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Line 6 Relay G55 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 Relay G55?

Questions about the Line 6 Relay G55?

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  • from San Antonio, TX July 7, 2015

    Great Wireless Product

    That last time I used a wireless system was over 10 years ago and I had to sacrifice sound quality for convenience. I decided to give it another try after reading some reviews and went with the Line 6 model since I already use a HD500X and l2t live. It does exactly what it says it will do. All the convenience without loss of sound quality. Plus it's easy to use. Power on and one knob on the receiver and a body pack with built-in LCD to show how many hours of battery life you have left. Two thumbs up!!!

  • from Dallas, TX USA April 8, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Hobbyist

    Excellent, Well-Built Wireless Guitar System

    I replaced a Shure PGDX Digital wireless system with this Line 6 Relay G55 system. By comparison, the Shure PGDX is all plastic, wimpy antennae, and barebone regarding status display capability to the user. The Line 6 Relay is solid, constructed of metal (where it counts) and plastic. The antennae are larger and connect to the base with BNC connectors. The body pack is made the same way -- Solid. The antenna is a solid plastic stub (instead of a floppy wire) and the LCD reports frequency, battery life, and mute.
    In close proximity to the unit, the Shure system had drop outs and sound perturbations. The Line 6 system has been solid for a month now. The base unit has a convenient signal strength meter and sound level meter for the guitar input.
    Amazingly -- for the same money, the Line 6 is clearly miles ahead of the Shure PGDX.

  • from Chapel Hill, NC January 3, 2013Music Background:

    Giving Line 6 another try

    The new Sony wireless has met its maker. I'm back with Line 6 now. Time will tell. The G-55 is simple. The G-55 has easily selectable 12 channels. 300 feet range. No loss of sound in any manner so far.

  • from Baltimore, MD January 18, 2015Music Background:
    Performing Musician

    Line 6 Relay G55

    After years of dis-satisfaction with three other famous brand analog wireless systems, the Line 6 Relay G55 delivers the performance I've always dreamed of. No more cable entanglements on-stage and the ability for more audience interaction with trouble free performance! Easy to set-up and operate, great to look at, and reasonably priced; the G55 system has finally allowed me to 'cut the cord' between my instrument and the rest of my rig.

    I also acquired the optional half-rack mounting kit for installing the receiver in a case (along with a tuner) that made it easier to connect cables between this system and the rest of my rig from the front panel of the case.

    Performance has been glitch free... even in the low-power mode. No drop outs, no static, and none of the other strange noises I experienced with the analog systems I've used in the past. I've used this system with various brand electric bass guitars (4-string, 5-string, & acoustic) without any issues.

    Venue experience has so far been limited to nightclubs and outdoor events where my band was the only act and we had our own sound system. No experience on multi-band shows or venues with house sound. My region (Baltimore Metro area) has very heavy RF traffic.

    I'm using 2400 mAh rechargeable AA batteries (as per manual recommendations) and useful life has been at least one gig per charge (leaving the transmitter on the entire time from sound check through encore... about 6 hours).

    The standard instrument cable included is an unusual tight fit in 1/4" Switchcraft jacks. I would highly recommend immediately buying an upgraded instrument cable... such as a Shure W302 (straight plug) or W304 (RT angle plug) if you get ANY Line 6 Relay instrument system. These cables are generally in-stock all the time as well as being field serviceable.

Questions about the Line 6 Relay G55?

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