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Fender Rumble 100 1x12" 100-Watt Bass Combo Reviews

5.0 stars based on 28 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Rumble 100 1x12" 100-Watt Bass Combo?

Questions about the Fender Rumble 100 1x12" 100-Watt Bass Combo?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from indian Harbour Beach, FL April 25, 2017Music Background:
    Bass player 45 years exp

    Fender rumble 100 combo

    I've had many different rigs through the years and I love this lightweight little amp with the BIG sound!!

  • from ashburn, VA December 29, 2016

    Absolute Perfection!

    I've been playing bass about 30 years. But never really invested in a good amp. Always had small practice amps, never more than 40 watts. I was always able to plug into a PA or a rig at the venue. Finally decided it was time to have a real amp that was good for practice and small venues. This is it.

    I admit, I haven't used it yet on a gig, but after trying it out I'm blown away by the sound and that's only at about 40% volume. Just perfectly designed, incredibly light, great effects and overall fantastic sound. Not to mention it looks great.

    It's light, so I wouldn't expect it to take a beating. But for the price, I haven't seen an amp like this out there. Well done Fender!

    And as usual, thank you Sweetwater!! Other companies would do well to study your customer service practices. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  • from El Paso November 30, 2016

    This thing is amazing!

    Sounds great! It's super lightweight which is great for my back! Easy to setup! And Aaron at sweetwater is the coolest and nicest guy ever!

  • from November 29, 2016Music Background:
    Jazz, Funk, Metal, Rock, Church worship team.

    Insane Amp Alert!

    I play in a Punk Band, Metal Band, Big Band Jazz band, Small Jazz Combos, Church Worship, and solo work. This Amp can and will handle it all. My personal biggest question before buying was if it could get on with a live drum set, it most definitely can. The metal cover band I play with has two guitars and a very loud drummer and this amp just wont be over powered by their Peavey Valve Amps. The 4-band EQ on this amp (along with combinations of the 3 voicing options) is SUPER versatile. I can go from funky slap or very wide warm tones, to heavy riffing tones and punk-like overdriven tone. This amp can do it all, only weighing 22 pounds I am impressed. I plan on soon upgrading to the 200 watt head head version with 210 and 115 cabs.

  • from Maryland November 28, 2016

    Fender Rumble 100 1x12" 100-Watt Bass Combo

    EXCELLENT BASS AMP! Plenty of punch and great tone! Additional voicing only adds to it's versatility. Delivery was super fast and it arrived in great shape. Thanks for the great friendly service and awesome pricing Sweetwater!!!

  • from Pompano Beach, FL November 4, 2016Music Background:
    Masters Degree Music Ed /49 years playing bass

    The Rumble 100 allowed me to keep playing bass !!!

    At age 64 and a bad back I figured my playing days were OVER. I could no longer lug and lift a decent amp into my car. Thank You Fender for the Rumble Series V3 and specifically the 100. With the 12" Eminence Speaker it is LOUD , PUNCHY, and has a MUCH more defined and fuller sound than the 40.....and weighs 22 lbs....like NOTHING! My gig these days is with a 20 piece Big Band. This amp fills the hall and sounds AMAZING at 1/4 volume! With either my Precision or G&L I get the articulation, tone, and E string clarity without the 80 lbs. I used to haul. I set all the tone controls straight up (nicely notched) and engage all 3 presets....Bright, Contour, and Vintage. I leave the Drive off but add from 1/4 to 1/3 Gain to add harmonic richness. The cabinet seems to be perfectly engineered for this speaker as it DOESN'T distort. You Rock Guys will want the 200 or 500. You can then set them on top of a very reasonably priced matching extention cabinet....all still gloriously light. Save you Back !!!! Thank you Sweetwater for your great products and service!

