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PreSonus Studio One Professional 2.6 Crossgrade (download) Reviews

5.0 stars based on 24 customer reviews
  • from Valdosta GA May 22, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Producer/Engineer

    Studio One 2

    I have been using Pro Tools 8 for several years. I cannot believe how much more Iike Studio One. It does sound better to me in side by side comparisons. It does not crash and it can utilize all my RAM not just the limited amount that ProTools does. It also has much nicer stock plugins that sound very pro. Bounce down in less than real time is awsome, MP3 export without having to buy it as a option and most of all it can be used with any controller. The way it handles Melodyne is a huge time saver also.

  • from Buena Vista, CO USA April 12, 2014Music Background:
    Ex-Pro Hobbyist

    New to Studio One Pro

    As I learn more and more about the software, I'm convinced that this is great DAW. Very convenient to use and I work faster and faster as time goes on. I have used two other DAWs and this one just seems to work-period. Bi-Directional Drag and Drop = Superior Control. Love it!

  • from Atlanta, GA November 24, 2013Music Background:
    Sound Design, Composition, Post

    Studio one

    I upgraded to studio one v.2 Pro from the producer level., to post a indie film. I had been working with it for composition and sound design previously. I love the work flow of studio one. Coming from a protools background I am not left missing anything, especially considering having access to the project page. I mean come on, I can quickly create songs and master full projects with K system metering in one program. I can even change the mix in the middle of mastering. Plus batch processing, awesome effects and being able to use the same quick keys as another program if I want. What else do you need?

  • from New Orleans, LA July 20, 2013Music Background:

    This is the DAW I have been looking for

    I can not believe how intuitive this software is. I've worked with so many over the years and Studio One 2.5 is simple to understand and even easier to use. I have finally found the program I've been looking for all these years. Not having to waste time with mundane tasks allows me to jump in and be creative.

  • from Scottsdale, AZ July 3, 2013Music Background:

    A great DAW at any price

    I've been using Studio One since v1.5. For my needs (multi-tracking, mixing, lots of pre-production), I probably barely scratch the surface of what it can do in some respects, but have yet to find something I need to do that it can't do with ease. All of the controls are either very intuitive or easy to research in the manual or Presonus forums. There is still a learning curve, as with any software, but if you're able to spend a few hours with it before needing to do anything critical you'll probably be fine. I've used other applications such as Pro Tools, DP and Cubase since way back in the day and have also spent more hours than I'd like to admit editing and mastering audio with SADiE. Studio One is the first DAW that both sounds and feels complete without being clunky. The quality of the included content and plug-ins is great. I use many of the plug-ins on every session. Throw in a few third party plug-ins if you want some different "colors" and you'll be cruising.

  • from Kansas City, KS, USA April 12, 2013Music Background:
    Ex Pro Musician, Church Musician, Hobbyist

    Amazingly Intuitive

    Although I'm an experienced musician, this is my first DAW. I'm amazed at how intuitive the interface is for something that is so feature rich. I've downloaded plugins only to find that I already had a more competent feature already within the package. The drag-n-drop interface is most appealing, and I rarely find myself lost. When I do, the community forums are top notch, with many helpful users than seemingly never sleep. I'm trying to purchase Komplete 9, as the S1 Pro comes with Komplete Elements. I'm waiting to find out if I am eligible for a cross-grade or upgrade. If I am eligible, that further increases the value of this package. Melodyne is another valuable addition, and is a breeze to use. Note: If using this DAW in native 64bit mode, you can only use true 64bit VSTs. I have wasted a few dollars on un-useable purchases. This DAW also does not have surround support, though I'm hoping that it can be patched in with a later update. All-in-all I am stoked to be using such a complete solution for recording.

  • from Commack, NY April 4, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar, Recording Engineer

    Great program for mastering

    Easy to use, organized to mastering songs for online or CD delivery. All the tools you'll need to finish your master and then some .

    DAW portion is great. easy transition from Pro Tools. Highly recommend Studio One 2.5

  • from Tilton, NH March 14, 2013Music Background:
    20+years live performing, live/studio engineer

    The BEST DAW.

    Ok, I have been doing home studio for over 12 years, so you can image the kind of dinosaurs I have worked with as far as gear is concerned. I won't tell you all about me because that is a waste of your time, but let me just say I have been around the block a few times. It's not the years that count, it's the mileage.
    I have used many different DAWs and they all did ok, but this one leaves them all at the curb standing like fools in the rain.
    The features that are included in this program are everything you could want to truly get complete control over your home studio projects. From fx and eq's that really sound great to compressors, limiters, and gates that work like real rack mounted gear, this DAW delivers..! The drag and drop functions makes so many things so simple. I have owned this program for 6 months and it would take me an hour to tell you all the great things about it I have found. What is amazing is I have less than 70% of this program figured out, I have barely even started to learn about the Mastering Section, (a feature not included on the "industry standard" program). I did a Cd for a friend last year on ProTools. When I got Studio One, I recorded his newest song and rough mixed it after the recording session. He was so blown away by the sound he asked me to remix all of the songs from his last Cd..! I remixed the first one already, and the mix I got was 10 times better sounding than the Cd, and it took me less than half of the time to get that mix. If you own a home studio, BUY THIS PROGRAM..! It could turn out to be the BEST investment you ever make. One other thing, I recommend that you have a computer that has some processing power. Once you get used to this DAW you will be able to do mixing and editing so fast that your old computer may not be able to keep up.

