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Line 6 Relay G50 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 54 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 Relay G50?

Questions about the Line 6 Relay G50?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    The Line 6 Relay G50 has tons of range, no loss in signal quality whatsoever, and its so easy to set up!

  • Zach Neels

    I recently added a Line 6 Relay G50 to my rig, and I have never been happier! Whether I'm on the other side of the stage, or clear outside our practice space talking with the bandmates, I still have amazing fidelity and clear tone. The other guitarist in the band even commented that while I was outside, it still sounded like I was plugged in two feet away from him! The other great thing is that it only takes up one spot on your pedal board, keeping you from needing to sit it on your amp head, or find a rack to put it in. Anyway you look at this, it's a great piece, and it's truly "Worry-free Wireless".

  • Ron Green
    from Xenia Ohio March 8, 2017Music Background:
    Lifetime musician

    Line 6 g50 wireless

    The line 6 g50 is a great wireless it has great range. I highly recommend this to any guitar player.

  • Terry Moran Jr
    from California February 9, 2017Music Background:
    Bassist, sound engineer, video production


    I play bass both professionally and for a couple churches on a weekly basis. I'ved owned a Line 6 Floor Bass Pod for over 10 years, so I know their products are very well made and reliable. Still, I tested a both the G50 and the Shure GLX16 with my bass over several gigs.

    I really liked the Shure's tuner and auto channel selection features, but the transmitter was a bit heavier, uses a proprietary rechargable battery (which means extra $ for a spare), and despite the "smart" selection of good channels and supposed auto switching between the cleanest frequencies, I did have a few occasions where it choose a channel with noticeable hiccups, and had to force a manual rescan.

    The G50 is dead simple to set up, lighter body pack, uses AA batteries that last multiple shows (including sound checks), works great with AA rechargeables, great distance, but the kicker for me was the extended range down to 10Hz. I know this isn't audible to the human ear, but you definitely feel it playing larger venues with subs. Competing with guitars and synths connected direct can be challenging even with a 5 string bass (wireless). My 4 string Music Man and Fender Jazz basses are solid on the low end that you can noticeably feel. In fact, I often have to trim the lows back either on my preamp or in the house. My 5 string Ibanez sounds down-right apocalyptic!

    Channel selection is manually performed, but once I found my strongest channel, I have yet to change it (even in different locations) and it has NEVER glitched even once after several months of use. Reliability has been 100%, period.

  • Dwayne Winebarger
    from Manheim, PA December 1, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-pro Bassist 30+ yrs.

    Great for Bass Guitar!

    The G50 is a GREAT wireless for bass guitar! I am very picky about my sound and I found that it actually sounds cleaner than the 18' Mogami cord that I normally use. The lows are deep, full, and clear, the highs are bright and crisp, and the mids are snappy. All my attack comes through perfectly and it seems to pick up every little nuance of my playing style. Couldn't be happier!

  • Gerry R.
    from Los Angeles October 21, 2016

    Best wireless I've ever owned

    I've been using the G50 for a couple of years now playing over 120 gigs a year. It's never let me down.
    The thing is bullet proof.

  • Marlon Gorton
    from Castle Shannon, PA September 1, 2016Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Love The G50

    I've had this system for about 3 years and have absolutely no complaints. The construction is excellent, the battery life is great, and the signal is crystal clear with zero interference and the range is excellent.

    I also augmented the transmitter with a custom length cable with a 90 degree zero-pop connector, so there is absolutely no cable flop to get snagged on anything on a tight stage.

    Well worth every dollar. I know they have higher priced units, but this does everything I need.

  • Customer
    from May 31, 2016Music Background:

    Works great

    I Was always tripping on my cord and unplugging my guitar. Now I have the freedom to walk all over the stage with no fear. The reciver does need more power if you run through a power pedal voodoo lab. I think on my voodoo lab it plugs into one of the last two input. I recommend this item to anyone

  • Matt
    from Jackson, NJ January 27, 2016Music Background:

    Great wireless guitar system

    Works great! I can move freely around the stage and in the audience without any signal drop

  • Ben C.
    from Virginia January 12, 2016Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Top notch system!

