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Rivera RockCrusher Recording Power Attenuator with 11-Band EQ Speaker Emulator Reviews

5.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Rivera RockCrusher Recording Power Attenuator with 11-Band EQ Speaker Emulator?

Questions about the Rivera RockCrusher Recording Power Attenuator with 11-Band EQ Speaker Emulator?

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  • from June 20, 2017

    Crushingly great tone!

    Had this for a couple if years now. This is an awesome piece of gear. Only used in my home studio and ALWAYS in between my AFD 100 and my Laney 2x12. This thing rocks! Stick a 57 and XR1 on my cab, out the level down to just above conversation levels and have tone for days! If you can afford one, go for it! This will change your life!

  • from Seattle March 22, 2017Music Background:
    30 years of pickin'

    Short and Sweet

    1. All of the reviews are correct.
    2. All of the videos you watch on this are correct. (Pete Thorn has a really good one to watch when you get done with the Sweetwater videos)
    3. This thing is incredible.
    4. Makes no difference what tube amp you attach it to, your amp WILL sound great.
    5. I will never play without one again!
    6. the quality build feels like it will last a lifetime.

  • from Colleyville, TX December 24, 2016

    Truly Amazing

    Rivera's genius in this device is the perfectly calibrated EQ that can be used to fine tune and shape what ultimately goes into your PA or DAW to match what you are hearing while playing directly through your amp / cabinet. You can set up a consistent tonal quality across any and all devices and speakers that your guitar passes through. What this means is that when I play through my combo amp speaker alone or when I plug into my external cabinet (note: my combo amp and cabinet all have matched Celestion 12" Vintage 30s), or when I am running through the mixing board / PA, or even when I am recording and listening through my DAW studio monitors or headphones -- without miking the amp -- my carefully crafted guitar tone always sounds the same! (notwithstanding any slight coloration that may be added by the PA or DAW itself). And with attenuation, that same great tone stays consistent at any volume level!

    Also like to add that I have been buying gear from Sweetwater for over 5 years now and I want to send a special thanks to my Sales Engineer Ryan Murray for all the great customer service!

  • from Kentucky December 17, 2016Music Background:

    Rockcrusher recording

    I love the Rockcrusher recording, it is perfect! I just wish their was a way to get the 11bit EQ curves for all types of cab speakers and such

  • from Bristol, RI September 19, 2016Music Background:
    former pro, now gear junkie and practing attorney


    1st, Thanks to Nick Church. As usual, Nick excels in follow up and follow through. I always deal with Nick exclusively. I ran it through my Quinn OD Heaven ( Ser. # 001 a D-killer! ) , my Triple Drive Supreme, My Redplate Magic Dust and my Mark 5. It delivers as advertised. I considered an Aracom but Sweetwater is reliable and awesome with any issues after delivery. Watch the video by Pete Thorn and that's what you get. Easy to use. Also sounded great through my DAW.

  • from Miami December 29, 2015Music Background:
    Mix engineer guitarist

    Awesome possum!

    This peice of gear is one best investments you will ever make that's all I have to say about that.

  • from Virginia March 30, 2015Music Background:
    Amateur Fanatic

    Attenuator is great home/studio tool

    First, I want to qualify my review by saying that I have not yet tried out the EQ speaker emulation functionality for recording. I decided to buy the RockCrusher a few months after buying a Rivera Venus 3 amp (separately reviewed). I found I was not able to get the tone I wanted from my amp without cranking it up to levels that would disturb the neighbors where I live. Also, playing at high levels for hours is probably not a great idea. I have multiple "overdrive/distortion" pedal options in my setup (Boss Blues Driver, Tube Screamer, Proco Rat..) as pre-amp supplements, but in my opinion the pedals on their own don't replace the sound of a quality tube amp in the sweet spot.

    I called Rivera technical support before my purchase with questions, and they were very helpful and knowledgeable.

    The RockCrusher unit is very solidly built, and sits on top of my amp without being too obtrusive. It was shipped with adequate packing protection, and the documentation is good. Setup was simple; move one speaker cable and add another short cable. Dial and switch functions are straightforward and intuitive. I was playing within minutes. I find I can now get the sounds I want for rock/blues at reasonable home volumes; very happy about that. For cleaner/jazz sounds I put the RockCrusher on bypass so I don't waste energy or wear out the amp tubes for no reason.

    The RockCrusher helps me get the best sound out of my tube amp across a range of genres without waking up the neighbors.

  • from IbaguĂ©, Colombia. March 17, 2015

    Awesomeness !!

    If you are a tube amp lover you should definitely have one of this, its simply the best amp attenuator in the market. Perfect for home recording and practicing. And the 11 band eq gives you tons of amazing posibilities. Thanks to my sales engineer Mike Arango for helping me to get one.

