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Line 6 Relay G10 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 143 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 Relay G10?

Questions about the Line 6 Relay G10?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Graeagle, CA. June 20, 2017


    I used it for the first time at church with my pre-amped acoustic bass and the sound guy had make some changes to my channel because it way to hot from when I was just using a cable. When I used my passive P bass it was perfect without making any changes from the acoustic setup.

    Space it tight at home for rehearsal so now I'm not tripping over a cable. Maybe it's just me but I believe that it sounds a little smoother now when using it with my Ampeg at home practice.

    I love this thing!.

  • from Napa Ca June 17, 2017Music Background:

    Line 6 Relay G10 Gotta Love Sweetwater!!!

    Ok, Wrote a prior review on the G10 and made a mistake which Sweetwater's tech dept set straight in one simple phone call. I love my G10 but mistakenly believed it would not work with my PRS piezo bridge guitar because I thought the battery pre amp canceled out the units channel selection. Well it works perfectly if you use the elbow adapter that comes in the package. Somthing about the guitar input that is not standard. So if you plug in the G10 sending unit to the elbow adapter before you plug the adapter into the PRS guitar it works perfectly. Thanks Sweetwater.

  • from Davie, FL June 16, 2017Music Background:
    Accordion Keyboardist

    What took them so long?

    Simplicity and compact use is what I like. Use it on my VAccordion. No problem with the 50 foot range. Need to go further? Not me!
    Price right too!

  • from Napa June 13, 2017Music Background:

    If you want wireless buy this Line 6 G10 system

    Great product that really works with my Les Paul and Fender Telecaster. One caution, it will not work with my PRS I think because it uses a battery pre amp that may not allow the G10 to lock on a wireless channel. No problem because it works so well on the other guitars. Pure tone with no drop off.

  • from Napa June 11, 2017Music Background:

    Line 6 wireless guitar

    I really like this product. Wireless with no loss of tone. Works flawlessly with guitars that do not have a preamp built in requiring a battery on board. I knew this, however before I ordered it. Will not work with my pizzo bridge PRS guitar but works perfect with my Telecaster. This is a great product at a great price.

  • from SIMI VALLEY June 1, 2017

    Love it

    Amazing ! Love it!

  • from Deep South May 29, 2017

    Great For Acoustic Instruments

    Bought this unit for many reasons and was not disapointed. Tested this unit on both acoustic and electric guitars, bass, fiddle and mandolin with various types of pickups and all worked well (non of my instrument have active electronics, they're all passive). At first the response was a little "glassy", but lowering the high frequency EQ setting on the mixing board took care of that minor and inconsequential issue. The response is natural and uncolored. The unit automatically selects a non-radio frequency inteference (RFI) channel. The lithium-Ion rechargable battery in the transmitter gives 8 solid hours of power, more than enough for a 3-4 hr Gig. This unit was a "HIT" at the Winter 2016 NAMM show in Anaheim, CA.

  • from Allen, TX May 26, 2017Music Background:
    Touring artist / owner of Keeley Cases

    #1 For Bassists

    Live 6 kills it for wireless bass work. My 5 string still jams with no latency and 0 tone loss. What I play comes out the other end. Compact and super simple to use. Plug and play. Can't be happier.

  • from Cincinnati Ohio May 19, 2017

    Gear from Sweetwater

    OFF THE HOOK customer service!!!!
    The only place I will get my music gear
    from NOW ON!!!!

  • from Roseville, MI May 16, 2017Music Background:
    Moderate player!! Lite working musician

    Works like a charm

    what a nice product!!! Wasn't sure how well it was going to work on bass! But man its like having it plugged direct!! Clean clear and very easy to use!! Especially love the charging method!!

  • from Panama City Beach, FL May 3, 2017Music Background:
    Professional performer / recording artist

    Much better than expected

    This unit works, it works well, great range and tone. Holds a charge and it's easy to charge. I'm a professional performer and this is a great wireless.

  • from So Cal April 24, 2017Music Background:
    Rock'n'Roller since 1969

    I love it!

    I've never really considered using a wireless before. They were either too complicated, noisy or too expensive. My son is an audio engineer and when he saw the Relay G10 on the Sweetwater website, he emailed the link to me with the caption "I MUST HAVE THIS". We both bought one (for my Carvin DC137 and his Lakland 5 string bass) and they are awesome. Not only is the wireless transmission flawless, it's actually better than wired. It works very well on my Takamine acoustic, too. The set up is super easy because there is NO setup. You almost literally just plug and play. The freedom from tripping over guitar cables is worth the price of the unit. I love it!

  • from New Jersey April 21, 2017

    no more cables for me

    Ok - I'll jump on the band wagon. I've had this wireless system for a couple off weeks and all I can is WOW. Freedom to move around without stepping on cables. No tone change at all. Sounds just like a cable - but without one. Thanks Line 6.

  • from Oceanside Cal. April 18, 2017Music Background:
    Full-time entertainer, songwriter.


    A great tool. awesome range and super easy. No more buying batteries.

  • from Canton, GA April 7, 2017

    Absolutely GREAT!

    I wasn't really in the market for a wireless unit at all. Then I saw a Pete Thorn demo on youtube showing how great this unit was for cutting the cable at home and at band practice, or even in the studio. If Pete likes something, it's usually worth checking out.

    So, I bought one expecting it would be at least good, but I literally use it every single day now. It's a regular part of my rig at this point. Sound quality is stellar, haven't had any dropouts, and latency in not really noticeable. I even plugged a cable back in to check my own perception of the sound quality, and I notice no difference between cable and the G10.

    The only thing that isn't stellar is the power cable plug in. Why they chose micro usb for a power cable, I can't understand. I would be gentle plugging it in and even affix the unit to your board if possible and just never unplug/replug the receiver side.

    The transmitter works perfectly with my Nashville Tele, My Gibson SG, and both of my Taylor acoustics. It's very liberating cutting the cable tether to your board/amp. I sit right in front of my amp and board at home, and still use this every time.

  • from Southern Maryland April 1, 2017Music Background:

    Wireless, easy as it gets

    This is the best for me. I have very little knowledge of electronic gear and hooking it up. It would be closer to
    correct if I said no knowledge in this area. This wireless setup was easy enough for me. The video is right when they say to charge it and plug it in. That is it. It works. I actually think the sound is better than when using cables.
    I would definitely recommend to others.

  • from logan, wv March 26, 2017


    I sometimes step on my cable and pull it out of guitar. the Line 6 Relay G10 does away with all that. lets you move where you want to move.

  • from North California March 21, 2017

    Tech Talk

    I wrote a previous five-star review of the G10, and thought that it might be helpful to pass along a lesson learned at a recent gig. My band mate and I both have G10s, and we use them simultaneously with excellent results.

    Recently, we played at a small venue which has a small PA system with wireless mics. We set up our gear, including the two G10s, and ran a sound check with no issues. Just before we began our performance, the house PA system was turned on, and my G10 light went red and ceased to function. The problem was obvious: Before the house system went on, my PA system coincidentally selected a frequency that the house system normally uses.

    The solution was quick and simple. I powered off (unplugged) the G10 receiver, waited a few seconds, plugged the receiver back in again, and plugged the transmitter into the top of the receiver so that the two bits could synch up again. The G10 then worked flawlessly for the rest of the evening.

    Bottom line: The G10 is brilliant! Simple, fast, and great quality...can't beat it!

  • from Indiana March 20, 2017

    Best Investment

    Absolutely love this wireless system... One of the best investments I've ever made period so easy to use and Crystal Clear sound!

  • from March 18, 2017Music Background:
    Producer and Live Musician

    simple and reliable

    Works. Every time. Best wireless system I have used. Automatically scans for open bands?! Awesome! Line6 has been good to me!

  • from Woodbury, MN March 13, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar - finger pick country and church choir. 50 years

    Relay G10

    Works like a charm. Plugged it in to the board and away we went. Great sound.

  • from March 10, 2017

    This thing is awesome

    if you are a Line 6 head like me, you know the feeling of setting aside an afternoon or 3 to get to know your new Line 6 equipment and its incredible range of gadgets. NOT THIS, charge it in the docking base, plug it in and start playing. Yep that's it and it works flawlessly.

  • from Tennessee March 5, 2017

    Line 5 relay G10

    I received this wireless system for Christmas for my bass guitar. Absolutely the easiest to use I've ever seen. Sound quality is absolutely spot on no drop off at all. The convenience of not replacing battries is major. Love the freedom of no cords. Great job Line 6 and kudos to Charlie Davis for the best customer experience ever.

  • from March 5, 2017

    G10 Relay

    I have owned several wireless systems from the $600 and down range. For me, this is the simplest and best sounding I have used. I have yet to get interference from other sources and always had crystal clear sound. Being rechargeable is an added bonus. I would highly recommend.

  • from Fountain, FL February 21, 2017

    line 6 relay G10

    owned about a week now no issues nice clean sound no delay great product

  • from February 21, 2017Music Background:
    Live sound engineer

    Line 6 Relay G10

    Works grate set it nest to the amp can walk around stage with no problem , grate sound

  • from February 18, 2017

    Line 6 Relay G10

    Great plug and play system wth no delay and crisp sound from all over my home.
    Would highly recommend to anyone looking to cut the cord.

  • from Tampa February 17, 2017Music Background:
    2 Gen Musician

    It works on the Bass!