  • from Milford, MI August 27, 2016

    Multi-purpose Bassman Solid State Amp - Bass, Jazz Guitar

    This is a feather-light and relatively small multi-purpose Bassman-sounding solid state amp. I find it works well for bass and clean guitar playing (jazz archtop/laminate/strat/tele/lp or acoustic-electric). I added a TC mini reverb pedal to the effects loop and the reverb sounds as good as any reverb tank, if not better. This is my favorite practice/rehearsal amp, given how well the amp adapts to many different instruments. I primarily select amps by their clean tone and versatility with many instruments. For this purpose, the amp shines. It is a big bonus that the Rumble 100 is easy to transport - guitar in one hand and amp in the other :)

    If I only played bass, primarily 5 string, or needed high power for large venues, I would gravitate toward the Rumble 200, or the rumble head with the 15" speaker-cab.

  • from woodhaven NY August 21, 2016Music Background:
    Pro Bass player

    Hard to believe

    The Sound this amp produces is hard to believe. I have been playing for over 35 years original and cover rock bands and have owned many bass amps just to mention Ampeg, Acoustic, Kustom, GK and Hartke not to say these amps sound bad but the thing that blew me away is the weight of this amp you can pick it up with one hand and the sound well it's a tone machine. I own many basses Fender Jaguar, Hagstrom Viking,Musicman and a U bass just to mention a few and they all sound amazing. with the Hagstrom and the vintage switch I get the 60's sound,with the Musicman and the contour switch get funk and slap sounds, again the vintage switch with the U Bass just like a stand up. as far as volume i feel it can work for most gigs with the XLR out. No more carrying heavy gear. Not to mention I ordered from Sweetwater on Thursday and got it on Saturday these guys are the best I don't buy from anybody else.

  • from Las Vegas, Nv June 28, 2016Music Background:
    Full time pro player

    Fender Rumble 100 = Great Combo Amp !!!

    I'm a lifetime pro player and have owned more bass rigs than I can remember,,, I purchased the Rumble 100 mostly for rehearsals so I don't have to load my bigger or heavier amps and cabs.
    The Rumble 100 far exceeded my expectations and the lack of weight is just amazing for an amp that puts out so much sound and volume.
    I play passive 5 string bass's in loud to semi-loud rock bands and work full time in all sized venues, most venues I work have full backline and FOH support, I haven't tried it yet but I could easily see myself using this as a stage monitor running direct to the FOH in a large venue.
    For rehearsals with my "full band" this little combo does great, and our rehearsal volume is not quite, we're not ear bleeding metal volume but we certainly are not low volume either.
    I also own the Rumble 200 and 500, both of those great combos as well.
    For the big gigs and breaking windows in clubs I bring my Gallien Krueger stuff, MB500 head with the GK Neo 212 series ll cabinet,,,,, a small set-up that totally destroys and shakes the walls,, that's always fun (hehe).
    Anyhow, that's my 2 cents.
    And I buy ALL my gear from Sweetwater cuz they are most excellent in every aspect.

  • from Kansas City, Missori June 25, 2016

    Light, Small but Powerful!!!

    Don't hesitate. BUY IT. This is the best value that I have found in a portable bass amp. The quality of the sound is outstanding & just how I like it - thick but not flabby, bright but not brittle. PLENTY loud for club gigs and, w/ the addition of a D/I, will easily handle much bigger rooms. The best part - perhaps - is it's surprising weight. It is only a little more than 20 lbs and and it's a very compact combo. I recently had emergency open-heart-surgery so I am delighted NOT to carry around my old 8x10 Hartke rig any longer.

    I don't use drive or distortion so you'll need to evaluate that feature for yourself. It sounds cool, just not something I'd would need to use for my group. Very happy with this unit to say the least!

