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Ibanez S970W - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from Tucson, AZ June 5, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Guitar, Classical and electric 40 years

    Ibanez S PREMIUM

    This is the machine to own. Don't deny yourself this pleasure like I did for so many years. If your at the "next" level of playing, you owe this to yourself. This thing was completely dialed in when I got it. The action was as good as you could get it (low). It came with a nice gig bag and Nickel D'adarrio strings, which I am now a fan of. These guys took such good care of me, it was sick. The price was unbeatable, too.

  • from New Berlin, WI February 22, 2013Music Background:

    Best online store

    Friendly and exceptional customer service from day 1, even
    after reception of product. The guitar I purchased was immaculate
    upon opening. I brought it to a guitar tech friend to check facets of its
    Setup. he was surprised how perfectly it was setup and delivered even
    After. Wing shipped thru Wisconsin winter-lol. The instrument is one even
    Satriani would be proud to play. For me, it's. Eyond expectation. Thanks Sweetwater. I highly recommend this company, theyve earned my first stop in music purchases in the future.

  • from kansas city, MO September 9, 2013Music Background:
    professional club musician 30 + years

    Ibanez S970W

    This is the first S series guitar i have ever owned, i have had a couple of RGs in the past and they were great guitars ...this one is proving to be just as satisfying. The fit and finish on this guitar is upper end...looks wise its beautiful... the pictures don't do justice to the actual color, which is actually a little richer and deeper than the photos would indicate ...i love good looking instruments. this is definitely a looker... the action is...well.. just perfect... the trem setup was little dull i thought ... so i loosened it up some and yes fluttering is harder on the ZR system but not impossible it is all about just learning a new way to make it work ( try snapping off ur finger from under the bar)... i love the fact that you can do double stop bends and all the other tasty tricks that you lose when using a floyd ...the zr system is not your fathers floyd rose ...it s something way more cutting edge...

    ok so on to the pickups... nice... very nice maybe not enough for serious metal players...but absolutely more than enough for all you satriani freaks out there... plus the tonal palette is HUGE...i managed to get a tele sound , a strat sound, a woody les paul type of sound, as well as the progressive rock shredder type tones out of this guitar , extremely versatile.. and lightweight..very lightweight... for guys with back problems this is godsend... for you old timers that are worried bout a lack of mass equaling crappy tone? don't worry you wont notice it much, the tone is FAT and SASSY when you want it without all that extra weight... the tone knob is very wide and responsive and the black nickel hardware and the rubber knurls on the knobs is a nice touch...

    i gave it a 4.5 for two reasons .. one is lack of a hardshell case the gig bag is ok nothing wrong with it but a case would have been nicer... and the jack recess had some flaws in the finish ...i know this is kind of nit picky but after a few years that could be a place where the finish starts to undo itself i'm going to put a little poly in there with a small brush to strengthen it, that should solve any potential future problem... all in all a great guitar that i am proud to own...

  • from Grand Prairie,Tx. September 27, 2012Music Background:
    Ex musician, currently hobbyist

    Piece of Art

    This is an extremely beautiful guitar that sounds & plays as good as it looks. My main complaint is I was disappointed in the finish on the back of the neck. Beautifully designed shape on the neck & plays like a dream ,BUT, mine has a couple of locations on the back of the neck that are rough as though some sanding was not done properly. Not really a big deal but not what I would expect for a $1K instrument.
    Also, I had a difficult time setting the intonation & tuning it properly. This was my fault as I'm not familiar with this type of tremolo. Had to go to Ibanezs' website & watch a video on how to set it up. After that, this trem is as advertised. You can divebomb all day & it DOES stay in tune. Wish Ibanez had given some real instructions on how to setup this trem with the guitar instead of having to look for it. I think they could have given a case with it instead of a gigbag too.That's my reasons for not giving it a higher rating.
    Overall, once you know how to set this beauty up, it's INCREDIBLE! Love it!

  • from March 11, 2013

    Good guitar

    Right out of the box it was set up really nice. But after a day or two I started noticing a buzz on the upper frets. Took it in to get looked at by a luthier and found that the 12th fret had popped out slightly. It was fixed but it still is a bit iffy with bending and such on the upper frets. I have sent it back to get fixed via the warranty and can only hope it will come back beautiful. There is also a finish flaw on the body. A bubble. I suppose I don't care too much about the body flaw as long as it plays right, but for what you pay you should at least get a guitar without flaws and fret issues.
    The guys at Sweetwater are amazing with taking care of their customers. I love this guitar and hope the issues can be resolved. If not, I am sure I will find another guitar that will do just fine. If I can help it, I only buy from Sweetwater. If for some reason I can't, I feel like it's a gamble. These guys keep my studio running and are extremely reliable.

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