    Got two of these one for the studio and the other for home use and they are great for Guitar or Bass. I have a Ibanez TBT with 18 volts in it and the unit does the Job with no static or signal interference. Really happy to be wireless on my active bass and this is a must have for any musician gigging.

  • from Chilmark, MA February 14, 2017

    Line 6 relay G10

    Does exactly what you want it to do. Simple, no fuss, does its job.

  • from Georgia February 7, 2017

    If you want wireless this is it!

    The G10 wireless relay is unbelievable! Simple to set up and use! Take it out of the box, plug it in to your amp or pedal board, plug the transmitter into your instrument (it will sync automatically) and BAM your ready to play. Oh did I mention it's rechargeable! The transmitter battery will last up to 8 hours and the best part about it is you don't have the bulky extra battery pack to deal with. Simple! Easy! Super Affordable! No loss of signal or tone! I know the range says 50' but I have played form the very back of our church sanctuary 200+' and it still seemed to work fine. Immediately after I used it for the first time I called Derek back and ordered another one for my electric lead player. He loves it! Don't hesitate......Buy It!

  • from North California February 6, 2017Music Background:
    Celtic/folk musician

    Excellent Wireless Solution

    I recently used my G10 at a gig, and the results were stellar. It worked flawlessly, switching between an acoustic-electric guitar and a banjo with a mic-style pickup. The noiseless jack is perfect for plugging in discretely with no clicks or pops coming through the amp. Most of our gigs are in small venues with limited space, and the G10 completely liberated me from tripping over self-tangling cables during our performance. There was no latency, and volume and tone were not affected in any way. Use of the G10 could not be simpler. It is the perfect solution for my requirements.

  • from Utica, NY February 3, 2017

    Works like a charm!

    I'm using this device on a PRS Custom 22 Semi-Hollow with 85/15 humbucker pickups via either a Peavey VYPYR amp or piped into Logic Pro X via a Scarlett 2i4. Other than one (very tiny) consideration, I might as well be wired up: it's that clean and latency-free. My studio is small so I haven't been pushing the distance it can handle, but moving about within a couple of meters of the receiver introduces zero issues.

    The one consideration: the transmitter (wisely) powers down after a few minutes of not being used so as to save the battery charge. When you pick up the guitar again after it sitting for a bit you need to hit a note or two to wake it up, else if you dive right into playing it's not going to give you any sound right off. Look for the green LED to light up, then rock out.

  • from Illinois February 1, 2017

    Best new technology

    This thing is awesome ! The fact that there are NO BATTERIES & the charging is built in to the receiver is fantastic ! Less stuff to carry around, less stuff to lose. Clean, uncolored sound ! It took less than one minute to set up & it was ready to play.. . . Only wish the transmission range was a bit longer. Some stages we play are a bit over 50 feet, but no problems yet. . . I totally recommend this to EVERYONE that asks about it !
    Big THANX to Nick Church for all your help & the greatest service in the biz !

  • from Western U.S. January 31, 2017Music Background:
    Pro Bassist (Rock n' Roll)

    Not Bad!!!

    I purchased the G10 to use in my studio and I couldn't be happier. It's easy to use, easy to charge and versatile. For studio work its perfect, but I have to agree with a lot of the reviews, the charging base is not built for live work. The base is not pedalboard friendly at all and the usb connection is just waiting to break.
    The transmitter is a little large but works flawlessly.
    I will still give it 5 stars because I did the research and I knew what it was supposed to do.

    Studio Perfect

    Live I'm still a roadcase guy

  • from Detroit January 19, 2017Music Background:


    This was better than expected. Easy to setup up, works for both my acoustic and my Schecter electric. Great range and sound. Allowed me to eliminate an A/B box and cables from my setup. I can now sit at my computer across the room and play along to YouTube instructions. Found another use too, as I was able to plug the transmitter into the output jack of my effects unit and bring that across the room also.

  • from NY January 13, 2017Music Background:
    Lead guitarist for past 20 years for numerous local

    Line 6 Relay G10

    Item shipped quickly. I love the device. It's small size is a big plus. I love that I won't ever have to buy batteries for a body pack again. It makes changing guitars on stage way faster.
    The price is right. Its simple to use and works great. It's nice to see technology that understands
    the needs of working musicians and succeeds at making performing easier.

  • from Newberg, OR January 7, 2017Music Background:
    Home studio

    Excellent solution for home studio

    Specific observations:

    Works equally well for me on electric guitar and bass, as weel as electric/acoustic guitar. The Seagull E/A guitar does require the use of the HOSA GPP-151 adaptor that Sweetwater recommends. It even works on a classical guitar with and old BB jr. contact pickup on the bridge. Versatile!

    Signal penetrates 4 walls in my conventionally built house. The brick hearth and woodstove finally interrupted the signal. The receiver is on the floor in my studio. Good range.

    No interference with wireless modem/router 3 rooms away. Clean signal, no detectable latency, no companding. Full dynamic range.

    Auto off on the transmitter is very useful for me. Inability to change the auto-off time may not be ideal for some users. Excellent battery life, rapid charging.

    Lack of need for determining unity gain is very convenient. Plug and play.

    The status indicator LEDs comprise useful real-time data, and are subtle. No garish light shows.

    The transmitter could easily be stepped on or otherwise damaged by dropping, etc. Perfect size for a dog to be interested in. Keep an eye on its whereabouts! Sweetwater currently sells replacements.

    Balanced and unbalanced simultaneous outputs could be put to very good use, especially if you use a mixing board.

    In summary, an excellent solution for a home studio. I highly recommend the G10!

  • from January 6, 2017


    The simplicity, flawless execution, and battery life of this wireless system makes it the best replacement for a cable ever released.

    The auto sleep and auto waking is genius. I just leave it plugged into my guitar when not in use and it lasts for about a week without worry. Recharging is incredibly fast as well.

    It is solidly built, compact, and just works.

    Line 6 killed it with the Relay G10.

  • from January 4, 2017

    Review Line 6 Relay G10

    I play bass through a Mesa Boogie Bass Strategy Eight: 88 amp with a Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 1200 cabinet and was concerned about the tonal quality and punch with a wireless system. The Line 6 really delivered and blew me away. It's an amazing product for something so simple to use. Plug a simple transmitter into your instrument and play. No more cumbersome guitar cables while roaming on stage. Great product!

  • from Mokena, IL December 30, 2016Music Background:
    Former Semi Pro musician and Producer, Studio owner


    I got this system for Christmas and was totally blown away by it. I did not notice any of the noise or tone coloration mentioned in some of the other reviews. The only issue I had was with a Schecter guitar I have that has a sustainiac pickup. It would not work with the G10. This was because the guitar uses a TRS connector to keep the battery from discharging when the cable is removed. You can read about this on the Line 6 website, but rest assured, the $5 adapter they recommend solves the problem. Sweetwater even sent an email mentioning that this might be an issue with some guitars, and included a link to the adapter I would need to resolve the problem if I encountered it. The adapter was only 5 bucks and I had it the next day. It worked perfectly. I thought it might be awkward but it fit sturdy in the guitar and keeps the G10 transmitter stable. The fit in my other "standard" guitars is very sturdy and it performs flawlessly in each one.

    So far this week I have used the G10 with two Fenders, 3 Gibsons, a Fender Acoustic, a Variax (magnetics only), and two Fender Basses through a Line 6 Helix and everything works great. I can walk from my studio to the living room to the kitchen and there is no signal loss.

    Another test was to remove the Helix and connect the base directly to the Roland amp. I got the same flawless results. I then reconnected the Helix and put the different guitars through patches ranging from pristine clean to SuperMonsterKiller loudness and they all sounded just as good as if the Helix was cabled.

    I like the way the base has a light that is easy to see but not obnoxious in the dark. It was well thought out.

    Like every other review, I'm not a fan of the USB port used to power the base, but the cable that was shipped has a sturdy fit and I don't see it being an issue unless the base gets kicked around - which won't happen in my environment. Don't let it deter you. the rest of this unit more than makes up for that.

  • from December 17, 2016


    Literally, just plug and play. I absolutely love it.

  • from December 14, 2016


    Simple, convenient, amazing.

  • from November 26, 2016

    Great Wireless

    Excellent wireless - easy to use, easy to charge. Great for around the house/studio /practice work.

  • from Bakersfield, Calif November 21, 2016Music Background:
    70 years of professional musician, one of the few remaining IKcons of The Bakersfield Souind

    Line s G10 wireless package

    First unit I received would not reach a full charge and left me in middle of performance.
    called SWEETWATER and in 2 days I had a replacement-WOW, I am thrilled, the sound quality is top notch and performs flawlessly. No more tripping over chords for me. My wife saw it and was really impressed even tho she is a beginner; now she wants one for her bass. I have recommended unit to several friends that are working musicians.

  • from November 9, 2016

    No Interference

    I was replacing another brand that had difficulties in a wireless rich environment. No bleep, blurp, or otherwise dropouts with these. Auto channel switching, excellent performance, plug it in to your guitar, plug in the receiver to the input to your multi-effects, mixer, amp, whatever and play. Quiet, also cured feedback problem in high gain situations, no drop in volume, totally transparent.