  • from Las Vegas, Nv June 16, 2016Music Background:
    Pro player

    Very Happy with my Rumble 100 combo

    The first great thing about this combo amp is the weight, or lack there of.
    Other reviews say "I can't believe how much volume and sound comes out of this little combo",, I would have to agree 100%, did I mention this combo weighs like nothing !!!!
    So far I've just been using it at rehearsals with my rock cover band, as far as using it in a live club situation it "might" be fine on its own, if your going direct to the FOH then no worries at all I'm thinking, the Rumble 100 should be plenty loud enough to use as a stage monitor, and perhaps putting it on a tilt back stand would really make it even better as a monitor.
    I'm a lifetime pro bassist playing small to very large venues, I use 5 string passive bass's and tend to spend a lot of time on my low B string, this combo handles my low B string with no problems, all though I'm not playing in a metal band with ear bleeding volume,, but I have cranked up this amp pretty loud and it didn't break up on me.
    So for rehearsals, small gigs or gigs with PA support I think this Rumble 100 would be fine, for my med sized gigs I use my Rumble V3 500, a amazing combo as well, when I want to blow the windows out of a venue then I use my much loved GK Neo 212 series ll cab with my GK MB500 or MB200 head.
    Speaking of GK, I was really torn between getting the Rumble V3 100 or the GK MB112 series ll combo, I decided on the the Rumble 100 because of the cheaper price and it being lighter than the GK MB112 combo.
    I do own the first generation GK MB112 combo but it died on me last year so I needed another lightweight rehearsal combo, the Rumble 100 is a perfect fit.
    As far as sound and punch I suspect the GK MB112 might be more powerful and fuller sounding than the Rumble 100,, so in the very near future I will be also be purchasing the GK MB112 to use for small gigs, the Rumble 100 can then be my backup combo.
    I'm a big fan of always having backup gear at every gig I'm working, any player that doesn't take a backup bass or bass amp to a gig is really taking a chance, especially when you're working pro big money gigs.
    I've had amps and guitars fail on me at gigs before, luckily I have ALWAYS had backup.
    Anyhow, I highly recommend the Rumble V3 100 bass combo and I dare you to not get a huge smile on your face when you pick it up to move it.

  • from Maine April 12, 2016Music Background:
    I've taken a couple college classes on Bass and Music Fundamentals

    Just what I needed

    I am a beginner musician and this amp satisfies practice and small gig needs. I bought for a show in a not-so-loud bar and it could be heard without cranking any knobs past 65%. It is light, compact and delivers good sound. My friends, who know a lot more, recommended it to me because it has features that I don't use yet but that will be helpful down the road.

  • from Hixson, Tn. March 19, 2016

    Rumble 100

    The best sounding 100 watt amp I have ever played, It blows my SWR away by far. It is the lightest weight for the sound only 22 lbs. I am very happy with it. I have only used it in a small venue, but I,m sure if you put it through a board it will have all the volume you need.

  • from Maryland March 3, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-pro weekend warrior

    Versatile combo

    I first heard the Rumble 100 at a garage jam with a drummer friend and guitarist (it was owned by the guitarist). I was amazed by the tone and volume coming from this relatively small amp, and when I discovered how light it was I realized I had to buy one. I normally use it for practicing at home, but it keeps up well enough at basement rehearsal with my rock band, who play louder than the garage jam I mentioned. The Rumble sounds reasonably transparent when run flat, and the tone-shaping is impressively versatile: four band EQ and three voicing switches. On top of that, the two-knob distortion sounds great, reminiscent of the Blueberry Bass OD. This is easily the nicest practice amp I have ever owned, and I can think of a couple of small places where I could gig it.

  • from Mississippi February 23, 2016Music Background:
    Jammer/ Local player

    Simply Amazing

    I must say, I was skeptical. A light bass amp that sounds great? No way. Well, I was wrong. I am by no means a professional musician. I do play bars and VFW gigs here in town and I've been doing so with a 40 watt (won't name the brand) amp and the sound guy always gave me stink eye for making his job hard. I wanted this amp so bad I could taste it and the remodel made me jump on it. Picked mine up from my local store. Sorry Sweets; they took 20% off just to get the sale.
    MAN do I love this amp. We have a show tonight and at checks, the sound guy shook my hand and thanked me lol. This thing GOES and I look forward to many years of use and love outta this little beast.

  • from Orangeburg, SC October 9, 2014Music Background:

    Amazing Amp!

    Amazing Amp, Solid Performance at it's best. Excellent Sound, Very Powerful, Light weight which is remarkable for transporting to & from performances. I recommend this amp to all bass players, I rate this amp with 5 stars. Fender hats off to you on these new amps you nailed it! If you're looking for a amp that packs a big punch & has awesome sound this is it, go pick one up today, trust me you want regret it.