    I purchased my Line 6 G50 system a little over a year ago. To say I have been pleased is an understatement! I did a lot of research before making a purchase; the metal transmitter housing, the variable tone functionality and great reviews of the G50 ultimately swayed my decision. For the price, I firmly believe there is not a better wireless system on the market. I use mine for at least 2-4 hours, twice weekly. It is either connected to a D/I for my acoustic, or the start of my pedalboard signal chain to my Vox AC15. Battery life is excellent, the small footprint is great for a pedalboard, and I have never had an issue of frequency disturbance or noise. I have also used the system in concert with no fewer than 12 other wireless systems (mics, monitors, etc.) with unbeatable results. (Read: ZERO interference!)

    The only minor "issue" that I have noticed with the G50 is mild cell phone interference. It is not a major hindrance, but if I leave my cell phone in my pocket (or if a bandmate comes too close with theirs) it can cause a periodic, high-pitched hiss. I have spoken with other G50 users, and they confirm it is a common theme. If you happen to be an extreme "techie" that uses iOS gear outside of a MacBook, that could cause an issue for you. For me, it is an easy trade-off to leave my phone off-stage.

    Two final notes:
    1. It is well worth the additional expense of buying a second beltpack transmitter. If you, like me, use multiple guitars on the same rig, it is invaluable to simply turn off one transmitter and turn on the other! By adding an A/B switch first in the signal chain after my receiver, I have often used the same setup to move seamlessly between electric and acoustic, with the "B" output connecting to a D/I box.

    2. If you play an instrument better suited to a right-angle plug, do yourself a favor and buy the Shure WA304. It is a right-angle replacement cable for the transmitter. We all know the dangers of that straight plug with a non-Strat-style; the Shure WA304 is completely compatible and a very justifiable $20 spent.

    Bottom line: The G50 is one of the best products I have purchased in recent memory. You will not be disappointed!

  • Karl
    from June 9, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging Guitarist

    Great Wireless (and I've tried them all)

    I have spent a lot of money over the years on wireless connectivity for my Rig, and to be honest this is by far the most impressive of all of them no interference issues, very simple to set up and use, and has all the features you would need from a much higher priced unit, I honestly can't fault this for usability and performance

  • Ed
    from Indiana January 3, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-Pro player (weekend warrior)

    Best Wireless out there that I have tried

    Sad to say that I didn't purchase mine here but everything mentioned about this Wireless System I will agree to. I tried some other brands to try to save a little bit of money but in the end I purchased this model and have never looked back. It is an awesome piece of equipment. Some of the wireless systems come with a rechargeable battery pack but I use my own rechargeable batteries and that work fine. This is the best one out there in my opinion

  • Adam Rey
    from Colorado, USA August 12, 2014Music Background:
    Full Time Professional Guitarist!

    Doesnt get any beter than this!

    I purchased the Relay G50 plus 2 extra transmitters for my electrics for use with my band. I am switching out between my 3 guitars throughout our sets and the G50 after 8 shows have operated FLAWLESSLY! The tone I am getting is a sonically accurate sound just like being plugged in with my higher end cables. It was arguably cleaner as i am running the cable tone feature at about 2 just to put a bit of darkness back in :-)
    Have not had any issues with dropouts and the freedom to roam around and interact with my band mates without tripping over a slew of cables is great. The receiver fits on my pedalboard and eliminated an A/B box to switch between multiple guitars saving me a bit of time. The multiple transmitters, all on the same channel, enable me to switch guitars quickly (though I have to switch off the transmitters I am not using for the one I am using to operate). At least this helps conserve batteries and the way the pack is laid out very easy to turn on and off. So far they seem to be built very rugged though i am careful as i switch guitars to hang the strap on the horn so as not to bang them on the ground. Might be bound to happen with 40 dates a year with just this band. (I am a full time pro player and also use this system with all the other groups I play with)
    I have been playing professionally for 40 years and this is the first time I have owned a wireless system and I must say it is awesome!!! i will be purchasing another G50 for my acoustic rig soon. The other guitarist and bassist were so moved that they bought their own G50's too!
    My only caveat is that i would have preferred to have a choice of a right angle 1/4" cable but I certainly can solder so no problem there.
    This system is certainly highly recommended by me!
    thanks Line 6, and thanks Sweetwater and Andrew for the killer deals and customer service !!!!!

  • Bill Little
    from Anchorage, Ak. January 24, 2014Music Background:
    Working musician, writer recorder production and night sweeper. Pro

    Should have got this one first!