  • from Bronte TX November 7, 2016Music Background:
    Praise and worship leader

    No cords no hastles

    This works the way a wireless guitar system should work. Plug it in and forget about it. Nothing to set up and no batteries to change. I use it with two wireless mics with no interference. Crystal clear signal. You forget its there. That is all you can ask from a system like this. Great gear.

  • from Cerritos, California October 28, 2016Music Background:

    Standby for One Month

    In addition to what everyone else said, I wanted to highlight another side. I fully charged the transmitter when I first received it and have used it fairly lightly for home practice. The transmitter battery lasted exactly one month to the day. Collectively, I had about 8-10 hrs use over the 30 days switching between two guitars. I think that's incredible when compared to the standby time of my smartphone and tablet! The G10 replaced two guitar cables, two DI boxes, and two xlr cables from my setup at home and at performances. What a huge improvement and the freedom to roam. With the auto mute feature, I can share the transmitter with other performers as easily as handing over a guitar pick.

  • from October 26, 2016

    Using the Line 6 Relay G10

    This is the EASIEST set-up I have come across. It saves time and allows freedom of playing without restraint.Another safety hazard has been removed from the floor.

  • from Mansfield, TX October 22, 2016


    Needed a convenient plug and play, stick it in the jacks, wireless system and this did the trick. I must say I tried the Xvive U2 first, and in open spaces it does the job, but in my 'practice' room, heavy with wireless equipment, not so good with a lot of interference. The G10 has no such problems anywhere and I am genuinely pleased with the recommendation. It is now permanently attached to my board along with a Zoom G5, a Boss SY-300, a Mix8 mixer, and various volume pedals. It does not color the sound, is quiet, no feedback on high gain settings, and a charge lasts all night, or around 6 hours, whichever comes first... I have read about problems with the small power jack to the receiver, but I haven't had any problems with it. I can see they could have used a more substantial connection there, however.

  • from Clinton Township October 11, 2016

    Line 6 Relay G 10 Wireless

    It's the best wireless and worth the money.

  • from Kokomo,In October 6, 2016Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter with a 6 piece band and three guitars in wireless system. The other guys paid $300 for theirs.

    Line 6 Relay G10

    Blown away is a very true statement. Never has anything been so plug and play in my life. This little guy plays through 95% of my 2100 square foot home though you wouldn't be walking through doors and seperate yourself by walls from the stage. I use it for practice and gigs. Very pleased with this purchase.

  • from Michigan October 4, 2016

    Line 6 Relay G10

    I have 2 of these for convenience and they are great. I don't use them at the same time, but I do leave them both on when I use one of them. Saves me space, and time in my small studio.

  • from Northville, MI October 4, 2016Music Background:
    40+ years of bass and guitar, playing many genres

    No Excuse Not To Be Wireless

    I've been using a Line 6 G90 Relay Rackmount wireless unit for the past 4 years. It's a really great wireless unit, but it is in a rack case and requires that I have batteries charged up and ready to go. Then the G10 came out and I had to try it. This thing is so good that I bought 2 of them, as I often use a second guitar when I perform. If you only have one channel, then use an A/B/Y box like the EHX Switchblade to quickly switch between them. Two of my amps have two inputs, so each guitar goes into its own channel.

    The unit is very compact and discreet - and highly affordable. It has an XLR and 1/4" jack out, and the recharging base is extremely convenient. Even though they state only 8 hours of performance, my experience so far is that the transmitter will hold a charge and still function for 10 hours while continuously plugged into a guitar. I've used the G10 on electric and acoustic guitars, as well as an acoustic bass w/a pickup and even an electric upright bass. David Mikautadze and the staff at Sweetwater make the experience complete with lightning fast service and follow up.

  • from Seal Beach, Ca. October 1, 2016Music Background:
    Rock, Jazz, Producing, Studio, etc

    It's what you've dreamed it should be

    Simple setup, exceptional sound quality (better than my expensive Mogami cable) and I actually used 2 of them ( one to my pedalboard and the ther from the pedalboard to the amp and it worked flawless! Thank you Line 6 for coming up with the most innovative and "exactly what guitarists need" wireless system!

  • from SK October 1, 2016Music Background:

    Game changing. Touring: maybe less so.

    Unlike any other wireless guitar system. I have to remind myself daily that I can run around and have fun and be animated while practising/playing because the system literally works without a hitch. Battery issues are problem of the past. Audio quality 10/10. Only minor issue is the power supply being micro USB (although I use Samsung phones and love the fact that I will always be able to power it with my available cables on hand) I can see the potential to damage the input with touring life abuse (alcohol abuse) etc... If using in practise or studio it's hands down game-changing.

  • from Canaan,NH September 22, 2016

    Excellent! Product , Company and sales professionals!

    I've been looking for a way to get rid of my cable. This is excellent! Great Company and support. I want to thank everyone especially Devin! Only compliant is when I go downstairs (with my guitar) and leave amp on, the guy upstairs plays as bad as me!

  • from Georgetown, KY September 20, 2016Music Background:
    Semi Professional Musician and Gear Junkie

    Line 6 G10

    Fantastic piece of equipment. My lead player and I both use this unit every weekend during live shows and we have experience any bleed-over. Nothing but love for it. I am thinking of adding one to my church rig too.

    Jeff Blackburn
    The Git Go Band

  • from Hawaii September 15, 2016


    This is the second wireless connection I have had. I like the simplicity of the Line 6 Relay G10. I can move around easily with this pickup.

  • from COLORADO September 9, 2016Music Background:


    I am harmonica player plugging this into my Mad Dog Mic from Shaker and my Fender Princeton amp. I was leery of the sound quality on a digital set up. I have used both the Sampson Airline and AKG Guitar Bug systems and just comparing the sound, I would rank this maybe a shade better than the AKG, but a definite improvement over the Sampson. On top of that I LOVE the features, the recharging system for the transmitter and the pop free plug in. The price is sweet as well. Although it is rated at 50 feet, I can in the right places get up to 100. A real winner, Line 6 really thought this one out well.

  • from Cutler, Indiana September 7, 2016Music Background:
    I'm 79 yrs.old. No musical background. learned to play guitar since I retired.

    Line 6 Relay G10

    I bought this product yesterday at Sweetwater on US30 west of Ft. Wayne Indiana. Got it home and charged for 24 hrs. before using it. Tried it on 3 acoustic-electric guitars and on my new electric Fender Telecaster I bought yesterday [which I love] and the Line 6 Relay G10 performed beautifully on all my guitars with no popping, hissing, scratching noises of any kind. I love the ease of using it. Could not be more simple to use and change from one guitar to another. Plugged right into all my guitars with no issues. I recommend this product if you are looking for a wireless system. I'm no professional and just play music jams in the area and Nursing homes so never get far from the receiver so cannot say how far away it will work. I highly recommend it.

  • from Seattle, WA September 7, 2016Music Background:
    Worship leader

    Relay G10

    Awesome piece! No more cables, no more popping, no more batteries. All I needed. Thanks Line 6.
    Thanks Sweetwater for the great customer service as always.

  • from August 26, 2016Music Background:
    Been playing off and on for over 50 years. Currently play in an oldies band - songs from the late 50 and 60's. I use a Fender Jazzmaster or a Gretsch Country Gentleman through a Fender Delux reverb.

    Line 6 Relay G10

    I have been using this for about 1 month, so can't speak to it's long term performance - so keep that in mind. For example, it uses a rechargeable battery - not sure of its rechargeable life.

    This is my first experience with a remote connection, so I can't compare it to others. However, I have found this to be wonderful. The fidelity is great, the battery life during a gig is not an issue. I have used it for 3 hours w/o recharging. Easy to recharge between sets - just plug the sender unit back into the base.

    I can walk away 30 feet away without an issue. (I have not tested the max range, but 30' is more than adequate for me to hear what I sound like in a smaller venue.)

    It is really wonderful not to be tripping or getting wrapped up in my guitar cord!!!

    Definitely would recommend this product.

  • from August 24, 2016


    This thing is great! Easy to use with great sound. Wireless made easy. No interference or hassles. LOVE IT!

  • from August 15, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-professional, recording engineer

    Excellent addition!!

    This is a no brainer. It just works and the tome is all there. I had to to increase the master out on my Eden amp (yes I'm using it with a 5 string bass) just a hair. No tone adjustments were required.

    I first sat it next to my Apple wireless router. Range was horrible. Dumb dumb!

    I have a G90 which is the superior one, but this little G-10 works for me!!

  • from Illinois August 12, 2016

    Just buy one!

    I've owned several wireless systems over the years and they all ended up collecting dust then being sold or traded but this little thing is so convenient and so effective that it's almost painful to use a cord now. Cool little color changing charger/ receiver up on top of the amp with the little transmitter all charged up on top just pop it out and into your guitar and you're good to go. Last practice we played for a little over two hours and it was still fully charged and the little "anti pop" tab works perfectly you can have your amp cranked and switched guitars without a single pop or crack it's brilliant.... A+++++++ could not be happier

  • from Illinois August 11, 2016

    Line 6 G10

    as advertised...clear as a bell

  • from Farmingdale, NY August 8, 2016

    G10 Relay

    I recently bought this on a whim. Not really a necessity for me because I don't gig. I do have several guitars I like to play at home & it's always been a hassle to throw the amp in standby, pull the cable & leave it hanging somewhere where it won't get stepped on or tangled in other cables. This makes it so much easier & without that nasty pop when disconnecting & connecting.
    I hear no difference in the use of this and wired setup. I love it & makes me want to play all my guitars in one sitting. Thanks Line 6.