  • from Baltimore MD usa September 3, 2014Music Background:

    A true rumble bass rig

    I went to a local music store in my hometown to see if they
    have a rumble bass amp and they did. The first thing that I saw was the new look and the simple bility of controls to set up and play but besides all of that the amp is the best 100 watts 112 bass combo amp and it handles a five stirng bass active or passive and most of all very light . I am so proud of fender making a true reasonable deep sounding bass combo amp for those who are looking for a cheap affordable real heavy sounding bass amp in a light package. To the bass players pick whatever you want far as a different brand of combo amp but if you're looking for a amp that can hold that heavy low B string without wrinkling up I recommend this amp to the heavy sounding and bass players. I rate this a five stars because this is one of the best combo amp for the true sound of a bass player. For the folks who love power like myself there are two more models and for me I am going to pick the 500 Watts because I need more power but either way you can go wrong with this rumble.

  • from Palo Alto, CA USA June 19, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician & Recording Engineer

    Lightest 100W Bass Amp Ever, With Great Sounds

    The first thing everyone notices is how light this amp is. It weighs next to nothing. My guitar feels heavier than this amp. That's awesome.

    The sound is impressive, and the sound shaping allows for many different styles. It has standard 4-band EQ, great overdrive (pedal switchable) and 3 voicing options: Bright and Vintage, which I love, and Contour (which doesn't really do it for me, but to each his/her own).

    It is a loud 100W amp, so it's great for live gigging, and it has an FX send/return. It also has an XLR out for recording (or live use), a headphone out for neighborliness, and an AUX in (haven't used that one yet).

    In other words, for this price, it's a pretty unbeatable amp.

  • from Modesto, Ca. June 17, 2014Music Background:
    Semi Pro Drummer


    I don't need to cover all the details already discussed for the Rumble 100. All you need to know is that if your reading these reviews while considering buying it, DO IT! It's amazing bass for your buck. And to top it off, Sweetwater customer service is beyond belief!

  • from Boulder, CO November 3, 2016Music Background:
    semi-pro but new to bass

    Fender Rumble 100

    Once again, Sweetwater delivers! Amp arrived safely. Works great! Couldn't be happier.

  • from August 3, 2016

    Great Amp

    Tone and more tone. Light as a feather.

  • from SLC, UT January 12, 2015

    Great amp, loud, solid purchase

    Super lightweight, above average tone and control for the price, and decent bottom for a 100W amp. Recommended for people with smaller practice spaces, or if you're going to be traveling/moving this around a lot. Very happy with the purchase and for all the help from the brilliant Sweetwater folks!

  • from Madison WI May 30, 2014Music Background:
    Enthusiast Musician

    Light Weight with Heavyweight Sound

    I purchased this for my son to use as both a practice combo and for use at small band gigs. This really hits the mark. When it was delivered, I thought that something big was missing from the box. For 22 lbs, this thing is remarkable. The days of low powered, heavy combo amps are over.

  • from Nj April 25, 2017Music Background:
    Music teacher

    I like it

    Playing with a small group in space to seat 100, this is a great little amp. If i were to play outdoors id need a lot more speakers and wattage. But the sound quality is excellent for my purposes.

  • from Hawaii April 18, 2017

    Fender Rumble 100

    Just what I needed and fast delivery A plus
    What a boomer ( very light weight too)
    Not like my fender bassman 4 ouch!

  • from Reading, Pa. July 19, 2016

    Rumble inda jungle

    Bought this for my cousin who is disabled & every amp he has owned is always broke, shot , raggedy & embarrassing. Your recommendation regarding an impressive sound & being super light weight was the ticket to making my cousins bass playing come ALIVE!! Now in appreciation, he always has a ice cold beer waiting for me whenever I visit... doesn't get any better than that...thanks again Sweetwater

  • from WPB Florida June 16, 2016


    This amp is perfect for what I needed...practice and small gig. It also sounds great with acoustic and electric guitars. I will mike it at church when I play acoustic. Sounds richer and fuller than my Acoustasonic 150. The only thing lacking is a level control for the line out. If that was there, I would not need to mike it. No more breaking my back with heavy gear when it is not necessary.

  • from Massillon, Oh September 1, 2014Music Background:
    Player, sound tech, etc

    Great amp, great price

    Great amp and the light weight makes easy to bring to practice as well aa performance.

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