    Ok so I keep telling myself not to be cheap anymore since I'm a working musician again. But I learned. I bought a diff wireless setup (starts with N and ends in Y) from another place (starts with M and ends in D). Cryptic eh? Anyway that other one was dead on arrival I returned it. Paid a little more for this one from Sweetwater. All I can say is OMG! This rocks. Sid metal case and parts. Built like a boss pedal. Made to take a beating. Bulletproof. And the best part is it's amazing. Sounds exactly like a cord and you can adjust it as well with the cord length dial. Zero latency and batteries get me two 4 set gigs. Get the good stuff first unlike me. This will likely last many years. Only thing I think the transmitter cord should be maybe 2 inches longer but not a big deal. I use it on bass and guitar. Buy it!!

  • bill little
    from Anchorage, AK January 5, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician, recording engr

    perfect easy tough awesome

    I'm a pro that gigs regularly (I play bass and guitar). I bought a cheaper brand (N**Y)- doa. returned it (not bought here). Stepped up got the G50 based on reviews. WOW. For me? First it was SIMPLE to hook up. channel to channel, thats it. Lights easy to read. Sound? Perfect. No noise at all,and the venue sits right next to a cell tower. I briefly played with the cable length knob. Sounded good no matter what. the case material is hard core metal like the boss pedals. It will NOT break. Sounds incredible. I'm glad my cheapness lost out to quality.I gigged with it and it was perfect. 4 hr show and batt life still showing good. Yup, believe the reviews its a winner... just a couple extra inches of length on the cord that plugs into the bass might be cool for me but not a big deal. it wont ever unplug. And Mark at x1221 was recommended to me by one of my guitarists. Mark shined. Knew the product and know I needed it for a gig in 3 days. He made it happen. Big time. My only place to buy from now on and at ext 1221

  • Al Davisson
    from North Vernon, Indiana November 14, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Pastor


    I bought one and was so happy I bought another! And now other band members are buying as well. Awesome product! Worth every penny!

  • Eric Foster
    from Valparaiso, Indiana August 22, 2013Music Background:
    Bass and guitar for over 50 years.

    Line 6 Relay G50

    Well made, easy to use, and sounds great! Better than a cord. Battery life has been good, three gigs and plenty of juice left. I do turn it off during breaks. I got the right angle Shure TA4F connecter, also. So far I'd highly recommend this wireless.

  • Bob Haley
    from St. Louis, Mo. March 29, 2013Music Background:
    Bass player for the band Flood.

    Great Wireless Units

    I bought my G50 from Sweetwater because I always get excellent customer service and a great deal from Sweetwater. The G50 comes highly recommended by bass players everywhere for good reason. There is no tone or signal loss, at any distance. The battery life of the unit is pretty impressive. It is easy to use and it is sturdy, with metal jacks and a metal housing. I will never go back to a cable. And Sweetwater's free 2 year warranty insures me that I won't have to.

  • Walt Aleshire
    from San Marcos CA November 17, 2012Music Background:
    Since 1962

    Line 6 G 50

    This was easy to hook up, set up and use. Sounds great and no more cables. Put off buying one for a few years, glad I waited and got this one.
    Great service from Sweetwater as always.

  • Colton
    from Lubbock October 12, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging musician


    Very good signal. No tone loss. I recommend this to anyone wanting to clean up the stage and go wireless. We have had no interference problems or tone issues. Great Product for a good price.

  • Thaddaeus
    from Tyler, TX February 23, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician and Live Sound Engineer


    It's simple, no signal loss, no interference, and easy to use... It's the best guitar wireless system except for the Line 6 G90 there is!
    It's a MUST have for any pedalboard!

  • Rick Jones
    from San Francisco July 31, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Easy to use, works great, long battery life with rechargeable batteries.

    Easy to use, works great, long battery life with rechargeable batteries.

  • HAB
    from Detroit, MI July 22, 2011Music Background:
    Musician/Sound Tech

    They Finally Got It Right

    This is the 3rd generation X2/Line 6 wireless that I have purchased. Can't say that the first 2 generations could stand up to gigging 3 to 4 nights a week.

    The previous units required you to insert the 1/8" male jack then turn down the screw locking ring (Like Sennheiser). The problem was that there was hardly enough threads to catch the locking ring and if you did the whole assembly would turn or strip, not good. Also the cable molded 1/4" connector end would only last few months before going dead. The previous units required 9 volt batteries which don't last long and are more expensive then double AA's.

    The new cable design is great and not subject to failure due to bad connector ends. Finally the unit feels and sounds like a quality unit.