  • from Michigan August 8, 2016Music Background:
    Few gigs / hobby

    Great product

    So far I am satisfied with my purchase of the G10 relay. Does everything it is designed to do. 50ft range, 8hr charge, plug and play and easy to use and no degradation of signal or delay. And sweetwater did an awesome job with handling my package, ordered it on a Sunday night, had a confirmation that it was ready to ship the next day at 9 in the morning and had it in two days with there free shipping. I call that awesome!!! And add there free two year warranty on top of that for the icing on the cake, which anyone else would charge you for. Keep up the good work.

  • from Bloomington, IL August 4, 2016Music Background:
    Weekend warrior for 40 years!

    Relay G10

    4 piece band with 3 Relay G10's. They definitly have given us the ability to take our show up a notch!! Oh, they work GREAT!

  • from Woodbridge, VA August 1, 2016Music Background:
    Church Guitarist

    Absolutely Awesome Piece of Gear!

    I never would have imagined that wireless could be this easy. Everything you see in the video is all you need to connect up and start playing. We'll be adding more of these over time, as they are perfect for small gigs and church stages where you don't want wires all over the place.

    The ONLY problem I've had is the integrity of the Micro USB power input. DO NOT TILT the base of the G10 when you pick up the receiver out of the cradle, as the port inside the base will break under the stress of the USB cord being inserted at an angle. Luckily, I was able to get someone to solder the joint back together.

  • from Indianapolis July 24, 2016Music Background:

    Phenomenal product.

    Absolutely love the Relay G10. It is unexpectedly simple and is so clear even from farther than 50'. Definitely, definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a wireless system. The best part is the affordability and the fact that you never ever need to purchase a battery since it is rechargeable. Line 6 all the way!!!

  • from July 23, 2016

    Sounds Great! Works Great! Very Impressive!

    Got a Line 6 Relay G10 yesterday. It is quite impressive! Very easy to use, compact, and sounds terrific! It is small, charges quickly, provides decent range, and seems well constructed.

    I used it last night with several guitars for 5 hours without a problem. The sound and signal quality were crystal clear. I found no audible difference compared to using an instrument cable. It provided a rock solid 50' line-of-sight range. I did not try the balanced XLR jack.

    Before buying, I was concerned that the Transmitter, protruding from the side jack of my Les Paul, would interfere with resting the guitar upright leaned back against a couch or placed in any of my guitar stands. Fortunately, this all worked fine! Only when seated on the couch, playing the Les Paul, did I need to be cautiously aware of the Transmitter. Even then it was not as much of a protrusion problem as I had initially thought. When plugged into the Sheraton-II Pro (top jack) the Transmitter visibly towers above the guitar, but is out of the way while playing. For both of the above fitments, it still seems that a 90° angled plug G10 version or adapter would be ideal. I also got a 3rd party angled 1/4" TS Female to Male adapter, however, it lacks the Relay G10's convenient collar switch that prevents pops, clicks, hum, etc. from being transmitted when unplugged from the guitar. Perhaps, Line 6 may introduce a 90° G10 version or a switch equipped adapter. On my Strat, the G10 fits nicely in the cradled jack plate. As I do not have the vibrato bar installed, there is no issue with the G10 impeding free positioning of the vibrato bar (as some reports depict).

    The Transmitter's sensor switch automatically disconnects the signal when the unit is unplugged from the guitar. The signal resumes promptly when reinserted. Best clear signal channel selection is done when the Transmitter is plugged into the base. The Transmitter's LCD and base's illuminated halo indicates the respective status for charging, standby, channel lock, and low power.

    The Transmitter comes partially charged so, charging to a full charge took less than an hour. When inserted into the Receiver/Charging Base, the Transmitter's LED blinks green indicating there is more than 30 minutes of performance in the Transmitter. When the LED reaches steady green the Transmitter is fully charged.

    The Transmitter is rated for 8 hours of use and 200 hours standby. After 5 hours of use, I put the Transmitter back into the Receiver/Charging Base and it was back to solid green in less than an hour.

    I did discover one quirk with the firmware! The Transmitter conveniently goes into power saving standby mode after 4 minutes of inactivity (no audio) while plugged into an instrument. However, the firmware has no similar intelligence when the Transmitter is plugged into the base and then the power to the base is shut off!? When plugged into the energized base unit, the Transmitter will always begin recharging. Even after reaching a full charge, the Transmitter remains on (steady green LED) when the base's power is turned off! This will drain the transmitter's battery (presumably after 8 hours). Until Line 6 updates the firmware, when you kill the base unit's power, you'll need to remove the Transmitter from the base. You may then reinsert the Transmitter back into the base. This seems to activate the Transmitter's 4 minute timeout shutdown (or stanby mode?), as 4 minutes later, the Transmitter's solid green LED goes dark. Line 6's very brief Pilot Guide, does not mention leaving, nor reinserting the Transmitter in the base unit with the power off. Fortunately, the doc does mention the USB jack on the base unit also serves for firmware updating. Let's see how promptly Line 6 resolves this.

    The base unit comfortably sits atop my amp, and must be powered by a USB source (5v, 1Amp). The included charger block comes with easily interchangeable plug plates to accomodate various worlwide territories. Alternatively, any smaller (physically) sized USB power supply (of rated output) or a USB battery pack will suffice. I plan to use a USB battery pack to power the Relay G10 outdoors this weekend when I also use my battery powered Yamaha THR10C. I did find that the base's USB jack seemed a bit feeble. It did not exude the same rugged durable feel when connecting the USB cable as any of the other jacks on the product. Sitting atop my amp it is not too exposed, however, on a pedal board or if unplugged and replugged frequently this could be a point of failure. Time will tell.

  • from Virginia July 22, 2016Music Background:
    Lead guitar in my Church Praise and Worship Band been playing guitar for 20 years.

    First Wireless

    I have always shied away from wireless systems but never tried one. Always heard they don't sound as good as cables. I decides to try the g10 because. Absolutely love it I'm tired of me or someone else tripping over my cable at church. I have only had it for 3 weeks so I can't speak for reliability but I can say that I can move around freely on stage and no loss of tone the relay stays charged for hours and is super easy to use. I use it home as well with Bias FX on my mac and it works great there too. I would recomend the G10.

  • from Indiana July 18, 2016

    Wow. Just Wow.

    This is the first guitar product I have purchased in a while that really feels magical. It's so simple. I am totally blown away. I've even used it in conjunction with wireless headphones and had no issues whatsoever. It's super flexible. It has both balanced and unbalanced output for whatever your need might be. It sounds great and by that I mean it does not appear to be coloring the sound at all. Line 6 really has a winner on its hands with this product. I can't find a single thing wrong with it at all.

  • from Canandaigua, NY July 17, 2016

    Line 6 Relay G10

    I was finally able to try out my Relay G10 yesterday, and all I can say is that I am impressed. There was no loss in signal quality or tone and it sounded like I was plugged in and using a cable. I couldn't believe it so I switched back and forth several times! If you are looking for an easy to use and good sounding wireless unit you will not be disappointed.

  • from July 14, 2016

    Worth the wait

    after a few months of waiting, finally i go mine and this thing is a great product from Line 6. no hassle, no interference. only a clean signal sound.

  • from Greenville, SC July 10, 2016

    Church Guitarist

    I got mine on Saturday after waiting for weeks. I have a G30 but, this blows it away. for me it's hard to get use to no cables on the guitar and the money saved on batteries. it was well worth the wait. I highly recommend this product. For the price, it's like getting a first round pick in the sixth round of the draft. Outstanding Sound!!!

  • from Easthampton, MA July 9, 2016

    Works great!

    No more tripping on cable! No signal loss and no "popping" when switching to different guitars. Well worth the money!

  • from Minneapolis MN July 4, 2016

    Even better than expected!

    I love it! This slick unit works exactly as the docs say it will. So easy and hassle-free. I've had it for 3 weeks. I play mostly at our church in a large stadium seating auditorium. I can'tell tell any difference in tone at all. Specs say 50' range, which is probably true around corners, walls, and other obstacles (like in my house) but direct line of site on stage didn't start breaking up for me until 100' or more! Not once have I had any syncing or noise issues with a room that has lots of other 2.4gHz signals going on for wifi, sound board, and wireless in-ears. My ONLY little concern is the durability of the micro usb power jack in the back of the receiver. I can see that getting broken if someone accidentally stepped on the cord near the jack. It's not supported as well as it could be. Be careful of that, and you've got a real winner! I'm VERY impressed and pleased.

  • from Battle Ground, WA July 1, 2016

    Worth The Wait!

    Took four months to get but this little gem is so incredimazing I have no gripes. No brainer to use as advertised and the sound is great! Get one! Heck for the price, get two, you won't regret it!

  • from Texas June 29, 2016Music Background:
    Full-time musician and music teacher.

    Tried them all. This is the best.

    I've got some really good wireless gear.... but nothing this simple and elegant. Nothing this easy and fun to use. So let's start with the ONLY thing I would add/change about it. My Shure GLX doubles as a really good tuner. If Line6 would just use that pretty light-ring as a tuning indicator.. game over. The other vendors would file for bankruptcy.

