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Waldorf Rocket Desktop Synthesizer Reviews

4.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Waldorf Rocket Desktop Synthesizer?

Questions about the Waldorf Rocket Desktop Synthesizer?

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  • Robert W.
    from NYC July 12, 2013Music Background:
    Producer / Recording Engineer

    SECRET WEAPON: The Rocket sounds absolutely phenomenal!

    I've tried a few of the other "new" analog synths to come out in the last year or so, but ended up returning them all regardless of their feature list as I was ultimately unsatisfied with their tone, until I discovered this little unassuming gem.

    It's really what I've been looking for in an analog synthesizer sound, and it has a very "rock'n'roll” vibe to it, whether that means to you distorted electric guitars or classic rock synth leads from the 70's and 80's, it can sing beautifully or scream and spit, it's terrific. Because there is a lot more programming control than meets the eye, once I got a handle on how everything interacts I found the design to be genius in its simplicity, as it's almost impossible to dial-in a "bad" sound and everything most importantly sounds MUSICAL— this is a great achievement in my opinion.

    It's like the difference between a virtual modeling guitar amp with built-in effects and 40 amp simulations, etc. versus a vintage Fender tube amp with only volume and tone controls... The first is uninspiring and leaves me cold, whereas the tube amp begs to be played and sounds wonderful.

    The Rocket has a very "alive" sound like a proper analog should, and it reminds me at times of my old ARP Odyssey and other times of classic Moog bass and Oberheim SEM sounds, sometimes even the Yamaha CS and Roland Juno series... It's the first modern analog I've heard that captures the essence and tonal beauty of the classics, while retaining its own engaging sonic character in the end.

    As a bonus, if you have an iPad, the free Waldorf app lets you connect over WiFi MIDI to save and recall patches while in your DAW session, and of course it also acts as a remote control for programming.

    While it's not without its quirks, if you're looking for an analog synth to actually "play music" with to make "songs" rather than to generate random bleeps and bloops, the Rocket is your guy!

  • Casey Schultheis
    from Santa Cruz June 3, 2013Music Background:
    25+ years of Recording, Live Sound, Musician, Hobbyist & Student

    Sounds Great

    This thing sounds great. You get tactile controls over the major synths operators. It's a Monophonic synthesizer with two oscillator shapes. Unison mode gives you up to eight voices, it' like getting a chord out of one note being pressed down. The arpeggiator rocks. Waldorf has released a cool free iOS app that lets you save snapshots of your presets, (Thing of SSL "Total Recall") For the cost I would totally recommend this. If you are a Waldorf fan you will love this.

  • Studio 139
    from Kalamazoo, MI November 20, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    I Like It!

    While there are some reviews that imply the build quality isn't up to
    live performance, which may be true, but for a desktop it is fun and
    functional and sounds surprisingly good. The seemingly limited controls still give you a wide palette of sonic possibilities. The "launch" button is handy for working out sounds and triggering the effect sounds. It is easy to get classic synth sounds from this analog hybrid. Bottom line is, it's easy to use, sounds good and has decent build quality and I like it.

Questions about the Waldorf Rocket Desktop Synthesizer?

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