-1 Acoustic word...OUTSTANDING!!!!!! I installed in my very old Oscar Schmidt Washburn Acoustic guitar. I didn't want to drill or modify my guitar as it's in Excellent condition. With this pickup there's no mods needed. Out of the package I was up and playing within 30 seconds! The pickup does an outstanding job maintaining the acoustical tone, even with the volume wheel turned all the way up. And when I played "finger style" it has a very sweet warm/soft tone but the volume is still there. Something I didn't see in the description is there's a height adjustment so you can either move closer or away from the strings or adjust one end but not the other. This is in the instruction booklet that's included. Also if you play more bass notes you can move the pickup closer to your E string and the reverse for playing the high E string. Whether you play with a pic or classic finger style, the Seymour Duncan SA-1 Acoustic Tube WILL deliver that pure acoustic tone with plenty of volume! (My wife said that she could hear it over the high pitch of the vacuum cleaner even!) I highly recommend this pickup for the Acoustic guitar player!
Music background: Pro Musician, Live Sound Engineer
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