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Ibanez S770PB - Poplar Burl Natural Flat Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from September 2, 2016Music Background:
    He does the heavy.

    Amazing guitar for the price.

    Just wow. This guitar screams quality. The shine of the poplar burl under light is just incredible. It's light and easy on my back, and it has a bit of that darker tone mahogany is known for. The neck is thin, fat and incredibly fast for all you shredders, tappers and sweepers out there. It also sports an amazing tremolo system in conjunction with the locking nut. I dunno how many times I've dive-bombedr to see how out of tune it got, and it never once got out of tune.Now this thing is versatile with it's HSH pick up configuration, and I plan on using all of the pick up configurations based on what style I'm headed after. I actually have the thing strapped on as I'm writing this review! I wanna thank Adam my sales engineer for being a rad dude and helping me out with getting the guitar to me!

  • from new york,new york November 4, 2014Music Background:

    My new best friend

    This review is for two things..product AND service.First the guitar..what can you say about a guitar that because of its thin(and i mean thin) body you can play for hours and never feel the drag of the weight that i have experienced in ANY of my guitars.(not bragging but as a owner of a collection that now has reached 98,i think that has earned me the right to qualify myself as knowledgable about the MANY different styles of guitars),THEN the absolute stunning beauty of the guitar speaks for itself.Many tone options and sound that competes with some of the "best".If you can grab one I believe that it will become the ONE you go for most of the time.NOW the service,I left feeling like a good buddy just sold me a guitar.If anyone has ever dealt with that "center" place you feel like you've just dealt with a used car salesman.These guys are different,they really care!! From the time i ordered to even today they want to know im satisfied.That's how people in the music biz should be! I am an artist and musician and have always felt like we walk in a "club" together whose members are about the MUSIC!! My sales engineer(don't know i like that title..think i prefer the title "my new best bud") was Adam Bruce,(which i usually have a problem dealing with people with two first names..only kidding).Anyway Adam made that sale as if I were there at the store! Friendly,knew wtf he was talking about AND more importantly wtf I was talking about.We even worked on the price to be competative with other deals posted on the other sites.Good luck finding THAT from those chain stores!! Well i guess ill wrap it up by saying "from now on Im not even gonna bother with anyone else,im just gonna call my bud Adam at Sweetwater and get what im looking for from my "friends".......p.s If Adam reads this..my next purchase i wanna make is a Gretsch White Falcon............hmmmm...

  • from Fairbanks, Alaska November 30, 2013Music Background:
    Hobby guitarist of 30 years.

    Full Circle... very happy with this guitar.

    My first Ibanzez was the 540S... fell in love with that guitar and should have never sold her. Have always wanted to find a replacement for the fit and feel and amazing playability that guitar provided. This S770 does the trick for me very well.

    I bought this guitar online through Sweetwater, and it was the very first and only guitar I have ever purchased without first playing it. Stress! But... I know the S770 has a direct lineage back to my beloved 540S... with the same body style and a very similar neck... just a bit thicker. I could deal with that.

    Received shipment, took it out of the box, and it felt like a long lost friend had returned.

    Only reason I didn't give this guitar five stars was for the same issues others have posted... neck pickup wouldn't stay put, and would actually get so loose, it'd rattle around in the cavity... and it seems to de-tune with aggressive playing.

    Other than that, this is an excellent guitar. I've owned mine for over a year now and, after getting it set up properly, couldn't be happier. I always bring my new guitars in to my local music store after I have played them for a month or so, and have them set up to my specific desires... got the pickup issue fixed, lowered the action a bit... and that was about it.

    I'd like the pickups to be just a little less bright, but with today's processors, it's almost not worth mentioning.

    The neck is smooth and fast with a nice radius for both rhythm and soloing. Not too flat, not too curved. The jumbo frets allow for some nice dig and great sustain. Frets were nice and smooth along the top and bottom edge of the neck... and they've stayed nice and smooth and flush even in the climate extremes here in Alaska.

