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PreSonus Studio One Producer 2.6 - Upgrade from Studio One Artist v2 (download) Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    If you need to use third-party plug-ins, definitely get this "Artist to Producer" upgrade. You'll be able to take advantage of all of your plug-ins inside of Studio One - not to mention all of the other great features in PreSonus Studio One 2 Producer. I've been a user of Studio One for around a year now, and I have to say it is one of the best DAWs out there.

  • from Columbus, Michigan January 6, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Musician, Studio Owner

    pleasantly surprised

    Originally bought a bunch of gear (ProTools 11 included) and got a free copy of S1 Artist. I ended up falling in love and upgrading to Pro. So glad that i did! I now use S1 Pro exclusively in my professional studio. S1 is just more user friendly and honestly easier to get a good sound out of. The ability to master your music all on the same software is ridiculously awesome! I could go on and on. Go to youtube. Watch some videos. You'll be impressed!

  • from Clearfield, PA USA December 29, 2014Music Background:
    Experienced guitarist and musician

    So far So Good

    To all of you just starting out this review is for you. I have been playing guitar for over twenty years and can also play drums and bass, and I also sing. From early on I was interested in home recording but always put it on the backburner. I finally took the plunge and am really enjoying it. I am a total noob at this aside from reading a few books. Studio one is very easy to figure out. Aside from software and driver installation you can be laying down tracks in minutes. The one window interface is the key I think, to its ease of use. Everything is right there. The scratch tracks I've been laying down sound excellent already and I'm sure they'll sound even better when I put some real effort into it. Right now I'm probably only using this software at 1/10th of it's ability. Special thanks to my sales engineer Nick Church for always steering me in the right direction. I decided awhile ago that I would only buy from Sweetwater because of the unbelievable customer service. They definitely earned my business.

  • from Philadelphia area March 8, 2014Music Background:
    The Harm's Way Project, Famous Strangers, Uriah Heep, other bands

    Presonus Studio One Producer

    This powerful DAW gives you tons of equipment all in the compact size of your laptop. And the best part is it fits right on your desk. The on-screen functions to get up and running are simple and intuitive. It has a wide variety of effects and modeling amps to make it easy to plug in with your guitar and start recording your ideas and sharing them with others. You have an unlimited amount of tracks and moving your recorded content is easy between tracks. I am recording all my leads, fills and vocals for the next Harm's Way Project album. I highly recommend!

  • from Richmond, VA January 8, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Composer, Producer

    Easy to Use!

    After struggling to understand recording software enough to be able to use it to actually record and mix music, Studio One was the answer for me. It is both powerful and intuitive. Picked it up very quickly. Huge library of content and synths!

  • from Nashville TN December 31, 2013Music Background:
    Pro songwriter, artist, musician, producer, publisher


    I was a bit sceptical about this technology at first. ...... but not any more.

    I got the Presonus interface, mic, and headset package along with Artist One for $200 from Sweetwater. I've already upgraded to Producer which supports 3rd party plugins, like Gsnap free vocal tuner, for $50 more on sale. it's my first home digital recording package, so there's a bit of a learning curve but I was recording almost immediately. I use the manuals as needed, but mostly try my natural instinct first.

    I added an M-audio Keystation 49es midi controller, also on sale for only $50, and that came with a ton of bonus software I didn't even expect, including a whole other recording suite with virtual instruments and players that made cutting basic tracks a no brainer. Editing is time consuming at first but gets easier quickly after learning a few simple tricks. And all these programs are compatible so I can cut on one and edit on another, etc.

    I had already bought a Yamaha YPG-235 keyboard ($200 at Sams Club, including the stand and software. ) which can record analogue or trigger midi sounds. It has tons of onboard loops and sounds as is great for doing strings and horn sections especially. The other controller is more compact and one of the best afterthoughts I ever bought.

    I already have several acoustic guitars that I can play well and I don't need a demo singer, since I can do both lead and harmony vocals in my sleep. I can even turn my male vocals into female vocs if need be .... sorry girls! LOL

    I've been an active songwriter for decades and have spent tens of thousands on studio time and live players. With this stuff and a bit of patience, I can cut the same or better quality demos all by myself that used to cost a few hundred bucks or more each.

    Fortunately, I have loads of experience with live recording and know exactly what I want to hear and how the musical parts should fit together. so only the engineering is new and I'm learning that fast. After only a couple of weeks I'm getting the hang of it and finishing up my first full blown production. The support website and groups make it easy to learn as you go and solve problems as they come up. There are also tons of "how to" videos on the internet.

    I upped the ram to 8gb and got a new sound card for my desktop computer, all for around $140. So basically I have a whole studio for the cost of one live demo. Less than $700 total and I'm ready to cut an entire album or write a symphony. Awesome!

    Conclusion? I should have done this a long time ago!

  • from Near Salem Oregon December 30, 2013Music Background:
    Live sound for church. Plus hobbyist, keyboard and guitar.

    Studio One Producer

    Love the software, enjoy what all I can do on the engineering of laying down a track. Works perfect for my needs and would definitely recommend it. Use it with a ProSonus 24-4-2 mixer - a great match.

  • from Tennessee August 5, 2013Music Background:
    Recording, Mixing, Live Sound, Musician

    Amazing DAW

    This DAW is by far the easiest to use software I've ever used, but also very powerful at the same time. It has an extremely low learning curve because of it's simplicity where as other products would take much longer to master. The included plugins are great and simple to use. I have experience with Pro-Tools and Sonar, and they are also really good, but PreSonus Studio One is so user friendly that it makes mixing much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this product, and it's definitely my #1 choice for recording and mixing.

  • from Lakeville, MN March 19, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Musician, Hobbyist

    Truly amazing DAW

    I've used many different programs to make music before, but none come close to this one. The DAW is by far the easiest to navigate, and sounds phenomenal! Gives a very accurate and true sound

  • from Chicago February 17, 2013Music Background:
    recording engineer @ Recording Style 7


    Great and powerful Daw.
    Bay,bay Samplitude, Sony acid pro, Cubase, Pro Tools.
    Thanks Presonus great job !

  • from Fort Lauderdale, FL January 2, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, live and studio work, songwriter

    Studio One 2.5 Producer

    Great new features from 2.0, so enjoy working with this program.

  • from Arkansas February 10, 2012

    Best Daw I've used

    I have used a few other daws before. I was using Qubase when I received a copy of Studio One Artist with a Presonus interface that I had ordered. When I upgraded to Studio One 2 Producer the software scanned and found all my previously purchased pluggins and made them available to be used in Studio One 2 Producer. This is a very user friendly the program. Everything you need can be seen on one screen when using the expanded mixer mode. The sub-outs which will give up to four players or sings their own separate mix in their headphones are also very easy to use. It also offers loops and other great pluggings within the program. This is a great program.

  • from January 25, 2013

    Powerful DAW

    I gave this a 4.5 because getting help is there, but it's all the digging you have to do to find it. I love the software and I can see that once I learn how to really use it...I will be hooked forever. It is quite wonderful and quite confussing, Powerful and fun.

  • from nevada July 14, 2014Music Background:

    never worked

    I give sweetwater 5 stars for effort, but even with their help the upgrade never loaded. Presonus is excellent hardware, but this time it didn't work.

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