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Fender Rumble 75 1x12" 75-Watt Bass Combo Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • from Westchester county NY September 12, 2013

    Punch, Guts and Nuance in a small package

    I've had a few bass amps in my day, from small practice to big cabinet
    with this one falling into the category of big practice/small gig. For it's size it deals a very decent punch but at the same time is also versatile in delivering a nuanced sound. Really thoughtful design with some nice features too. My favorite is the foot switch jack that turns the overdrive circuit (a nice feature itself) on and off. I also like the controls on the front as opposed to the top (Fender please don't move it). I have been using this as one channel for my stereo Rick and since it is doing a good job in both the thump and the guts department, in the future I just might ponder getting another for the other channel. Excellent job- dear Fender.

  • from Marshall, TX July 12, 2013Music Background:
    Playing for over 40 years/mostly hobby

    Great sounding amp

    First bass amp I've owned and I am really satisfied at the sound it produces. Very high quality sound and all the features you could need.

  • from Hibbing Mn. April 13, 2013Music Background:
    play guitars whenever I can

    Great choice

    I got the fender rumble 75 bass combo to go with my Ibanez SR400QM Bass. It provides all the sound and effects above and beyond my needs. 100% satisfied!

  • from vermont January 9, 2013Music Background:
    semi pro

    Wow,Wow best little amp

    I got this for my birthday , and I can not believe the power it has . love the features . Ihighly recommend this amp , great for small gigs. She is a sexy unit. Ilove mine more than my bigger amp. Can handle five string basses too. Go on youtube and check out the demos.Wow!

  • from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia U.S.A. December 27, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-Professional Bassist of 44 years


    I purchased my Fender Rumble 75 to replace my big stage rig which I sold as I am no longer giging. I needed a good solid bass amp with good sound for personal practice, and occaisional jams with friends. I have had my Rumble 75 for 7 months now and it has served me very well. The tone is excellent, and the controls offer supurb tone sculpting ability. Way beyond what you might expect from a small inexpensive bass amp. The 12" speaker really puts out a very full round; tight and punchy sound. Plenty of lows & highs. No need for a horn or tweeter. It handles the low B with ease. This amp is surprisingly LOUD! I am very happy. :) Fender Rumbles Rock!

  • from June 10, 2011

    Fender Amp

    I bought this for my son and he loves it. The amp can really shake the windows in the house and that was what he was looking for.

  • from Las Cruces, NM December 5, 2012Music Background:
    Playing for about 30 years - hobbyist/weekend warrior. Rock, soul, funk, fusion, R&B and sometimes metal.

    Good amp, good price

    I'm happy with this amp. I've played small gigs with it and it handled the job well - the kickback feature helps project the sound throughout the room. It is also very useful as an everyday practice amp.

    Pros: inexpensive; surprisingly loud for only 75 watts; plenty of flexibility in the eq to tweak your tone to where you'd like it to be; decent overdrive circuit can be blended with a clean signal to produce a warm, light OD, or can be maxed for more fuzz than I will ever want to use; aux input is useful for connecting an MP3 player; sturdy construction.

    Cons: A bit too heavy and a little too awkward to be carried around easily. Fender could improve upon the design my making the amp and cabinet more compact and lightweight. Mounting the amp vertically in the cabinet the way Ampeg and Carvin do with their combo amps would be an improvement.

    The foot switch should come with the amp as it makes using the OD circuit easier.

    Conclusion: If you're looking for a small amp that will give you a good clean tone as well as a useful OD tone and you don't plan to move it around very often, this would be a very good choice. You can use it on small gigs if your drummer and guitar player are not neanderthals (bass players - you know what I mean). If you're looking for something that you'll be carrying around with you frequently this ill not be your best choice.

  • from Silverdale, Wa June 25, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician & Teacher

    To Bassey

    I've had a chance to work with it a few times and I notice it's way to Bassey, needs a Horn. It has plenty of Power, but I don't like the EQ section, it doesn't do very good at fine tuning your sound. I even backed off the Bass & Mid Range control, not much difference.

    I wish I would of bought the model up from this one, which does have a horn.

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