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KRK ROKIT 6 G3 6" Powered Studio Monitor Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the KRK ROKIT 6 G3 6" Powered Studio Monitor?

Questions about the KRK ROKIT 6 G3 6" Powered Studio Monitor?

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  • from Portsmouth, Va. January 3, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar player since the 70's. Also keybds bass and vocals

    Rokit 6 G3

    It took me a while to get them situated, I had to build shelves just for them and then install them in my studio. Once I did all of that I finally got to try them out and they are perfect. I've got them at the recommended height and distance for my listening point and they sound great. I wasn't sure if I would need the sub-woofer but as it turns out, with my limited space I don't. They have all the bottom I could ask for. I'm using Sonar Platinum and AddictiveDrums 2, and I can't believe the punch I'm getting from them. They are the perfect addition to my studio.

  • from Sunrise, Florida July 25, 2016Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Great Products and Service!

    After searching numerous brands and monitors styles, finding the KRK Rokit 6 was the best option. Great quality sound and it carries a good punch for the low frequencies.

  • from Chicago March 23, 2016Music Background:

    Engendering Change in the Studio Monitor World

    About a year ago, I purchased a pair of KRK Rokit 6 G3 Studio Monitors for my home studio. At the time I had been doing engineer and producer work for about a year and I was using some stereo system speakers. The day that I purchased these speakers, is the same day I fell in love with them. KRK is truly engendering change in the studio Monitor world with the G3 series. I put the monitors up against a few mixes that I knew very well, and I found that the $400 I paid for them was worth it. When I tested the speakers I found that the mix sounded crisp, and that the Rokit speakers did a good job with accurately translating the mixes. For my 10x11 acoustically treated room, the KRK Rokit 6 G3 studio monitors were perfect; I found that they did not oversupply or undersupply sound in my room. These studio monitors provided a flat response with little to no boosting of high, mid, and low equalization ranges, which is essential for mixing and mastering. I found it to be a smart choice of KRK to provide high and low adjusting knobs for fine tuning, and a master volume. I love the KRK Rokit series and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is trying to start a small home recording studio.

  • from KCMO December 9, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist / Audio Engineer

    Awesome Monitors

    They sound awesome! Rich, clear, and awesome bottom end. Great addition to my studio.

  • from Burbank, Ca USA January 7, 2014Music Background:
    High school student. Going to collage for sound.

    KRK ROCKIT 6 Monitors

    We gave our son rockit 6 monitors for Christmas and he is cleaning up some of his old recordings. To here the difference is amazing after the new monitors.

  • from Austin, TX November 12, 2013Music Background:
    Songwriter, Producer

    Stellar for the price

    These are excellent LISTENING speakers, especially for the price.

    If you want to do flat monitoring (no enhancement), i'd say get some Dynaudio speakers for that dry, flat environment ideal when mixing.

    However, if you want to jam, i haven't heard a better set of speakers for $400 a pair. And i've heard all those in the $1000/pr price range -- ADAM, Mackie, JBL, Tannoy, M-Audio, Samson.

    You can go up to Genelecs, or Focus, or Dynaudio, but these are GREAT when listening for ENJOYMENT.

  • from February 24, 2015Music Background:

    Can't imagine better value

    I bought these monitors because I have a new interest in music production. I'm no music engineer so realize I am just a beginner, but that being said, I have a pretty good ear for music, and I'm really picky when it comes to sound.

    I can say that the sound quality of these speakers has exceeded my expectations. The 6 inch woofers provide plenty of bass, especially in a small room. The speakers are surprisingly loud when turned up! I've read they peak at 107 dBs. The bass has a great punch, the kind where you feel it in your chest, but it isn't in any way overpowering

    The mids and highs cut through clearly and crisply. This probably has something to do with the use of separate amplifiers for the tweeter and woofer, which is supposed to result in higher quality sound (I'm no professional) There are treble and bass boosters, but keeping the default setting is great.

    My musical taste ranges pretty far, from EDM to classic rock. If you get a chance to listen to these before you buy them, I suggest Vanishing Point by Deadmau5 (start around 1:00, the build up is pretty long) for an idea of how the bass cuts through the mix well. For an example of great clear highs and punchy mids, I suggest Rest in Peace by Extreme.

    The speakers look great in person, though they are a little big ( I barely fit them on my desk). The lighted KRK logo when powered on is a nice touch.

    My only complaint with the speakers has nothing to do with the sound at all, I'd happily give the sound quality 5/5! Truly it was hard to give a 4.5 and not 5, but the placement of the power switch is quite annoying. It's located on the bottom of the back side, and is difficult for me to reach from my chair. The switch on top, or the front would be much better.

    Still, do not be dissuaded from buying these speakers from the one single design flaw. If you are looking for an amazing value, BUY THESE. If sound quality is what you are going for (what else would you be going for) I doubt you'll beat these for the price, and I'm sure you'll be satisfied.

  • from Nashville, TN December 3, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Mixing Consultant, Composer, Home Studio Owner

    Solid Sound at a nice price

    Recently picked these up for my home studio. Tested them against a mix I know very well - and found them to be very worthwhile. Also, the 6's fit the size of my room quite nicely - larger speakers would blow it out. I was very surprised to note the difference between 5's and the 6's. The 5's were absolutely useless to me - with such a tapered representation of mid and low end. 7's and 8's sounded quite similar to each other, but the 6's had a versatility, clarity, warmth and balance that I was quite attracted to. I was even happier to find out about the high and low end fine tuning that can be done. I'm glad to have these, and would recommend them (in sizes 6 and above).

  • from Los Angeles, CA August 14, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Gear Collector

    Good entry level monitors.

    If your building your first home/project studio or are even looking for a good pair of monitors just to use for your stereo or television these are excellent for the price.

    In terms of mixing you have to make sure you listen to your mixes through a few different setups and not just these as I have found them to not translate accurately to other places (headphones, car speakers, etc). This also has a lot to do with how you space and set these in your room so make sure you do a little research and don't just throw them on your desk and start going.

  • from Beverly Hills, CA October 14, 2013Music Background:
    Recording and Mixing Engineer

    OK for getting started but not a professional product

    Ok, well let me start by saying that monitoring is one of the most important elements in any audio system. All the other components are judged through the monitors, so care must be taken in selecting a monitoring system that will be accurate and helpful.

    I got my pair of KRK Rokit 6's about three years ago. Before that I had about 4-5 pairs of decent listening speakers but none of which were studio monitors designed specifically for manipulating audio.

    It is easy to tell how cheaply these are made from the bass response. You have an aggressive, unpleasant bump above 50Hz, and virtually nothing below 50Hz. I understand that they can only go so low, but I would rather have speakers that are tight, and these are boomy.

    The midrage is actually not terrible. Some folks complain about the mids the most on these speakers, that they are too forward or harsh, which is partly true, but it gives you a good window into important elements in the mix, like vocals, guitars, and pianos. It can get somewhat fatiguing, but that all depends on your monitoring level.

    The high end just feels cheap. I understand that price is a limitation here, but I have used high end monitors from Genelec and Focal and Meyer, and I know beautifully high end can be presented. These KRK's do not make the cut.

    If you are a bedroom producer who is just getting his first interface and DAW, these might be 100% fine for you, and will help you get up and running without breaking the bank. But I would advice potential buyers to at least consider other options (JBL, Yamaha, Event), because I feel like a more sonorous, opulent sound is possible, even in this entry level price range.

Questions about the KRK ROKIT 6 G3 6" Powered Studio Monitor?

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