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KRK Rokit 6 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
  • Alex
    from United States May 1, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    These speakers have great definition if you are mixing. I use these to mix tracks for live performance, and they have already improved my quality of tones and mix. It's amazing what you can hear when you get an accurate audio representation through these monitors!

  • Jahmar
    from Brooklyn,NY January 2, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    There GREAT

    A must buy for your home studio

  • lrn
    from KY April 10, 2012Music Background:
    Live sound, recording, audio for video,

    was not steered wrong by Sales Engineer!!

    Was directed toward these in the price range i was looking at and have been VERY happy with them. They have a nice wide sweet spot so nice for others listening behind you etc. Another person here with different monitors replaced his (different brand) with these after hearing mine! Sales Engineer was right on!!! (as usual) Thanks Jason!

  • Customer
    from November 10, 2011

    Worth every penny

    Amazing product. Incredible sound. Sales engineer couldn't have been more helpful. Overall a great experience.

  • Daniel Ortiz
    from August 16, 2011Music Background:
    Nampa/Boise, Idaho USA

    Best in Class!! Very Accurate.

    after demoing all other monitors in this class I had to go with KRK after all the positive reviews and the sound speaks for itself, you cant find a better deal! Very accurate and vivid sound, my mixes translate alot better thanks to this bad boy!

  • Dillon Francisco
    from Detroit, MI July 6, 2013Music Background:
    Bedroom producer

    Rok out with your...

    Sound great, just wish they were better in the sub range (adding a sub is kind of necessary once I can afford it :/ )

  • Customer
    from United States January 8, 2012


    wow, this is my first set of monitors and i'm so glad i didn't change my mind on these. i too thought i'd need the 8's for all the bass i love but these defiantly have enough bass. and the mids and highs are superb. just close your eyes and go into music land! ;]

  • Chris Y
    from November 9, 2011Music Background:

    Amazing for the price!!!

    These are my first set of real monitors that I've ever purchased so I don't have any other monitors to compare them to, but compared to my mixes on my home stereo, they are amazing! There are probably more accurate (and expensive) monitors out there, but these do the job for me. And they have plenty of bass, so if your between the Rokit 8 or 6 right now (like I was) believe me, they deliver plenty of bass.

  • alfred jones
    from thomasville,ga July 14, 2011Music Background:
    home recording

    krk rokit 6 rocks!!!

    i finally found the right studio monitors for my home studio the sweetwater
    sales person recomend these for me at the affotable price and they sounds great thanks sweetwater you are the best

  • Thor
    from La Jolla, CA February 3, 2012Music Background:

    Good value

    I'm admittedly sort of a monitor novice. These are my second pair of monitors. They're small and you can pop them in a suitcase. They sound great. You can really hear the frequency balance. Still, I feel like they pretty-up the sound too much and don't reveal certain types of problems, especially with dynamics -- certain kinds of nasty compression artifacts for example don't come through and surprise you later. I haven't compared these to the old model, but the rounded front doesn't do magic... there is still a very limited sweet spot. But if you sit still in your chair, the stereo representation is great. Compared to my old 8-inch Behringer Truths they do not reveal as much detail (for example, with these I can listen to MP3s and don't hear the blaring compression artifacts I'd hear with my old Truths) while having a stronger, more reliable bottom, which is impressive coming from a smaller speaker.

    In short, these do not cost much at all and are definitely worth every penny.

  • J
    from Nashville July 18, 2012Music Background:
    Songwriter, Producer

    Decent Value but won't work for pro mixing

    These monitors are not bad for the price range. But, even in a treated room, they lack the depth and detail to give you the tools to make a great mix. I have these in my home studio but take my mixes to a friend's studio to mix/master them. I'll often do a pre-mix at home before I switch over to the other studio to finish it off. There are so many little things I have to change on my pre-mix once I get the session on better monitors (the studio has Dynaudio BM 15's). Now, I completely understand that it is unfair to compare these inexpensive KRK's to high-end Dynaudios, but at the same time, nice monitors do make all the shortcomings of the Rokit 6 all the more apparent. The low end is a bit flabby and the midrange is pretty undefined. The high end is also really difficult to nail down right at the crossover frequency with the tweeter. I find myself making my mixes overly bright in an attempt to clean up muddy midrange frequencies, only to tone down a lot of those EQ decisions when I get them in front of nice monitors. Similarly, the monitors do not have much depth to them, making things like Reverb/Delay sends difficult to judge.

    Now that I've gotten used to some of the idiosyncrasies of the KRK's, I can make pretty decent mixes with them, but even then I'm fighting against their shortcomings so much that it takes way longer than it should to finish a mix. While they're not bad for a first set of monitors, if you are serious about making commercially viable music at home, it is absolutely worth it to save up and enter the monitor market at the midrange area (Yamaha HSM80's, Dynaudio BM5a's, etc.). Otherwise, you'll be like me and make life harder on yourself while taking anything you want to sound fully professional somewhere else to finish off.

  • Dan Theman
    from Mountain View, CA March 14, 2013Music Background:

    Decent speaker, but...

    This is not a bad speaker by any means, but there are others in this price range from JBL and Behringer that are at least as good or better in terms of accuracy--measured accuracy. Bass extension depends so much on the room it's in that I don't really consider it a huge part of a review. You'll needs subs to get down really deep no matter what.

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