    To the good stuff:
    * No setup, channel selection, syncing, configuring.... It just works. Plug and play. Literally.
    * Small footprint on the pedal board.
    * Battery has lasted for DAYS. Got it a week ago, use it every night and still a solid green light.
    * No latency. Very responsive with zero unwanted compression.
    * It does not risk scratching my guitars like the transmitters that cling to my guitar strap.
    * The battery save feature kicks in after 4 minutes. I love this. I know another reviewer posted that this acted like a noise gate, but this won't happen unless you don't play for 4 minutes. Even if that were the case, you can defeat this by simply picking a string to "wake up" the unit and viola! I think it's great and does not require that I turn the unit off in between sets and back on at the beginning of the next one. Just fewer moving parts. I like this feature more than any other.
    * The price is RIDICULOUSLY low for the quality.
    * Sound quality is on par with my rack mounted gear and top of the line Shure wireless systems I use.

    If your transmission distance is under 50' then there is no other unit you need to mess with. Get this one.

    Call and ask for Brendan Murphy at Sweetwater to get yours...

  • from Seattle June 29, 2016

    Easy to use, great quality wireless

    The Relay G10 is exactly as advertised: simple to use, great audio quality, and pretty rugged. Open the box, charge it up, and go -- that is really it. I took it out on a gig with a fairly large stage and switched between an electrical guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and ukulele constantly. The cut off works perfectly so there are no pops or buzzing as you swap it between instruments. The tone stayed true and there was never any signal drop-off. This is exactly the kind of wireless I need for my set up. Now could Line 6 do the same for in-ear monitors?

  • from June 24, 2016

    No tone loss, no wires

    I don't plan to use this to cruise through the audience like I used to. I just hate cords because they kink up and decrease my mobility on stage. So my needs are simple - no tone loss or coloration. To my ears, it's spot on. I change guitars a lot so the ability to unplug this thing with no pop, and swap it out is fantastic. The transmitter feels good in the hand, and sits perfectly in my Strats. So far so good on a PRS with the bottom mount jack. Easy to charge, no batteries to pack. I imagine subsequent versions will have longer rage, etc., but this is definitely a game changer.

  • from Minneapolis June 16, 2017

    Line 6 G10

    This is a delayed review after extensive testing. I have owned this for almost a year and I am so happy with it, I have gigged several times and have strolled out into the crowd without problems. I will say don't stray too far away from the base or there will be some issues. Since purchasing mine, several of my friends have also jumped on the bandwagon. I have been on stage with 3 of them plugged working at the same time, we did have an issue during a practice where one of the guitar players grabbed my signal and was playing through my amp, but it was quickly fixed by pulling the fob from the guitar and plugging it back into the base and waiting for 10 seconds and plugging back in. Only reason for not giving it a 5 is I don't like the power cord that plugs into the base, all other line 6''s are your standard pedal power adapter compatible and this is a USB type of connection. I am a bass player in a Minneapolis Motley Crue tribute, I have a Rickenbacker 4003 with a Trace Elliot 1x15 combo and sounds great.

  • from Spencer, NY May 10, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar and Music Enthusiast

    Works Great

    This little gadget works as advertised. I have been stepping on my guitar cables forever, since I like to wander a little as I play, and I was looking for a wireless solution. This unit fits the bill. It's simple to use, and fits nicely with most of my guitars. (Note that, as advertised, this unit works only with passive pickup systems - it doesn't work with my acoustic-electric active systems). Depending upon the exact location and positioning of the output jack on your guitar, the transmitter might be a touch awkward as it protrudes a bit, but I generally don't notice it at all when playing (although I do need to be careful about how the transmitter is projecting from the guitar if I sit down while playing. It's never an issue when I'm standing, which is the position I use almost all the time). The unit seems to transmit all the nuances of my attack very faithfully, from subtle finger-picking to hard-strumming. I deducted half a star because it seems to be a little on the expensive side to me, but all-in-all this is a very nice unit that works quite well. Excellent!

  • from Mississippi April 13, 2017Music Background:
    Solo acoustic

    Line 6 Relay G10 awesome

    Works great. Clean sound. Plug in and go . I initially had some buzzing out of acoustic but after I connected the included adapter it eliminated buzz . My electric worked perfectly without using the adapter.

    Not sure why I need the L shaped adapter on my acoustic but it's not a problem.

  • from April 10, 2017Music Background:

    Free at last

    This sure free things up, works great and no tripping on cords. Love it.

  • from Esko, MN March 19, 2017Music Background:

    Very cool!

    Works great for what I need. I was lucky to get a demo one and saved a little money. Unit charges pretty fast and works great. It also came with a surprise I didn't see in the description. That is a 90 degree adapter. I have a Les Paul and I was concerned about the sending unit hanging straight down and getting damaged. Nice surprise. I gave it 4.5 out of 5 because I have not fully tested it yet, but so far I am very happy with my purchase. Like usual Dave at Sweetwater came through like a champ! Thanks everyone!

  • from March 17, 2017Music Background:

    Good for electric

    Well I play more acoustic so I can't use this item s lot

  • from IL March 10, 2017Music Background:
    Weekend warrior

    Go Wireless

    The Line 6 Relay G10 wireless is excellent have used it for about a month or so now and at this point I could not be happier with it. I do not hear any difference in signal and possibly even better clearer signal from guitar to amp. It works great

  • from Mansfielld, Texas February 20, 2017Music Background:
    Studio and Praise Worship

    Great Tool

    This is a well made tool for me. I had a little problem with interference with a microphone on stage during set-up but the problem was easily solved with an old technology guitar cord. Otherwise this is a great thing in my bag. I can use it 99.9% of the time. Well made.... super easy to use.... highest quality.

  • from MO January 10, 2017

    Line 6 Relay G10

    Sound seems better than through the cords I have. Sound won't recover in my guitars after short breaks unless I unplug it from the guitar and reinsert it. Plucking the strings won't bring it back. Fully charged use time seems shorter than a demo that I saw. Still beats tripping over cords which in my opinion gives it 4.5 rating.

  • from Denton, TX January 2, 2017

    G10- Simple, sounds GREAT.

    I used my new G10 live for the first time at church. Here is a summary:

    8 other wireless systems running
    2 wifi routers running
    G10 base on the carpeted floor (little/no vibrations), running into Helix
    I made sure all other wireless systems and routers were up and running before I docked the G10 to ensure it found a good frequency.

    Worked flawlessly. Zero dropouts. Zero latency within 50 feet of the unit, including being back stage out of line of sight. When I got beyond 50 feet, there was latency. I went out to 150 feet (line of sight) before it dropped out. Latency was pretty severe at that distance before dropout.

    I mentioned that the base is on the carpeted floor for a reason. I don't think the mini USB power input lends itself well to being placed on top of a guitar amp, especially bass amp because of the vibrations. I also mentioned that i docked the G10 after all other wireless systems are up so it can find an unused frequency. If we had other G10s being used, I would make sure that we dock them one at a time to ensure proper frequency allocation.

    I can go just about anywhere in my house with zero latency and zero dropout. Now I can follow wifey around to serenade her.

    Simple and sounds great. Love it.

  • from December 12, 2016

    Relay to Play Wireless

    I would give it a 5 star review, but it does pickup a slight radio frequency and I can hear it slightly from time to time through my amp.

  • from November 25, 2016Music Background:
    Bass/sound engineer

    Relay G10

    Really good product. I did notice a slight loss in gain over a cable and I have to power it via the supplied USB cable. Really good range though.

  • from Illinois November 16, 2016

    Line 6 Relay G10

    This is a very compact wireless unit I have two of them and they are great no batteries to fool with.
    But one word of caution the input for the power supply is pretty fragile one of mine was stepped on and then the unit was trash, they cannot be repaired if this happens. I really hope Line 6 will fix this problem and make it more durable because they do have a Great devise here.
    Hook'em up and play on!

  • from PIEDMONT OHIO November 15, 2016Music Background:

    love the g 10

    plug it in it works but one set back it dose not work with all guitars due to wiring only draw back
    but i use for recording and on less cable is great

  • from Chandler, AZ November 1, 2016Music Background:
    Working Musician

    It Could Be Best Ever

    The whole thing about wireless is to preclude the need for chords and cables. The Relay G10 would be perfect if the base could hold, say and 8 hr charge for the transmitter. I bought an external battery and did a gig. It was great freedom on the stage and in and around the room to check the sound out.

  • from Western PA October 31, 2016Music Background:
    Anything but country

    No excuse not to go wireless

    This thing is amazing. I had been waiting forever to go wireless (I like to jump around like a maniac when I play, but the thought of cutting the cord was scary ... plus the cost of most good wireless systems is prohibitive), but when I saw this beauty, I said: this might be the one that does the trick. And does it ever. It really is moron-proof ... if you've seen the video that Line 6 put out, the G10 truly works exactly as they show.
    The only hiccup (and hence the 0.5 star nick) is, as other have pointed out, the way the receiver base powers up is silly. VERY silly. A mini-USB connection, a la an Android phone?!? Really?!? As others have noted, this makes it unfriendly with your pedalboard power (and at the very least, if you just place it on top of your amp, that power cord is flimsy and easily pops out).
    But overall, I haven't had any of the issues that some earlier reviewers had ... no signal loss or loss of tone (if anything some signal/tone GAIN, and I'm playing bass), no issues with it cutting out, no cross-up issues with my singer's wireless at gigs or with my wi-fi when I'm at home, better range than advertised. I suspect those who have those issues got the first run of G10s, and that Line 6 made some updates. Also ... the hum-free/click-free plug in/out is awesome, and something I don't think people mention enough. (Basically, the thing is completely noiseless when you pop it in/out of your guitar or bass. So you don't need to mute your amp if you change instruments mid-show, which is something I do a lot.) Heck, even the lights on the receiver base are cool. All in all, if you have had ANY thoughts of going wireless, this is the tool to get.