    Where the neck bolts up to the body, Ibanez made a nice smooth ergonomic curve on the body... makes a nice unobtrusive feel when accessing the upper frets.

    I'm not a big tremolo guy, but Ibanez has made this model with the ability to switch from a stop bridge, to a full floater. Additionally, there's a nifty little accessible adjustment wheel in the spring cavity which will allow you a great amount of spring tensions.

    The fit and finish on my S770 is right near perfect. Love the matte finish burl. Mine is a bit darker with more burls than the one in the photo, but that's what's kinda cool about this finish... each and every guitar is distinctively different looking. Fret markers are original looking and subtle. The banding around the top of the body makes a nice defining edge. Just a stunning looking guitar.

    One of the great features on the 540S, and this S770 model, is the thin smooth body style. Light, unobtrusive, with no rubbing edges. Overall, the entire ergonomics of this guitar is superb.

    This guitar wont be leaving my ownership... she's definitely a keeper and I'm sure I'll be passing her down to my son at some point... some very distant point. ;)

    Overall... beautiful players guitar with some excellent features for the price. Couldn't be happier.

    And Sweetwater was tremendous to work with. Knowledgeable, patient with all my questions, worked with me on the best shipping method and delivered on time. And how cool is it to see the actual guitar online that you will be purchasing?! Awesome feature for their site.

    Rock on!!!

  • from United States June 7, 2012Music Background:
    recording/playing musician, engineer/sound hobbyist, student

    gorgeous work of art

    I've had this guitar for a little more than half a year. I have to say that I still am awe-struck whenever I see it. The poplar burl top is gorgeous. I'd byt this over the prestige for that reason alone.

    Right out of the box, it was pretty much fine. I didn't like the coated strings that came with it though, and 9's were just too loose, so I put on some GHS .95s, and now it's perfect. The pickups are fine, nothing special. If you're picky about that sort of thing, you may need to switch them out. I love the five-way switch that comes with them too. The 24 frets are excellent, and nicely spaced apart. Little to no fret buzz, despite my low action. As with any S-series, it's insanely thin and comfortable (but it takes no tone away, and even sounds fuller than many other guitars.)

    Now, the best part. The trem. It is the best trem I've ever used, and while it may not stay quite as %100 in tune as some high-end epiphone-installed floyds, it comes in a close second place. But, it is MUCH less finicky than any other standard floyd. The Ibanez ZR system is great, and despite common belief, you can, in fact, flutter with it (as long as the bar is facing away from your picking hand). The spring tension is finger-adjustable, and when set up right, you may not even have to change tension (or touch any other strings besides the bottom one for that matter) going between drop-D and standard tunings. Even the intonation is easily adjustable with a screw that attaches to the trem, so you don't need to put it in a little baggie, since it's always with your guitar. The only downside to the ZPS system is that there is no "Tremel-no" to fit it. It is too abstract for the company to make one.

    I could rant about the guitar for a while, but those are the main points. Only few problems: no "tremel-no", simple pickups, and soft wood (I've found a few small dents in it already). But good points: gorgeous one-of-a-kind finish, light-weight with big tone, easy playability, excellent tremolo.

  • from Syracuse, NY March 20, 2012Music Background:
    Pro level musician, recording artist, producer, engineer

    A true player's guitar with some upscale appointments

    I've had this instrument for about 2 months, so the honeymoon phase is pretty much over and I feel that I can write a reasonable review of the instrument. To give you some context of where this review is coming from, I also own a Fender American Special Stratocaster and a Carvin Bolt Plus - in other words, I'm not a stranger to quality made US instruments.

