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Fender Rumble 500 2x10" 500-Watt Bass Combo Reviews

4.5 stars based on 25 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Rumble 500 2x10" 500-Watt Bass Combo?

Questions about the Fender Rumble 500 2x10" 500-Watt Bass Combo?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Illinois May 19, 2017

    Fender Rumble 500

    Best Amp For the money there is out there!

  • from April 20, 2017

    Good for left hand keys bass

    Used for left hand keyboard bass instruments - moog synth and Hammond clone bass both sound awesome through this. I run both through a mixer and then into this rig (Wurly and clav are run through separate guitar amp). Both are line level output instruments. Hadn't seen a review with anyone using this for left hand bass before purchasing so I figured I'd contribute for anyone with a similar interest.

    Pros: sounds great, affordable, lightweight. - good left hand bass rig for those trying to run a stand-alone rig.

    Cons: even though it's light it can be awkward to carry because of its shape. Could be a lot worse though. Tip- in many situations I found that it easier to just pick it up from the bottom vs using the handle- it's light... and this method more ergonomic unless you have counter-balance load.

    Bottom line: buy it.

    ... I feel like fender should pay me for this review. Unfortunately they're not going to- but at least my rig sounds awesome!

  • from nyc April 10, 2017

    rumble 500

    all the power that i need to back up my band ,with its overdrive section i can really back up my guitar player when he solos.great amp combo to my jazz bass.

  • from Jersey March 22, 2017Music Background:
    Bassist 26yrs

    Killer combo

    You can't ask for more! It delivers all around. I have this w/ a 112 rumble ext cab for the full 500w. It's perfect. I play mostly rock and some funk but this bad boy handles everything from drop tuned basses to heavy slap w/ ease.

  • from Evansville , In. January 27, 2017Music Background:
    play bass in cover band 35-40 shows a year

    Love it !

    Love this amp. I am In a country / rock cover band and use this probably 35-40 shows a year.
    loud enough for sure for small venues. I just mic it for larger. I like the mic sound instead of the direct out .
    Never failed me in 2 years so far . Nick wood !

  • from Mechanicsburg, PA June 28, 2016Music Background:

    The great bass amp

    WOW! What can I say about this amp!? If you are looking for a bass amp that delivers diversity, punch, lows, and a few goodies on the side this is what you are looking for! I bought the rumble 25 watt amp to start out and I have not been disappointed with Fender amps. It is an amp which will work for you. Cannot go wrong with this amp! And the weight can be managed.

  • from Auburn, Maine June 27, 2016

    Fender Rumble 500

    The first time I used a Rumble 500 I was so blown away that I bought one of my own! I love the fact that I can load and unload this by myself. The sound is amazing for a 21x10, I get such great lows and volume out of such a small package. It blows away my Acoustic B200H head and B115 cab to pieces. The control panels offers many ways to customize your sound. I play smaller venues in blues bands and it's more than enough. If I do large venues such as outdoor festivals the XLR Direct Line Out is a soundman's dream as it has a Ground Lift Switch! Lots of goodies stuffed into a small package. This proves that less is more, big surprises come in small packages and size doesn't matter! I recommend this amp especially for us old timers!

  • from Oregon, MO February 22, 2016

    Great Amp......

    If you are playing a standard tuned Bass (EADG) you love this amp. Lots of punch and will blow you off the stage. I use with additional 4x10 cabinet and could not be happier. I own and play 7 different Bass guitars and they all sound great with this amp.....

  • from February 10, 2016Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Not just for Bass

    I bought this amp as a mono keyboard amp and it has outperformed all my previous keyboard specific amps. Light (36 lbs) and compact, the two tens and horn put out plenty of punch and bass for all my keyboard needs. Well worth the money!

  • from January 2, 2016

    Great Rig!

    I've had this amp for about 6 months now and play through it regularly. I use a Eden WTDI preamp with this amp, but there's plenty of on board tonal options with the very responsive eq. There are 3 pre shaped settings: bright, contour, and vintage. I personally like the contour engaged with the 4 eq knobs set to flat when plugged directly to the amp (no gain). In my 5 piece band I use my preamp, and also add a 15" cab...and WOW! This thing sounds amazing. Last gig we played, the bass player in the band on before ours used it with his 5 string bass. After his set, he pointed to this 37 lb beast with a big smile and tells me how awesome he thought it sounded (a friend of mine, so not just being polite). At this price point you get quite a bit of bang for your buck. Before adding the 15" cab to the amp, it still kept up with a drummer, 2 guitars, and a trumpet wit out driving the speaks too hard. I only added the 15" to fill out the sound.

    If this is in your budget I highly recommend this amp.

