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Blue Microphones Robbie Reviews

5.0 stars based on 16 customer reviews
Questions about the Blue Microphones Robbie?

Questions about the Blue Microphones Robbie?

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  • Geoff Allen

    Try the Blue Robbie with a U87 for an amazing in-your-face vocal sound! Or give your guitars the added warmth they deserve and take your sound to another level!

  • Carson McClain

    Blue takes performance and design very seriously and it is quite obvious with the Robbie. If you are looking for a wide-open sound and don't have $6000 take a look at the Robbie. Amazing pre, amazing price.

  • Forrest Powell

    Plenty of gain, enough for a ribbon; amazingly clean, too! I really dig this pre.

  • from Bakersfield, CA February 9, 2016Music Background:
    All around music enthusiast trying to make a hobby a living

    Awesome Mic Pre

    This has surpassed my expectations. I had read a lot of reviews for years before purchasing and I have to say that this unit lived up to every word. It sounds great paired with the blue bird mic when used for rap vocals and puts that style right up front where you want the vocal. It sounds amazing with the AKG mic for acoustic guitars. Definitely captures the roominess and acoustics you want when recording an open string instrument. I can't say I've used this in a lot of scenarios yet but I am glad I made the decision to buy it. This is one of the few pieces I have that I can honestly say with out a doubt I have no regrets with. Lastly, Blue is a great company and the one knob feels solid and you can feel the quality in the unit. Plus the power supply is not some rink a dink plug in that you can break or bend. I recommend this for anyone looking for a great mic pre who can't spend $2,000 or more on other well known units.

  • from Brentwood, NY September 19, 2015

    Great mic pre!

    I love this mic pre! I'm running a Neumann TLM 103 through it and into an Apogee Symphony I/O. Truly truly professional recordings! I've read great reviews about pairing this pre with the 103 and it's been everything I could've ever expected it to be. Sweetwater is such a great company to deal with also! My sales engineer, Nathan Parker, is a pleasure to deal with!

  • from Southern California October 7, 2011Music Background:

    Robbie Hits a Home Run

    I needed a single channel mic pre for an assortment of "everyday" applications in my studio, and Blue Microphones Robbie, although unusual in the looks department, fit the bill. Of course I expected a clean, capable pre, but Robbie actually blew me away. Sure, there's an absence of knobs that may deter some, but if what you need is a mic pre that will do justice to a quality microphone like the Manley Gold Reference, then look no further.

  • from Berkeley, CA May 5, 2011Music Background:
    Artist, Engineer, Producer, CEO

    Great Preamp!

    Perfect preamp, it adds a warm tone to the microphone signal and keeps the recording crystal clear. Worth more than the price tag IMO. Built well and it looks like a famous robot (hence the name), really catches peoples attention in my studio! I recommend using it with a high quality condenser mic such as the "Blue Kiwi" but it will work well on any mic. Try it yourself. For the price, this is the best preamp around.

  • from Michigan December 29, 2010Music Background:
    Lead Vocalist/Guitarist

    What a pair!

    I have to say, I was pretty excited to finally get this preamp after purchasing the Kiwi about 10 weeks prior and mailing in the rebate. It really gave me a chance to see what the Kiwi had to offer on other preamps before I could pair the two.
    Little to my surprise, the combination was nothing short of beautiful. The sound quality is fantastic. I really love how something so simple control-wise crushes competing preamps.

    Now because I really only wanted this preamp to use for vocals I definitely give it 5 stars in that category. As far as running instruments in the studio setting through the Robbie I didn't find that it really had as much to offer as other preamps that I have used. So for now i'm bypassing this when we record instrumentals.

    But hey! This thing is well worth the purchase!!

  • from Texas November 11, 2010Music Background:
    Studio Owner

    It's like a radio DJ, looks funny but sounds great!

    Instead of buying a $3000 pre amp, buy 3 of these instead. You'll even have enough cash left over to buy dinner and drinks for the crew!
    This is a no brainer, it sounds just as good as an Avalon 737 or better and its a fraction of the price! What else do you need it to do? Pay your rent and tuck you in at night?

  • from Wichita, KS February 11, 2010Music Background:
    Professional Voice Over Artist

    The cleanest Pre I've heard!

    I was curious about this pre amp when Trent from Sweetwater recommended it. I am a voice over artist who had been using the Aphex 230 Trent sold me for a few years and had been quite happy. He said this thing would blow me away and Sweetwater had just dropped the price, so I jumped and ordered it. WOW! It's amazingly clean and really brings out the sound of my Mojave MA-200 (also purchased from Sweetwater). The Robbie has a lot of range and the dynamic reproduction is amazing! The sound spectrum is completely covered. Nice warm low end and spit clear mids and highs. I'm SOLD!

  • from California.Chicago September 16, 2009Music Background:

    Cant get no cleaner than this.