  • Bill Cody
    from Broomfield, CO July 4, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician

    True pro-quality, a real step up

    I previously owned the XDS Plus (which technology was purchased by Line6), and the G50 blows it away in several aspects:

    1) All metal build (the XDS transmitter was plastic)
    2) Superior transmitter battery handing - a pair of AA's lasts me about 8 hours, there's a "time-left" indicator, and replacing the AA's is quick and easy with the spring-loaded, rugged battery cover. (The XDS Plus had a temperamental 9V battery compartment, and they only lasted about 5 hours at best).
    3) Smaller form factor - easier to pack and carry
    4) High quality Mini-XLR connector for short guitar cable (The XDS Plus used a fragile screw-on mini-plug)
    5) Adjustable "cable length" emulation (The XDS was non-adjustable)

    Bottom line, Line6 hit this one out of the park. They took a great technology from XDS, and massively improved it. Bravo!

  • Scott Stanton
    from Louisville Ohio March 1, 2017

    Relay G50

    Its done quite well for me so far.Just make sure battery compartment is latched.Was performing once and batteries fell out.Operator error.

  • Kenny N
    from Miami, Florida November 22, 2016

    Great Line 6 wireless

    I've had my Relay G50 since the beginning of January 2013 and I have to say, its has never failed me. Its clear. I do about 200 shows a year and its sits on my pedalboard. The only thing I changed was the cable, only because I wanted a right angle plug. The range is great. Its going on 800 shows and still works like new. Its doesn't drain batteries. Very good unit.

  • Michael
    from NYC March 31, 2016

    Line 6 G50

    I've gigged with this setup now for 5 years and NO PROBLEMS. Sounds incredible with absolutely no loss/coloration of tone. I do highly recommend getting an aftermarket instrument cable connect. That's the only thing that keeps me from giving a 5-Star review!

  • Trevor
    from New Zealand January 15, 2016Music Background:
    ex semi-professional musician, currently just getting back into it

    Great Product

    I purchased the Line 6 Relay G50 after reading a ton of reviews - as you do. I'm sure people have had genuine faults with their equipment but overall, the reviews were positive enough to persuade me to buy one.
    I went straight past the G30 - plastic is just not robust enough in my opinion, but the G50 has the look and feel of solid dependability. That has been backed up by the use I've given it so far, with no problems. No interference,no dropouts, only what seems to be electric mains noise if my connection to the POD 500HDX is too far away, solved by placing a noise gate at the beginning of each effects/amplifier chain that I am using in the POD. ( and that's the only reason it doesn't get 5 stars)
    I have now purchased a JTV 59 Variax guitar - a beautiful instrument both to look at and play, so we'll see how it goes with that

  • Doug A
    from Corvallis Ore January 1, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar/Bass Vocal Musican

    Cordless guitar system

    Love the relay G50 . Works flawlessly
    On my 335 it boosts the bass a little, but on my 5 string bass it is great!
    It is supper quiet in the signal chain. Battery life is very long to.
    I would buy this again in a heart beat!
    I have 2 other brands of cordless that are top brand units.
    They are junk in comparison.
    Sweetwater are great to work with to.
    I will always buy from them first!

  • Brad Bangel
    from Norfolk, VA USA August 17, 2014Music Background:
    Amateur/Pro Musician

    Going Wireless

    What a great addition to my gear!!! Since I only play out about once a month, purchasing the Line 6 Relay G50 was somewhat of a luxury for me. For six months or more I've been going online reading reviews and researching wireless guitar systems and Line 6 has always seemed to come up as one of the best. A bit pricey but now that I've played with it, I'll say that it's well worth the cost. I play bass and since I usually find myself playing in a tight space, this gives me the freedom of moving around without being attached. I've notice no loss of signal what so ever!!!

  • ray harmacinski
    from toledo July 11, 2014Music Background:

    g30 NO! g50 yes

    Ive owned the g30 and the g50.. and honestly the g30 is over hyped.... 100ft range? maybe on the range... 45-60 ft reliably.. however the g50 I have tested at 220 feet and it worked under exactly the same conditions
    however the cord you get with the unit is a problem.. it shots or cuts out frequently.. I traced this problem when it began (had the unit 2 days) ended up dishing out another $40 for a new cord .. never had a problem with the g30 in that regard.. i dropped the review half a star because there is an additional expense... they could/should have included a better instrument cable.. after all the thing cost $400

  • Mark
    from Denver, Co April 25, 2014Music Background:
    Bass Guitar (for the last 42 years, still performing)

    Line 6 Relay G50

    I purchased the G50 for my bass guitar. It was shipped and arrived well before i expected and just in time for a weekend gig. I did not have any opportunity to test it before-hand, so I was extremely pleased to find the system very easy to understand and operate, and was also very happy with the fidelity of sound and the range of the unit. The fact that it arrived so promptly is due to the great customer service and prompt shipment of the product. Thanks

  • Bill Bremer
    from Woodburn, In. USA March 31, 2014Music Background:
    Performer and guitar enthusiast

    Great Wireless

    Well built unit, easy to get up and running , works really well.. I,ve had Shure and Audio Technique in the past,, this is beyond the Shure PGX serires of wireless..

