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Apogee Rosetta 200 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Dennis Konicki

    I recently added the Rosetta200 to my portable Pro Tools Mbox rig and now I have portability plus sound quality comparable to an HD rig. This has to be the best 2-channel AD/DA I have ever worked with!!

  • Dan VanAmerongen

    The Rosetta 200 is the main monitoring path from my Pro Tools HD System. The accuracy and transparency of the Rosetta 200 is amazing. It really let me hear my mix and make better judgments. The Soft Limit section is great for tracking as well. Apogee converters are legendary and this is one of their best!

  • Carson McClain

    The rosetta took my sound from greaat to amazing! If you are using any piece of high-end gear, a guitar or a preamp, you need a Rosetta.

  • Paul Allen

    When using the Rosetta200 for the first time, I had a vocalist surprise me with a particularly energetic passage where the level just jumped off the meter. I thought the take was ruined and that suspicion seemed to be confirmed when I finally saw what appeared to be a severely truncated waveform. Oh, the horror! However, upon playback I was amazed to not be listening to distortion but to actually be hearing the quality of Apogee's Soft Clip Limiting. Had the take been "the take" and retracking not been an option, I would have been able to use the performance. This is simply an incredible testament to Apogee saving the day without mentioning their unbeatable conversion quality.

  • from California July 12, 2011Music Background:
    Producer, Composer, Recording Engineer

    Big Improvement!

    Big improvement on my overall sound quality...really opened things up.
    I had been using a MOTU 2408mk3 for my in and out. Once I started using the Apogee, I noticed that everything sounded cleaner, had more depth...like a 3D quality to it. Everything sits in the mix better. One of the best purchases I've made.

  • from California March 14, 2010Music Background:
    Musicsian/song writer/Recording engineer

    Dont,Dont beleive the hype?

    I did not want to believe the hype like many other items out there,and spend two grand for nothing.But my research kept pointing to Apogee.Once I got my Rosetta I could not believe the difference.I have had good preamp's and mic's going into a digi 002 for some years now.But I never heard them the way I do with the Rosetta.Used on drums I never new my cymbals could sound like that.Shiny sparkly and detailed,without the digital harshness.They instantly sat in the mix.And guitars,wow.SM 57 to Vintech 1272 to apogee to Digi 002.Amazingly smooth tone I never new exsisted,unless it was somebody else,s recording.I am a firm believer you cant go wrong with the Rosetta.Worth every penny!!

  • from Tortola British Virgin Islands December 19, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer,Sound Engineer

    Talk About High Definition Sound

    I was thinking about getting the Presonus ADL 600 preamp before i bought this even tho i want both of them lol i must say am very happy first it was giving me a little trouble getting it to work with my 003 rack but i kept messing a round with a few stuff untill i got it to work now i got that sound i was always looking for all along only thing missing is a monitoring system and the atty so i can run throw the analog out puts and really set it up many different ways i must say the sound of this unit is so amazing this is a must have in a any studio take it from me dont think about it just buy it you be so happy you purcase this Apogee Rosetta 200.

  • from Vahon Island October 26, 2008

    Don't Waste Your Time!

    It's a total waste of time to buy high end microphones, mic pres, compressors, etc and then record with them through pro-sumer converters. I wish I would've bought my Apogee Rosetta before I got some of the other things in my studio. Great converters make all the difference in the world, and Apogee definitely makes some nice stuff!

  • from Spokghanistan, WA January 22, 2007Music Background:
    musician, budding engineer,

    Worth every penn.... errr dollar!

    Upgraded from a MOTU 828mkII and wow what a difference in sonic quality! Wide, clear, crisp. Even playing a cd through the Rosetta is amazing. I've dealt once with Apogee support (my x-firewire card was defective) and they were great. I'm pretty sharp, but the installation process, manual layout left a little to be desired for me. It did have a learning curve for me at first, not as simple as the MOTU was, but once you've been around the unit it gets easier. I really think the manual's totally suck for user friendly operation and installation info (luckily I called Stephen Hawking and he explained the whole deal to me).
    If you are wanting to upgrade your studio's sound, definitely start here, it's worth the money!

