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KRK Rokit Powered 10-3 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from Atlanta, GA February 19, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician & songwriter

    Accurate, spot-on midfields at a ridiculous price

    These are fantastic monitors. I've been using them for over a year now. At first (I thought) they made the bass in my mixes sound way to muddy and the high end sound just awful... then I realized that was the way my mixes actually sounded.

    When KRK says they're good down to 30 Hz. they're not kidding. I don't know what made me think I could ever mix a tight low end on my old 6.5" nearfields. Even KRK E8s (which I love) don't translate low end as well as these. The high end seems a little harsh because you REALLY hear everything, but now I know that when it sounds good, it really IS good.

    Be aware that although the literature describes these as nearfields OR midfields, they're really midfield monitors. I mean you've got 10" woofers - they've gotta be placed far back enough (5' at least) to hear the low end properly. Inevitably room reflections come into play, thus phase cancellation problems, etc. I had to to treat my room for sound - big time - before I was truly comfortable with what I was hearing. Of course I would have needed to do that for any midfields. But I saved so much by buying these that I was able to afford the sound treatment, too!

  • from Hayward, CA July 16, 2014Music Background:

    Listen to everyone and buy them!

    I've used a lot, and it's great to get a pair of these. They are the ones if you want crystal clarity, BIG bass, and audio perfection from affordable near fields. I love 'em already...

  • from Utah April 8, 2013Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Musician, Mycologist

    Get 'em.

    I hesitated to buy these because my room is pretty small. I have a lot of absorption and some diffusion up, but still - when you're looking frequencies down to 30 Hz, it's generally unwise to put what amounts to two glorified subwoofers in a rectangular room that is smaller than most iso booths.

    But what the heck.

    Since I'm not the monster-truck loving, 64 oz steak eating, everything-in-excess Lazarus Long type, I knew I wasn't trying to make a point by getting the biggest-a-- monitors I could get on my limited personal budget. Having worked with several of the big names in monitors, including ADAM, Genelec, Focals, JBLs in a past life, I nonetheless found myself being drawn to three-way designs for their superior reproduction of mid-range frequencies.

    I also hesitated saying anything about these after only having owned them for a few days. It's been a few years since I've done engineering work, so the inevitable halo-effect of near/mid-fields over cheap consumer crap was sure to cloud my judgment. But the bottom line is this, after running them through some trials: if you can't mix with these, your problem is not gear-related.

    Even in my grossly imperfect, tiny, and asymmetrical room, the sheer wavefront created by these controlled monsters drowns out the reflections enough to give me a good idea of what I'm working with. Things just translate as they should. Stuff that sounds honky is honky elsewhere. If it sounds bland on these, it is bland. Since the standard KRK presentation is a little strident for my tastes, I knocked the HF drivers down a couple of db. Ah, just right. And if you prefer to mix with a subwoofer, I can say that these are a step up from any 2.1 system because, contrary to popular belief, bass frequencies are still directional enough to be spatially discerned. You're not getting the whole picture when you shunt LF content to a nondescript location. Mixing with TWO enormous LF drivers at ear level is sure to be a revelation to whomever has not experienced it.

    I'm completely happy with my purchase. Yes, I know there are better, but not at this price. In a world where everybody is obsessed with getting "the best" without knowing what the heck that means, unless you have an über budget just get these, get to know 'em, and make some good sound. You'll have know trouble doing that if you are willing to do the work that we all have to do, gear be d----.

  • from Sydney, Australia August 28, 2012Music Background:
    Film TV Post production


    I have three KRK Rokit 10-3 powered midfield studio monitors at the front in a 7.0 surround setup, with a Marantz AV7005 pre/pro, two KRK Rokit 5 at the rear, and two Infinity ES250 as side surrounds (dipole mode).
    No need for a subwoofer.

    I primarily use the setup for home theater purposes, as well as testing mixes from work (film & tv post house) and mixes from sound studios around town.

    I have been absolutely staggered at how well these perform - especially for the insanely low price.
    Make no mistake - These are a league above the better-known 2-way Rokit models.

    * Excellent 3-way tri-amplified design.
    * Uniquely Midfield / Nearfield friendly.
    * Exceptionally, clean, accurate, revealing, yet immensely listenable and non-fatiquing.
    * Front bass porting is superb.
    * Bass response is usable down to the low 30Hz region - yet it's very tight all the way down, with no booming or bloating.
    * Highs are smooth and non-fatiguing.
    * RCA and canon inputs.
    * Surprisingly flexible with room & back-wall placement.
    * They're relatively large - but only as large as they need to be.
    * Power to spare.
    * Having the flexibility to rotate the tweeter/midrange to have them on their sides is just terrific.

    Compared these to the Dynaudio DM5A and DM6A Mk II, Yamaha HS-80M, JBL LSR2328, Mackie HR8 Mk II and Event 2020.
    These are just unbeatable. Simple as that.

  • from Richmond,VA February 19, 2012Music Background:
    Recording/Mix Engineer

    A Much Needed Monitoring Solution!

    I've spent years and thousands of dollars searching for that elusive sound of a finished record and many years later I felt like a fool when I discovered the problem/answer. The answer was right in front of me the whole time. If you cant accurately hear your mixes how can you make wise mix decisions? Treat your room acoustically first and then invest in full range monitoring. Most monitors only have a woofer and a tweeter which are nice but they fail to accurately reveal what is really going on in the midrange(the heart of the mix). I used to wonder why all the engineers I looked up to had 3 or more sets of monitors including broadband monitors(NS-10s, KRK V6s or Dynaudios) midrange monitors(Auratones,Avantones or Behritones) and bass monitors(subwoofers/wall mounted speakers). My advice to anyone contemplating the purchase and you only have a budget for one set ,these monitors are a great place to start because of the midrange focus. Yo can buy multiple sets of monitors or you can buy one pair and get similar results, as always ......its your choice.

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