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Samson Rubicon 5a Reviews

4.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • Purest
    from Brazil November 2, 2008Music Background:
    Engineer , musician

    Sorry, I was wrong...

    I bought it 15 days ago and wrote a "bad" review; my first impression wasn´t good (bass shy at first).
    But...sorry,I WAS WRONG!The bass response simply is not hyped ; The 5A are the kind of flat reference that needs a VERY PRECISE placement,treatment for bass frequencies (like any other dencent monitoring)and measurements for ckeck the final frequency response(I use REW).Truth:my monitors were in a null point:after a lot of repositioning,I finally raised it 5" and the response improved a lot (no "bass shy" now).
    And the highs are sweet, I can work for long periods without fadigue.
    I´m satisfied, a bargain for the price.

  • Kevyn W.
    from Fort Wayne, Indiana June 26, 2007Music Background:
    Artist, Producer, Lover of all music since before I was born


    When I came to Sweetwater and told my sales advisor Greg that I was looking for a set of monitors he told me about the 8in" version of these but after listening to these along with a set of Adam A7's and a set of Dynaaudio BM5's I could not believe my ears! These speakers are the truth! For the money you will not find a set of monitors that sound as clear and accurate as these do period.

    After having these in my studio for a few days I took them back because the bass response was not what I was looking for and since I record and mix rap and R&B I can see that these babies really need the matching sub to sound their best but for any and ever other kind of music that doesn't require a ton of bass, these are the speakers you need!!!

    I upgraded to the R6a's and they offer the same great sound these offer with just the right amount of bass that I needed.

  • G. Jackson
    from Rural middle Tn USA March 25, 2007Music Background:
    Guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. Jack of all trades master of none.

    Can't be beat for the money...

    I've had a Zoom mrs 1266 cd for several years now. while getting into digital multi-track recording has been a great experiance, I had trouble trying to master with head phones. I've lost count of how many cdrs that have been used for target practice, art projects and such.
    Now that I have purchased my Rubicon R5a near field reference monitors, there is no more guess work. Simply put, what you hear is what you get. My mixes have improved 100%.
    To anyone on a budget, you can't do better than these monitors. It is a move that will take you to the next level, and let your imagination free.

  • Critical Beats
    from THe Frozen State December 11, 2008Music Background:
    Recording engineer-Producer

    Very pleased

    These monitors have 5 inch woofers so dont expect big bass. In the wrong environment, your gonna' hear more harmonic distortion than actual bass. That's just the nature of a small cone. If you need real bass, add a subwoofer in the right spot, with the right crossover settings. If they exhibit poor frequency response in the bass / mid bass its all about your environment. The truth is, if you are very critical of your stuff, don't buy budget equipment. You'll never be satisfied. For the price, I think these are a good deal. The tweeter is very sweet, uncolored, extended and lifelike. These monitors get loud enough for their size. the controls on the back are useful. I think the tweeter and the woofer are not equals though. The tweet really is a better driver than the woofer. The woofer simply does not have the resolution to match. Close but not close enough. I consider these listening speakers and not necessarily mixing speakers. They will reveal great detail, aspecially in the high frequencies. I use them to listen, and to check translation from my primary mixing speakers. I like the port on the front, which is the way it should be. I like the looks, price, output, and high freq detail. I dont like all the controls on the back. I dont like the response of the tweeter in relation to the woofer. I honestly cannot find the "perfect" tweeter level setting. I settled on "0". Boosting the highs makes listening fun for short periods of time because the highs sound so sweet, but the balance seems to be a bit off in any position. Buy these if you like sweet highs, okay mixing capabilities, if you dont need sub bass, if you like the novelty of ribbon tweets, or if you dig Samson. I guess my reasoning was, I like sweet highs. Plus, I cant go crazy with the bass where I do my work, as not to disturb the neighbors. Use these with another set of speakers to get a clearer picture of your mix. Use these alone for listening pleasure.

  • Paul Knutsen
    from Sacramento, CA October 20, 2006Music Background:
    Semi-pro bass player

    Samson R5a monitors

    I bought these for desktop monitoring. Very clear sounding with impressive low end for 5". The mids are great, and I regularly hear details in recordings that I hadn't noticed before listening to larger speakers. Nice, non-fatiguing top end with 3 stage adjustable brightness control.

  • Purest
    from Brazil October 27, 2008Music Background:
    Musician Engineer

    Not what I was expecting

    Bass response below 180 have a roll of IMO (altough the 50hz appears strong due to my room modes).
    Then,I agree with first review that said the graphic frequency response is not as showed.I had to put the monitors almost touching the front wall for a better response in the 80/180 hz.
    My room has strong treatment with bass traps and the other speakers I used (Edifier R1900TIII and Roland DS 90)had much flatter response in the 50/300 range.

    Mids and highs sounds good and pleasant to the ears.

  • Dan B
    from Ft. Collins, CO December 4, 2007Music Background:
    Engineer, Musician

    it's ok

    I have used these monitors for about a year and a half now doing editing, mixing, all sorts of stuff. They sound all right. The top end is pretty nice but in a fairly live room make sure you roll off the tweeters. My biggest gripe with these monitors is lack of low end. For starters physics doesn't really allow for 5" woofers to produce anything super subby. I'd say these roll off about 150hz or higher despite what the graphic on the back of the box says. Very hard to mix bass, kick drum, synths.

    On the other hand they are very quite. Unlike cheaper Sampsons when you turn these speakers on they are very un-noticeable.

  • Zebastian
    from New York City May 2, 2006

    Great natural sound

    I picked up these babies 3 months ago to use them as second set of monitors.
    My main set is a pair of Genelec 8040, they sound fantastic , but they are not so great for long mixing sessions.
    I find myself switching to the samson rubicon 5a more and more, I think it sounds less agressive than the genelecs, allowing me to compose and mix for lo9ng periods of time, Eventually I switch to the genelecs, but I can believe these great monitors cost 7 times less than the genelecs.....I would highly recomend the Rubicons to anyone looking for mackies. I think my next purchase will the the sub...now thats got to be something :) .

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