    Fender PJ passive 4 string

  • from November 9, 2015Music Background:
    Surf/ Punk

    Couldn't be happier!

    I'm beyond impressed, once again! Excellent service with the fastest shipping. I tried the 3 payment plan and it worked perfect to my budget. This is one of my favorite Fender amps since the BXR series but far less weight! The vintage and gain channels are very impressive too! If it helps anybody, this amp has plenty of head room for gigs.

  • from Durham, NC October 26, 2015Music Background:
    Played bass for 12 years.


    I bought this cause my Ampeg BA 115 wasn't cutting it for keeping up with my loud guitarists. I love my Ampeg, but it weighs way more than this Rumble and puts out much less power (150 watts).

    This new line of rumbles is just great! Loud, clear tone and really light! The overdrive function is nice, lettin you add grit to your sound, thus cutting through the mix better. I also bought the Rumble 4x10 cab, allowing me to use all 500 watts through 6x10 speakers! My own wall of doom!

    My sales engineer, Evan Mulvihil was great and very helpful too.

    I play hard rock in a band, and this beast is allowing to play at another level! Buy it. Done!

  • from Warsaw, IN June 29, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist and occasional weekend warrior

    Sets a New Gigging Standard

    Fender's revamped Rumble 500 (2x10) combo is everything I needed in a bass amp. Great tone, all the way down to my low B, versatile and useful EQ controls, lightweight and LOUD. I haven't needed to crank it up past about 1/3 volume for anything yet - although I do usually have the gain knob up all the way to push warmer tones through.

    I play styles ranging from country to rock to funk; fingerstyle, slap and pick.

    I don't find much use for the 3 tone-shaping toggles on the amp; their effect on tone is too pronounced and seems less musical than using the 4-band EQ knobs to tailor my sound.

    The overdrive is actually not bad for a distorted bass sound, but not something that I use in my playing. Cranking up the gain knob helps to produce a nice warm sound, without distortion.

    Bottom line: plenty of power and tone, in a package that is small and lightweight enough to lift into the backseat with one hand. In a pinch, I've also used it as a keyboard amp, and it works great for that, as well. I am very happy with this one.

  • from Manchester, NH December 23, 2014Music Background:
    Play anytime I can

    Works for upright bass too!

    I've been plugging my upright double bass into one of these and it sounds pretty dang natural. The 2 tens are just what you need for amplifying an upright. Unbelievably light with plenty of power for even loud gigs. Can't beat the affordable price.

  • from Daytona beach, Fl November 22, 2014Music Background:
    Ex pro


    If you play bass you need this amp! Its best bang for your dollar on the market! Plus 2 -10" speakers, a switchable horn , that's very quiet, doesn't have that annoying hiss. A cool cabinet that only weighs 37 pounds !!! Has a line out to your PA with other cool little features !

    I've had all the other top name brands and this one blows them away for the price! Why? Sounds great at any setting,-- you can't make it sound bad.
    Has three quick tone shaping buttons, user-friendly EQ.

    If you buy the rumble 500 alone it's putting out 350 Watts into the 2-10s. To get the full 500 out of it, get the new rumble 115 extension cabinet for $300, that only weighs 39 pounds!
    With this stack you can play anywhere! Use the rumble 500 as a standalone for practice or small gigs , but when you add the cabinet you're getting the full 500 Watts and a huge wall of sound. You also get fenders reliability, and solid build.
    each cabinet alone is under 40 pounds. Super easy to transport , and you even get wheels with the extension cabinet! Way easier to stack the rumble 500 on top of the extension cabinet than carry around a 4x10 or bigger cabinet , and it gets the 210s at a height to hear yourself better.
    Most high powered rigs are 60 to 100 pounds plus! Save your back, save $$, don't get a hernia and buy this rig!!

  • from Marina Del Rey November 7, 2014Music Background:
    More than a hobbyist less that touring pro.

    Best $ I have spent on an amp in years

    I'm with the other guys on this page. This amp is awesome and all most of us will ever need. Light, loud, and little. My old bass stacks are collecting dust because of this little beast. You will not be disappointed.

  • from Omaha, NE October 28, 2014Music Background:


    I just purchased the 2014 Fender Rumble 500v3 2x10 Combo, and immediately traded my old Bass AND Guitar rigs (at a loss) to the music store for a new Fender CF-60 Folk Guitar. :-)

    Bass sounds ridiculously amazing through it, and my Guitar sounds magically perfect through it as well. This Combo Amplifier will shake the house, batten down the hatches!!!

    It can literally handle ANY Venue around here (and anywhere with the balanced XLR Line Out, including Studio Recording) with ease, and at only 36 lbs. I'm not lugging any heavy gear around anymore.