  • from United States January 11, 2013Music Background:
    Procude, Recording Engineer, Pro musician


    I've been using Sonar for many years, having problems with Latency, Drop outs and Bugs, etc... just the first day I got Studio One as my DAW I had no difficulty to work. Bye-bye SONAR!!!! It has every thing you need. Studio One is simply amazing! It sounds good, very easy to use, fast working, is not a software that requires very much of your CPU. I liked it even more than Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic...

  • from Boston, MA December 29, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Guitarist and production

    Just Awesome

    I was a Protools user and when Avid released PT10 months after I just paid $300 for PT9 I had enough. I said goodbye to all latency issues and glitches of Protools and I'm so much happier now. Studio One 2.5 is so far ahead of Protools and I am 99.9% glitch free. No freeze ups, no latency with my firestudio project, sounds amazing and professional.

  • from United States December 24, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound and Musician

    Presonus Studio One 2 Professional

    You've reviewed and tried all the Recording software out there and found some to be quite daunting and others to make you buy more and more without getting what you want. Presonus Studio One 2 Pro is just what I needed to further my learning, to record, and do practically anything more than the rival expensive (and expansive) software features. I use the Studio One Pro with a Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2 Mixer and the 4 channel Presonus AudioBox 44 and I would not trade them for ANY other DAW/software regardless of price and features. Of course having Sweetwater expertise makes it a perfect match for assistance to ensure what you want is what you get at a great price. One thing I do recommend...get a Mac! I bought two PC laptops and each did not have the right firewire chipsets to run the Studio Live Mixer.

  • from Galveston, TX June 28, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Semi-Pro Musician

    Mastering the Master

    By fortunate coincidence the same day I decided to finally get a mastering program I got an e-mail alert from Brian VanDeKeere, my long-time Sweetwater Engineer guru, about the new PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional. I already had Studio One (Artist) but it can’t do mastering, so I had been looking to buy one of the many stand-alone mastering software programs. He was confident that Studio One 2 would do what I needed. So I pulled the trigger, gave him my digits and within a few minutes I had the program downloaded. With the help of PreSonus on-line tutorials I was able to master a dozen of my old recordings by the end of the week, and I am just getting started. I am completely stoked with the program even though I've just scratched the surface of this powerful Studio One 2 progrm! The support I got from Brian at Sweetwater and the PreSonus folks made it possible for me to create CDs that have a consistent, professional sound.

  • from Lufkin, TX USA June 27, 2012Music Background:
    Radio program producer, budding audiobook narrator

    O What a Relief it Is! I Love It!

    I've spent hundreds of hours with the giant PT 10 over the last 6 months, but still don't feel comfortable with it. Over the past few weeks I've been studying the powerful and user-friendly Studio One 2 Pro, and each time I learn something new I think, "Yes, that's the way it should be!" and "Oh, that makes so much sense!" Both are great DAWs, and each makes the other easier to understand, but Studio One 2 has lifted a burden. "Try it - you'll like it!"

  • from Omaha, NE June 26, 2012Music Background:
    Guitarist, church & educational composer and recording artist

    Far less frustrating

    I have had Studio One 2 Professional for 3 weeks and am using it to record a Christmas CD. The Groove 3 videos are a great help. I spent a day watching the "Studio One 2 Explained" videos and was quickly up and running. That says a lot, since I am an old guy who does not take to recording easily. I took a college class on the industry standard recording software (you know what I am talking about) and still struggled to get anything done. Too many hidden features, which easily became roadblocks. I had used Abbleton Live Light previously and found it very intuitive. Studio One is even more so.

    I often refer to the Groove 3 videos and look forward to watching the second set of videos, which are more advanced. I will buy both sets when my 30 day Sweetwater Pass runs out. I feel very supported and confident that I will be able to accomplish my recording goals with the Studio One. It works great with my M-Box and ART digital preamp. It is nice to be able to enter my home studio and not feel completely overwhelmed by intimidating recording software. Thanks Presonus and Sweetwater.

  • from Las Vegas, Nv April 30, 2012Music Background:

    Studio One 2 Pro

    So migrating from PC to MAC and from Sonar (only available on PC - so far) to another sequencer was made a lot easier thanks to the expert advice from my friends at Sweetwater.

    The first impression using Studio One was, "This is to too easy to be good." On the opening window, the setup for audio and midi interfaces were all ready to selected. No pull-down menus, no hunting through different terminology, no need to be a spreadsheet guru or hunt for drivers tagged "suspicious" by the operating system.

    From the opening window, things just seemed to be on a firm course for improvement. The idea of having a sample library window at the ready from which sounds and loops are dragged into a track is a boon to the old process of opening a pull-down, searching for and enabling samplers, hunting through the sampler library, loading a sound into a channel and then directing the track . . . well, you know the drill. Studio One is the kind of innovation that says, "you don't have to do it that way any longer". The developers' thinking shows up at almost every point where the old way of starting a session almost beat the creativity out of you. For now, providing a fully detailed critique in the first week of use isn't possible, but I don't think I have to be Kreskin to predict there won't be many reasons for me to be disappointed.

