Seymour Duncan SA-6 Mag Mic Acoustic Soundhole Mic System

Acoustic Guitar Pickup with Built-in Condenser Mic
Seymour Duncan SA-6 Mag Mic Acoustic Soundhole Mic System image 1
Seymour Duncan SA-6 Mag Mic Acoustic Soundhole Mic System image 1
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Seymour Duncan SA-6 Mag Mic Acoustic Soundhole Mic System
In Stock!

Acoustic Pickup and a Condenser Mic in One

The Seymour Duncan Mag Mic Acoustic Guitar Pickup is a two-fisted approach to getting outstanding sound from your axe. Savvy studio engineers often combine mic and pickup sources to achieve a great acoustic sound. The Mag Mic gives you a high-quality hum-cancelling Stack magnetic pickup as well as an omni-directional condenser mic - all in one convenient unit. This innovative arrangement serves up your guitar's native warmth along with jaw-dropping full-spectrum detail, making the Mag Mic your acoustic guitar's new best friend. For crystal-clear, natural amplified acoustic tone, reach for Seymour Duncan's Mag Mic.

Seymour Duncan Mag Mic Acoustic Guitar Pickup at a Glance:
  • The best of both worlds
  • It's a pickup. It's a mic. It's both!
  • Beyond traditional acoustic tone
The best of both worlds

If you've tried a few acoustic guitar pickups, you know they tend to amplify the vibrations of the strings at the expense of the body resonance of the instrument. That's why, when it comes to recording acoustic, experienced studio engineers will almost always reach for a condenser mic. OK - we hear you say - that's fine for the studio, but it's rather impractical onstage. Enter the Seymour Duncan Mag Mic Acoustic Guitar Pickup.

It's a pickup. It's a mic. It's both!

Seymour Duncan's Mag Mic Acoustic Guitar Pickup incorporates an omni-directional condenser mic that sits under the pickup - recessed into your guitar's soundhole, so you don't get all the nasty leakage associated with miking an acoustic onstage. The magnetic pickup is always on. A convenient volume control lets you blend in as much of the microphone as you want, for a natural, warm sound enhanced by your guitar's body resonance.

Beyond traditional acoustic tone

Duncan's Mag Mic can do loud. It can even do overdrive and intentional feedback. Wait a minute! We're still talking acoustic, right? High-gain - overdriven amps - isn't exactly the first thing that pops into your head when considering acoustic guitar, yet there are talented artists such as David Lindley, Ben Harper, and Xavier Rudd,that are using Seymour Duncan's Mag Mic to explore new sonic frontiers in acoustic music. So go ahead - be our guest. Forge your own signature sound with the Seymour Duncan Mag.

Seymour Duncan Mag Mic Acoustic Guitar Pickup Features:
  • It's a pickup and a mic
  • High-quality hum-cancelling Stack magnetic pickup
  • Omni-directional condenser mic
  • Convenient volume control lets you blend in as much of the mic as you want
Get crystal-clear, natural amplified acoustic tone with Seymour Duncan's Mag Mic!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 11520-21

Customer Reviews

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LIfe Changing Sound....

I have a few Taylors with the ES2 systems. Works excellent, for recording....not so great for Live Performance with a Band/Backing Tracks. I installed this pickup on my 914 CE and it is amazing. All I can say it is a completely different animal and is now my go to Live Acoustic Guitar. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. I am buying a few more for some of my other guitars.

Great on Taylor 914

Been testing a number of different soundhole pickup systems. This one sounds the most natural to me. I am going to permanently install this in my Taylor 914.

FANSTASTIC pickup with true acoustic tone and incredible feedback resistance

Recently, I was trying to find good pickup for my 2012 Baritone 8-string LTD. The ES1 wasn't a good fit and my favorite Baggs Anthem SL wasn't either as it had too much pressure from the low B on the transducer. I even considered sending the thing back to Taylor for the ES2 upgrade which would've cost me $300 plus shipping both ways--yikes! And then this happened. I randomly remembered the Seymour Duncan Mag Mic sound hole pickup a few weeks ago. It had never been an option because I typically HATE sound hole pickups, but the youtube videos sounded great so I figured I would try it. The Mag Mic is a hybrid between a very nice humbucker pickup (twice the posts for a rich tone even without mic) and a condenser microphone. There's a volume knob and a blend knob that fades the mic in and out. The mic on 100% is still a blend with the pickup. It is thin and low key for being a sound hole pickup. The black was a very good choice as it looks very streamlined. This is a game-changer! It sounds incredible and will be permanently installed in my guitar for sure. I just plugged it into my little Mackie 150W speaker and CRANKED the volume enough to hurt my ears and sat 3 feet from it with it pointed to the sound hole. ZERO feedback even with the mic all the way up. The sweet spot seems to be around 50-65% mic. Lastly (yes, the end is near), the pickup comes with the option for an external (non permanent) installation with a cable that drapes gently outside the sound hole rather than having to drill an input jack. It can easily switch from guitar to guitar (although not in a live environment). This is an easy self install with a lot of options for how permanent it is. Keep in mind that after the install you will have to adjust the posts to get a good balanced sound from each string. However, this is a set and forget. Overall, this gets 6 stars and I highly recommend and will use again.
Music background: Semi-Professional

Warm sound, bright highlights, no feedback, gigging guitar!

4 years ago, I was looking to make my new acoustic guitar acquisition gig-ready. It was an unmarked, though used Sigma DR-35 that sounded very much like my lost Martin D-28. 'How to get that sound out of a PA?", I wondered. After research, I decided that the volume controls and the mic blending would give me the greatest parameters to shape my sound. Once the unit arrived, I realized that I also had the opportunity to screw each magnet string screw in or out to increase or decrease the volume of each string. Once string volume is set, you just install the pickup. The preamp battery mounting and the endpin jack installation were mild challenges. I mounted my battery with marine grade velcro to the heel of the neck inside the body. I now gig almost exclusively with this guitar despite owning several other more respectably named guitars. As strings get old and less bright, I brighten my sound with more mic volume. It's a much more weathered, no muss, no fuss, reliable guitar, with a great sound and great feedback control, no matter how loud I get.
Music background: Church song leader, gigging musician.

Nice Pickup

Made a huge difference in my ability to perform some acoustic stuff on stage.
Music background: Professional musician
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