  • Anton Flint
    from Upstate NY March 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, AV specialist, Recording Engineer

    I Really Love it!

    Five stars can be tough for me to give.. This does come close though.. Truly a great product that handles my Active Pickup guitars (My Godin A6 and My LR Baggs Anthem in my Taylor 110) like a champ without any sort of distortion or loss of quality.

    I play solo, in a duo, and sometimes the duo becomes a trio or quartet and I always do Sound.. It is essential for me to be able to move out front to hear what it sounds like so I kind of need to be wireless. I tried many Non-Digital Solutions and only became frustrated with how it destroyed my tone.. The Digital conversion seems to come closer to preserving the tone than anything Analog I have ever used..

    I wasn't thrilled with the 2.4Ghz concept because that range is already so saturated but I must say, I haven't even had to switch to a different channel yet... I really like this unit and am happy I purchased it.

    I did choose the G50 over the G30 because the transmitter is just more rugged than the G30.

    I don't use the "Cable length simulator:. I just turn it off and am completely happy with what it sounds like.. I may if I were used to playing through an Amp or something but I am fine with things the way they are..

    Another benefit, I use both outputs and have been able to remove my A-B pedal from the equation..

  • Bill Haraway
    from Pensacola, FL September 7, 2013Music Background:
    Mid-level guitarist

    Freedom at Last

    While new to the electric guitar world, it is nice to be free of instrument wires on the floor. The G50 is excellent in my view for my purposes which are to play in my house and music room without being attached to a wire to the amp. The relay is perfect as best I can tell in that I am not able to detect any difference from being connected by a top grade cable. As others have stated, it would be nice if the instrument plug was a 90 degree. It makes it much easier for relaxing play when sitting down on a couch, for instance. Great product and I highly recommend it or the better version depending upon your needs.

  • Dave Marr
    from Springfield, Illinois April 2, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-pro Musician

    The Relay G50 works great, easy to use.

    I really like products that work well and are easy to use. It is one of the best things I have bought, accessory wise, for guitar. It seems to be well made and I think it will be great for playing out at gigs.

  • Kris Nordstrom
    from Tacoma, WA USA July 23, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar player whose hobby got a little out of control

    G-50 Wireless Review

    I was prepared to be disappointed. I was prepared for it to not work. I was prepared to ship it back.

    I was nothing but awe-struck at how well it worked!

    Thanks for getting the unit here a few days early so I could monkey with it before we played at Bite of Seattle.

    Set-up? I read the manual but didn't need to. Stupid-easy: receiver's on the right channel, transmitter's on the right channel; play!

    Best feature: the transmitter can be locked ON; if it slips, bumps into something, whatever, it will NOT turn off or change channels! Stroke of genius!

    Best benefit: I didn't have to kick one cord out from under my feet!

    I'm not sure if it'll really reach out 200-feet, but you can wander out far enough that the speed of sound effects your playing.

    Tone? You'll never know you're not tethered to your amp.

    Complaints? Yeah, ok 2 little ones: Outdoors you can't see the lights on the receiver to know its status (I suppose you could if you knelt over it & shaded the unit with your hands, but c'mon that's not very rock-star); the transmitter's attachment to my guitar strap is suspect at best & I ended up taping it on. It looks like there's a way to actually screw it permanently to the strap, which may be the hot ticket.

    Over-all: I love the damn thing!

  • Customer
    from Seoul, Korea July 19, 2011Music Background:
    My brother is a professional musician, Jazz & classic


    I purchased this for my brother, Junshu Song. He is a college professor and professional jazz musician. He says it thumb up for this product. :)

  • Airton Silva
    from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil September 7, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Range, well built

    Just like the first review, I think this system is great. Our band bought two of them for guitar and bass and both sound amazing. The sound is crystal clear and we never had drop out issues. The signals are constant even with a great distance and some walls.
    The 4.5 rating is because it consumes batteries like crazy! On the first gig the batteries were on the red. Totally recommended tough.

