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KRK Rokit 8 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    KRK the Rokit 8 has been the go-to production speaker for producers and artists needing more bass and lots of volume. Pair these with the KRK sub to complete your production studio.

  • Chris Leonard

    In this price range, the KRK Rokit 8's can't be beat! If you like a little extra somethin' somethin' in your bass response, check these puppies out. I've owned these in the past, and many of my friends have used them in their studios. They are a great first (or second) set of monitors for someone getting into recording.

  • from Danbury ct July 19, 2013Music Background:
    dj recording enginare

    krk rokit 8

    I love them thare alsom materfact im going to order back and perchis a power woffer by krk thank you sweetwater

  • from Hollywood, MD May 18, 2013Music Background:

    Great Ivestment

    I'm glad I made this purchase - these speakers sound great!

  • from Houston, Tx USA April 30, 2013Music Background:
    Producer and artist

    The best

    They are the best sounding speakers I've ever heard. And for the price you cannot beat it. I was told that the monitors are the most important things in a studio so I got the rocket 8,s from Sweetwater, thanksto Joe Milne for the knowledge about them.

  • from Erin TN March 12, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer, Live Sound, Studio Musician

    Amazing Sound

    Clarity, Clarity, Clarity!!! I hear it all with these monitors!!! I have no idea how I had a good mix before I got these!! If you want to hear a TRUE mix, then these are the monitors for you!!!!!

  • from February 1, 2013

    KRK ROkit great for home studio

    These speakers are perfect for hip hop production

  • from Jacksonville FL, USA January 30, 2013Music Background:

    Good Stuff!!!

    I love em!! They do everything i need them to do and more!

  • from November 14, 2012Music Background:

    Decent 8

    As I am currently using 3 sets of monitors at Home:

    1. Dynaudio BM5A
    2. Behringer 1031A
    3. KRK R8 G2
    4.Equator Audio D5 DSP Coaxial (Coming Soon )

    Now, let's compare monitors with almost the same size drivers as above..the BM5A being 7", the rest are 8".I've already written a review for the 1031A...Now the Rokit8 G2 is price between the sets above. As you know , the BM5A (Old Model) cost double the price against the Rokit8.It performs better with a deeper bass with more filter cutoff lo + Mid + High. Now lets read about the Rokit8.

    Sound stage : The 8" driver lacks the deeper bass that you may need..sounds like a 6.5" bass driver to my ears...The Midrange is well open as they are not overpowered by Highs & lows frequency . Sadly , you'll only get the HF. switches plus minus at the back, I wish they added the LF. bass switches like the Beh.1031A. Its only their VXT range that they added that, sad! Thus the lack of deep bass for a 8" driver causes it to lose 1 and a half STAR rating.

    I'm running the monitors direct from my iMac via Focusrite Pro 24, no extra eq was added for sound check via WAV file playback from. itunes. Thus you get the raw playback via the Pro24 DAC's.

    The Rokit8 looks sexy, they are still pretty good for new age , electronic mixing or maybe even Jazz. For serious mix-down, they may fail at the low end playback... you don't really need a sub if you have 8" monitors...unless you really need to hear those below 40Hz tones. Go have a listen & let your ears decide. I did expect more from KRK for this 8" monitors without touching their VXT range..which is in the price range of Adam, Dynaudio , Event .

  • from Wichita, KS September 17, 2012Music Background:

    Great, but I use theme differently than most....

    i use these with my electric piano. Because the on board speakers are not loud or as accurate sounding, I decided to use some monitors. These work great for medium and low volumes. -.5 Stars due to the low end not reproducing the sound as accurately as I would like. It gets muddy on the last two octaves.

  • from new orleans July 26, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician, student

    Great Speakers, Dynamic response

    I'm no studio pro, but these monitors are great for what I have going on at home. They represent the acoustic tone of my many basses very well. They also reproduce vocals very naturally.

  • from Florida August 15, 2011Music Background:
    All over the place

    Ground loop noise... only problem

    there okay if your running through the balanced plug.. If your going to go
    RCA connection your going to get a hum from you computer. You'll need
    a little piece of gear called the HumX..goes between the cable connections
    As far as sound there good with a small pair of speakers I use them with a pair of M-Audio.. The sound is just awesome. If you get these and use a pair of speakers that will pick up the high ends you won't need a sub woofer.. I happy with my purchase

  • from Boston MA August 13, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Pro Musician.

    Outperforms many monitors in this price range

    After about 6 months of looking for a pair of monitors I chose these for the front firing bass port. I tried HS80s, Focals, and JBLs. For my room, these sounded the clearest and seem to have the best features. They may not be the flattest monitors, but if FLAT is what you are looking for, adjust your budget accordingly. I use these in conjunction with the Focusrite VRM box for mixing. The dynamic rage capable on these monitors is really quite spectacular. The only complaint I have is the soundstage is very very wide and I had to put these on stands about 4 feet from my head to really get the most from the low end. There is a sweet spot youll have to find and when you do, you'll be blown away.

  • from Dayton, OH June 21, 2011Music Background:
    Hip-Hop and EDM Producer, Engineer, Student

    Best Monitors in its Price Range, HANDS DOWN!

    I bought these monitors a little while ago and I wanted to have my own in depth personal experience first so I could be able to share a candid review. First off, if you stumbled upon this page looking for a pair of monitors that suits your budget, you will be making a huge mistake browsing elsewhere. The only reason you should look at other monitors is if you don't produce bass heavy genres such as hip-hop and electronica. The Rokit 5s and Rokit 6s will produce the same results for a cheaper price, however it will be harder to monitor heavy basses. So if you're not in the genres I just mentioned, then you should look at those models (or you could still get these because the bass really does kick =) ).
    The Rokit 8s (or any KRK monitor) really are the prime definiton of GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out), for whatever you hear coming from them, you will hear the same thing on your home stereo, iPod, or in your car. I've produced several tracks since I've had these and on the sites where I post them, people comment on how well the production quality of my mixes sound. And I don't have to cross reference as much as you would with cheaper alternatives (cross referencing is still important though, don't disregard it). Now for some more technical talk.
    The bass response on these beauties is amazing. For those who don't have the budget for subwoofers, these definitely will do the trick. The mids are a taaad bit heavier than flat, but it's barely noticeable and with a little time your ears will work around them. The tweeters are very good quality, and you'll hear everything from the audible frequency spectrum that tweeters are intended to produce.
    Honestly, I couldn't recommend another pair of monitors in this price range. Heck, since these always get the job done, I don't think I could recommend another pair of monitors period. These things are a complete steal and if you don't consider them then you are making a huge mistake...trust me...

  • from Cincinnati, OH USA May 19, 2011Music Background:

    Sound Great

    I have owned these for over a year and absolutely love them. They are the first studio monitors I've had so I don't have anything to compare them to, but all of my mixes translate to every other system I test them on, from cars to headphones. They are capable of getting very loud, and have very good clear bass.

  • from April 28, 2011

    Great monitors

    These monitors sound great. Only problem is that they are quite big for a home studio.

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