  • from Boston, MA October 27, 2016Music Background:
    Recreational Student

    Great Product - Works as Advertised

    I bought the Relay G10 from Sweetwater around 3 months ago and have been loving it ever since. I use it for practicing on my rig at home. It is easy to set up, easier to use, and delivers great sound quality - sometimes beyond its 50' advertised range.

    The only minor downside is that it has an individual microUSB power supply separate from pedals, but this hasn't proved an issue for me.

  • from October 24, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar player 27 years / Worship leader 14 years

    Simply Awesome!

    There is nothing complex about this unit...plug it in and play. I have been using it for a month now and it has worked perfectly. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is the power supply. It does not have the standard 9V 1/8 inch power out which means that you can't connect it to your power block. It uses a USB out with an AC plug adapter (a few other options with it as well).

  • from NW, FL October 13, 2016

    Great product for the money !!!!

    Have mine for 2 months now.
    I expected less performance but mine's been flawless.
    NO noticeable change in tone. Reception is exceptional as is range.
    Also no conflicts with other wireless devices on stage.

    Band members fight over using this when I'm not playing.

    Is there better units? Yes, but this kicks *** for the money.

    Try it !!!!!!!

  • from Cutler, Indiana October 4, 2016Music Background:
    I'm 79 yrs.old. No musical background. learned to play guitar since I retired.

    Line 6 Relay G10

    I do not like messing with cords or stumbling over them so I went for the Line 6 Relay G10 and have not been sorry since. Have had no problems thus far with interference or static or scratching sounds. I play along with other electric instruments and have had problems. I placed the G10 on top of my amp and use a 1ft cord to the amp and is so easy to use. Can switch guitars by just removing the transmitter from the guitar I'm using and plug into the other guitar that I want to use and it is that simple. I recommend this to anyone wanting to get rid of the cord hassle. I may order another one for practicing up in my bedroom.

  • from NJ August 11, 2016Music Background:
    40+ years hobby

    Line 6 Relay G10

    Very nice product. Works as expected. Easy plug in operation, no brains necessary! Quiet operation with very slight, if any, tone change noticed. Perfect for in house studio. It would be nice if there was a switch one could use to prevent it from going to sleep after so many minutes of non-use or an instant on feature after the minutes of quiet.

  • from August 10, 2016

    Great Product

    The only reason I've given this a 4.5 rating and not a 5 is because I've only been using it for two weeks now and even though I expect no mortality issues I thought i'd give a good run then update the review. However, I enjoy the G10 so much I wanted to get this out. The product has done everything advertised exactly as stated. Connectivity is great. Battery life is as expected. No noise and clarity is great. Sweetwater also had great turn around on getting this to me and has never let me down.

  • from Ridgefield, WA August 1, 2016Music Background:
    30 years performing professionally

    Great Wireless!

    This is my 2nd Line 6 wireless, my first being the GC30. I was intrigued by this because of not needing a battery pack. On stage, I will have multiple guitars so I had to purchase multiple transmitters, and the packs were a bit cumbersome, but hey, that's how it goes....until now! This thing makes switching guitars easy utilizing one transmitter. And the price just makes it a home run!

    The battery life is great and so far the range has been really good.

    It is a bit big hanging out of the guitar so I have to take a little care to avoid damage, so it would be nice if the transmitter was just a bit smaller or the jack could swivel to get it out of the way a bit better, but its totally workable.

    The other thing is, I noticed when the receiver showing low battery (less than 30 min) it didn't seem to last quite that long.

    I would still, and have, recommended this little gem to my friends.

  • from Albany, NY July 20, 2016Music Background:
    In a gigging band

    Easy, inexpensive, works as advertised

    I've been using this for about a week now - it's great around the house and decided to try it at a live gig.

    I haven't noticed *much* tone coloration. It seems to have more tone loss going directly into my amp, but into my pedal board, which is a buffered pedalboard, I don't seem to notice any loss at all.

    The receiver isn't very pedal board friendly - it obviously works with one but a little awkward.

    With all that said - it's the easiest wireless to use, sounds good and I had zero issues using it in a smaller venue. I've actually been able to take my guitar from the practice room out into my kitchen and it was still working with 2 walls in between the receiver and transmitter. I'm beginning to wonder if some people have received defective units, because like I said, tone coloration has been minimal and issues for me have been non existent.

  • from Virginia April 8, 2017

    Line 6 Relay G10

    The G10 is great, just plug in and go. Very easy to use and very affordable.

  • from OH April 4, 2017

    Relay G10

    Works really well without a lot of hookup. Love it! Using it on gig right now. Thank you Rich Conley!

  • from OH April 4, 2017

    Relay G10

    Works really well without a lot of hookup. Love it! Using it on gig right now.

  • from Brooklyn, NY March 23, 2017Music Background:
    Church Choir

    Awesome, but could be improved.

    Great for the playing my my basement, but with the Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II, when I activate the 10db boost, I get an audible hiss and I basically don't use the boost knob, (not that I really need used it previously).

    Other than that, I have to keep it charged, because serval times I could't use it because it was dead from sitting there for 3 days not being used. The base is installed on my pedal board and charges when I turn the entire board on. It should have a kill switch to save battery power.

    My solution is to run an extra USB cable that I can connect directly to an outlet when not using the board.

    I hear no loss in tone and it a keeper, despite the charging issue.

  • from AL March 17, 2017


    I am very pleased with the product.

  • from S.F. Cal March 9, 2017Music Background:
    retired guitar player

    line 6 relay g10

    excellent Got the product and it works great

  • from January 16, 2017Music Background:
    Classical, Worship Bands

    great signal strength and quality

    we've been looking at ways to lower the onstage volume of the electric bass at school because the floor of the stage is wood with 8" joists above a concrete slab. This makes drums and basses overwhelm the system at certain frequencies.
    Using the relay 6, we were finally able to get a decent signal straight to the system and rely on just a little monitor for the bass player. Situation resolved.

    My only annoyance is that I needed to switch rewire my acoustic guitar that uses a T35 Bband system. But I was aware that I might need to do that before I bought the Relay G10 so it's only a minor infraction. It worked perfectly on the Taylor my friend used when performing on stage.

  • from St. Joseph, MI January 10, 2017

    Works Amazingly...but...

    Excellent range, no batteries to replace, clean sound. All the freedom to move on the platform that you want. The ONLY thing I find a nuisance is...USB power? Let's be obvious for a second: the signal out from this unit goes directly into my pedal chain, powered by a 1Spot. Now, I can't find a 1Spot to USB converter anywhere, so I just have to plug the unit directly into my power strip. Now I'm no electrician, so I can't say that recharging the bug is even possible with the standard pedal power input...but if it is, then that change would make the G10 absolutely perfect!

  • from November 21, 2016Music Background:
    Church musician

    Tangle free liberty

    Full roaming freedom of expression...

  • from San Diego, CA October 16, 2016

    Great simple wireless!

    I had been thinking of going wireless with my electric guitars for a while, but didn't like the idea of having a bulky pack that had to stay on my strap or back pocket, and I definitely didn't want to invest a bunch of money in multiple transmitter packs so I could easily switch guitars. When I saw the G10, it was exactly what I had been looking for. The transmitter is compact and works well with all my guitars, including my Strat. It's easy to just move the small transmitter plug to the next guitar if I need to switch. The battery has lasted through long rehearsals without issue, and I haven't had any drop-outs yet.

    I docked it a star for two reasons. First, the receiver base is powered bya standard micro-USB port, which is fine since I have plenty of cables that fit lying around; however, it would have been nice if there were some way to also power it off a 9V power supply so I could more easily connect it to the power supply I already have on my pedalboard without requiring an extra adapter. The second minor issue I have is that plugging the transmitter into the base with the power disconnected causes the transmitter to think it's plugged into a guitar and thus drain the battery. I wish there was a small switch or something on the transmitter where I could turn it off completely before plugging into the base for storage.

  • from August 17, 2016Music Background:
    Active Gigging (church), played 20something odd years

    Digital Tone Snob

    I've only borrowed instrument wireless units in the past, and never owned one until now.

    Like many I was suspicious of tone loss or something, especially at this price point. So far so good, and with the Line 6 Helix it is just fine.

    Super easy to use.

  • from Midwest July 25, 2016Music Background:
    professional musician and university music professor

    Great convienience.

    I actually purchased this to use with my upright. The tiny transmitter is so small it disappears on the tailpiece of the bass. With the pickup jack attached to the tailpiece, and running to generally small amps, having some klutz (generally busy sound personnel) trip on the cord is always a danger.

    I like to simply walk out on stage with the bass after being introduced, and not have to then bend down and connect the cable. If you have a feature number, you can easily go out front of the band with zero hassle.