  • Jim
    from New Jersey May 24, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great, easy to use choice

    This is a great device. I didn't even read the directions. I plugged it in, turned it on, and it just worked. The distance is outstanding and the clarity is perfectly responsive. The metal casing on both devices seems to be ready to handle the road. I've got this sitting in my pedal board case for one simple to transport solution. Taking my Peterson tuner out of the signal chain and hanging it off of this further simplifies my chain. I love it. The only thing to keep in mind is that this thing will EAT batteries (thus the half star rating reduction). Assume you'll need to keep a fresh stack of AA's in your bag, or move to rechargeables.

  • Robert Dowell
    from VA June 13, 2016

    Relay G 50

    Relay G50 is easy to use out of the box and is as advertised. Nice piece of gear if you're looking for wireless.

  • Eric
    from December 31, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging bass player

    Nice Unit

    I kept my sales guy on the phone for a good portion of his work day while I went back and forth between the G50 and G30 models. I'm sure I'd have been more than happy with the G30 (especially price-wise), but what ultimately sold me on spending the extra dough for the G50 was construction. Nothing against plastic, but it is...plastic. The G50 is sturdier and substantial and metal and has a confident feel to it. I'll never use the "cable length emulator", and doubt I'll ever get more than 50-100 feet away from the receiver, so those features weren't considerations. The unit replaced a malfunctioning (plastic) Audio-Technica wireless that had cost considerably less. I need to be able to depend on my gear, can't be bringing backup everything to a gig. This Line-6 G50 feels dependable. It has seen some action, battery life has so far not been an issue (I use rechargeable NiMh's), and the G50 will soon get rode hard and put through more grueling paces, but so far I don't regret the expense. It sounds as good as plugging in with a 10' cable. The expense, by the way, is why it gets 4 stars instead of five...I'm a musician, not Thurston Howell...

  • Ryan
    from Soddy Daisy TN July 27, 2015

    Smart Buy...Nice piece of Gear

    I really like this wireless system. Worth the price for sure. No tone loss. The metal on this guy is rugged. It feels really solid and the battery life is great. You can spend $100 to $1000 on a wireless system. This is an above average guitar wireless system despite what I deem to be quite a cheap price. It's worth about $100 more than what it's priced at in my opinion.

    No negative feedback here.

    *** NOTE - It can and might possibly interfere with 2.4GHz WiFi in a small setting. I easily fixed this by changing my broadcast to 5GHZ for my Behringer X32. No big deal. It's not a complaint and its not really a problem. If you complain about this you can't grasp the concept how wireless frequencies work.

    Great Gear, Great Price , Expert advice by my Sales Engineer Anthony Longano.

  • gary
    from Newcomerstown, Ohio October 21, 2013Music Background:
    weekend warrior

    line 6 g50 is fantastic!!

    I play bass in a couple of weekend warrior classic rock, country, blues cover bands and just got fed up with dealing with cords. So far the g50 has exceeded my expectations with just practice at home. Only gave it 4 stars simply because I haven't had a chance to gig with it yet, but I've got a gig in a few days so time will tell. I am so glad I waited to get this unit instead of trying out those $99 specials, then having to upgrade to get a quality unit. Great piece of equiptment from Line 6........Buy it and set yourself free!!!

  • Michael Canute
    from Hawaii March 5, 2012Music Background:
    Active Hobbyist

    Works great with a few minor exceptions

    This is a great wireless system for your guitar or bass, however:

    1. the clip that is to hold the TBP12 (Beltpack Transmitter) is totally inadequate if you intend to clip it onto your strap. I does Ok if you clip it onto your pants waistband, etc...

    2. The Wa302 Cable that goes between instrument and TBP12 unit is a definite weak point and would recommend you just replace it with the Shure Wireless Replacement for Wa302 Cable Custom Made with Chrome Mesh.

  • Havilah Justice
    from Loudonville November 16, 2011Music Background:
    Touring Musician

    Strong and Reliable!