    First of all, what is this guitar? This is the highest end S series guitar that is available (as of 2012) short of a Japanese made Prestige. The thing that separates the S770 from its cheaper siblings is its upscale features. As the previous reviewer said, the poplar burl veneer is completely unique on each guitar, and offers a fresh alternative to the standard quilt and flame maple veneers that are featured on many other instruments in this price range. The attention to detail and cleanliness of the application of the two tone body binding and neck binding is fairly rare for an instrument made in the far east. The inlay work is great and there is only a slight bit of tool marking on one of the frets. If none of these things are important to you and you are looking for a beater/workhorse version of this guitar, then consider one of the cheaper/plainer S series without the veneer top, which feature the exact same pickups and hardware. It will sound exactly the same.

    Despite being significantly thinner than my other alder bodied electric guitars, it is easily the loudest acoustically. I attribute this to the mahogany body. When you play a note, you can literally feel the vibrations up and down the neck and body very distinctly - even running up to the tremolo bar in your hands. The stock pickups are definitely on the hotter end of the scale. The INF2 bridge pickup is, for all intents and purposes, an Ibanez take on the DiMarzio Tone Zone, but with more emphasis on the mid range and slightly less highs. Individual strings sound well defined, even when put under heavy distortion. Harmonics are excellent and this instrument loves to bleed into feedback very easily. The middle single coil is also high output and does not sound vintage by any stretch of the imagination. It has a sound that I can only describe as 'hi fi'. Modern clean tones with chorusing are fantastic and bright, but don't expect to coax any Gilmour out of it. The neck pickup is the least impressive out of all of the positions. I can't say anything necessarily bad about it other than the fact that it sounds like your stereotypical stock neck pickup. I will likely be swapping it out for a DiMarzio Air Norton. Everything else will remain the same.

    My setup was a little screwy out of the box and the guitar was plagued with tuning issues. After adjusting the bridge angle and flipping around the locking nut pads 180 degrees, my problems disappeared. The ZR bridge is fantastic and very easy to adjust - you can adjust its height and angle with ease, and there is no possible way to adjust individual saddle height, which means one less thing to screw up - a welcome change from annoying non-locking tremolo systems.

    The neck profile is your standard Ibanez neck - you will either love it or hate it. Relatively thin and with a flat fretboard - perfect for shredding, but not as comfortable as my Carvin for chording. Bending is dreamy and I find myself playing much more freely and creatively since having this guitar. All in all, a great instrument. I had some concerns over putting so much money towards a non-Prestige instrument, but I'm glad I took the dive.

  • from delaware October 7, 2010Music Background:
    pianist/composer-student guitar hobbyist

    Had s770pb for a while now,I like the guitar but I have difficulty with the pickups.

    When I first received the s770pb it was great. At the time I didn't know much about guitars. One thing I noticed that was a little bothersome was that if I increase the pickup height it wouldn't stay up. After playing it a few months I was wondering how I could fix this.Maybe I'm just doing something wrong. I don't play guitar professionally so it's not a big problem for me.
    It still beats my "G" brand guitar and it's easier to play too.

  • from dover, delaware September 12, 2010Music Background:
    professional musican classically trained, background player for at restaurants

    A good guitar but needs adjustments; a one of a kind poplar top like your fingerprint!

    The Ibanez s770pb is a good, well rounded guitar. I was looking for a new electric guitar with a narrow, fast neck, since I have small hands .Aesthetically, its a work of art with real a Poplar wood top( what's really neat is that no two tops are the same.) and a mahagony back. The neck is a wizard II the mesurement at the 12 th fret is is pretty narrow, the sound is very clean. The tremolo is the Zero Point system, It has floating ball bearing design, but I don't use the tremolo often, since Iike to play classical guitar and my own creations. Despite the mahogany neck the guitar is lighter.

    Cons. I recently adjusted the infs pickups to a higher position but it won't stay. It just goes to a lower one after a day or so. I'm not sure how to remedy the situation, but I really don't play loud anyway.
    Neck is not as small and for my hands as I would have liked it. The
    guitar goes out of tune more than I actually thought it would.

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