    If I'm granted one wish from the developers of Studio One, it would be to create a seamless migration of performance files from other sampler formats.

    Kudos to the developers of Studio One and many thanks to Sweetwater for their recommendation!

  • from Lafayette March 14, 2012Music Background:

    Like it.

    I switched from Acid Pro 7, which I still use for some things. I really like the program. It is rock solid on my W7 machine and it has all of the "big boy" features that Acid doesn't. I am still new to the program so I have only scratched the surface but so far I really, really like it.

  • from Lacey, WA March 9, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Recording Engineer

    Letting the cat out the bag!

    Let me start off by saying WOW! I tried out the free demo and was blown away.
    Pros: What made me jump on this was the sound quality coming out of this DAW. Yep it wasn't just me who thought so either, people are starting to say it sounds better than other leading DAW.
    It's a cross between Protools, Ableton, Logic and Reaper. I've not even looked back to the rest of the other DAW I own and this is only version 2?
    Everything is right there in your face which makes it easy to navigate but better with two or more screens to take full advantage of the customizing you can do with this DAW.
    It comes with some On-Par built in F.X. for mixing and Mastering with a small drop down window on the mixing console showing great detail with what's going on with e.q, compressor or whatever factory plugin you've installed as an insert on the track.
    Crashed and asked if I wanted to recover the last thing I was working on just like Ableton.
    With Melodyne built in, sound cloud integration and the Pipeline plugin for outboard gear.. yep, a plugin to route any outboard effects in your DAW as a insert, this was a must have for me!

    It freezes when I scroll through my samples too fast in the built in browser but might not be related to the DAW itself.
    A little refining on the factory instruments but not a big deal if you have 3rd party plugins you like to use.

    Overall, this is a outstanding DAW.

  • from Long Island NY February 26, 2012Music Background:
    Pro guitar player

    Love it!!!

    I own a bunch of DAWS, Pro Tools, Logic, Garrage Band. I found studio One to be be both poweful and easy to use. It comes with a bunch of cool extras and best of all there is the exchange where you can find almost anything you want and it's free. I recomend this product it is great

  • from Rhode Island December 23, 2011Music Background:
    Home producer

    Excellent software for all levels

    I am surprised by how silent industry has been regarding this excellent application. This application represents the condensed version of leading competitive DAWS, but in a much more elegant and efficient manner. The work flow is surprisingly obvious, so much so that it takes to believe that it is “that easy”. I am pleased with several factors, primarily CPU management, GUI management and ease of project management. The bundled content is awesome, easily located and easily instantiated. The application has made my work flow much more predictable, stable and rewarding.

  • from Flushing, NY April 9, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Excellent DAW!!!!!

    It is amazing because it is very easy to use. The audio engine sounds very good. The mastering feature is amazing. You can export files is DDP files. The only thing it is lacking is scoring capability. It feels a lot like the Cubase-Nuendo platform. I have not completely switched over to this DAW. However I plan to use it a lot.

  • from January 10, 2013Music Background:
    System engineer / Mastering engineer

    Presonus Studio One 2.5 Professional

    I've invested approx 50 hours intolooking at video tutorials since Christmas. The program is better than I expected it to be. I haven't run into any serious shortcomings in the program. It is relatively easy to learn even for an old guy like me....been making recordings for 50+ years. I have operated various other presonus products like the 24.4.2 mixer, without having to pull out my hair! The software is very carefully designed and very versatile. The modules for analyzing, and eq's etc are easy to use and well thought out, and the general feel of the program gives me confidence. After I use it for for 5 or 6 months I will write an update review.

  • from Denver CO -- moving to Las Vegas NV July 24, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Studio One v2 is the real deal

    This software has a decent learning curve, but due to the huge number of features, it will still take some time to master. It is far easier to learn than Pro Tools and is friendlier to 3rd party support. Pro Tools is the only real professional competition and as of v2, Studio One is a program to be considered for anyone wishing to upgrade to a top of the line software. The price is gentle and the support is excellent. You can speak directly to someone in the US where it is headquartered. This is a huge bonus for some of us.
    The mastering tools are decent and the 3rd party plugin support is wonderful.
    All in all, I am thrilled with this new entry into the professional world of recording!

  • from Milwaukee, WI February 12, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Recording Engineer, Music Production

    Great DAW, not far from being the best

    This DAW is by far the best I have used (logic pro, pro tools, cubase, ableton). It ease of use helps the one man studio (producer, engineer, artist) be able to focus on the more creative on making music then the technical aspects the other DAW's present. The factory tools built in can get you that professional sound you are looking for.

  • from Canada June 28, 2012Music Background:

    An awsome daw for your studio

    Im using this software since around one month, and i'm impress by the quality of this daw. The design is simple but its powerful with all the instruments and loops, Very cool ! Its a must in the studio,Presonus made a great job, cheers Presonus and continu your nice work

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