    It works great with all my electric basses and EUBs. I was able to quite easily solve the recessed jack issue, at least on my Ibanez SRF-700 fretless. The output jacks on these instruments are easily long enough they can be extended with a spacer. I simply removed the jack, ran the nut to the end of the treads, put it back in, secured it with a second nut. Re-soldered the leads, it looks perfectly fine, and now works great with either the cable or G10 transmitter. This fix should work with a number of Ibanez instruments with recessed plugs.

    Nice unit, easy as pie, good value.

  • from Illinois July 11, 2016

    Great Wireless System

    I got my Line 6 Relay G10 Monday. This thing is really GREAT no concern about Batteries being dead when you might least expect it.
    I plan on buying another one for my Bass guitar.
    Sweetwater carries the Best Gear!
    If you know a musician needing some new gear, tell them Sweetwater is the place to go.

  • from Los Angeles March 8, 2017

    A Delicate Freedom

    I had always wanted a transmitter to enable me to ditch the constraints of guitar cords and roam free while I play. So I finally broke down and got a G10. I love the freedom every bit as much as I thought I would. Clean transmission with no interference from lighting did mmers or the nearby radio transmitter. Just great! My beef is with the USB cable used to power the base unit. The end that attaches to the AC plug does not fit tightly so it cuts off power at odd times if bumped or pulled. Just cheap construction really. OK for my rehearsal space, but I'd be reluctant to trust it for a gig. Why not just make it a standard power supply, like a 1 spot, with a barrel interface? Like so much of what Line 6 makes, it''s high concept but low quality.

  • from Lancaster, PA October 23, 2016Music Background:
    Professional since 1968

    Excellent Wireless unit... BUT

    This is a fantastic, simple to set up, even easier to use "bug" type guitar wireless system. It has great audio and very good range. The rechargeable built in battery is a great innovation. BUT it does not work with all guitars with active electronics. For a standard passive electronics axe you're good to go. But if your guitar has any kind of electronics on board whose battery is switched on and off when you insert the output cable you have (in my experience) a 33 1/3% chance that this system will work with it. This works with my Takamine EG334 but does not work with either my Guild D-50 or my Godin A6 Ultra.

    If you plan to use this wireless with standard passive electronics guitars, buy it. The price can't be beat and it works great. But if your guitar has a battery for any kind of active electronics it's a crap shoot.

  • from Colorado July 7, 2016Music Background:
    Producer - International Blues Blowoff

    Only the transmitter is wireless

    Nice for as far as they took it, but if you want to make it easy to use then the receiver should also have internal batteries.

    One of the problems of using a "wireless" setup is needing yet another a power source for the receiver, and then hassling with running the extra power cord and plugging it in on each end.... and then the reverse at night's end. At some gigs you struggle to find a free outlet close enough to plug in your amp, with every wireless setup I've seen, this one included, now you need an additional outlet... so add yet two more pieces of gear to haul around and maybe lose that you may have not considered... a power strip, and the (ugh) wall wort power supply. So again, why not a battery powered receiver as well... which by the way would be AWESOME for busking use.

  • from Illinois March 6, 2017

    Line 6 Relay G10

    I rated this product rather low because I just bought another one and that makes 4 of them WHY?
    Because the power input on the receiver is very fragile they will not take much stress and when they break you can not get them fixed. I have a Line 6 90 works great but you have to have spare batteries all the time. When this G10 is working it's Great but just wish Line 6 would fix the power cable issue.
    Sweetwater has always taken good care of me and this issue is not with them it is Line 6,I have quite a bit of their equipment so come on Line 6 take care of your customers!

  • from New York February 9, 2017Music Background:
    Pro Guitarist

    Great product with a short lifespan

    This thing is totally awesome and I loved using it. However, Line 6 really needs to give this thing a 9V DC jack instead of a poor quality and inconvenient (you need an addition power outlet to use this unit) micro USB power supply. After a month of regular use, the micro USB jack on the base no longer works. This unit could be so perfect for anyone if Line 6 invested a little more into the quality of the hardware.

  • from June 6, 2016Music Background:
    Axe Wielder

    Great for Smaller Use

    Great product with 2 elements that stop me giving it 5 stars, 1) it doesnt look very pretty on a strat, and looks terrible on an SG and 2) the noise cut off feature when the guitar isnt in use to me seems to be a little detrimental to live use... a few people i rehearse with noticed almost a noise gate like delay in getting the full sound when going into overdriven choruses etc etc. For the price one cant complain but i still havent decided whether to keep it or whether to stick with my G30 which is superb and a similar price.

  • from Ohio November 10, 2016Music Background:
    Bass player


    When I purchased this, there was no mention of...not even in the owner's guide when I received it...that this system may not work with all guitars so imagine when I got it and plugged it in, that it did not work! Only until diving deep into internet reviews and searches did I find that it may not work on some guitars. It depends upon how your guitar is wired. I thought originally it might be because I bought it for a bass, but that was not the case. There is a remedy, that you can reverse the wiring of your guitar or a more simpler one was that you need a mono quarter inch to quarter inch adaptor, which makes the transmitter stick out further, but it is a quick cheap fix. I was just a little pissed there was no mention anywhere on this. Note, I did not buy it from Sweetwater, is not a knock on them, I'm just helping get the word out there just so noone falls into the same situation. Good news is, with the adaptor it does work.

  • from SC August 15, 2016

    Transmitter Good/Power SupplyBAD

    The system powered up right away just as advertised. No signal issues, drop offs, nothing. Solid product. Then came the issue with the power supply. Terrible choice to go with USB power. The Input on the back of the receiver will not for the life of it hold the power cord. I need to hire someone just to hold the cable.... The design is great, the functionality I would even say great if the power supply were better constructed.

  • from Dunedin, FL August 6, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Nice, but one quirk

    Good enough sound for a regular electric or acoustic guitars. A little loss of dynamics from what I could hear. I play Michael Kelly hybrid electric-acoustic guitars (guitars that use electric pickups AND under-the bridge piezo pickups) for my gigs. Was counting on using this for some more freedom. This unit will relay the electric guitar setting on my guitar, but does not relay the piezo pickup, so I can only use the electric guitar sound. Since I usually only use the acoustic piezo setting, I can't use this with my hybrids. Odd thing to occur, but there it is. I'm keeping it for my electric rig, but I would recommend spending more on better unit.

  • from Tejas July 5, 2016Music Background:
    Homer & Jethro

    Great Transmitter, not so great receiver

    I have two relay G30s that I've managed to use successfully over the last 2 or 3 years on about 99% of my gigs and rehearsals. We all know the story with those, affordable, excellent sound and performance, small CONVENIENT receiver that fits on a pedal-board nicely, but the transmitter's battery door is shite, not to mention a ton of batteries that get used.Otherwise, with a transmitter pouch and very careful handling of the battery door, the G30s have been quite gig-able for me. So here comes this new G10 with a promising looking, chargeable transmitter and a very curious looking receiver that no pre-advertisement, video or manual seems to fully address. No matter, we assume better things, order it four months ahead of its expected release and wait with positive thoughts. So I finally got this thing and what?! You can only power the receiver via a flimsy, awkward, un-pedal-board-friendly micro USB connection?! Hello Line6, couldn't you have also made this receiver any smaller maybe?! Just really kind of a dumb receiver as far as ergonomics and convenience goes. I happened upon another recent Line6 video where the rep said it was targeted to the home studio crowd. Ok, I can realize such benefits just playing this thing around the house, it really works well, the chargeable transmitter is a winner, but I really think most of us want a wireless for live use, rehearsals, etc. Regardless of where it's used, most of us have pedal-boards. Some of us might have laptops on the gig, but not all of us. So, to integrate this otherwise very cool wireless system to your rig, one has to either plug in the included power supply somewhere on (or off) of your board, or use a 5V phone charger type to save a bit of space, all to work with the dumb micro USB connector. I repeat in clearer words that no pre-advert would admit to or show plain as day, THERE IS NO 9V JACK ON THIS RECEIVER TO POWER IT WITH YOUR PEDALBOARD POWER SUPPLY. You might get by with the convenience outlet on your Voodoolabs PP2 or whatever, but I would say most smaller supplies do not have such an amenity. Ok, so I've ripped Line6 on the receiver's convenience factor, but I have to say this new transmitter pretty much makes up for it, which is why I'll keep the bloody thing and use it. NO MORE BATTERRIES. We can all be thankful for that I would presume. Yeah, it sticks out just a bit when you plug in to your guitar, but it's decently low-profile, no worse than a 1/4" straight plug (hope we don't loose it). It stays charged a very long time, no messing about with clicking it on/off, pouches, velcro belts or attachments. No channels, no nothing to fuss with (other than that stupid USB power connector). You just plug it in and it works and sounds great. Good luck.

  • from 37977 Moravian dr June 6, 2017

    Line 6 Relay G10

    Works Great with my one 5 string ibanez but my fender 4 string bass I have to use a adapter witch works it way out from the jack. Adapter sucks.

  • from Southport NC May 17, 2017


    I am having some of the same issues people complained about...loose gnd connection due to slight undersize on the 1/4" male plug...and problems with the playing time. It's anyones guess on how long one must charge the unit to get an 8 hr playing time. On an overnight charge I get about 2-2.5 hours...which I have tried and repeated twice. The unit still plays out past 2 hours but I start getting signal attenuation issues and volume drops. Anything past that and the units starts to cut out. This messed with me big time at a gig last weekend where I failed to do the overnight charge...it played about 65 minutes before starting to cut out or basically song 2 of set 2 it started to cut out. Thanks Line 6. I am on the fence whether to send it back or keep slugging it out. The basically zero set-up is nice...but I am struggling with what the realistic charge/discharge cycle should be.