    Wow. is all i got to say. When i plugg this baby in , I immediately heard the warmth and the cleanness of this pre. Im sold all the way. It has given my vocals new life. I want to go and re-record all of my music. For the price and what Ive heard, its stomping the competition in and above its price class.

  • from Chicago, Illinois December 17, 2007Music Background:

    I Love It !! It's got my vote.

    I've been in the Recording and Live Sound Industries for 40 years,and I can tell you this is my favorite Mic Preamp for vocals. Robbie's got great tone and unexaggerated warmth that brings the vocals out to the front of the mix with a beautiful ,articulate,and natural sound.
    I also own a Focusrite Liquid Channel and an Avalon VT-737,both are great channel strips costing more,with less impressive overall sound and specs , quite frankly,most of the time I prefer the Robbie over both of them for male and female vocals.

  • from FLA July 23, 2007Music Background:
    Recording for years...

    Nothing bad to say...

    I have read many reviews about the robbie, and with exception to the guy below me, the only bad thing I have heard prior to use about the robbie was it's design. And I must aggree. Personally, I don't mind the design since I enjoy my studio being able to be on the go with ease, and it looks cool. The sound is awesome.. This is a pre-amp that can hold it's own against anything in it's price range and beyond. Imho robbie is a STEAL for 1000$. I did an a/b test with my robbie + fireface400, and my friends avalon 737 + liquid channel + fireface800 interface, both on the blue kiwi and neumann u87. We both aggreed that the robbie had a much more distinct sound. It's more of a compressed sound, and sits nice in the mix with very little effort. We recorded with drums and vocals, same results. If your considering this mic as apposed to others, plz take my advice and grad your robbie. If you don't like it return it and do what you please... But I can assure you that you wont be dissapointed.

  • from New York City July 29, 2006Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    The best sounding preamp for vocals and acoustic guitar

    I've used Avalon's VT-737 and the Avalon M5 for digital recording of vocals and acoustic guitar.Both sounded good, but neither had the sound of the Blue Robbie. The Robbie blows them away when it comes to clean (.06 THD and noise at 34db gain ! ) and detailed polished sound. It made my U47 and U87's sound even better on vocals compared to both the Avalon VT-737 and the M5. You won't go wrong for a thousand bucks compared to the M5 $1500,and VT-737 at $2000. The Robbie sounds great all by itself or really outrageous with an LA2A.It is the best mic pre I've used. You have to AB it against the others to see!! It even holds it's own against my Manleys!

  • from Rockport, TX March 30, 2016Music Background:
    keyboardist, music producer


    I've had a Robbie for several years now using it on vocals on several recordings in which it was great. I recently ordered a replacement tube for it, the NOS Telefunken 6922 '67 or '68 (around $190) and the difference is simply amazing which led me to write this review. I must also mention that I purchased a Manley ELOP+ right before the Robbie upgrade. The last 2 night's sessions were with a bass player playing a Steinberger. He came over wanting to go over the mix and then work on it the next day for his tracks going down that night. I had his input in a pre on the interface and then the next night had him through the Robbie and Manley. Both people in the studio at the same time said, "WOW, huge difference!!!". Can't wait to record the vocals coming up in the latest projects. I'm probably adding an additional Robbie, with the purchase of that Telefunken tube in order to have a stereo pre along with a couple of replacement tubes for down the road. With the addition of the Robbie & Telefunken NOS tube, it puts the Robbie at 5+ stars. Big props to my friend and sales dude, Brendan Murphy (#1287), for all his support.

  • from Costa Rica October 21, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer

    Nice and big sound

    Very nice sound!!!!!
    only bad thing is all the controls on the back
    but Very nice sound!!!!

  • from Pocatello, ID. USA November 15, 2007Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician, Hobbyist, ETC.



  • from Sacramento, CA December 5, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound, Home Studio hobbyist

    Robbie - Blue Microphones Pre-Amp

    This is one sweet sounding pre-amp!
    Very clean, very discrete piece of Class A audio equipment.
    No nonsense, no noise.
    Sonically, this pre-amp delivers the goods.

    Thanks guys,
    Alan Arroyo
    Audio-Visual Equipment Technician
    CA State Department of Water Resources

  • from new jersey February 1, 2005


    very clean sounding preamp-real natural sounding. i wish it had a compressor and eq- at this price it should!!


  • Geoff Allen

    The Blue Robbie was always an item that intrigued me. I consistently heard amazing results when my old singer used this with a U87 for vocals. I finally got a chance to try this odd-looking tube preamp for myself.

    The Robbie's intuitive setup was a breeze to insert into my current recording configuration. With switches for instrument and microphone inputs, polarity, and gain reduction, who needs a manual?

    The results, I found, were astonishing. The Blue Robbie took all the harsh grit away from my guitars and replaced it instead with a warm, singing mid-range. After spending quite a bit of time with this in my recording setup, I am having a hard time letting it go.

    The Blue Robbie is an affordable solution for anyone wanting to venture into the realm of external preamps. It is a MUST-HAVE for guitarists using modeling devices or software!

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