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Zildjian S Series Medium-Thin Crash Cymbal - 18" Reviews

4.5 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Zildjian S Series Medium-Thin Crash Cymbal - 18"?

Questions about the Zildjian S Series Medium-Thin Crash Cymbal - 18"?

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  • from October 6, 2016

    Really good cymbal

    This is an awesome crash cymbal for the money. In my opinion, as a drummer who could only afford ZBTs over the years, the S series crash is a significant step up from the ZBTs. More so than the ZHT cymbals were. The medium-thin weight has a nice feel to it and doesn't feel flimsy. I would highly recommend this cymbal to anyone looking for a new crash and doesn't want to drop all the $$$ on an A custom crash

  • from Munster, IN March 31, 2016

    Not Bad

    Well, when I heard Zildjian Launched a new cymbal Series called the S series, It drew my attention. Never in my life did I own a Zildjian and for sure I wanted something good that wasn't in the beginner sound area example being ZBT. Sweetwater did an excellent job sending this product next day. Very Quick and excellent service. But going back to the cymbal, it had a good cymbal sound. The Medium being a little brighter than the thin series that Zildjian Launched in the Series. Sound was very lively and blends moderately with my other cymbal being a Sabian Xs20 18inch Medium Thin Crash. It does stand out compared to the other cymbals I have, but I guess their motive on the series of being expreSsive does show.

    There was only a few down falls of this cymbal I had but not so bad that it make the cymbal a not worth buying. By all means, this is an excellent cymbal at its price, but each cymbal has a little flaw here and there so here are its flaws.

    1.) Very Sensitive in playing. When you hit the cymbal lightly it sounds out quite loud. When playing soft songs, it will speak out louder than other cymbals. But it all depends on how much power you put on the cymbal in all reality. If you learn to control your playing the cymbal can be good for soft songs. Just need a little getting used to.

    2.) The cymbal had a lot of tarnish or black substance on it. I can't explain what it is specifically but when I cleaned the cymbal with Zildjian Cymbal Polish, ALOT of black tarnish was removed. And I was surprised because this was a brand new cymbal and to have that much tarnish was a little out of the ordinary. I mean I cleaned my Paiste 502 Ride with the same Polish and it didn't have much tarnish compared to this cymbal. But after cleaning the cymbal up, it look much much more shinier. The Sound has improved a bit too so I'm guessing if you clean these cymbals when you first buy them, they'll sound much better.

    All in All, great cymbal for the Price, not bad in sound, Similar to the original Zildjian ZHT model that discontinued, just with a few small upgrades. If your low on Cash, this makes a great cymbal for the price.

  • from April 3, 2016

    Fantastic Cymbal

    I've owned (and own) Zildjian A's, A Customs, K's and K Customs. This new S line hangs right in there with the more expensive series in its own way. Do not let the price fool you with these S cymbals; they are quality instruments and will fit happily in any setup.

Questions about the Zildjian S Series Medium-Thin Crash Cymbal - 18"?

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