  • from Lexington,nc April 25, 2017Music Background:
    Weekend guitarist in worship band.

    Line 6 G10 wireless

    First, what I liked: I was impressed with how close the wireless replecated a cable sound, the ease of use, the small footprint of the transmiter-jack and how the unit recharges the battery. What I did not like: The faint zippy sound in between notes played on my guitar, the funky sound I got on my high gain preset when I rolled the volume back on my guitar that caused every note to have a weird feedback sound (which never happens with a cable set up), the guitar tone chocked around 20ft and dropped out some around 40ft to 50ft, and the cheap quality of the plastic casing appears very fragile. My summary: For the price point..you get what u pay for. This unit is not good for a gigging musician. I returned the unit . That aside, the sweet water rep is top notch with great customer service!

  • from ILLINOIS April 4, 2017

    Pros & Cons

    These Line 6 Relay G10 is Better than the ones where you carried a transmitter on your guitar strap But,
    they have a very negative point when it comes to power supply for the receiver.
    The small cable terminal for connecting the cable is very fragile and cannot be repaired if broken so I am only giving them an OK, I have bought 4 of these systems just because of the faulty power connection.
    Sweetwater has been great with getting these to me quickly. Be aware this faulty situation is not Sweetwaters fault.

  • from bham, WA July 14, 2016Music Background:
    guitarist, singer, songwriter

    for me - unimpressed

    so last night i tried the new Line 6 relay G10 i just received from Sweetwater. Man I wanted to like this product - looks great, so simple to use, etc. Well, it's not for me. 1. It’s a tone pirate. Signal loss and the negative effect it has on your tone, vibrato, and sustain is blatant. 2. poor range. I walked off the stage and in complete line of sight to the receiver at 10 feet the signal loss really takes over and by 20 feet the tone goes due south. 3. fades in and out - even right on the stage next to the receiver the sound is wavy at times - not all the time at all, it will sound great for 95% of the time - but who wants to sound like crap 5% of the time? 4. Does not work AT ALL with my PRS P22 - so I have this beautiful $3500 guitar with a combination jack that switches from the humbuckers to the piezo using a standard guitar cord or you can run 2 cords - one to piezo and one to magnetic pups and switch between - this device does not work at all on this guitar. Makes no sense. the mag ouput is stone dead and the piezo pup gets feed from all inputs at full volume and you can’t turn it down. 5. the jack just is kind of a sloppy fit in the 1/4” input and when you touch it you can hear static. So listen - i am picky. I use mogami cables almost exclusively because they work that well, and if you are willing to pop a hundred bucks for a guitar cable it kinda proves your finicky, so I am guilty of that. this product just falls short for me.

    Of course Sweetwater immediately set me up with a no hassle return. Kudos to Ryan!

  • from California April 15, 2017

    Power Connector Sucks!!

    I pre-ordered this unit after the NAMM show, and had to wait more two months past the promised ship date to recieve the unit. Bummer. The system was extremely simple to use; Truely a plug and play system. And with the XLR and 1/4 output options it really made for easy connection to my amp or directly into a mixer. I used the unit for about 5 months for live performances with my band and never had an issue with cutting out or electronic interference. I did not notice and latency, or coloring of sound. It did work up to 50 feet, however if there was anything that got between the transmitters signal and the reciever (ie...Chairs, people, amp cabinet, etc...) it would shorten the range. *note to self - stay on the stage!
    I was considering selling the unit, and purchasing a system with a longer range. Unfortunately, when setting up for a show one of my band members kicked the power cable going to the reciever, which pulled the cable out of the unit. No Big Deal, or so I thought. The reciever utilizes a usb mini jack for power, and the pins inside of the jack broke off. I took it to a tech and the cost to repair the unit is more than it is worth.
    I would have given the system 3 stars for ease of use, but with the limited range with obstacles and poor design...Don't trip over a dollar trying to save a nickle! 1 Star!!!

    PROS: Super simple to use! Just plug it in and start to play. No batteries required. No body pack to deal with. No instrument cable. Small platform fits on pedal board. Long battery life.

    Cons: Super cheap power jack on reciever! 50 foot range in perfect conditions.

  • from April 19, 2017


    It worked great with my electric. Had LOTS of interference issues with my acoustic. Then the transmitter stopped charging completely. Definitely not a pro-grade product.

  • from North Carolina October 24, 2016

    I wish it performed as well as my G30

    I've been wireless since the mid 80's and have tried most wireless units on the market at one time or another.
    I've had great luck for years with the Line 6 G30 so I naturally assumed the G10 would be at least as good, with no beltpack to boot.
    I was wrong.
    If you dare to use the G10 on stage, just make sure you have a 20 foot guitar cable close by and on standby, so if something happens (and there's a decent chance it will) you can seamlessly switch in a few seconds without a major disruption to the show.
    I've used it on an outdoor stage twice, both times having to revert to a wired cable before the show ended. The dropouts kill me. Funny, but they didn't manifest during soundcheck.
    Three other issues I have with it concern the odd shape of the receiver, the USB plug and my transmitter never being able to get a full charge, just blinking green for hours.
    I consider these major design flaws and although I'm happy for the people who are giving it rave reviews.....you've been warned.

  • from Walla Walla October 9, 2016

    Don't buy

    My second G10 quit working last night at a show. I purchased the first G10 and before I actually got a chance to use it the power supply connection broke. Sweetwater service was great and they sent my a new one. Last night the same thing happened to the second one. This would be a great unit if they revamped the power supply connector. As is I would not recommend this unit to anyone.

  • from Chesterfield Township, Michigan October 3, 2016Music Background:
    15 Years, Working cover band

    Great Idea.... untill you see how they power the recciever

    What you are not seeing in these adds is how the receiver/charger is powered. The concept is great.. just what I had been waiting for... and I did wait, for Months for this product.. I used it once and it is broken. Unfortunately, Line 6 don't show you they use a power supply for the Receiver that is similar to what you would use to charge your Android Cell Phone.. It is really the weak link to an otherwise wonderful Idea. I guess it is designed with this for software up dates in mind. unfortunately it is not strong enough to handle stage life. The input/power supply jack on the back of the receiver became un-mounted from the circuit board after the first night of use which made the whole unit unusable... I would not recommend this product t a gigging musician...

  • from NW Missouri August 1, 2016

    Big Disappointment

    The old saying holds true that one never gets a second chance to make a good first impression and that is the case here.
    This is the first Line6 product I've ever purchased and I won't make that mistake again.
    This was tested with three different guitars. The first guitar was a Breedlove modded with a Fishman Matrix pick-up/pre-amp system. It worked for all of five minutes then this horrible squealing sound came from the PA and--nothing.
    Then my pastor tried it in his Takamine--it shorted out his pre-amp battery so it showed a low battery signal. He unplugged it and went directly into the PA--no problem.
    Then we tried it with my Ovation 12-string. We experienced the same problem my pastor did with his Tak. Unplugged the transmitter from the Ovation and plugged the Ovation into the PA -- no problem.
    Then I plugged the transmitter back into the Breedlove and again it shorted the battery to show low battery. Unplugged the transmitter and plugged the breedlove into the PA and had no problems getting signal.
    This is being returned but I will not be replacing it with another Line 6 unit. Once bitten, twice shy.

  • from July 29, 2016Music Background:

    If you're a professionl - this is not for you

    Few days ago my local dealer sent me this unit for a test and I was very impressed from the features and the design of this product.
    However, this unit is not for a professional usage.

    The two main problems with it: (which I discovered right on the very first time)

    1) Tone loss - Yes, if you will A/B it with a cable, you will notice how much your regular, good old cable will sound better.
    I tried it with a strat and a less paul, tried it directly to an amp (mesa boogie express), tried it with my pedalboard and also tried it with Kemper Profiler - tone loss is everywhere and very noticeable. (probably with a strat it was more noticeable)

    2) Cut Off - Yes again, if you're planning using it at home I guess you'll be fine.
    BUT, if you're like me, planning taking it on stage, where there are some other wireless applications (in ear monitors, vocal mics and so on) you will experience some cut offs and drop offs.

    Save your money and invest in a better system. Good luck.

  • from Exmore, Va July 27, 2016Music Background:
    Christian Musician/Worship Leader

    total disappointment

    After a long wait I received the G10. Looking at reviews I thought wow but my experience with this G10 is terrible. It will not work at all on any of my 3 Breedlove guitars and there's a high pitch hum when I use it on my Gibson Hummingbird Pro. Line 6 support told me there's a possible fix with some kind of adapter that they would send me but to date have not received. When in the receiver to charge, blinks green constantly never turning steady green to indicated fully charged. Line 6 support says "We've found a bug on some units that the battery is charging for more than it's 8 hour length and firmware reads this as not fully charged. This will most likely be fixed in a firmware upgrade." Okay and so how do I know if mine is fully charged. G10 receiver is suppose to automatically select the best channel. Obviously my other Line 6 product (G30 Relay) always has the best channels because the G10 jumps on the same channel requiring me to find the best channel for the G30. Would not recommend this product until they can work out all the bugs that come with a new product.

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