    It has a foot switchable Drive level (not a separate channel!), Effects Loop, Aux In, Headphone Jack, and Tweeter on/off switch.

    It has everything you'd need and nothing you don't, and it's as simple as can be. Did I mention it's LOUD?! It even has a 5-year Warranty!!! For $500?!

    All of the new 2014 gear (even Guitars and Basses) even have MATCHING 60's/70's Vintage aesthetics, as well as maximum tonal versatility.

    Fender has REALLY stepped up their game. Somebody there is on the ball... I'd hate to be their competitor right now.


  • from Independence, Mo May 24, 2014Music Background:
    Working human jukebox

    The new go to bass rig

    I work as a musician a few times a week and have never found in a lightweight combo anything that suits my needs. Either I'm getting too old, or the pay isn't good enough any more, or both but the heavy bass gear is just no fun anymore. I'm glad these things caught my eye and I got on the waiting list. I do own the pro series 1x15 neo cab and I will say that the speakers used in this 500 Rumble combo are darker but not lacking punch (warm is the word here). The head is the best class D head on the market. The head room fantastic, the tone is full, the eq is usefully stacked, it can be pushed hard, and the dirty channel is just a lot of fun. I am used to a bit more features on the back, a pad, line out level, attenuator for the tweeter, speakon, a pre eq line out, but those things are non important when compared to the tone you get. If you have the room in your car and budget I highly recommend pairing this with a pro neo 1x15. While the combo alone could do the job for small clubs some of us still like to feel the earth rumble at our feet. You want to talk about a wall of earth shaking sound just grab an extension and shake the walls. Oh yeah, and it's light, very light both the combo and the pro series ext cab. Great job Fender!

  • from Houston, TX April 10, 2014Music Background:
    Have a lot to learn still, but I'm getting there!

    Totally unxpected!

    I just received this combo and the new Rumble 115 cab in today. I cannot believe what I'm hearing (and seeing)!

    They are both incredibly compact and lightweight, yet pack an amazing solid punch and awesome tone that I just cannot describe fully on this page. It's definitely something that has to be experienced in person.

    I will say this though; you will NOT regret purchasing this combo. By itself it's an incredible unit. Add the 15" cab and you should be able to play just about anywhere. Oh, and let's face it. You can't beat the price they're charging!

    Thanks to my salesman Tyler Berggren at Sweetwater for his excellent service. I've made a few purchases recently and he's been very professional.

  • from January 24, 2016

    great amp...

    I have played bass for years. Owned large rigs by Acoustic, Mesa Boogie, Hartke. stopped bass playing for a few years. just got back to it. Picked up a wonderful Fender Select Jazz Bass. with that level of quality bass I wanted an equally good amp. I assumed I would be picking up something in the Gallien Kreuger or Markbass level. then I tried the Rumble amp. first the 200 watt version. I was very surprised as to the wonderful sound these amps put out. and nice decent volume. no distortion at top volume. I just tested the Rumble 500 against the Rumble 200 today. came home with the 500. beautiful tone. tight. nice range with controls. I am very happy with it. and, I can carry all my gear at the same time. the amp has the same weight as my bass and case! If it continues to perform the way it does, will be my amp for years to come.

  • from North of Chapman Ranch, Texas October 21, 2015Music Background:
    49 years electric bass

    Solid tone and plenty of bottom

    I was skeptical of this box; I played the 200W/15" speaker version locally and liked it so I took the chance on the 210 500W version with the matching 115 extension cabinet. Glad I did. This is an excellent lightweight rig, far better than other lightweights, and at a decent price point. I like the ability to turn off the tweeter, and I prefer the warm tone provided by the "vintage" position. This amp I use with a '99 straight Jbass (flat wound Chromes) and a G&L M-2000 (DR Black Beauties). Both work very well with this amp. There is plenty of thump when playing live, which is about all one can ask. In particular I like the built-in limiter which performs very well. Judicious juggling of the "gain" and "master" knobs, along with the tone controls will yield a sweet spot depending on one's preference. Clumsy/overuse of the low EQ will give muddy results. I personally think it pointless to expend too much expense and effort chasing tonal nuance once the drums kick in when live. Just me. This is good value - highly portable and excellent tone/volume.