  • from Albuquerque, NM USA January 25, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    This thing is great! i watched many youtube demos and did some other research and this is as good as it gets. An American Company making a beautiful high quality product in America. I can now use my high end tube amps at bedroom volume and not sacrifice any tone or overall sound quality. Same w/ recording - the cabinet emulation is amazing. Great product!

  • from Harrison, AR USA November 22, 2014Music Background:
    Hobby musician since the Beatles...

    Finally tube amp bliss!!

    I am blown away! Why? Mostly because this is the only attenuator I have ever used that truly does not degrade your amps tone at low volumes. I have a 50 watt Marshall plexi NON master volume amp. I am a tone snob! I want my guitar tone to be as good live as you hear on recordings. It can be done with the right set up and this RockCrusher Recording gives me what I need. I run a dry 4x12 Greenbacks and line out to a stereo effects processor and a pair of 1x12's. So Wet/Dry/Wet. That in itself is an amazing sound but the magic is the true plexi tone carried through this attenuator. No need for a two channel amp. I can roll my guitar volume back and get beautiful cleans or crank the volume up to make that Marshall crunch then add an OD to make it scream. I will say that when in studio mode and the speaker volume is almost shut off, like dialed down to 1, it will not get real clean except for the line out. That's the recording line out that will stay clean or cranked. And the 11-band EQ does wonders to balance my effects sounds. I have only set this up for live playing so far. Judging by the tone in the stereo effects I trust that there are some very good tones to be had using the line out for direct recording. I have completely forgotten (and don't' care) how much it cost as it is a very versatile tool and sounds amazing. I play clean jazz, pop, country rock, ballad rock, 70's classic and hard rock, 80's hard rock and 80's metal up to Scorpions and Judas Priest. The RockCrusher Recording really tames the volume while preserving the bliss that is found in pushing the power tubes AND provides speaker emulation line out to mixer, effects or what ever...even another amp! So needless to say more, I am very happy with how it performs and having a LOUD tube amp I actually really needed it.

  • from Anthem, AZ September 17, 2014Music Background:
    Working Musician

    Rivera RockCrusher Recording Glory

    Over the past year my band has moved to an in-ear monitoring system. Besides drums and vocals, my tube amp was the only open sound we had left to control. I had made the sacrifice in my tone in rehearsals by turning down the volume and mic'ing the cab. At home cranking up tube amps isn't an option with a full house. After some research I discovered the RockCrusher.
    This fine piece of gear blew my mind from the get-go and is now one of my most prized musical weapons. There's nothing like the rich sound of pushing your tube amps, and the RockCrusher Recording delivers that sound in combination with its features. Here's how I use it:
    Direct: For rehearsals I use it as a pure load box and output direct to the the mixing board. High transparency and clarity.
    Attenuation: For live gigs I can push the amp and use the attenuator to control stage volume levels. Now the sound engineers say, "Go ahead and turn up." With a flip or two of the attenuation switch its easy to find a sweet spot. The low and high bumps are nice too if you feel something is lacking in the high or bottom ends.
    Recording: In studio I use the attenuator for the cabs, and direct out simultaneously. Major depth of sound when blended. Wow!
    EQ band: For live and rehearsal situations I typically use the Vintage 30 setting, but in the studio I've experimented with other speaker settings. Lots of fun for sound engineers who have a solid understanding of EQ bands.
    Construction: Very solid, and surprisingly light-weight.
    If you need to fill only one of the uses I described then buy it! This is a serious piece of gear for people who seriously care about their tube amp tone in any environment we find ourselves playing music.

  • from Los Angeles, CA USA August 8, 2014

    Great recording tool for guitar players

    Until now I have been using amp modeling software for my guitar recordings because it's just not possible to crank up my vintage amps in my home studio without blowing my family and neighbors away. I found out about the RockCrusher Recording Attenuator and it sounded like the perfect way to start using my amps again. I'm really blown away by what you can do with the RockCrusher. I can now crank the tubes on my amps to a level I have never been able to do through speakers, send it into my DAW and play and record at bedroom levels at any time of night and day. The result is a guitar sound that was previously only possible in a professional soundproof studio. Amp modeling is a great tool and very useful for home recording but if you're a guitar player who craves that real authentic cranked amp sound, the RockCrusher is a must. The ability to dial in the EQ to mimic different speakers is also a great feature to get a full sound for multi tracked guitar parts. Love this thing!

  • from Colorado December 31, 2013Music Background:

    Everything should be built this well

    An amazing product. It's easily the most solidly built piece of gear I own. Sweetwater probably could have shipped it without all the bubble wrap and it would have still arrived without a scratch. All the controls are very sturdy and easy to use. So far I have used the Attenuator functionality with a Carvin Legacy 3 amp and it sounds incredible. That mode is worth the price all by itself. I haven't used it as a load box or for recording direct yet but I'm sure that will be equally impressive.

Questions about the Rivera RockCrusher Recording Power Attenuator with 11-Band EQ Speaker Emulator?

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