Peavey Sanctuary Series S-4 No Longer Available

4-Channel Rackmountable Mixer with Automix and Mid-Morph EQ
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Peavey Sanctuary Series S-4 image 1

Sorry, the Peavey Sanctuary Series S-4 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Peavey Sanctuary Series S-4
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This Affordable Standalone or Plug-in Mixer Practically Runs Itself!

The Peavey Sanctuary Series is a breakthrough group of mixers specifically designed to make pro quality audio easy and cost-effective for houses of worship. Peavey knows that in most cases, churches and other worship centers simply cannot afford to hire an experienced sound technician. So they put their design team to work creating a mixer that can quite literally do most of the work all by themselves. For instance, the Sanctuary Series S-4's onboard Automix function will switch from lapel to pulpit microphones automatically and even turn the volume down when a mic is not in use. Special Mid-Morph Equalization adjusts to give clarity to voices while eliminating boominess. There's even a digital reverb and vocal enhancer onboard the S-4. With an unwavering attention to detail, the Peavey Sanctuary Series are investments that will pay big dividends in ease-of-use and flawless audio quality for any worship services.

Peavey Sanctuary Series S-4 Features at a Glance:
  • 4-channel compact mixer
  • Four Automix channels with soft-knee compression
  • Two-band equalization on all channels plus Mid-Morph EQ

Four-channel compact mixer
The Peavey Sanctuary Series S-4 is the most compact, most affordable mixer in the Sanctuary Series. It's perfect for applications where only a few mics or some line inputs are required. But because the S-4 is capable of being linked to other S-4 units via TRS cables, you can expand your system as your needs grow without spending more than you need at startup time. Naturally, the S-4 includes 48-volt phantom power for use with highly sensitive cardioid condenser mics. But there's more: Of course, the best part of the Sanctuary Series is that the majority of the functions are under auto control, meaning you get superb sound quality without requiring a sound tech with a degree in audio engineering. Now that's what we call "User Friendly!"

Four Automix channels with compression built-in
Okay, Automix sounds impressive, but does it really work? You bet! The Peavey S-4 has (no surprise) four fully-automated channels onboard. That means the unit will take care of things like switching from lapel to pulpit mics automatically and turning down the volume of all channels not currently in use. Automix not only simplifies the mixing of spoken word microphones, but also improves sound quality and increases available microphone gain for soft-spoken individuals thanks to a special "soft-knee" compression circuit. This helps keep things from getting too loud or so soft nobody can hear a word. End result? Crystal-clear audio with no extraneous noise.

Mid-Morph equalization plus low and high EQ on each channel
The very best mixers allow audio to be precisely tuned to a particular environment by using sophisticated equalization. Unique to the S-4 is Mid Morph equalization, which is actually two EQ controls in one. When the knob is cut, it pulls out low-mid frequencies that muddy the sound. When boosted, it shifts to an upper-mid frequency that brightens the vocal range. Every channel on the S-4 includes Mid Morph EQ as well as normal low and high EQ. Mid-Morph can actually enhance vocal or music clarity, as well as eliminate the boominess that may result from less than perfect room acoustics.

Peavey Sanctuary Series S-4 Features:
  • Four input channels with phantom power
  • Four Automix channels with "soft-knee" compressors
  • Two-band EQ with low and high shelf
  • Special Mid-Morph EQ circuitry with cut/boost
  • Exclusive linking capabilities let you "grow your system"
  • Includes headphone monitoring and PFL signal metering
  • Individual channel mutes
  • Output level (30dB) trim control
  • Manual or full auto mode on channels three and four
The Peavey Sanctuary Series S-4 can solve your most frustrating audio problems!

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Manufacturer Part Number 00511750

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