TC Electronic Reverb 4000

24-bit/96kHz True Stereo Reverb - Single Engine Stereo Version of the System 6000
TC Electronic Reverb 4000 image 1
TC Electronic Reverb 4000 image 1
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TC Electronic Reverb 4000
Special Order

The Stereo Brother Of The System 6000!

Reverb 4000 is also the first stereo Reverb capable of rendering credible space onto two discrete sources, or to truly process a composite stereo source. Utilizing the latest hardware technology and software based upon 30 man-years of development, Reverb 4000 offers the most immense and innovative selection of State-of-the-Art stereo Reverbs - at the touch of a button. Designed as a single rack space module with an extremely easy to use instant access interface, and with the option of using the ICON software editor for Mac/PC in DAW environments, the Reverb 4000 is the ultimate choice for live- and studio applications working in stereo.

In the Studio
Reverb 4000 complements any large scale mixing console, and provides the professional studio with the ultimate Main Reverb featuring an amazing palette of simulated rooms - from natural sounding credible spaces to emulations of vintage reverbs and TC Classics. On top of offering front-edge pristine reverb technology, it features impressive headroom, level handling and analog as well as digital interfacing capabilities.

Reverb 4000 integrates perfectly with DAWs and features 24 bit AD/DA converters as well as 44.1 to 96kHz Sample Rates, hence offering processing power not obtainable inside any workstation available today. Connectable via USB the included ICON software editor for Mac/PC provides easy access and complete overview for detailed editing purposes, and is a genuine tool in a studio environment.

At the Venue
The Instant Access front panel is a great advantage for Live applications. Never before has a Main Reverb provided so many colors to the palette, and been so easy to operate. Switch between Character, Glossy and Vintage Reverb effects with just a single touch of a button. The front panel always keeps important parameters within reach, and thanks to the latest DSP and power supply technology, as well as TC Electronic's heritage of making top-end reverbs, the new Reverb 4000 delivers the best true stereo reverbs imaginable.

Features in Reverb 4000 also include Generic Reverbs providing Polished Sustain, Vintage Reverb emulations, True Stereo Reverbs with several flavours, Favourite presets and algorithms from the past, Mono Reverbs covering arbitrary formats, Credible Environments spanning from claustrophobic to outdoor scenarios, Analog domain converter scaling with wide headroom and AES/EBU, S/PDIF, TOS-Link and ADAT digital I/Os.

  • Favorite presets and algorithms from the M5000
  • New pristine Reverb 4 and Ambiator algorithms
  • VSS4.
  • Source based Reverb with Character
  • Realistic Environments from a closet to a canyon
  • Classic Reverbs providing Polished Sustain
  • Vintage Reverb emulations including EMT 250
  • Instant Access User Interface
  • One engine, no compromise design
  • Mac/PC ICON editor program included
  • Integrates with DAW using USB
  • Digital and analog wide dynamic range
  • 44.1 to 96kHz Sample Rates
  • 24 bit I/O resolution, 48 bit internally
  • AES/EBU, Tos-Link, S/PDIF, ADAT and Analog I/O

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Signal Processing Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Processor Type Reverb
Number of Channels 2
Presets - Factory 134 Factory
Presets - User 100 User (Additional 100 User Slots via Optional PCMCIA Card, Sold Separately)
Analog Inputs 2 x XLR
Analog Outputs 2 x XLR
Digital Inputs AES/EBU (XLR); S/PDIF (coax RCA); Tos-link optical, ADAT
Digital Outputs AES/EBU (XLR); S/PDIF (coax RCA); Tos-link optical, ADAT
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru
Computer Connectivity USB
Rack Spaces 1U
Height 1.75"
Width 19"
Depth 8.2"
Weight 5.2 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 950700011

Customer Reviews

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I love this reverb. I am a fan of the old school sound. I like rich warm plates, EMT sound on Reverbs. This reminds me of a EMT. With some tweaking on factory presets you will add Noxzema on a sun burned mix or vocals etc. I used it daily until my studio roof leaked and had to send it to Sweetwater to repair it. (AMAZING repair service door to door! THANKS!!) Did not realize how much it added to my mixes until it was gone!! Get a 2mb SRAM card for it to save your hard edited work on reverbs. You will enjoy the way it places things in your mix. This unit shines when you start tweaking and adjusting things. You will get your WOW when you tweak a plate setting and save it. Then you go..WOW that sounds like a real studio reverb..but wait I am a real multi million dollar studio with a great reverb! Just buy it, you will not part with it after a month of using it. Thanks to Sweetwater and Nick Church for guiding me to this. I love it. I have been doing business with Sweetwater for so long I forgot. I am semi retired from composing for TV and film. Had my day and enjoying the rewards. I Love Rupert Neve equipment and sound. I made my mark in Hollywood by choosing the best sound of analog warm smoothness mixed with good composiion . This unit gets you there! A composer friend working on a current TV series ask me how i get it right so much on high end pro equipment?. I told him he needs to stop smoking bad weed! He laughed. I then said Sweetwater and Nick Church.....they have hit the mark for years on equipment and price, then you get the gig!. Don't hesitate to buy it. Make sure to get the 2mb SRAM card for the slot. Nothing like running from a flooding studio and being able to grab your years of presets in your pocket. See the "Real Sound" is.... the sound of a box being opend from Sweetwater with long awaited gear. Also my kids and wife fight over the candy that comes with it. I use whats in the box to make money for the candy in our family. That is what the TC Electronic Reverb 4000 does so very well. Cheers! Barend

Reverb 4000

All I have to say this is the best reverb unit in its range from $2500 to $3000. I had the M3000 at first then I recently upgrade to Reverb 4000, I'm very happy with it, sound clarity, detail and full. The best thing is the unit has packed with all algorithm from TC M5000 and Reverb 6000, the true vintage reverb emulations. You can change your sound with TC icon software by 1 click of the computer mouse. EMT250 sound is way beyon anyone expectation. I love it.
Music background: Recording Studio, Recording Engineer

More Depth Than Can Fit In Two Speakers

I was very excited about getting this in the mail. The first instrument I used it on some were some horns and my eyes just lit up with amazement. The sound this produces is huge and realistic. It will give any instrument you put it on its own place in you mix by adding its depth utilizing its flexability. The software that comes with it is also very useful and very easy to use. Every parameter can be adjusted to your liking and it also has a card you can buy to save more presets if needed. The only reason I didn’t give it a full 5 stars is that I, like most mixing engineers, like to use an array of different reverbs to give different dimension to my mixes. For the price its sold at its definitely isn’t the home studio reverb, but you get every red cent you spend and then some with this effect. Its one of those pieces you buy that once you have it, you don’t know what you did without it before and don’t know what you would do without it later. It’s the FIRST reverb I use in almost every mix. It has never failed me and I doubt it ever will.
Music background: Engineer/Producer

Fantastic BUT!....

This really is a stellar box and if all you've heard are convolution and plug-in reverbs, you'll be startled at the sound. However, it is advertised (here and by TC themselves) as a 96KHz true stereo reverb - and it is not. At 96KHz the stereo inputs are summed to mono on input; true stereo only works at 48 (or 44.1) KHz. This is an important distinction, as the true stereo sound is what you buy an expensive box like this for...that TC and retailers are mum on this is a shame.
Music background: music for picture
See also: Reverb Units, TC Electronic, TC Electronic Reverbs / Effects