    We use two of these systems and they are fabulous. Easy to use, almost no set up time, and nearly indestructible. Only thing I'd have to say is the cable is a bit cheep. After using it for a few months it doesn't snap into the pack anymore so you have to be careful or it just pulls right out:o(

  • Ron Phillips
    from Seattle WA October 23, 2010Music Background:

    Very good product

    I stopped using wireless years ago because they just lost something that a cable would not. Well, I decided to try out the new technology, and I really like it. I feel it sounds even better than my "big-name brand" cable. I don't understand the battery complaints, though. My first set are still strong after hours. Try using the unit's "low power" mode. (How big are the stages that you guys get to play on?!?! ) I have also heard about latency issues. Regardless of what a computer program can detect, my human ears cannot detect any latency. (Perhaps some people are moving so far away from their amp that they are not considering the speed of sound?) My only complaint is the instrument cable. I think that a better quality one could have been provided. (By the way; the instrument cable is actually a Shure wireless cable, should you decide to buy a spare.)

    from COOPER CITY, FLORIDA June 16, 2017Music Background:
    55 years professional musician / producer / recording engineer

    Battery door problems

    I own two LINE 6 G-50 systems; one I reserve for cruise ship use only, and the other for touring. While the performance of these units has been consistently good, the battery door latches have failed on both transmitters to the point where I have to use rubber bands to keep the battery doors closed and operating properly. I remember reading many complaints about the same problem with the plastic G-30 unitss; the main reason I opted to spend the extra $ on the G-50! This is not the only LINE 6 product that has shown road un-worthiness. I've been through 3 MM-4 units. The stomp button switches failed on all of those. LINE 6 has designed and manufactured some brilliant products, but the durability is questionable.

  • miguel
    from los angeles, ca July 18, 2011Music Background:
    struggling musician

    too bad about the mickey mouse cable

    The first time I used the relay 50 it worked great. The second time i used it, it began crackling with any little movement i made. the other guitarist in my band experienced similar faliure with his g50 within the first few weeks of owning it. the problem is the micro xlr cable that connects the reciever to your axe. i've been religiously loyal to line 6 products for over a decade, but they dropped the ball with that mickey mouse cable.

  • Charles LoTempio
    from Western New York July 14, 2014Music Background:

    Never gonna understand why...

    Line 6 put so little thought into the G50 receiver. I hate it more every time I change it's position on my peddle board...someone please tell me why they chose to use up 3 sides of the receiver with 1/4 inch on one side, power on one and antenna on a third? On top of that...a straight power plug! How much real estate in my peddle board must I give up?

    On to the transmiter...it works, bt don't let it fall to earth from the height you wear your belt...battery trap door came off into 2 or 3 pieces, bateries came out...latch that's supposed to keep the hatch in place gone...boy did I look like a jerk crawling aroun the bar room floor looking for the pieces...
    Oh, and the "proprietary plug" on the cable stinks...I've gone thru 4...

    But I'll end on a nice note because my mother always told me..."if you don't have something nice to say..." The G50 always sounds great...wired sound from a wireless system.

  • Spencer
    from Pleasanton, CA March 18, 2014Music Background:
    Pro - gigs/teaching

    Worked great for 18 months

    I bought this unit when I was with a band that gigged only 5 times in a year. Each time it worked absolutely flawlessly. It would have gotten a full 5 stars from me. Problem free.

    Then about 3 months ago, it started cutting out on me which it had NEVER done before. 3 gigs later, all I got was HUMMMMMM. I contacted line 6 support and they said ship it to us or find an authorized repair shop.

    I have a favorite Line 6 authorized repair shop who has been excellent over the years flat out refuse to work on it - they said they needed and FCC license and they don't work on any wireless. So I found a new place.

    The new place didn't like Line 6 as a company but agreed to look at this unit. I got it back after a month and a $170 price tag. They replaced the jack on the transmitter. I tried it out at band practice - the hum is gone (mostly) but the unit is still cutting out on me - at times very frequently. It's unusable.

    I'm not hard on my gear. I don't drop things - the receiver was Velcro'd to the top of my amp for stability. It has never been yanked, dropped, spilled on, or abused in any way. It just gave up.

    Because of this I cannot recommend this unit. That said, since it worked to nicely for 18 months, I'm inclined to look into an extended warranty for a replacement.

  • KennyB
    from Midwest, USA April 3, 2013Music Background:
    a 30-40 shows/yr player

    GREAT . . . when it works!

    This was my first foray into wireless and I was initially very happy with the tone, the range, and overall ease of use. However, during the first 18 months, I have had to replace the cable three times, the battery compartment does need to be duct-taped shut (since day 1), and the finish (transponder) is melting away due to sweat(?) . . . What else could it be (it's on the strap or in a padded case). If you play out with any regularity, BEWARE! While I have been happy with my other Line6 products (amps, pedal board, guitar) the wireless unit is not up those standards.