  • from Fort Lauderdale, FL May 27, 2015

    Fender Rumble 500 Combo

    I bought this amp after getting tired of lugging around 2 60 lb. cabinets and a 40 pound head. I had some problems with the first one I purchased. Popped a speaker, but got a brand new amp in it's place. Which prompted me to get the Neo 1x15 cabinet to go along with the combo. Lightweight, great deep earth shaking lows, crisp highs (both cabinets have built in horns) and overall dependability you expect from Fender. I use my Lakland (active bass) and my '74 Jazz Bass when I gig and have not had a single complaint. Except the rest of the band asking me to turn it down a little. Oh yeah, and people tell me it sounds great when they can feel the bass shake the floor.. It's all about the BASS!!

  • from United States May 4, 2015

    Very flexible, all-in-one bass amp

    For many years, I've lugged around two separate cabinets (2x10 and 1x15), plus a separate amp head. While I could get great tone and volume, it was simply overkill for playing small venues and rehearsal. Plus, the 1x15 or 2x10 by itself never seemed to give me the tone I could get with both together. And did I mention all that stuff is heavy and a pain to haul around?

    Weighing in at just under 37 pounds, the Fender Rumble 500 is both compact in dimensions and easy to transport. Plus, it's got plenty power. I can use one of my existing 8 ohm cabinets as an extension speaker if I need to move more air, or just use the combo setup as is for rehearsals and smaller gigs. There's plenty of flexibility from a tone perspective and you can turn the piezo tweeter on and off if you want to tame the treble a bit. So far, it sounds great and is incredibly portable compared to my previous rig. It feels well constructed. i have played with other combo amps in this price range and the knobs felt cheap. There is a competitor's product in this price range that does not seem as robust and the floor model I tried had already developed a short in the volume knob.

    I haven't found much use yet for the three voicings (Vintage, Contour and Bright) as it seems there is plenty of flexibility with just the EQ. The overdrive seems serviceable, although I don't have much call for it in terms of the style of music I play. I would highly recommend getting the footswitch if you think you want to use those features so you don't have to turn around and change settings on the amp in the middle of a set.

    The XLR out is post-preamp, so you won't get clean signal like you would from a true DI box but I am guessing it is still helpful if you want to plug your bass right into the PA or recording console.

    Bottom line:
    For the money, this is a great value. Plenty of power, features, and tone control in a highly portable, flexible and affordable package. With the option to add an extension speaker, this thing can scale from nice and cozy to pretty darn loud. There are other combo amps in this price range, but this is the best. There are other combo amps in this form factor that are arguably better, but they are much more expensive.

  • from August 12, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Musician, FOH Eng, Bass tech.

    Rumble 500 Combo

    Firstly I want to thank Dan for his IMPECCABLE customer service. I always get prompt responses to my enquiries and he is the reason I continue to do business with Sweetwater.
    Apparently Fender has been listening and the improvements in the Rumble Series V3 are self evident.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see that Fender is using a compression tweeter vs the cheaper piezo and the defeat switch on the back are a real plus. The vintage switch is real interesting in that it seems to low pass and compress at the same time which would be perhaps more useful to me if it did not attenuate the highs as much as it did. However it will be interesting to see how useful it turns out to be on future gigs. The weight, overall output and small form factor make this a good candidate for clubs and rehearsals. The cabinet tuning makes the most from a cab with only 2-10's and there is more than adequate bloom on the low end to satisfy most users. My 5 string P bass sounds especially punchy with this combo, I'm looking forward to using it more. Considering how much you'd pay for a premium 2-10 cabinet made from 1/2" plywood that has the letter "B" in it's name for $1000 I think this little 2-10" 500 -watt combo for $550 is a contender.

  • from Coast of South Carolina September 23, 2015Music Background:
    Been a bass player for 51 years

    Wow, this amp is a joke

    I read all the glowing reviews of this amplifier, and scratch my head in disbelief.
    A friend of mine bought one of these Fender Rumble 500 combos and wanted me to play it at a gig to then give him my opinion of it.
    There is no question that this amp is fairly loud, but-
    It is pretty muddy, and most importantly, the low E, F, and G sound just like the next octave up. There is no growl on the low three notes on the E string. That night I was playing my 1987 Fender Precision Lyte bass, and not my five string. I think the 5 string would have been a disaster on this amp, for clarity.
    Now mind you, my usual bass rig is a pair of JBL K140 speakers in separate cabinets, and either a Gallien Krueger 800rb or a TCElectric RH450 amp head. Now, you want to talk about clarity, and low note power and growl. I guess I am spoiled, but I think all of Fender employees wrote a lot of reviews to generate sales on this Rumble 500!?!!
    In summary, I think this amplifier is pretty loud and lame.
    My recommendation is to buy a good amp head, and start with a single 8 ohm 15" cabinet. Play some gigs, and with that money buy a two 10", 8 ohm cabinet and, voila, a killer bass rig
    That's my story, and I am sticking to it. Period!

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