  • from GrandForks, N.D. U.S.A. October 13, 2006Music Background:
    Hip-Hop Soul Producer


    True Story. I just bought the Rosetta 200 and I'm extremely happy after tracking my first session with it. I've been tracking through Mic Pre's (Avalons,UA's etc...)for a while but never before has it resulted this way. I let a few people who are familiar with my work hear what I called a "Dummy track" and they had me blushing. I would often ask myself, how can I get that polished clarity on my tracks? My drums weren't there,stereo instruments weren't wide enough. Something was just missing and the keyword is was. I'm not a big time producer yet but the Rosetta has given me a huge boost of confidence and increased my chances of getting to the next level.

  • from Las Vegas NV September 13, 2006Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Dessert for the ears!

    I have been a professional musician most of my adult life but just recently setup a home studio. As I progressed in my knowledge and gear I was introduced to the concept of getting good converters for my studio through my Sweetwater Rep. I researched converters and agreed with the theory so I ordered the Rosetta 200. Talk about theory translated in reality the unit literally transformed my sound. Setting down to work with my music now is like sitting down knowing I am going to eat my favorite desert instead of wondering what is on the menu. The clarity allows me to find those elusive nuances in a mix that are supporting or detracting from the sound I am trying to get. I found the effect of the unit to be a very creative and musical experience not just another piece of technology. I read that most everyone can by gear that gets you 90% of the way to a pro sound but that last 10% is what really makes the difference. The Rosetta is definitely part of that last 10%.

  • from Abuja, Nigeria November 3, 2010Music Background:
    Broadcast Engineer

    Beautiful Piece!!!

    If you love the Duet, this seems like the next level.

    Make sure you through in the firewire expansion and the Mackie Big Knob for monitoring control.

    12 down the lane my Duet hasn't blinked, this why apogee rock.

    Would have love Apogee to put monitor control and headphones out.

  • from Georgia September 30, 2006Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Mastering Engineer

    This is a MUST HAVE item for any serious studio

    Having worked extensively with the old Apogee Rosetta and PSX1000, I had no hesitation purchasing this. I was pleasantly surprised though, to find that the design has continued to improve. The sound quality is amazing, and the new CODA section adds some serious tools to my studio. Old tracks that were recorded on inferior systems are being heard in a new way through the D/A converters. This has found an essential place in my studio, for recording, mixing, and mastering. One of the best investments you can make.

  • from Cupertino, CA October 15, 2010Music Background:
    MacPro 12-Core, Vintech 273, JBL LSR4328P, AKG C414 XLII

    A minor improvement over digi003

    I got the 003 and the 200 about 6 weeks ago. The first thing I did was record a 12-track vocal, recording through the Rosetta and simultaneously direct to 003 with the same mic. Then I A-B'd the direct mix with the Rosetta mix (no other processing). I got quite a few people to listen to these samples, and we collectively agree that there is a difference, but the difference is quite small.

    Additionally, there are limitations to it's design that add complexity to your rig, especially if you are running a Mac and Logic. Here are some things to consider:
    - the only way to change the word clock sync is in ProTools, and in the "Digi CoreAudio Manager"
    - There is no control of the analog output level from the Rosetta. No way to attenuate the digital signal before conversion using the Rosetta.
    - Within ProTools, external clock sync is only achievable when the sample rate of the project matches that on the Rosetta. This must be done manually.

    My feeling is that one should consider the additional complexity and potentially minor improvement in quality (over the digi003) before making the investment. Personally, I came very close to sending the unit back to Sweetwater. I ultimately decided to keep it, hoping my ears will get better at hearing the difference over time.

  • from WA May 17, 2010Music Background:

    Seriously, Dont Believe the Hype!!

    Compared to the RME's FireFace 400...meh. Made everything sound too bright in the high's and kind of muddy toward the lows..nothing special in the mid's. RME had the most transparent sound for me. Very natural and true to the original source. If you want a bright and thin sound, go Apogee. But if you seek transparency go RME!!

  • from Hampton, VA USA August 1, 2005

    Amazing Sound!

    Just in case you think conversion is not as important as other aspects of recording...think again. Ever wonder how that other engineer got the sound quality that seems to elude you? Conversion is part of that great sound equation. With this unit I am hearing things I never heard before, and my clients and associate engineers are amazed. I run everything I can through this box. Now my CD's have that sound!

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