  • Steve
    from Ca. March 14, 2012Music Background:
    Recording & Live sound balance engineer, Pro Musician

    Good for Upright Bass-But............

    Most people probably wonít take time to read this but I hope Line 6 does so they can improve their product.

    I bought this G50 to replace my 8yr. old AKG UHF guitar bug that I love. The AKG still works but with only one channel so sometimes I get interference in populated areas so I thought I'd upgrade. I read good reviews about the G50 and the price was within my budget so I thought Iíd try one out. I play in an acoustic folk trio with two guitars and upright bass. When I received the G50 I tested it on different guitars and acoustic basses.

    The sound was clean and bright with robust lows that really shined on the bass instruments. I.e. upright & Kala Ubass. I was very pleased that it performed well on the upright as my AKG guitar bug could not handle the low frequencies and would distort horribly. Kudos to Line 6 on that one. Switching to my guitar bug for an A/B check gave a little warmer analog type sound but that doesnít mean the G50 sounded bad, just different.

    The latency of the A/D converters were unnoticeable near the speakers but was perceivable out front at about 50ft when combined with the sound wave delay from speaker to ear. Switching to the guitar bug revealed No delay using the same test. Again, not unacceptable, but could be improved.

    Cable tone switch: Using this switch didnít really seem too make that big a difference to me however maybe it warmed the tone a bit. It would be better if it was a tube amp and/or mic modeling switch instead.

    Battery life: Using two new alkali AAs it said I had 7.5hrs. of life. I tested it on hi power for two hours and it reported 5hrs. batt. Life left. So yes, it loves batteries. I switched it to low power and it seemed to work fine with no drop-outs (50í from the receiver) so weíll see how long they last then. My guitar bug used one AAA and would last about 8hrs. More battery $$ Iím afraid.

    The cord: I didnít think the cord was as cheap as others said but agree it should have had a 90 degree at the ľ phone end. I think they should have included both kinds that way youíd have a back-up too. It seemed to be built well as far as the casing goes but weíll see what happens in the real world gigging musicians.

    Transmitter: Ok, good and bad here.
    Good: I liked the way you could plug in various instruments with different output levels and the transmitter would automatically adjust without distortion. No tiny screwdriver and attenuation pot to mess with.
    Bad: Itís bulky and in your way. My guitar rubbed against it a lot. If you place it on the back of your belt or guitar strap you canít easily see the battery indicator or access the mute switch. They should have designed a sophisticated 90 deg. guitar jack that had a remote mute switch and batt. Indicator light built right in it. Better yet, make the thing smaller and just incorporate the phone jack and transmitter together. This was the beauty of the guitar bug and I wished AKG would have kept it and improved it.

    Conclusion: I only gave 3 stars because I thought the body pack transmitter was bulky and not user friendly. I really hope the Line 6 engineers read this and respond with an optional Guitar Bug style transmitter that will work with the same receiver. Line 6 would have really blown the competition away had they done that too earning five stars from me for sure.

  • Customer
    from May 19, 2016

    GREAT...when it works

    Playing cruise ships, I have to carry a minimum of gear. I have a Mooer mini pedal board case with 6 mini pedals. I found there was enough room inside to actually mount the circuit board from my G-50 reciever inside it. and viola...wireless pedal board! Or so I thought. Worked fine at home. Got on the ship...and no go. The show was ruined because I had to hard-wire and it limited my moves on stage. I get home, hook it up to diagnose...it works. Then it doesn't....then it does. Guess I got a lemon.

  • Customer
    from October 13, 2016Music Background:

    Horrible design

    Battery door failed on TWO of these I purchased. Customer service of this company is non-existent.

  • C.C. Ryder
    from United States August 26, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Bassist & Vocalist


    Both I and my guitar player fell for the good reviews. I don't know who's writing them, because this product is completely unreliable, and when you play 160+ gigs a year, unreliable = GARBAGE. He and I BOTH experienced intermittent signal loss, even after trying all twelve channels and both RF settings. Two separate units that BOTH cut out repeatedly during soundcheck? It's unprofessional enough at a club gig, but the amount of money that people pay us to give them an unforgettable show at their weddings makes any signal "blips" completely unnacceptable. And this garbage costs as much as my Shure wireless, which has given me ZERO problems. DON'T THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK.

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